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*Technological Advances Toward a Global currency/Tracking System- Advances toward fulfilling Bible prophecy - The newest innovations are posted. See all the technology being used for prophecy to take place.  This topic is continually being updated

Does Israel stand alone? Gen.12:3

p.1 The Latter Rain-the invasion on doctrine and practice in the Church

P2 The Rains- former and latter, what the Bible actually teaches

Imposters will get worse - Joyce Meyer promotes her tattoo's and other unbiblical ideas

p1 The tongue of the false prophets

p2 The many Words of the false prophets-

p1 General Cindy Jacobs in the NAR-A self proclaimed prophetess to the nations of the whole world!

p2 Cindy Jacobs -a professional unprophetic prophet- Their excuse of prophesying falsely

p.3 Signs and wonder in the prophetic movement - more false prophetic words'

p4 The prophetic failures of Cindy Jacobs continue- A very long list that continues as she speaks and those who support her

 The sun will be darkened - Darkness coming over the land- the hype of the solar eclipse on April 8, 2024

pt2 What are the sun and moon for?

A darkness is coming- A short history of God darkening the world.

How wrong is the preterist view? Answers to a completely wrong eschatology

Who is God? -The he-she God? Gender equality, the world and occult influence of God as a woman

Do we have a sin nature or not? The point of the gospel

You will have tribulation in this world-

The Prophets ‘prophesy,’ or ‘prophelie’ - The blabbermouth false prophets of our day

What gospel is the NAR (New apostles and prophets) preaching?

Why did God choose Israel?- God's purpose in calling them his chosen people.

p.1The Sons of thunder prophecy being revived or fulfilled?- What does James Ryle's dream have in common with the Latter Rain?

p.2 The Sons of thunder prophecy - What does the Bible say on  this? Lou Engle praying for the fulfillment of this false revelation.

p1.Straightening out Church history on the apostle's-  Who or what is an apostle?

p.1 Is the Latter Rain taking place now?- What the promoters of revival say and what God say are two different things.

p.2  Are Dreams and visions, proof of the Latter Rain today?

p.3 Dream on… the many Dreams and visions of the false prophets

What did John mean by calling Jesus 'the Word''?

Is there one baptism; which one, water or spirit?

Snapshots of Saul's conversion


p.3 What are the new age prophets saying?-

Patricia King an apostle?

Copeland copies Branham-

Elizabeth Farah's law keeping mandate, Biblical or not?

What day are we to believe Jesus was resurrected?

p.1 When the WAY  is NOT the way -Victor P. Wierwille's influence on denying the Christ of Scripture continues

p.2 When the way is not the way -Interpretations of the Way

p.3 The Jesus of the Way and Other Unusual Doctrines

Refuting the Aramaic Primacy as the original language of Scripture

Genesis 6 and the new mythology of the Nephilim

Stop the Genocide!- Who is doing genocide?

The Passover prophecy of His return

The promises of the Land to Israel by God - A Primer to what the Bible teaches

Israel’s restoration in the last days

Christmas; believing in God without the virgin birth? Can you be a Christian without this belief?

Why the word faith teachers make NO biblical sense

Are we to keep the law under the new covenant of grace?

What we are facing –A apostasy or a revival?

When relativism becomes the new standard of truth

The Eternality of God

p.1 Jerusalem a stumbling stone to the nations

p.2 Explaining the inexplicable


Whom does Jerusalem belong to?

The mindset of the neo-cult leader

p.1 Masonry IS a religion - of the Occult

Evil as defined by the bible

Our common salvation

The word Shabbat, the Sabbath[s] (plural) of Scripture and the new covenant

The Last rebellion, Mankind’s open door into Marxism continues

p.1 God's NEW appointed Son - Christ and his kingdom now being on earth in the Philippines

p.2 The replacement of the son, salvation and Nationalizing a countries religion

The BIGGEST cult in the world - Not all cults are religious...

Primer on Lonnie Frisbee- quick overview

p.1 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know - Introduction, overview and background of the hippie preacher

p.2 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know- An examination of his numerous born again testimonies. Which one is true?

p.3 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know - The Aftermath of Frisbee’s Mystical Encounter-His time in Haight Ashbury San Francisco.

p.4 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know- From Haight Ashbury to Novato'

p.5 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know- The change to be a Nazarite hippie and the power he exhibited that changed the church

p.6 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know- The Vineyard’s transition time -The enduring Illegitimate Legacy of Lonnie Frisbee

p.7 What Lonnie Frisbee thought of himself  (all along) conclusion of the series on Lonnie Frisbee - What he taught inside churches after leaving Vineyard

p.1 The influence of Lonnie Frisbee on John Wimber and the Vineyard movement

p.2 What happened to John Wimber’s church AFTER Lonnie Frisbee?

p.3 What happened next in Wimber’s Vineyard church

p.4 The Vineyard's apostolic /prophetic trial run before Peter Wagner’s reformation in 2,000 AD.

p.5 Then came the Laughter and so much more

Are we to follow what the government leaders say in everything and not speak or disobey ?

A NEW Christianity - The trend in the music industry of homosexual Christian music.

Iglesia Ni Christo. Is it, or is it not a church of Christ? '

Iglesia ni Christo’s unbelief in the genuine Jesus Christ of the Bible

Are we to obey everything the government says?

A day is as a thousand years

Some thoughts to consider on baptism - Logical arguments based on Scripture

In discussing the different Jesus of Mormonism - Quick direct and pertinent conversation tips.

Are we to keep the law under the new covenant of grace? Explaining the two different covenants

Jesus -A sin offering not an offering of Sin! what is wrong with the word faith interpretation

Are we hearing the sound of freedom? The movie that has exposed a worldwide problem involving children.

