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p.7 What Lonnie Frisbee thought of himself

Lonnie’s brother Ray stated: “Some people have said, Lonnie didn’t have very much, but what he had he did a lot with.” That mantle gave Lonnie authority…

Is that true? Lonnie out of his own mouth, said that he had a mantle from God, which would be no small thing (since no one is given a mantle in the new covenant)

That mantle gave Lonnie purpose in life and, gave him authority in Charismatic circles, (which is also no small thing). Lonnie’s brother goes on to say: “that with that authority and his obedience, Lonnie did great things and saw miracles”.

That, “My brother said he was a modern mystic”. “He was certainly an evangelist, catalyst, and forerunner”. “It wasn’t something he decided to be—it was deep within him”.

Wow! Lonnie was also a mystic, evangelist, catalyst, and a forerunner; it doesn’t sound like Lonnie had any shortage of anything to work with, along with the mantle he was a powerhouse.

Ray continues, “The Holy Spirit worked through Lonnie, and even if it was a simple thing, it was a God thing. I believe the Lord chose my brother because, for one, God uses the weak, broken, and foolish things of the world to confound the wise and so-called mighty. But I also think it was Lonnie’s childlike faith, open and vulnerable lifestyle, and his trust in God that qualified him—that made him willing to say yes to the incredible call on his life.”

However, Lonnie did not walk through life as a weak and foolish thing but rather walked around as somebody who was hip, and very cool in the eyes of his generation, doing drugs, being naked with others, and anti-establishment. Even after his confessed Christianity he was somebody who acted out in a strong way to and towards others. He thought of himself as a prophet, a mystic. Many people thought he was so cool, that they dressed like him and acted like him.

As a result of our research into Lonnie Frisbee, the question has to be asked: was it really something that he said yes to, or was it something that he was seeking out and even premeditated to do because of the fringe Pentecostal teachers he was being influenced by, and all this was happening years prior to Calvary Chapel, certainly before moving to San Francisco.

Lonnie is depicted as a ‘forerunner’ by his brother, who was (knowingly or not) making a reference to William Branham (the forerunner), just shortly after Branham’s death.

What we’re going to look at, is the possibility of something more dark leading Lonnie Frisbee to be seduced into receiving what he thought was a mantle, similar to one of the greatest false teachers in the history of the Christian Church, who had just died near the same time that Lonnie Frisbee began launching himself into his spiritual quest.

William Branham believed that he was a Prophet and a forerunner just like John the Baptist, as Lonnie Frisbee also thought himself to be like. Because of specific similarities between Branham and Frisbee, along with the timing, that leads us to greatly consider that Lonnie Frisbee had knowledge of William Branham, (along with), who we already know were great influencers in Lonnie’s life.

First, we must define some terms. We find most of his adherents applying terms that are unbiblical to explain Lonnie gifting. The biblical term ‘mantle,’ was used incorrectly by Frisbee and many others in the Church today do not use it according to its context in the Bible.

A mystic is not a Christian, nor is this biblical or Christian term. Often we find the mixing of the two in our day. According to the Bible we are to be spiritual not mystical, watch out for those that confuse the two.

To be spiritual means to test experiences, for the Bible warns the Devil (does) give spiritual experiences to people. He can deceive through those experiences but cannot teach right doctrine. A mystic does not test his experiences. This is why false teachings often accompany a spiritual experience.

Mysticism has you enter the spiritual realm by getting into the spirit (Not Gods Spirit). The Occult has many pathways, the use of drugs can thrust a person into contact with the spiritual realm. Mystical Christianity is equated with contacting a counterfeit presence of God. Experience takes precedence over faith in the objective Word of God. Which is what Lonnie Frisbee was all about.

This does not mean a person cannot have an experience with God, but a person’s experience does not take precedence over the Word nor is it to be used to reinterpret the Word to one's (subjective) experience.

Experience-driven spirituality brings an unstable walk that is void of any lasting spiritual growth. When one divorces their experience from doctrine, experience becomes the substitute teacher; they are pursuing to know God without faith through the Word of God, which is very dangerous because it always takes precedence over God's word for an individual or a church. With this as the basis, it ushers in greater false teachings and more and more bazaar manifestations not seen anywhere in the scriptures.

