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The most dangerous of all False teaching

The new model of prayer is directed at things; cities, principalities and powers. Instead of petitioning God. They teach the church to decree, make power proclamations against principalities and powers in the heavenlies.

The Bible does not instruct us anywhere to use prayer to battle directly against these beings. There is no example in the Bible of a believer confronting what they call territorial demons or bind OR commanding demons to give up their territory in their prayer. When the apostles entered a city to evangelize, we have no example of them praying to pull down strongholds or do verbal rebukes of the territorial spirits. Jesus didn't go into Jerusalem and address the evil spirit that caused the unbelief in people. He held people individually accountable to their different sins. We are not commanded to discover demons, trying to pull them down, curse them, bind them and supposedly throw them into the pit of Hell. As believers we have authority over our own lives but we don't have power over other places. Only Jesus does, that is why we pray.

But what these people have brought into the church is fantasy spiritual war games.

Jude 9-10 “ Yet Michael the archangel, in contending with the devil, … said, “The Lord rebuke you! ” Which means to censure admonish or forbid.

Michael is an archangel; meaning “chief,” the one in authority over other angels. Michael as an archangel, is more powerful than a mere man, but he does not dare bring a rebuke directly to the devil, r the once anointed cherubim, who is now fallen.

Jude describes people in the church who despise authority and speak evil of those God has given positions of dominion. They speak evil of dignitaries. In Greek- Doxai - glorious ones. Most have interpreted this as the angels, which certainly fits the context.

Michael did not use insulting words or exert his authority. Satan even though he is an enemy is still a dignitary of the highest order. He deferred the issue to the Lord. If an angel of this order is careful with how he treats the enemy how much more should we be?

Jude and Peter describe people who speak evil of fallen angels because of little understanding of who they are speaking to.

2 Peter 2:10-11 “and especially those who walk according to the flesh in the lust of uncleanness and despise authority. They are presumptuous, self-willed.

What is interesting as well as disturbing is that we see these men accusing the fallen angels in the same manner the devil accuses the saints. We are told not to do this.

2 Peter describes self-willed men walking according to the flesh, carnally, not respecting authority, speaking evil of angels. They are presumptuous, self- willed. Both authors mention those who have no respect for those who are in a higher position even though they are fallen and will be judged. v.11-12 “whereas angels, who are greater in power and might, do not bring a reviling accusation against them before the Lord. But these, like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed, speak evil of the things they do not understand, and will utterly perish in their own corruption,”

Both Jude and Peters make the same points. We are not to speak insincerely of them, railing, yelling -scold them or chase after demons. Believers are never told to go around “rebuking Satan” nor “binding Satan,” but to resist him. Satan is still a being of the highest order we are not to disrespect him even though he is an enemy of God and us, his people. So when you have a movement that is teaching the church worldwide to pursue and take down Satan’s kingdom and they expect results you have people that are not just deceived but completely deluded and going against the Scripture.

They may look like they are on the cutting edge of God’s army but they are spiritual gangsters who speak what they should not.

So many people have been convinced this is a valid way to do their spiritual warfare; it is NOT! When on listens to the main promoters; the generals of war (intercession?), Mendez, Jacobs, Wagner, Pierce and a host of others - observe their actions and words carefully. Then go to the Scripture and read it in context you can easily see there is something seriously wrong. It’s quite obvious to those who are grounded in the scripture that they are not.

Consider Jacobs who says she was told of someone who was in the insane asylum and she began to bind the spirit of insanity and they were set free. In her describing this she does not know the person’s name or where they were (she was in another state). So apparently she believes her words are so powerful that she can set people free without any knowledge, even by her own doctrine on this. And people believe this!

What of Ana Mendez Ferrell her husband, and Rony Chavez that led prayer a team of 11 to climb Mt. Everest back in 1997 claims to have destroyed Satan and fell Babylon. And People believe this. Mendez goes throughout the world telling her tall fish tales (literally, as she also went underwater to defeat Poseidon and Leviathan) She speaks of a city of light underwater that will rise and unite with new Jerusalem; departing from scripture people are taken captive to these mystical gnostic stories.

“General” Ana Mendez makes herself so powerful and instrumental when she is living a fantasy created by her imagination. Consider that Wagner and Mendez and their cohorts claim they defeated Satan, The Queen of heaven, Babylon, the Harlot is destroyed. They stopped Satan and destroyed him?