Jesus who? - Not considered deity, could this be the reason of the falling away?

updated Where are we are today? - Plans that have been in the works for a new social order of world government are unfolding

The fire that is coming vs. the fire that is here - Revival fire or judgment upon you.

The Nazirite vow- Are there any Nazirite's today?

The mantle[s] of today- The false teaching of mantles in the Church

A Closer Look at HAVE HEART: bridging the gulf between heaven and earth’ also Video interview of Chris Lawson

updated- Death by faith- The false and failed promises of the faith healers in the Word faith movement.

Are there more Elijah’s to come? William Branham’s Latter Rain legacy

The question is, … who is Jesus? -What did he mean by saying he is the Son of God?

Will the real Jesus; the only Begotten Son of God be made known to all? Opinions are not necessarily truth!

Kingdom now versus the kingdom to come- Is the kingdom present as Jesus described?

What is good and what is evil, and who decides what it is?

Faith is simple trust - defining the invisible connection from our heart and mind

The sacrifices of Cain and Abel- Why Cain's was rejected and the other was not.

We are not alone? The UFO phenomenon is becoming more and more an issue.

P.1 Is the gospel in every book of the Old Testament? A review on Joe Farah's book claiming the is more to the gospel than 1 cor.15

P.2 Is the gospel in every book of the Old Testament?

Do You wonder why there are so few Biblical churches left?

p.1. Politics of life, or death? -America's face off with leftism.

p.2. Politics of life, or death? -Media matters

Apologetics and polemics - What is missing in the Churches today

God promised to send what ? Revival or Apostasy, which are we in today?

Are you ready for a world cataclysmic event?

p.1 Review of Jesus revolution movie-  preface and introduction

p.2 Review of Jesus revolution- What is and is not true, or accurate

p.3 Review of the Jesus revolution movie- Adding up all the changes of what was embellished and made up to make the movie impressive

pt.4 Conclusion- Continued embellishments and contradictions of the Jesus Revolution movie

p.1 The influence of Lonnie Frisbee on John Wimber and the Vineyard movement

p.2 What happened next in the Vineyard church - AFTER Lonnie Frisbee what did John Wimber teach

p.3 What happened next in the Vineyard church- The shift from Biblical Christianity to a mixture- The charismatic model for our day.

p.4 The Vineyard's apostolic /prophetic trial run before Peter Wagner’s reformation (NAR) in 2,000.

p.5 Then came Laughter and so much more

Nick Hall's 'Pulse'- Is the gospel part of his unity ministry?

The apostles of apostasy- Settling the point of apostles today like the 12 chosen by Jesus.

Asbury University launches youth revival p.1- Has revival come or is this something other than revival.

Rev up you engines, here's revival p.2 - Is Asbury Revival the start of something new or will be the continuation of something wrong?

The day of the Lord is coming, it is then the last great revival will occur - Is revival in our day fit the biblical narrative? The sequence of events that occurs in the 70th week of Daniel.

A Gnostic speaks - The Gnostic interpretations of Joe Kovac and his unbiblical 'God speed' concept.

When Relativism becomes the New Standard of Truth -The ways of the world challenges the Word.

Send What pt.2- The Send is beginning to gather again in March of 2023, what is this all about?

What happened on the cross is what counts for your salvation - Where does salvation come from and from whom?

Pride not humility; The Boasting of Kenneth Copeland's faith has come to an end -Copeland gets a new heart- This man is the biggest fraud and hypocrite in Christianity

Doing whatever you choose- How has abortion affected our culture and country?

Which gospel is the gospel? What are elements of the gospel to give the recipient salvation?

Satan goes prime time - Giving the devil his due!- The music awards have the devil on display to the public

Hank Hannegraff’s denial of the rapture being the resurrection - Are these two different events or phases of the same eventr

Are you involved in the occult, promoted by the Nicolaitans?

A Hard Scripture to understand  Rom. 5:18-19

Hearing and seeing -Whom you listen to matters!

Numerous articles on Michael Heiser

An Overview on Michael Heiser- The many teachings of error, heresy and opinion

p.1 A summary of his teachings in a nutshell- God, the universe and our world according to Michael Heiser's ‘Unseen Realm’ view

p.2 conclusion- Heiser's teaching in a nutshell

p.1a The MANY concerns on what Michael Heiser teaches - Is the elohim a council of gods? That Yahweh heads up!

p.1b  gods or God- Are there missing triune explanations in the Old Testament?

Pt.2a the other Elohim, Psalm 82 Heiser’s sons of god (Divine Council) interpretation's

p.2b Michael Heiser’s paradigm shift on Psalm 82-The revelation controversy of Michael Heiser

p.2c Ps.82 says what Mr. Heiser?

p.2d Jesus quoting Ps.82 to men

Pt.3a Deuteronomy 32 Michael Heiser's divine council’s rule over the nations  - What does Deut. 32:8-9 mean in context

Pt.3b The Ugarit or Israel - gods or God - Heiser's serious interpretation flaw 

pt.3c  The Greek language and the Hebrew Bible

Pt.3d The translating of the Hebrew into the Greek Septuagint

Pt.3e The completed Septuagint, controversies and confirmations

Pt.4a A deeper look into pseudo monotheism- Elohim deities of the divine council

Pt.4b  Elohim as the divine Councils leader of elohim

pt.4c  The monotheism of Israel vs. the paganism of the nations- What is Michael Heiser REALLY TEACHING

pt.4d Who are these other Elohim?

P.5a What does deity mean to Michael Heiser? The Biblical Trinity and Christology in the Scripture

Pt.5b The Angel of the Lord, Heiser's binitarianism fused from the Ugarit writings? teaching that Israel was using Canaanite literature?