Yet this was the course that John Wimber’s Vineyard chose to take by Lonnie’s volatile Mother’s day pseudo bible sermon in 1980, at Wimber’s then Yorba Linda Cavalry Chapel.

This is what pastor Smith certainly wanted to avoid, to protect the church from, because it causes divisions and Church splits, it did then and it continues to divide the Church today with the dichotomy of those who claim to be open to the Spirit and those who are only of the Word; the Spirit pursuant being superior.

Wimber became open and accepted that the activity that came through Lonnie was the Holy Spirit. But it was a deceiving spirit. How do we know this? Look at what he was led into afterward, numerous unbiblical practices and false interpretations. The “Latter Rain” view where a miracle /signs and wonders movement developed, a false revivalism that is still with us today.

Despite Frisbee’s influence on Wimber, there is no mention of Frisbee on the Vineyards website today. https://vineyardusa.org/about/history/

While addressing Tom Stipe's Vineyard Church in Denver Colorado, Frisbee said to the Lord, “I, I ,I, can't preach on second kings chapter 7. I don't have enough time I don't have enough time and the Lord says do it, you preach on, on that text, and so let's go to it this is so that you know, I believe in the bible,(laughter from the audience) although, I would rather get right on to the ministry of the Holy Spirit because(as he emphasized with his voice)I believe that God can do more in five seconds with a cup of the Holy ghost than five years of cemetery .” Referring sarcastically to any Bible College (Lonnie Frisbee ministering at Vineyard Church in Denver Colorado . time 11:45)

Here Frisbee says he believes the Bible but sarcastically mocks and denounces the education of the Word by implying that one who seeks education in a dead school is not comparable to the Holy Spirit who will give you an experience. By saying this, proves that he has not stopped promoting his un-biblical spiritual experiences that he did from the beginning.

It is the Holy Spirit that wrote the Bible through chosen men so that it could be read, studied, and known fully; why would Frisbee pit the two against one another by making the experience superior to the study of the Bible itself?

3 years before his passing, in 1990, he states what he thinks (and apparently always thought of himself). That, “I'm a third world missionary my calling is apostolic in nature, I am a seeing prophet that means that uh I experienced in my life what the catholics call infused prayer with god and mystics experience this and it's called infused prayer with god, us protestants don't know about any of that because it comes out in catholic theology, but I am a mystic and I experience infused prayer with god and i'm a seer and the lord will go and you'll show me things in the spirit that are more real than what's happening in front of me.” (Lonnie Frisbee ministering at Vineyard Church in Denver CO, Senior Pastor Tom Stipe 1990)

So Frisbee says of himself that his calling is apostolic;He is a seeing prophet; a seer ,and that he is a mystic. Wow! That is a list few can find themselves on (including the apostles themselves). Apostolic means to teach what the apostles taught and did, to plant churches (that he did, as do other missionaries), a prophet is to give teachings directly from God and to challenge those who teach contrary to what God has given in the scriptures. That he did not.

(However, Frisbee primarily only affected Churches that were already established), and, to be a true Prophet of God, the Biblical test would be that every prophecy had to be 100% accurate, and whatever the Prophet of God taught, also had to be 100% accurate. (Frisbees Were Not).

Any of these titles he has assigned to himself should have been more than enough for the red light to have gone on in anybody’s mind who cared about being faithful to the scriptures and would have been ample warning about any of these titles with anyone entertaining that he is any of these he has assigned to himself.

We are told in Scripture to Test the spirits, Test prophecy. Jesus says to the Ephesian church, “You have tested those who say they are apostles and are not, and have found them liars.” (Rev. 2:2) I ask you, have you tested Frisbee by the Word? Or, by other men’s words, false mistaken teachers?

Lonnie’s comments on Roman Catholicism is more than ecumenical, he actually identifies with ‘their mystics’ which has nothing to do with authentic Christianity. Lonnie Frisbee called himself ‘a mystic’ (which is the very opposite of the true spirituality described in the Scripture (that is why protestants are not known to practice this).

