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p1.  The sound that transforms the church into the New Age movement: “the Physics of Heaven”

We have all heard of the New Age and its practices of the Occult  along with spirituality from other religious systems (like the emerging church).

How do they become an influence in the churches and move them to be aligned with their utopian world view? We are going to look at the main influences of Gnosticism and mysticism in the church to give us a better understanding of how these components are being implemented.

Bill Johnson teaches, “God is to release a Spirit of revelation over the Church. We are coming into an hour where there will be a common revelation… we will all hear and see similar revelations.”

 We have already been delivered the common revelation, it is contained in the Bible. Contrary to this, the revelations they are continually receiving are not from the Bible. And here is where we see the growing conflict.

Premise - God is going to send a new sound that will change nearly everything.

 Bible - the only sound attached to change, is the trumpet sounding and God calling us to be transformed:

“in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. (I Cor. 15:51-52)

Of all the sounds of trumpets in the Old Testament, there is only one we are to anticipate.

Their revelation is a sound, an unidentified one. though most relate it to Pentecost.

The book “Physics from Heaven” opens the door for the new age view “Exploring the mysteries of God in sound, light, vibrations, frequencies, energy, and quantum physics.” If that sounds ‘New Age’ to you, you are right.

They describe God as bringing a new sound vibration from heaven to earth, a new Pentecost, which is NOT something the Bible teaches.

We read “All of the contributors to chapters in this book sense that God is on the verge of releasing something new on the earth and that new thing somehow involves vibrations, frequencies, energy, sound, light, and taking “quantum leaps” by faith.”

 Judy Franklin one of the main authors says, “1999, during one of my quiet times with the Lord, He mentioned the word “sound.” This what the “Lord has been revealing to us….a prophetic word the Lord gave me about the coming importance of sound.”

Just as the people were in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, when suddenly there came from heaven an noise, and this noise was like a violent rushing wind, there will come again a noise that I will release from heaven. This noise, this sound, will be released and, just as those people in that upper room were changed, people who hear this sound that I will release will be changed. 

While I am not calling any of my people to sit in an upper room and wait, I am calling them to a place where their spirits are in an upper room position to receive what I am about to release. This sound that I will release will cause people to think differently.”

At Pentecost his was not a sound sent from heaven but the Holy Spirit rushing in that made a sound. They are adding, twisting the Word ever so subtly to be something very different. To be in an open spiritual position to receive a sound, and that is dangerous

Jesus said to wait for the Promise of the Father , "which," He said, "you have heard from Me; (Acts 1:4 referring to John 15:26) The sound was being in our atmosphere, ( no air - no sound) there was no sound sent from the third heaven.

Judy Franklin writes a prophetic word on the importance of this “sound.” “It will be another noise from heaven, the people who hear this sound that I will release will be changed.”

Likening it to the first Pentecost, she hears from God “This sound that I will release will cause people to think differently.”

Johnson says "In this hour the experience will help to open up those portions of Scripture that have been closed to us. No one in their right mind would claim to understand all that is contained in the Bible for us today. Yet to suggest that more is coming causes many to fear. Get over it, so you don't miss it!"

 They are teaching this sound, a vibration experience will change ones outlook and much more, they are speaking of new revelation coming adding to the Bible. This will be a true paradigm shift - just like the New age movement has been expecting and they joined with them.   

After writing about the second Pentecost of sound coming, Franklin explains what takes place after this sound, the second Pentecost occurs. “They point their finger at tsunamis and hurricanes and they stop. They are filled with the power of like Jesus. “unbelievers ran to them begging to have what they have.”

Which uncannily reminds me of Simon the Sorcerer coveting the power that he saw Peter have.

Believers affected by the new sound from God are said to have power over the elements, over wind, rain, fire, and the waves.

Franklin says” the Lord has been telling me if we will place our hearts in an upper room posture, He will again release a sound that will transform the way we think and I believe that sound is going to empower us to do greater works than He did.”

 When Jesus said we would do greater works he never mentioned our posture, nor a sound that will empower us, this is not just extra biblical revelation but non biblical. He did not say to wait for a 2nd Pentecost to be able to do these greater works. This whole teaching is based on nothing in the Bible.

"God is beginning to 'breathe' on His people again to prepare us for a second Pentecost that 'tunes' us and brings us into harmony with God."(The Physics of Heaven, p.21)

From the Elijah list: “God is coming with a new sound. The sound is not for the casual Christian, nor is it for the heathen. It is for devout, God-fearing people who know the sound-carrier Himself…. We are being called together by the sound, for the sound! The sound drew the multitude together so the Lord could minister to them further by the sound of His voice in their own language, drawing them to Himself. How did they know where to gather? How did they know where it came from, or what direction to follow? And for that matter, how will we?