Pt.5c the plural passages in the Old Testament denied and replaced by a council of gods.

Pt.6a Who is Satan?- According to Michael Heiser, he is not the Serpent in Gn.3, nor the Devil.

pt.6b  Is Satan part of a council of gods -The confusion on satan according to Michael Heiser in the book of Job.                                                                   

pt.6c Who is this satan? Satan that is not the Devil or the serpent in Eden?

pt.6d The conclusion of satan being the chief cherub, an angel who is the devil  and the ancient serpent

p.7a The divine council in Eden - A very different Genesis history according to Michael Heiser

p.7b the Garden of Eden, Michael Heiser’s mythmaking

p.7c Eden and the Heiser mythology - Michael Heiser's very wrong view on the tower of Babel and historical events after.

p.7d Michael Heiser's teaching On the Flood in the middle east versus the world wide flood

p.7e The Table of the nations confusion, Heiser’s mythmaking of 70 gods over the nations

p.7f The Tower of Babel, the nations and the Nephilim

p.7g The giants, the Nephilim and Israel's conquest of the land-

p.1God, the universe and our world according to Michael Heisers ‘Unseen realm’ view A introduction to what he does believe and not believe

p.2 God, the universe and our world according to Michael Heisers ‘Unseen realm’ view  Scripture alone or Scripture plus...

P.8a  The sons of God, the Nephilim and Israel's conquest of the land of giants

P.8b Who are these sons of God?  

P.8c What are Nephilim? Defining the term and usage

P.8d The giants in the land of Canaan- Were they offspring of Nephilim, or were they human?

 p.8e Joshua’s wars - The accounts recorded in Scripture of who was fought in Canaan and why.

p.1 The Many Duplicit statements of Michael Heiser- Which opposite statement do you believe from this confused teacher?

p.2 The Many Duplicit statements of Dr. Michael Heiser

p.1 Michael Heiser's liberal influencers

p.2 Heiser’s Liberal influencers

p.3 Heiser’s Questionable scholarly references

p.4 Heiser's Questionable scholarly references

Michael Heiser wrongly defines the gospel of salvation p.1

Michael Heiser's neglect of our sin nature in the gospel message p.2

A true Christmas message

How to witness on social media

 "As in the days of Noah”

When did time begin?

The Hebrew Masoretic text- How it was written?

Has the Millennium commenced?

Did Jesus believe the Old Testament in Hebrew

Is Francis Chan Right? That God Will Destroy Those Who Challenge Christian Leaders? (destroy those who speak out on those who teach what is false?)

Who is the Devil? - The Devil is way smarter than atheists, he believes in God and fears him.

Those who deny the Tri-unity who are on TV and radio-

Is your church becoming woke? -what to look for

the three times in Scripture

The first prophecy in the Bible

the difference of being sinful and being evil

Technocratic warfare- the tools of mankind's advancement that will change the world

The future of the Believer in Christ

Man became like one of US- What does this mean?

Who is Nimrod and did he lead men to build the tower (of Babel) in Shinar?

The book of Enoch compared to the Bible

How did sin come into mankind?

Why address false teaching? (p1)

 The warnings throughout the Bible on changing God’s Word (p.2 )

Preach the gospel - What we rarely hear today

3 divisions of books in the Old Testament

Substituting myths for the truth - What we have been warned of for the time period we now live in.

The Chosen TV series- The beliefs of the producer

The beast, mark and number of the beast revealed according to a popular modern gnostic writer, Joe Kovac.

Are you smarter than a new believer?

You know my number, but do you know my name?

The Ugarit is not the Bible - What is this tablet of the Canaanites and what does it have to do with Israel?

Did Moshe write the 5 books of Moses - Higher critics deny his authorship

The Unity of the apostates- What we have seen taking place over the years is coming to its culmination

Promises that do nothing - Those who claim Christ unite with the UN agenda.

To be baptized does not save anyone - A simple answer to what is the gospel that one receives the Spirit

p.1 Light versus darkness

p2. The ongoing conflict of Good vs. Evil

Jesus Pierced on the side birthed the church - How and when was the church born?

Did Israel receive the Old Testament from God? When was it written and how

p.1 Are you at God speed yet? -Joe Kovac and the new revelation on God speed, the speed of the spirit to learn Gods word  is in everything

p.2 The messages of God in EVERYTHING-  Kovac deciphers Gods messages through musicians, movies and commercials

Finding what the Truth is in an age of lies- Who or what is the truth according to the Bible.

Manna-What is it? food for thought

P.1 Your best life now is your only life - Joel Osteen's teaching of self wants

P.2 Your best life now is your only life - Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen -- Front wheel drive

Was the great tribulation in the past or is it still in the future?

The Hour that is coming

The evil day- The times we live in

A modern understanding of false teaching being introduced to the Church

What did John mean by calling Jesus the alpha and Omega?

When your enemy becomes a believer

Preach the gospel-The message of salvation the church was instructed to keep and proclaim

The Parabolic teachings of Jesus

Joe Kovac's newer deeper revelation book - what God speed means?

What does Bible says about a child’s future from abortion

The tree of good and evil in the garden of Eden - Gen 2:9 - The story everyone should know to understand the gospel

Seeking signs, wonders, and prophetic utterances shows a lack of faith

You wonder why there are so few Biblical churches left?

Welcome to war - soldier up

As we are beginning a new year(year of our Lord 2022)

The current climate of hating life in the womb

The Atheists a-theism, a dilemma of intellectual honesty

Carry the cross - who was the first to carry the cross.

Do we have a sin nature or not?