The other matter that few want to talk about

Besides the Spiritual counterfeits which is the most important issue that has and is affecting the church today. There were other matters taking place that needed to be addressed. On the DVD Di Sabatino says, “People go away reeling,” “They are blown away by Lonnie. The sexual stuff, if you can get over that lump, you just see a human being who God used. God uses anybody who steps up to the table, and Lonnie was a man open to God working through him . That’s why he’s a hero.”

Is someone who is constantly in sexual sin (that steps up), God’s man? God does not simply use anyone that steps up, there is a training period and a building-up time that was missing in the life of Lonnie Frisbee. He resisted and became completely unaccountable to those that took him in. If we accept the premise that just stepping up is the way to go, then nothing can be said against false teachers that the scriptures warn about, that overwhelm the church in the last days.

The qualifications to be an elder would also have to be thrown out, leaving the church to be led by the very same people who do not esteem the Word as their guidance.

Connie says “When Lonnie asked me to marry him, at that particular time is when he told me that he was gay. He didn’t say it as though he was still gay but that he had gotten saved out of that lifestyle.” (Connie Bremer-Murray, “Lonnie’s Ex-wife”).

One wonders why he would tell her at this that he was gay and not before. She also says “that he got saved out of the gay lifestyle and people back then didn’t even really understand gay. I just thought, ‘That’s the old person and this is a new person.’ I wasn’t concerned about it.”

Yet Lonnie continued to struggle with his former behavior. There are those who testified that it was occurring during and after their marriage, it is not possible to say how extensive Frisbee’s immorality went on into his lifestyle, which is not our intention to pursue, God knows.

Connie goes on to comments, “In three years of marriage I was not able to spend any time with my husband — I mean zero. It was extremely hard work, 24 hours a day. We had crazy people in our house.

Connie felt she was competing against the church for her husband’s affection. She said, one thing led to another and it took its toll. Lonnie said that Connie committed adultery, which certainly can be from neglect from Lonnie after recently being married. Lonnie says of himself “I was the ruling, reigning, glorified youth director at Calvary Chapel but my marriage was failing right in front of me.”(Lonnie Frisbee, with Roger Sachs; ‘Not by might nor by power: the Jesus Revolution’, p.137, 139-140 also p.85.)

Was the church ignorant of Frisbee’s “other life” he struggled with? Some say his homosexuality was “an open secret in the church community.” That He would “party on Saturday night and preach on Sunday morning.” Exactly what sort of partying Frisbee did is not specified, but his former homosexual behavior isimplied. Connie again says, “At the end of the marriage he told me that he had been staying late in some gay bars.” (Connie Bremer-Murray, “Lonnie’s Ex-Wife”, from the “Special Features” section on DVD).

It is one thing to believe what is false and live in the flesh, it is an entirely different thing for a leader to bring sin into the church. It had become known to Chuck Smith Jr. who received a call from a pastor who had taken the confession of a young man that Frisbee was involved in a sixth-month-long homosexual affair, he then made this known to John Wimber. When Wimber found out about it, he confronted Lonnie, he admitted it but was not asked to leave the church. As with Calvary Chapel, Frisbee’s name was edited out of the church's history in the early days. Frisbee’s lifestyle and choices resulted in him rarely being spoken of until the recent release of the Jesus Revolution film.

In his interviews, he stated that “he never believed homosexuality was anything other than a sin in the eyes of God.” (David di Sabatino (2001). Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher.)Regardless, many know adultery or other activities are sin and they still participate in them. Frisbee’s sexual promiscuity lead to him die (1993) of aids at the age of 43.

Lonnie admits he experimented a lot in the sexual revolution. He says he was not a homosexual, regardless, much has been said by others; certainly, he was a bisexual. In his book, wrote, “I never lived the gay lifestyle.” “I would like to add that I have never even considered myself a homosexual at all,” he speaks of his molestation when he was young…there is also my disappointing backsliding days in the mid-eighties .”

