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p.2 The Numerous Visitations of Jesus and angels to Kenneth Hagin

Kenneth Hagin had numerous stories of personal visions of Jesus. In fact, He had more visitations than any apostle in the New Testament. Not since the early Gnostics that were enemies of Christ who came into the church, do we hear of so many supernatural stories. He said he later received the spiritual gifts of healing, prophecy, and discerning of spirits. 

Some of us', like Paul. stand in more than one office.  Often well weave in and out of these offices.  Thank God 1 had the anointing to preach and then the anointing to teach.  I spoke in tongues and prophesied,, but 1 never stood in the office of the prophet until 1952.  I know exactly when 1 entered into the ministry of the prophet. (Kenneth Hagin,, Understanding the Anointing (Faith Library, 1985), p. 65)

Like prophet Branham ,his contemporary, he had many stories of Jesus visiting him. He not only went to heaven but hell a number of times (No apostle went to hell). We can trace all the lying stories of others today to these teachers of the Latter Rain, i.e. Kenneth Hagin.

Mr. Hagin claims that Jesus appeared to him in 1950 and gave him a special anointing to minister to the sick. Hagin says that if individuals, churches and pastors do not accept his message they will pay the ultimate price "The Lord said to me, 'If I give you a message for an individual, a church, or a pastor and they don't accept it, you will not be responsible. They will be responsible. There will be ministers who don't accept it and will fall dead in the pulpit .'" (I Believe)

This is a counterfeit punishment of Ananias and Sapphira who lied to the Holy Spirit under Peters leadership. To make his personal message like this is not from the Lord but of self promotion. He thought he could convince people of his importance by using this scripture.

Are we to believe Jesus showed up not once, but several times to Mr. Hagin when he came to Saul only once (and did not give him a special anointing)! Paul who wrote that he was the last of all to see Jesus on earth… so Paul is wrong? If that is what you think you should understand that you are wrong.

Mr. Hagin tells us that Jesus appeared to him in Phoenix, Arizona and revealed the keys for people to get from God what they want. (How to Write Your Own Ticket With God, Kenneth Hagin; (Rhema Bible Church) p. 1-5. " Jesus dictated to me during my vision, 'Your action defeats or puts you over. According to your action you receive or you are kept from receiving.'" "Jesus said to me, 'Tell it so others may believe' This is near identical to William Branham saying such things who came before him.

Hagin is notorious for receiving “visions” which gave guidance to his ministry. One of his frequently recounted visions recalls a time when he and Jesus were talking together and were confronted by a “demon monkey.” In the vision, Jesus was unable to control the monkey, but

This story may be his best one

“In 1952, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a vision and talked to me for about an hour and a half about the devil, demons, and demon possession . At the end of that vision, an evil spirit that looked like a little monkey or elf ran between Jesus and me and spread something like a smoke screen or dark cloud. Then this demon began jumping up and down, crying in a shrill voice, “Yakety-yak, yakety-yak, yakety-yak.” I couldn’t see Jesus or understand what He was saying. I couldn’t understand why Jesus allowed the demon to make such a racket. I wondered why Jesus didn’t rebuke the demon so I could hear what He was saying. I waited a few moments, but Jesus didn’t take any action against the demon. Jesus was still talking, but I couldn’t understand a word He was saying—and I needed to, because He was giving instructions concerning the devil, demons, and how to exercise authority.

I thought to myself, Doesn’t the Lord know I’m not hearing what He wanted me to? I need to hear that. I’m missing it! I almost panicked. I became so desperate I cried out, “In the Name of Jesus, you foul spirit, I command you to stop!” The minute I said that, the little demon hit the floor like a sack of salt, and the black cloud disappeared. The demon lay there trembling, whimpering, and whining like a whipped pup. He wouldn’t look at me. “Not only shut up, but get out of here in Jesus’ Name!” I commanded. He ran off. …I was thinking, Why didn’t He do something about that? Why did He permit it? Jesus looked at me and said, “ If you hadn’t done something about that, I couldn’t have.”

That came as a real shock to me—it astounded me. I replied, “Lord, I know I didn’t hear You right! You said You wouldn’t, didn’t You?” He replied, “No, if you hadn’t done something about that, I couldn’t have.” I went through this four times with Him. He was emphatic about it, saying, “No, I didn’t say I would not, I said I could not.” I said, “Now, dear Lord, I just can’t accept that. I never heard or preached anything like that in my life!” I told the Lord I didn’t care how many times I saw Him in visions— He would have to prove this to me by at least three Scriptures out of the New Testament …. Jesus smiled sweetly and said He would give me four. I said, “I’ve read through the New Testament 150 times, and many portions of it more than that. If that is in there, I don’t know it!”