Joel Osteen's church is full of surprises

p1.The real Heretical Teachings of Kenneth Hagin- The Dangerous teachings of Kenneth Hagin live on through his many disciples - Copeland, Osteen, Prince etc.

p2. Kenneth Hagin's numerous visitations of Jesus and angels

p.3 Divine healing, faith, confession and other strange unbiblical teachings

p4 The strange and stupendous stories of the supernatural by Hagin

When did the church begin?

There is no Sabbath command for man to obey before Moses- Making the complicated simple.

Did Adam go to hell because he sinned?

Your newborn fetus-

What did John mean by calling Jesus the alpha and omega?

Walk in love; to walk in the truth is to walk in the Spirit

Theological terms and definitions

The tradition of the elders the tradition of men

All or Part - Salvation and discipleship

The Prophetic healing of Becky Dvorak - Just another name for the teaching of heresy

Being sanctified by the truth- A continual process that we grow by

Unity at all costs - The movement of interfaith, excerpts from Idolatry in their Hearts

Does Kenneth Copeland actually believe what he says or teaches? - Stating, the Covid virus is the mark of the beast, to him, as he asked for a new jet purchase.

What is the actual TIME of the CRUCIFIXION?

Claims of going to heaven- The storytellers of our time.

p.1 Karl Marx’s view of God, Religion, the World and You

p.2 Karl Marx’s answer to Religion and changing society- Marx’s bigotry and prejudice

Pt.3 Today's Marxist/Communists -- their ways and his ways

From Dark to Light?  A prophetic video that is wrong.

p1. Challenges to your “Christianity”- What's your Christianity about when there are disagreements?

p2. Serving the Lord

p.1 Andrew Wommack’s Unbiblical distorted interpretations of Scripture -The promise for all to be healed now – A promise not made by God

P2. Wommack promises for all to be healed -- if they want to. But does God? -Refuting only the devil makes one sick. Plus His Covid controversy that made the news.

p.3 Dangerous teachings on the devil and his fall- Wommack said what?

p.4 on salvation –grace and faith - His convoluted teachings

p.5 You already got it all authority-  Word faith teaching on our authority and healing - Does the Bible actually say this?

p.6 The Pure word of the Bible or the unpure word faith word?

p.7 Hearing from God- Wommack's belief in direct communication

p1.The deception of a flawed Eschatology - Preterism, no matter which way you hold it, is false.

p2. Like it or not, a Great Tribulation is coming- The missing piece in today's Eschatology

When Heresies replace God's doctrine- What happens to new believers who are mislead by new revelation?

Did Jesus become sin and then go to hell to pay for our salvation? The clarity of the true gospel message in contradistinction to this false one

p.1 As the spirit of the age Strengthens ...

Pt.2 Acting in the Spirit of Christ

Some thoughts to consider on baptism -The difference of a ritual and cleansing to besavd.

Some thoughts to consider on works - The Difference the bible points out on grace and works

Beware--The New Bible teachings without words - Does God speak by pictures and not words

The Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father- What did Jesus mean in Matt 16:27-28?

They said a lot, but committed to nothing- Release of the UFO report

 Major Heresy with minor Bible teaching- The musings of Seven Furtick.

 p.1Anti Semitism in the world and the church?

p.2  Jewish Persecution throughout history

p.1 Prophetess Jennifer Leclaire’s pursuit of power and miracles

pt.2 Promotion of the Latter rain revivalism- The prophetess who corrects other prophets

Fasten your seatbelts-  Is the truth on UFO's about to go public? we wait to see...

Help is on the way - So claims Share International

p.1 Why can’t we agree or unite with “today’s prophets?”  A rebuttal to their recent statement.

p.2 The prophetic utterances of a modern false prophet named William Branham

p.3 The prophetic utterances of a modern false prophet named William Branham

p.1Perry Stone openly endorses William Branham, the great false teacher /prophet

pt.2 Self driving cars, a Woman President and total annihilation

The pattern of prophecy that culminates in the Tribulation period

Are they watching us, waiting? Are UFO's soon to be revealed?

Popery of shame- Adventures of Heresy in the last days Pope[s] -  In the Pope's words'

Why is the Word being preached THE most important thing

A time of testing of your faith. What do you do when it all happens?

One stone and a Giant falls

Did Mary know who Jesus was?

Just a ride on a donkey- Jesus' arrival in his last week in Jerusalem

Faith is the ONLY way into the New Covenant

Witnessing to Mormons on the eternal God verses their multiplicity of gods

Some quick, direct and efficient answers to witnessing

What does only begotten and Firstborn mean?

p1Further delusions of word faith teaching -The Kenneth Copeland teachings you may not have heard

p2 The teachings of Demonic influences from Kenneth Copeland

How do we explain Acts 19 on being baptized

Daily Witnessing

Do you notice what is being said that is wrong?

p1 Agnes Sanford and her Unbiblical Inner Healing method's- Her influence on today's church

p.2 Friends of the Inner Healing Teaching of Agnes Sanford- A Mysticism and the Occult mixture

p.3 Concluding what Agnes Sanford actually taught on Doctrine and Healing

Our continual fight against diseases and what was predicted- The last days warning

Violence today - Surviving the Corruption and Violence in these Last Days

Remember me- Our Communion

Identifying the mockers and scoffers- What is the teaching mocked and scoffed at?

p.1 Resisting evil, in self defense and war 

p.2 the difference between killing and murder

The difference of what is positional and what is practical -on justification

p.1 The Elevation (church) of Steven Furtick- Presenting the teachings of Steve Furtick

p2 the Elevation church of Steve Furtick

p.3 the Elevation church-  The Assortment of activities and teachings

p.2 The Perpetual Sabbath?