This is the sound of Heaven! Acts 2:2 says, "When suddenly there came a sound from Heaven like the rushing of a violent tempest blast..." What does a "violent tempest blast" sound like? A tempest, by definition, is a sudden, violent storm, accompanied by high winds and sometimes by hail or rain. That sounds like a tornado to me! The Acts 2:2 violent tempest blast sounded just like a tornado hitting, deafening in its loudness, rushing like a freight train, dropping out of Heaven SUDDENLY and violently… When God shows up with His new sound just for us, there will be no doubt where it is coming from, or where we should go to gather as part of the multitude of God-fearing ones!”

Edie Bayer https://elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=23873 Kingdom Promoters)

 So when the sound of the wind came to the original disciples they didn’t know where it was coming from but when this happens now they will know, by sound? God is called the sound carrier? A tornado is deafening, that is not how the rushing wind of Pentecost was. There was and is no such sound coming from God, these people have a religious imagination.

There are so many people teaching, prophesying of a sound coming.  I had heard this when I was involved in the new age, and later as Christian I visited their meetings for research where they taught this.

For example, New ager Barabara Marx Hubbard spoke on the arrival of a “planetary Pentecost” a peaceful second coming that will bring unity by overshadowing us.

We are told a sound vibration is what the new age Christ, Maitreya will use to initiate people, and announce his coming. These who speak of the sound doing the same, are they Maitreya prophets? Because Jesus said nothing on this.

 “the entire population of the world will experience a simultaneous changing of their minds. This vision will be preceded by either a loud sound, a bright light, or perhaps a strong odor. A loud sound will be heard world-wide which will herald the coming of Maitreya the Christ. Prompted by this sound, people will be aware of his coming on three distinct levels: Spiritual, physical, and emotional. (Alice Bailey's "The Externalisation Of The Hierarchy", p. 173.)

The Friendly False prophet Bob Jones, a friend of Bill Johnson has been saying for over 20 years that God is beginning to release a “new” sound to prepare us for a second Pentecost. Stating “We’re talking about 10 times the power that was released at Pentecost.” Jones says “This coming new sound . . . can change DNA so we are genetically growing up. Your genetics are the same as His was. Our genetics came out of the Father in our spirit. We are becoming like an instrument being tuned, where our genetics are getting aligned with the Father’s genetics, in harmony with Him.”

Bob Jones taught that we are like tuning forks ”God is beginning to release a “new” sound to prepare us for a second Pentecost that “tunes” us and brings us into harmony with God… That this will bring us “back in harmony we’ll have the heart of God.”

Isaiah 66:2 says, “I will look to him who trembles at my word.” The word “trembles” in this verse can be vibration. And everything vibrates. But when we get in harmony with God, everything will vibrate in tune with us. Total authority was given to man. Do you have any idea what everything vibrating in harmony with God would do in the earth?”(p.27)

Isaiah 66:2 means to revere what God says, not physical shaking, or vibrating. What they are doing is using terms of science, pseudo science to reinterpret the word to their Quantum physic theory.

Many men and women of God have experienced physical shaking and “vibrating” and seen bright light when undergoing a deep spiritual transformation. Others have described sensations like electric shocks when encountering God’s presence.” (Physics of Heaven, Chapter 14: Whole Lotta Shaking Going On!)

And occultists have experienced these as well. There are many who claim to see a light or are enraptured in an experience of sound, feelings, beauty, fire and electric current and believe it to be God.

New Age physicist Fritjof Capra in his preface The Tao Of Physics  he explains how by the ocean he suddenly became aware of his whole environment as being engaged in a gigantic cosmic dance. Being a physicist, I knew that the sand, rocks, water and air around me were made of vibrating molecules and atoms, and that these consisted of particles which interacted with one another by creating an destroying other particles.... . . As I sat on that beach my former experiences came to life; I `saw' cascades of energy coming dawn from outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I `saw' the atoms of the elements and those of my body participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I `heard' its sound, and at that moment I knew that this was the dance of Shiva, the Land of the Dancers worshipped by the Hindus.'

From this experience the new age/ occult experience that everything is united came “The Tao of Physics.”  Which the book from Bethel Church “The Physics of Heaven” has more in common than they may realize.

Despite the feeling they received or the knowledge gained, if it is not related to the Bible and if tested they would understand they have been deceived by the master of deception.

During praise he claims to have heard a new sound come that I’ve never heard before. It’s like it sets you on fire. The new sound is a string instrument, a wind instrument. So there’s a new sound coming.

 Let us not overlook that it was Lucifer who had the wind pipes for worship (Ez.28).

And here is where the metaphysical new age teaching becomes apparent when it’s greater than anything you can understand. It can change DNA so we are genetically growing up.