Jesus later states, “ Here are your four witnesses. I am the first, James is the second, Peter is the third, and Paul is the fourth. This establishes the fact that the believer has authority on earth, for I have delegated my authority over the devil to you on the earth. If you don’t do anything about it, nothing will be done.”

Jesus keeps talking when he knows he can’t hear him? Hagin has Jesus sit and talk for 1 1’2 hours when we find that whenever Jesus spoke to the apostles after his ascension it was brief … and he did not appear to anyone after Paul was chosen.

Here face to face is Jesus, who is God, and he is telling him to prove what he is saying to him --What? Jesus who is called the truth is being questioned! Not trusted, but doubting likeThomas. Where is his respect? He may have read the New Testament 150 times but apparently neither he nor his Jesus taught him correctly. To teach Jesus does not have the power to do something but Hagin (and all of us) do. Does Scripture not say he was given all authority (we were not). He rebukes the demon because Jesus did not have this ability! Is there any teaching like this on Jesus? I find this conversation more than difficult to believe. Does Jesus speak like this? Go ahead and believe Hagin and you let Hagin make a monkey out of you.

In his book, Hagin sees a vision of Jesus, and says to Him, "Dear Lord, I have two sermons I preach concerning the woman who touched Your clothes and was healed when You were on earth. I received both of these sermons by inspiration” Later, Hagin quotes what Jesus told him in reply : "You are correct. My Spirit, the Holy Spirit, has endeavored to get another sermon into your spirit, but you have failed to pick it up. While I am here, I will do as you ask. I will give you that sermon out-line. Now get your pencil and paper and write it down."

Again the Jesus Hagin presents is hardly the same as the one in Scripture. This is presented as Scripture, to write it down. The alternative is reading a fairy tale.

Hagin recounts a face-to-face meeting with Jesus.

“I was conscious of the fact that I still lay flat on my face on the floor, and for a few minutes I remained there, feeling the glory of this miraculous visitation. Again I heard a voice say, ‘Come up hither.’ And this time the voice said, ‘Come up hither; come up to the throne of God.’ I saw Jesus standing again about where the top of the tent should be, and I went to Him through the air. When I reached Him, together we continued on to Heaven. We came to the throne of God, and I beheld it in all its splendor. The first thing that attracted my attention was the rainbow about the throne. It was very beautiful. The second thing I noticed was the winged creatures on either side of the throne. They were peculiar looking creatures, and as I walked up with Jesus, these creatures stood with wings out­stretched… I started to look at the One who sat upon the throne. Jesus told me not to look upon His face . I could see only a form of a Being seated upon the throne. Then for the first time I actually looked into the eyes of Jesus. Many times when relating this experience I am asked, ‘What did His eyes look like?’ All I can say is that they looked like wells of living love. It seemed as if one could see a half-mile deep into them, and the tender look of love is indescribable. As I looked into His face and into His eyes, I fell at His feet. I noticed then that His feet were bare, and I laid the palms of my hands on the top of His feet and laid my forehead on the backs of my hands. Weeping, I said, ‘Oh Lord, no one as unworthy as I should look upon Your face.’ Jesus said that I should stand upright on my feet. I stood up. He called me worthy to look upon His face, for He had called me and cleansed me from all sin.” (“Come Up to the Throne of God,” January 2002, magazine)

There is quite a number of contradiction[s] I saw Jesus… I walked up with Jesus, …But did not see his face? I started to look at the One who sat upon the throne. Jesus told me not to look upon His face. I could see only a form of a Being seated upon the throne. Then for the first time I actually looked into the eyes of Jesus.”

What mass of confusion. I can tell you from Scripture that when John saw him in heaven his eyes were not liquid love, but writes His countenance was like the sun shining in its strength.”

Rv. 1:17 when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me, "Do not be afraid; There is the difference of one who knew Jesus personally on earth and sees him in heaven, for even Paul was not allowed to speak what he saw, only John.

Hagin states he cleansed me from all sin. I thought all his sins were cleansed when he was born again in hell, oh well who can remember all the details of these many supernatural encounters (Branham certainly could not either). Jesus left the throne and is walking with him to him being on the throne? He saw Jesus, but did not see his face? Then looks into the eyes of Jesus. Again the apostle John who wrote about heaven under the direction of the Lord had a very different reaction seeing Jesus. Hagin makes himself equal with John the apostle. But to the Latter Rain story tellers who are modern Gnostics this does not matter.