World Evangelical Alliance Leader Warns That 'Bible Knowledge Is Fading Away'

p.1 Copycats of Heresy- How the Word Faith teachers are associated with the Latter Rain movement of William Branham.

p.2 Copycats of Heresy - The many doctrines of Adam and men being gods.

The Latter Rain teachings of the author of the Passion Bible Copying William Branham's teachings

pt.1 Did Jesus die for our sins? This "Christian article" says no, what does the Bible say?

pt.2 Did Jesus die for our sin?

Should Christians use the cross or the dove to represent Christ or the Holy Spirit?

Explaining the Temptation From the Serpent in Genesis 3

God is love and He is also just - There is a balance in these attributes of love and judgment

Being in the state of not hearing or seeing - The loss of common sense today

What is the difference between being justified and sanctified? Bible explanation's of the two

From justification through sanctification to be glorified - The forgotten process of sanctification.

Promises, promises, word faith teachers assuring no suffering, no persecution only blessing

How do we tell if someone is a false prophet? - Numerous examples, some are obvious.

Watch out for the Animals and Beasts of Scripture

Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together

On teaching spiritual darkness- On Mike Bickle's promotion of contemplative prayer

God is Jesus Christ, the creator

Hello, I’m Sid Roth and welcome to “my supernatural world”-A counterfeit Christianity with false experiences being promoted by his program.

Some important points on the Tribulation and its sequence of events

Whom does Jerusalem belong to?

Who is He (Jesus)?- Was He a man, a prophet or more as Scripture indicates?

Pt.1  Who or what comes first? 2 Thessalonians 2:3 the departure- A deeper look at the text, compared to other similar texts

Pt.2  2 Thessalonians 2:3 - Words in their context and their meaning

Pt.3  2 Thessalonians 2:3- Bible translations on this topic and Early history

Abaddon; king of the Abyss

Ana Mendez battles the ‘Queen of heaven’ on the World’s Tallest Mountain  Or, the greatest fish story ever told! p.1

How well will the church survive this end-time turmoil?

I can’t be deceived because I’m a Christian!

Is your church changing? What has taken place over the years and is continuing to happen.

By grace or… not by Grace?

p.1 The Christian Mystic- Review of a book that promotes Mysticism

p.2 The Christian Mystic-  Experiences of a Mystic

p.3 Mystical experiences that change theology

p.1The most dangerous of all False teaching

p.2 Shout at the Devil

Why the Father is not the Son, nor the Spirit - The confusion of their being distinct persons by oneness teaching.

Is the white horse riding?- Has the Tribulation begun or is something else taking place?

p.1 Prophets that supposedly time travel?- A Unbiblical explanation for prophecy in Scripture by Gary Stearman and others

p.2 Gary Stearman-- prophets who time travel to know the future

Checking your temperature before His coming

The time is nearing upon us?- Summarizing what is to come

Falon Gong-China’s war against all religions and their own

Is the Sabbath perpetual a requirement for the Church or Israel? The mixing of covenants that causes confusion

God has no Favorites- He reserves those to be given power to promote his will

The principle of return- Humble- pray- seek the Lord- Repent.

Liberalism inside the church

Welcome the Aliens

Noah and the Boat he built

Gen.6 does it mean literal giants or giants in some other manner?  

A Religious lie- The tale of Jesus visiting Brian Simmons and then being taken into heavens library

The time is our time

p.1 The sound that transforms the church into the New Age movement: “the Physics of Heaven” -Is a new sound coming to change the world?                                              What the false prophets are saying that will soon take place.

p.2 The sound that transforms the church into the New Age movement:  The John the Baptist multiplication theory

p.3 The sound that transforms the church into the New Age movement:  The Awakening of what? A Quantum mystical leap into the unknown

Pt.4 The Sound of Confusion

Do Gentiles become Jews when they believe?

p.1 Interpretation of the word, meaning, and application of tetelestai - Brian Simmons on Jn.19:30 - a representation of his changing the word

p.2  Greek, Aramaic or Hebrew- What is written is what is meant

What were believers in Christ called before “Christian?

Are you Passionate about the Passionate Translation p.1- What you need to know about the author of this new Bible. Examining Brian Simmon's statement and   interview of his commission to write his new Bible.


Are you Passionate about the Passion Translation p.1 The Brian Simmons translation of the Bible

Are you Passionate about the Passion Translation p.2 The embellished ameliorate interpretations of the Passion Bible

Are you Passionate about the Passion Translation p.3 Changed and added words that affect the meaning

Are you Passionate about the Passion Translation  p.4 The Aramaic Error.  Is the Aramaic primacy justified over the Greek?

Are you Passionate about the Passion Translation p.5 -  The Latter Rain, Mystical Interpretations and Teachings of Brian Simmons  

Are you Passionate about the Passion Translation p.6 -  Further mystical Interpretations and teachings of Brian Simmons  

Apostles of Apostasy

The Unbiblical Openness of YWAM p.1- Update on YWAM's experiments with the youth

The Unbiblical Openness of YWAM p.2 - My personal experience

The Unbiblical Openness of YWAM p.3 The numerous influences and connections to the NAR

The Unbiblical Openness of YWAM p.4 Lou Engle and the Send

Zondervan producing heretical Enneagram documentary-

William Branham's Occult connections - The Zodiac and the pyramids before the Bible; are equal to the Bible

Was man first made androgynous? The interpretative error of man being created both male and female in the beginning of creation

God gave Man a Woman, or Women? - On the subject of polygamy

Evangelicals that promote the mystical power of communion

The Triune God of Scripture -The eternal relationship of Father and Son

What of the needing to go through the Tribulation? Does the church need to be specially cleansed

The necessary work of the Holy Spirit in the believer’s life - And to those called to ministry

The consequences of the Lack of Expository Preaching  

Why Jesus is not the Father- A refute to Oneness confusion of person's

Who is God who made all things? Clearing up the confusion of persons

Noah and the Boat he built - A typology of - what was, will be again

The goal of man, the will of God - Lessons in Basic Christianity p.2

p.1 A Fortress of Solitude … Entering the SILENCE

p.2 Mans wisdom or God’s

pt.1 Are you being taken for a ride?  The popularity of  prophetic assumption's

pt.2 You know my number, but do you know my name? The number of the Beast is whose name?