Ana's report: "God spoke to us that He was going to release judgment upon the iniquity and over the false religious systems of the world. He said that he was going to bring down the foundations of 'Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots.'

Her 'Mystery Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots is not what the Bible teaches. Who destroys Babylon? Are Mendez and her gang of spiritual thugs destroying or killing Satan as they claimed? (you need to see the video to appreciate their warring spirit, I’m not just making innuendos). This is children playing war? What actually happens when Babylon is fallen? The Bible says instead of getting rid of the demons - Rev. 18:2 " Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird !” And this occurs in the tribulation, not now.

New revelations of the spirit realm and this spirit war is a “wind of doctrine,” we are warned of, and it is blowing at gale force inside the church. Learning about the spirit realm … where is this found in the scripture?

Wagner says Rev.1:6 means we as kings and priests have dominion. No, it says to him is dominion, and it means we are a kingdom of priests (according to most who know Greek). You can’t get a straight isogesus from them.

What they are doing? Their "Warfare" prayer is primarily focused on Satan and evil spirits located in the sky over specific cities. And they teach others to do the same; what they are doing is dangerous to peoples souls. You do not go after Satan like this, in fact you don’t go after him at all, you resist him! We are told in Scripture to resist (3 times); NOT discover, pursue and rend damage to Satan in the heavenlies.

They have convinced people this is the way to accomplish the goal; wrong way, wrong goal!

They are taking away the Lord’s protection from the church because they are having the church practice what is not spoken in Scripture against the enemy. The church is being fooled and does not have the armor on. The Lord says to resist for our warfare and they have convinced untold numbers of people to instead accept a completely false model to do battle against demons in the last days. They are facing the Devil without the armor.

They have already altered the structure of the church set by the apostles Jesus picked. Now we have the new apostles Peter picked, Peter Wagner that is. They bring in their own apostles and make their own prophets and install a government and call it the “new” Christianity.

Look at Larry Lea’s 300,000 prayer army whom he promised would overcome. He spoke of Peter Wagner coming to him and told (in the late 80’s) that this was the number the Lord gave him 5 years before to accomplish it. And people believe this!

Going after demons over cities and nations Wagner stated “ We’ve been doing this since 1990, since John Dawson’s book, Taking our Cities for God, first came out, this has gotten on our agenda, in 1990, fourteen years, we’ve been working on city transformation .” (Ministries today May/June 1992, C. Peter Wagner - Marching for Jesus). That means it is now 25 years and it still has not worked. They have produced zip.

We can give them 1,000 years and Satan will still not be bound by man because God sends an angel to do this. The Millennium begins by Satan and his demons being bound. It will not happen until then ...You can’t change the scripture, but that is exactly what these “apostles and prophets” are doing.

Since this false teaching has become popular we have seen sin increase globally and not decrease, just as the Bible says. No major city has been taken for Christ (despite George Otis jr.’s claims), even though this teaching has been around for many years. Why not? Could it be that God did not say to "take cities,” or “nations” but to reach individual people by the message of the gospel?

No one in the history of the church has been taught to fight Satan’s spiritual forces in the way they teach. Satan not only counterfeits, he is an inventor. This whole movement is a major distraction from the devil to stop the gospel. It is a two prong attack that makes the church powerless, not powerful as we pursue the demonic. 1) we are told we must do this to cleanse the heavenlies first before we can evangelize effectively. 2) the way it is done does absolutely nothing against Satan’s military structure, in has people chase down the demonic when they could be witnessing and actually challenging the strongholds in people minds where they really are.

We look at the people leading it. The major players are all off in their doctrine, (from the trinity which is not essential) to denying a tribulation and a rapture. They are also into word faith proclamations, decreeing like occultists do. They are making a church where peace is to reside into fanatic warriors against the Devil. And this teaching is going worldwide (especially Africa). And people believe this?

The church is being lied to by these Nicolaitans. It’s all smoke and mirrors. They have done nothing of the sort that they claim. In fact they may be doing the opposite with all the attention to the Devil.

Satan is pulling out all the stops to prevent this by convincing people of the church to deny a tribulation is coming (and even a rapture, that will hide the church in Christ). That we will be safe from the wrath of Satan (unless Jesus comes no flesh would survive, according to Scripture) and the judgments that come from the lamb upon this sinful world to have them repent. It reaches its zenith in the tribulation which he alone brings to an end as he returns as a lion of Judah to destroy the wicked.

pt.2 shout at the Devil



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