Your genetics are the same as His was. Our genetics come out of the Father in our spirit. We are becoming like an instrument being tuned, where our genetics are getting aligned with the Father’s genetics, in harmony with Him.”

Does God have genetics? No, only created things do, this a bold audacious lie.

Like new agers Jones further said, “earthquakes and the shifting of the earth’s axis, it’s almost like the whole world has been out of alignment and everything is being “tuned”… tuning everything….When we get in harmony with God and begin to really worship the Father in spirit and truth, …We’re going to take authority over everything down here back and literally give it back to the Father.

And here is where it ends up, in a church ruling, kingdom now teaching. The new revelation always end up in the same place, Latter Rain.

The physics of heaven or the Occult?

We are told “This book is just a precursor to the revelation that God is going to give us when He releases a new, transforming sound.”

We can expect an increasing uptick in new revelation according to the receivers of it.

From The Physics of Heaven, “All agree that the next move of God will cause a shift at the deepest level of who we are—perhaps the very ‘vibrational level’ that the New Age movement has been exploring. They also all agree that there are precious truths hidden in the New Age that belong to us as Christians and need to be extracted from the worthless.”

The new age has the same transforming sound

“With the eyes and ears of the spirit do you see and hear the sights and sounds of the kingdom of the Earthly Mother” (The Essene Gospel Of Peace Book 4 by Edmound Szekely)

Teilhard de Chardin, known as the father of the New Age spoke of a spiritual energy “… sometimes the magic of a sound which goes into our ears as a vibration and reaches our brains in the form of inspiration.” (p.63 the Phenomenon of Man)

Another example of this is from the famous Occultist Helena Blavatsky who speaks of “the light in the sound and the sound in the light” (p.10 the voice of silence H.P. Blavatsky) “The last vibrates as a dull rumbling of a thunder – cloud” (p.6) Blavatsky speaks of the Magic Potency of Sound ...(p.307)

Remember these statements because we will hear similar correlations from those who promote the coming of a “new sound” inside the church.

In their book they try to inoculate themselves stating that all truths have a counterfeit, which is not true. “I was familiar with the principles that “whenever you see a counterfeit, it means a real exists” and that “a lie just proves the existence of a truth,” so I decided to investigate what was going on and bring my scientific background and my faith in Jesus Christ into the mix of my search for truth. I decided to examine New Age thought and practice for anything “precious” that might be “extracted” from the worthless.”

For example there is no Christian Ouji board, visualization, palmistry, tea leave reading, astral travel, channeling or summoning angels or talking to the dead. What they have found is the slightest commonality and justify it.

Ellyn Davis says “It wasn’t that I wanted to become a New Ager, I just wanted to find out if maybe they had uncovered some truths the church hadn’t. The strange thing was, much of what I saw and heard embodied biblical principles and could be backed up by Scripture.”

Think of what she is proposing, that a false spirituality may have truths the Bible does not.

Some truths have counterfeits, not all. In fact, they should heed their own theories, for a counterfeit Pentecost can be made, as can a counterfeit experience on the road to Damascus that Paul had, something that many who are involved in this movement claim, (Jones, Simmons  etc.). Satan invents new spiritual ways. He is the most intelligent creature God made. And without the word of God as you bearing he can outsmart you all the time.

Looking to the counterfeit to find truth is the very thing God says not to do. This is dressed up Hinduism, metaphysical teachings and experiences. It’s not about vibrating at atomic levels, these people think they are discovering secrets God has not revealed in his word, like the devil offering knowledge to have power they have eaten the fruit willingly and want others to partake as well.

The ancient mystics spoke of specific sounds awakening extraordinary powers. Occultist Alice Bailey says “Teaching Avatars. These Appearances sound a new note in the realm of thought and of consciousness; they reveal the next needed truth; they pronounce those words and formulate those truths which throw light upon the spiritual development of humanity.” …the increasing comprehension of the power of colour and sound will the work of the Christ and of the Great Ones be contacted and understood, and the peoples released from the thraldom of the past and enabled to enter into the liberty of the Kingdom of God. (The externalization of the Hierarchy)

THE URANTIA PAPERS which is clearly a new revelation liken to the bible

Speaks of a material range of beautiful sound unrecognized by the human sense of

hearing,… 1.Spiritual sound—spirit current interruptions. 2. Spiritual light—the control and intensification of the light of the morontia and spiritual

realms. And 3. Energy impingements—melody produced by the skillful management of the morontia and spirit energies.

They are sound designers. Spirit waves by these designers of what you would call sound. 

As we will further see the Occultist have similar if not the very same things to say as those promoting the new sound of a Pentecost to the Church.


Pt2  the sound that transforms the church into the New Age movement:  The John the Baptist multiplication theory




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