Knock, knock; whose there? It’s__________- What to do when the cults come knocking on your door.

The Current Confusion Between what is false and what is true - Days of darkness have settled upon us.

pt.1 The false prophets of Covid19 - The Latter rain prophets are giving false words to the church like never before.

pt.2 The false prophets of Covid19

pt.3 The false prophets of Covid19

 Kenneth Copeland said what? The Virus is now gone by his prophetic utterance, do you agree?

Will the R. H. Browne river stop flowing?

Restoring the image of God in man

A ride on a donkey

Humility in our walk

Immediately AFTER the Tribulation

The tree and fruit of Psalm 1

How to conduct a proper and fulfilling Bible study 

The apostle Che Ahn, another Latter Rain promoter from the Vineyard

Who and what is a Jew?

The big question of living again -

A Time of Sorrows

Teach me to number my days- How do we spend our time we have on earth?

The rider on the white horse is? The many views of whom this rider is

Howling at the Moon- The blood moons inaccurate timing, application and theories

A sin offering - not an offering of Sin!

Jesus and the place called paradise- What happened after the death on the cross

pt.3 Out of context Christianity -We have a doctrinal emergency

Russia and the Jehovah Witnesses

Where are you when you are needed?- We have pandemic spreading, where are the faith healers?

Choosing which covenant to live by

What of those who claim they died (NDE- near death experiences) and returned? What is death, what is a resurrection?

Was Jesus was a socialist? p1 Trying to force Christianity into a Godless ideology

Was Jesus a socialist p2 - Answers from the Bible

The baptism command of Mt.28:19

 Satan cannot do miracles!- Does the Bible teach this?

A time to pay attention to Prophecy

The Serpent seed, a teaching "from the Serpent"p.1

Pt.2 Is Cain, the Devil's seed?

Pt.3 Some Serpent seed refutes

Pt.4 The Serpent in the garden

What of our good works?

What is Cult Evangelism?

Out of context Christianity pt.1 How we got to where we are today?

Pt.2 out of context Christianity- The state of the church today

A different new covenant- Where did Jesus die for sin?- At the cross or elsewhere?

Our Adoption is what happened and will happen

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System - A long list of technological advances that are the bringing us closer and closer to end times Biblical prophecy

The confused last days prophet- William Branham's view on Adam and Eve.

Some things to consider on the unborn 

To All people

Engle's Angle p.1- From the call to the Send what is Lou Engle really about?

Engle's Angle pt.2 - past education and teaching on being a Nazarite

pt.3 Fasting and praying- 40 day fast

pt. 4 To Dream a dream- How it all began

pt.5 The Shift -- from thecall to the Send -YWAM’s involvement

 pt.6 The Send The mantle will fall- The Send and those involved. What are they are teaching?

False teachers copying the words from other false teachers p1.

False teachers copying the words from other false teachers p2.

What Mark 16 actually says- In context to the Scripture what does Mark 16 mean?

False Apostles, False Prophets, and false teachers ...  (by  D.A. "Whitestone")

Those who Deny the Deity of Christ, “the only begotten Son”

Can the Father, the Son and the comforter be 3 manifestations and not persons?

The goal of man, a lesson in basic Christianity

Having Ears to hear- A common statement found in the Old and New Testament

The incarnation – God became flesh to save us from sin- Who incarnated to be Jesus?

When does life begin?

The fire they bring is not from God- The new revival is based on a false interpretation of the Scripture

Todd White and his Latter Rain, word faith / Gnostic Christianity p1- The newest example of the signs and wonders Christianity  

Todd White and his Latter Rain, word faith / Gnostic Christianity p2

We are not righteous like Jesus-  How do we explain our being righteous?

State of the church today- being a Survivor of the apostasy

Benny Hinn repents of his prosperity teaching - again!  p.1

P.2 What else has Hinn done?

“This Generation” How does Jesus explain Mt.24:34?

Fire on you - Your fired  p.1

The fire falls again p.2

The new revivalism- Here we go again. "the send"

Coveting Blasphemers- Copeland and Hinn's prosperity teaching and prophecies

What is Christianity all about?

Iglesia Ni christo - Is it, or is it not Christ's church?

Was Agabus wrong as a prophet?

Is Copeland afraid of demons on planes? You decide

Your Personal spiritual warfare

The Blind leading the blind

Resurrection questions that Jehovah Witnesses cannot, or refuse to answer-  

When men become God's  - The many gods of the Mormon religion

Bill Johnson’s confusion on Jesus- The Bible teaches Jesus is the Son of man and the Son of God

An Open heaven - Opening up oneself  to a strong delusion

The Spirit Bill Johnson wants you to follow  -  Is it the word or the Spirit we follow?

The electronic God-The anointing of the new revivalism 

Jesus teach me Yoga - Bethel’s holy yoga

Signs and wonders by a different Jesus- Bethel's Bill Johnson's teaching on Jesus

The Doctors of Deception

The Fall of Satan resulted in the fall of many

Who is the Word, and did the Word became the Son?- Refuting those who claim there is no eternal Son and that he is the word.