Hagin has a vision and stated “ I saw a horseman riding at full speed toward me. He held a scroll of paper high in his left hand.

It was written in the first person and was just like Jesus Himself speaking. He said, “ America is receiving her last call. Some nations have already received their last call and will never receive another. THE TIME OF THE END OF ALL THINGS IS AT HAND,” was repeated at least four or five times. He said also that this was the last great revival.”

I am speaking and giving America her last warning and call to repentance and the time that is left is comparable to the last seven days of Noah’s time…. He said again, “ This is the last revival and I am preparing my people for My coming. Judgment is coming but I will call my people away even unto myself before the worst shall come. (A Vision of the End – Kenneth E. Hagin Sept. 2 1950)

What I find incompatible are the people who believe Branham, believe Hagin that are producing today's revivals, yet they don’t believe what Jesus said to either of these men.

Just like William Branham, And the revival is over, and America has turned down her opportunity ." …"And there won't be no more. " (56-0408 Visions And Prophecy)

Branham said “I believe it's received its last revival…” (64-0830E, Questions And Answers #4, Branham Tabernacle)

The revival is over, across the nation. There ain't going to be no more revivals, big sweeping revivals; this nation never receive it ." (65-0822M, Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word)

Branham said “ The revival is over. America had her last chance in 1957.” (The Message to the Laodicean Church Age p.29)

That’s 60 years ago when the so called prophet said no more.

But all the modern Latter Rain promoters claim a great revival is coming or is already here. For example in Rodney Browne’s booklet “the Coming Revival” it says “The Last revival has Begun.” That’s 25 years ago..

As Paul Cain copied Branham with a personal angel, so did Hagin. Kenneth Hagin claimed to have a personal angel revealed to him and had eight personal visitations of Jesus.In 1958 "the Lord Jesus suddenly appeared" before him, with an angel standing three feet behind Him. In I Believe in Visions he reveals, "He [Jesus] said, 'This is your angel.' 'My angel?" I asked. 'Yes, your angel, and if you will respond to him, he will appear to you as I will at times; and he will give you guidance and direction concerning the things of life... '" (Kenneth Hagin, I Believe in Visions, 1984, p. 93).

Jesus taught Hagin that his angels could be commanded by Hagin and us to do our bidding. Hagin said Christ told him in 1963 that the angels were waiting for his command to provide his material desires : “They are waiting on you to give them the order, just as the waitress cannot do anything for you until you give her the order” ( Hagin, I Believe in Visions, p. 126).

We now can understand where the modern signs and wonders movement gets its doctrine on superiority and control of angels. The Bible says God sends the angels to minister to, not we send them to work for us. Nowhere are we told nor seen an example of a ‘revealed personal angel’ over a believer. Israel was given a personal angel over them as a nation (Michael). Not individuals anywhere in Scripture.

Eight times Jesus appeared to Hagin, Kenneth Hagin described Jesus as “ 5'11" tall and weighing about 180 pounds: “ as I looked to see who it was, I saw Jesus ... I saw Him. He had on a white robe. He wore roman sandals ... He seemed to be about 5 feet 11 inches tall. He looked to weigh about 180 pounds. ” (How You Can Be Led by the Spirit of God [Tulsa, OK: Kenneth Hagin Ministries, 1978] 29–30).

Contrary to Hagin, Branham said Jesus was a short man (W.M. Branham 55-0117.) But all these mens descriptions are different just like their detail of heaven are different. That is because they did not go there.

Another story, Hagin tells us Jesus sat down by his bedside, and talked with him for about 30 minutes. During that time, Jesus is said to have taught Hagin how to be led by the inner witness of the Holy Spirit.

If the resurrected, glorified Christ left the right side of the Father in heaven to visit Hagin, it would be to correct him, but alas that is not possible since he receives only revelation from his Jesus. Today we have so many others mimicking the same type of embellished stories of going to heaven and him coming from heaven. Hagin is the main influence of their lying experiences.

Kenyon, Branham, Bosworth

Kenneth Hagin was influenced by Branham, in the book “Ministry of a Prophet” (Faith library publications Tulsa Ok. 1979 p.8). Kenneth Hagin called William Branham a prophet.