The foundation we build on - Not a what but a who

What was Paul's thorn in the flesh?

What does the fake news media and false prophets have in common?

 Occult concepts and practices in the church- The New Age Movement is stronger than ever, and its in the church.

Who is the God that made all things?

Christianity - entering the danger zone- Who is Jesus...?

A Little step toward truth is still is too far away- Joyce Meyer's new balance

 Beware of men who see angels all the time

After thoughts on William Branham- who is this man that has so much influence even today.

When will the church become united?

Remembering when the grace of God came-  A reminder of the savior's birth  for all

Was Caesar or Titus the Antichrist? Did Revelation already happen?

An abandoning of religion,  faith, for a new way of Spirituality?

God Remembers

Does America want a spiritual woman as president?

An overview of how some manuscripts were discovered.

The Authority of the believer is the way of a servant

What is God, how is he described in Scripture?

Noah and Ham’s sin -

How to witness to the knock on your door

The Abandoning of true Bible Eschatology

Genesis 1 and 2 

Using unique events to promote spiritual experiences

A synopsis of why we no longer keep the Old Testament law

About the Occult concepts and practices in the church

Beware of- What both Jesus, Paul and Peter warned of.

One of the main signs of the end of the age

Are we gods as Jesus spoke in Jn.10 - The new age lie inside the church

His stripes healed who when?

The origin of the word faith movement -New thought Metaphysicians

Do we establish the kingdom by power or force? On Mt.11

How to witness to the Mormon at your door

The pantheistic revelation of the new age movement

Does God only heal or does he afflict and take life?

Some Important points on the gospel- Does God want faith or prayer in salvation

What does Gen. 6:4 mean “and also afterward?

The current Occult revival- The I AM movement is becoming pervasive in and outside the church, are you involved?

The current occult Revival p.2

The Deteriorating Effect of an Apostasy- Billy Graham's death, Have you noticed what has happened?

Who is this born among men?

An Overview of The 7th Seals and the Trumpets of the Tribulation

What was the pillar of fire and the cloud in the old Testament?

 p.6 The Spiritual gifts- The list of practical gifts

Is salvation a name or is it focused on God and what He did?

 Shocked by "shocked by the Bible" p.1 - Joe Kovacs errors of Interpretation

Shocked by the bible p.2 -  Mankind being made gods

Shocked by the Bible p.3 Becoming Children, becoming gods

Shocked by the Bible p.4 Works for salvation?

Unlawful law keeping, it’s a matter of where to get our righteousness

Jesus said ye are gods

The Bibles view of Jesus and the apostles healing

What dies the Spirit or the body?

Why did Jesus speak to Paul in the Hebrew Language?

The rider on the white horse and the Seals

Every picture tells a story- The photo evidence of the pillar of fire over Branham

Gospel message that saves through the book of Acts

Presenting the gospel today- How to simply and accurately present the gospel

At the Conclusion of Jesus’ mission: There were two thieves, two choices, two destinations

Did Enoch die?- What does the Bible actually say

Answering No man has ascended to heaven In John 3

Adams many children

Who are the people living in the Millennial kingdom?

The end is never ending… And there will be false prophets among you

They wanted him dead- From the beginning  they wanted to rid themselves of Jesus

Stampede of  the Herd - The Pursuit of Signs and Wonders

Our Pilgrim's Journey- As we travel on earth to a promised land

An Apostles empire - the fight for dominion  pt.1 On Christian Harfouche's ministry

An Apostles empire - the Latter Rain  pt.2

An Apostles Empire - winds that change Pt.3

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- updated.

Understanding the nature of God by Faith and Study

Adam's many children

Witnessing to someone in a cult- The difference of God's grace and their works.

Keeping the law for salvation

Are you a Prepper?  Some things to think on as the days get darker

What Language was the New Testament Written in?

How to Spiritually grow in the times we live in?

William Branham's skewered view of the beginning of the universe and man-

Did the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible?

A venture into word faith teaching?  Is Kay Arthur accepting word faith teaching?

Who do you say Jesus is? Will the real Jesus, the only Begotten Son of God be made known to you?

Who is the greatest, then and now?

Effective Communication in Evangelism- The basics in ECE's

How to Witness to the Visitor at your door

When was the law given? When was the law taken away?”

Did Jesus have his body come from Mary

pt.1 Mike Bickle's Quixotic Spiritual Quest - The Latter Rain  basis of the prophetic movement and Bickle's IHOP

Pt.2 Mike Bickle's Quixotic Spiritual Quest

What is the gospel message and the advantages of not changing it? - Explaining the simplicity of the  Gospel

The eternal son and the eternal father

The condition the church is in – Is it The Bible  you learn from?

Why can’t all believers do signs and wonders today just like the apostles did in the early church?

What prophecy? We can ignore it or make it up.

Is it God’s will to Heal EVERYONE? Stop the insanity, tell the truth

Don't be sacked by the Shack - The Movie on the Shack book now coming to churches

On the Present sufferings of God’s servants

Music of Heaven, Music of Hell pt1

pt2. A short history of Today's Music influence

The abandoning of Bible Eschatology

Branhamism and the Latter Rain of today

 The Tola Worm -Jesus' statement on the cross

Does the world have a problem with Islam  Or, does Islam have a problem with the world?

The goal of man, Lessons in Basic Christianity

1 John 1:1-5 "That which was from the beginning" (A portion of a bible study from 1 John that we are now making available)

Head coverings for women in the New Testament

He is Wonderful-  One of the names found in Isa. 9:6

Is the church's complacency caused by a certain doctrine?