Branham was mutual friends with Hagin. When he met Hagin for the first time he said of him,

This morning I was at the Assemblies of God church for the morning meeting, where we had a lovely service. I was listening at the evangelist there. I can’t think of the man’s name. Hagin, Brother Hagin. Very reliable teacher, Pastor, a lovely man, they were very sorry they was having a revival during the time of our campaign, but they’ve had it staged for about a year. And they had to go ahead, through with it. So it was perfectly all right. But we want to show them our love, that we love them. We’re not divided in this work of the Lord. We’re all together, one body are we, moving on. And every morning, at ten till eleven o’clock, they having services there in the …Brother Hagin, this morning is teaching on Divine healing, which had a marvelous message. I sure appreciate it. My first time ever getting to shake hands with the brother, but a mighty fine man .” ( W. Branham, Sermon: Glorified Jesus, February 25, 1955 )

If Branham approved of him, you know God did not.

Hagin was also a part of the Voice of Healing Revival in the U.S. in the late 40’s and 50’s together with Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsay and T. L. Osborn. He was also influenced by the teachings of F. F. Bosworth, the famous healing evangelist of the 1920’s who participated in the post-World War II revival as a member of the Branham team.

In 1924, Bosworth published his first edition of Christ the Healer , sermons on the topic of faith healing. Bosworth's 1930's booklet "The Christian Confession", was condensed into a chapter of the 1948 edition of "Christ the Healer." At the end of the chapter titled, “Our Confession,” Bosworth wrote: “ Most of the thoughts expressed in this sermon I have brought together, by permission, from the writings of Rev. E. W. Kenyon .”

Bosworth recommended Kenyon's books, Bosworth had several articles appear in of Kenyon’s Herald of Life publication between 1949 and 1964.

It was E. W. Kenyon who taught on the power of words and the gospel that added Jesus suffering in hell to finish redemption. Both Branham and Hagin agreed and used his writings.

So it is understandable for him to use Kenyon’s teachings. But word for word and taking credit for the heresy? That’s not a good thing any which way it is looked at.

EX: Kenyon “He was no less God than He was before He took the physical body...Man, at death, leaves his physical body and is no less man than he was when he had his ... body.” (The Hidden Man [Seattle: Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Society, 1970],p. 40; Two Kinds of Faith, p. 3)

Hagin: He was no less God than when He didn't have a body. Man, at physical death, leaves his body. Yet he is no less man than he was when he had his body . (Man of Three Dimensions Tulsa: Faith Library, 1973)

Hagin insists: " Kenyon's influence on my ministry has been minute. Only his teachings on the name of Jesus have much to do with my theology. I absolutely deny any metaphysical influences from Kenyon, I teach not Christian Science, but Christian sense." ("The Faith of Kenneth Hagin," Charisma and Christian Faith, 15:11, 6/90, 68)

There is no question that Hagin lifted portions of E. W. Kenyon’s teachings, yet being a contemporary with Branham we find striking similarities with him as well. Before there was Hagin there was Branham. These topics he taught were covered by Branham for over 20 years.

All of E. W. Kenyon’s books were available for Branham to read. Jesus the Healer (1940); Identification: A Romance in Redemption (1941); The Two Kinds of Faith (1942); New Creation Realities (1945); What Happened: From the Cross to the Throne (1945); The Hidden Man: The New Self: An Unveiling of the Unconscious Mind (1951)

Anyone who looks into this will findswhat Hagin is saying is not true. In fact one may find the Branham influence just as solid as Kenyon’s.

Hagin said his theology came from special revelation, often Jesus coming to visit. Yet we find that he plagiarized his teachings from the writings of E.W. Kenyon, a metaphysical Bible teacher and author who died in 1948, and William Branham who died in 1965.

William Branham has been called the Father of the healing movement, the Father of the signs and wonders movement. But you can add word faith teachings to him as well. Let me explain. It was after Branham died, Hagin began writing books on these topics, many of these teachings were taught by Branham.

Right and Wrong Thinking for Christians (1966) Bible Faith Study Course (1966) What Faith Is (1966) Authority of the Believer (1967) The Real Faith (1970) I Believe in Visions (1972) The Human Spirit (1974) Demons and How to Deal with Them (1976)Faith Food for Spring (1978) Seven Things You Should Know About Divine Healing (1979).

It was later that Hagin fully developed his teachings that he wrote How to Write Your Own Ticket with God (1979),Having Faith in Your Faith (1980), How God Taught Me About Prosperity (1985).

He authored 125 books/booklets Faith Library Publications – with 65 million book copies in circulation around the world, translated into more than 25 foreign languages. People are being poisoned by this counterfeit teaching

So we have a spiritual lineage that is unsound that has spread from Hagin to his disciples even further. The Bible says if a tree is bad so will its fruit that it will produce.

p.3 Divine healing, faith, confession and other strange unbiblical teachings



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