What happened to you after YOU received the gospel?- What every believer is asked to do

Does contending for the faith and bringing correction have to be divisive?

What happens to the believer when he dies? The state of a believer in heaven before the resurrection

Can you know if you are one of the 144,000 now? If not now then when?

On Those who claim to have trips to Heaven today- Does the Bible say this can take place?

A Celebration of a Servant's Promotion

We all face an Eternity

Noah After the flood

Peter Wagner the High Apostle of NAR has died

Resolving the 3 days and 3 nights of Jonah with the biblical record of rising on the 3rd day- When was Jesus crucified and when did He rise,                                             the Feast days explain it all.

Can water wash away sins; forgive our sins? Does the bible teach faith or baptism saves?

 The Sabbath is not in the New Covenant - Why the Sabbath is no mandatory

The Spirit of Antichrist in the church- The non biblical basis of word faith teachings

Being the Righteousness God of Christ

Are we in Acts 29?

What is meant by repentance?

Who is the Lord of the Dance?  Is the God of the Bible the Lord of the Dance?

 pt.1 A Kingdom now militancy vs. the Biblical model -A typical kingdom now sermon- Many influenced by Bethel church are now bringing the new paradigm                 to other churches.

pt.2  A Kingdom now militancy vs. the Biblical model

pt.3  A Kingdom now militancy vs. the Biblical model\

Take Dominion or cease Dominion -The Genesis command to Adam and Eve

What is Dominionism and Kingdom now

Is there one God or many? Mormonism's claims never change on their being god's.

Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane

pt1.Todd Whites enthusiasm - a little truth and a lot of error

pt.2 A little Latter Rain or a lot?- Todd Whites antics

Is there really a catching away of the church (called the rapture)?

What does it mean the gates of Hades will not prevail?

Can Prophecy be wrong?

Is the flag of Israel and the Star of David Occultic in origin? A wrong premise will lead to a wrong conclusion.

Rapture or second coming? Does Mt.24:29-32 describe the rapture/ resurrection?

Did Mary have other children? Is Jesus an only child.

Jesus and the gospel - A Bible exposition in what the gospel is and how to use it effectively

What is the restraining and When is the revealing of the Antichrist?- Do we have to wait for the Tribulation to begin to know who the antichrist is?

How do I know I’m a sinner? Then what!

Is there such a thing as a spiritual Father?

Do Gentiles become Jews when they believe?

Eusebius, the author of traditions and legends of Christianity

Pulse, pushing the reset button together 2016

Is the Father or the Son the Holy Spirit (the comforter)?

Faith is the ONLY way into the New covenant

The state of Christianity- Are you dumber than a TV evangelists (the false ones)

The Hawaiian myth of Io continues to intrude on the church- Standing for the true God in a sea of  myths and opinions.

When challenges come, what’s Your “Christianity” all about?

Are there two gospels? Did Paul and Peter preach the same gospel? Is there a gospel that does not save?

The Flawed understanding of Universalist's –Does God overlook repentance for His wider mercy?

Dake’s Dubious and Diabolical teachings - His bible commentary and other published works

The Lack of expository preaching and consequences of sin

What is heresy? And is it important to identify it?

Promises, promises, assuring no suffering, no persecution

The New revelation from New Prophets

Self esteem or Christ esteem?

The  Dropping of Eschatology

Does contending for the faith have to be divisive?

A time to Weep Eccl. 3:4- Does Israel have any significance any more?

Do you gather or scatter? -The church is to do ministry and the pastors are to fulfill their calling.

On the Last Trump- Is it found in the book of Revelation?

The Many Facets of the One Gospel- There is only one gospel and it is intended only to save, or it is not the good news.

 The Beckism of Mormonism- A rebuttal to Beck's claims of being a Mormon is a being a Christian

p.1What to do when Biblical counseling is not received?

p.2 Whose in charge of your church? Do you have a pastor or a politician?

Firstborn does not mean first created-The subtle differences in the Greek can make large differences in English meanings.

Pt.2 The Bethel version of “As above so below,” Drawing heaven to earth

Here's Lucy... No, Here's Lucifer- Fox brings to homes the new TV series Lucifer

p.1 Fostering a new Spiritual Discipline - The background and teachings of Richard Foster, and Celebration of Discipline

p.2 Fostering a new Spiritual Discipline pt.2 Inward and onward - The promoters common origin

p.3 The inner exploration, an imaginative journey to nowhere- Understanding the premise of contemplative

P.4  Silence, Entering into the library of the soul

p.5 Foster and friends view and practice of entering the silence, meditation, and the imagination

Pt.6 Foster and friends -  Going back to the mystical monks; using Roman Catholic Monastic practices as if they are God ordained.

p.1 The new Toronto- Bill Johnson's Bethel church -Prevaricating leader of the youth 

Pt.2 The Bethel version of “As above so below,” Drawing heaven to earth- Bethel's wanderings to a dry Desert

Our common salvation -Genuine unity of the Spirit or ….

PSI- People synergistically Involved, a new age course of self awareness.

The False light of Inner Healing - The continuing Influence of Agnes Sanford - The inner healing of Agnes Sanford and the Sandford's.

Who died for YOU?

The Modern Judaizers and Pharisees- The legalistic focus on the Sabbath

Doug Addison, Dream on- The prowling interpreter of dreams tattoos, piercings etc.

Adam’s Sin made you a sinner- An explanation of why we need the Gospel

Are you glad or mad at the word?

Technological Advances Toward a Global Tracking System- The newest tech- biowearables

Does Acts 22 teach Paul was saved by his baptism?

Eagerly awaiting, anticipating His coming

The rapture and the resurrection-

What does it mean Cain is of the wicked one?




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