Frisbee stated, “I must say that I have respect for many of my friends who have chosen the gay lifestyle. They are among some of the most gifted and talented and loving individuals in the world ,” he wrote. “... I can honestly say that I love my gay friends. But there is a huge difference between love and approval .”

Frisbee says he does not approve, yet tells us he has respect that they have chosen sexual sin as a lifestyle. Of course, any intentional sin as a lifestyle is not to be condoned (this particular practice is mentioned in Rom.1)

Lonnie said, “after many rumors and accusations came against him concerning his sexuality he left the Vineyard. He later connected with Pastor Phil Aguilar of Set Free church, and even became involved in a new ministry with Roger Sachs called Freedom Crusade”.

Were these rumors, or a Lonnie falling back into what he once did?

After the Vineyard

It appears that his book by Roger Sach's was written to paint a polished picture of himself. He presents himself as someone so special (listen to his later sermons, portions on this page) someone set apart from everybody else. Having some consider him one of the greatest, gifted evangelist/prophets in our modern time. His book shines a halo for his legacy, basically glorifying himself and his ministry. Proof of this is lacking in any of his sermons of what he taught and practiced.

From his sermons, we see Frisbee use hypnotism, by suggestion with using the name of Jesus he had the people assume the Holy Spirit was at work, and he led the people into a mystical (occult) experience. The New covenant does not promote supernatural experiences, especially those not in the Word. He was not leading people into a Biblically understanding and knowledge to produce a mature relationship with Christ; though some have gone on to a true Biblical understanding and relationship with Jesus, it was despite what Lonnie Frisbee failed to teach.

The Biblically sound and grounded leaders around Frisbee, saw his weaknesses and potential problems and wanted to keep him accountable. Unfortunately, by his actions, Frisbee had resentment for authority and even a greater and utter disregard for it as he grew older.

He says of himself recalling at Calvary, “Multitudes of people that burned incense at my altar.” Which does not sound like humility but pride, arrogance, and self-aggrandizement.

Concluding the matter of a Latter Rain prophet

Years after his short time at the Vineyard, Frisbee mentions in his autobiography that he was very bitter about the way he had been treated by church leaders.

At one of the few known times Frisbee preached at ‘Set free church’ (Phil Aguilar Set free church 1990).
Lonnie starts out by saying, “The lord woke him in his hotel room to tell the church, “this is what I want you to say and the Lord began to give me Revelation (repeats what pastor Phil said, there is an outpouring of God's spirit upon the land right now) “And it says in the last days they shall overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimonies” (Has them repeat this.)

The problem with this, is that this is not referring to any Christian prior to the Great Tribulation period (It is yet, a future event, not now), so why would they need to be told this? (Rv. 7:14) It is when the accuser of the brethren has been cast down. It is then during this time persecution of this magnitude occurs.

To prove this is out of context and a future event scripture states, “That they overcame him (the beast) by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” (Rv. 12:10-12)

Those in that day will be strengthened by their testimony to overcome with death facing them… It is however, an entirely different thing to suggest, (whether he understood what he was saying or not); that this was the time they were in, (when Frisbee spoke those words, 1992), or that he was just confusing the scriptures in his own mind.

At another point Frisbee tells the audience, “and I was also overcome by the drug cocaine and I'm not giving any dates because I'm not stupid” (1990). He emphasized in not giving any dates is for his self-protection, which insinuates that he may have been doing those things throughout his church time, and even up to his time speaking to them at the meeting.

Frisbee rarely gives names, dates, or places for anything. In fact, his whole life story that involves dates is obscured and shrouded in mystery that implies dishonesty, and confusion on his part. Which brings into question most of his stories about his supernatural experiences, which most people just accept without proof or even question if it’s true or not.

This blind acceptance has allowed most of the false teaching and unbiblical practices to enter the Christian Church today.

Frisbee goes on to say “That I moved in big circles with big bozos” which implies that he is not a bozo ‘like they are.’ He said this while wearing a priest’s collar (which he later took it off in the sermon). He does not name the clowns, bvut we all know who he was involved with.

He speaks, “There are prophets in the land’. This same statement of prophets in the land is what he began with on Kuhlman’s show many years before (in 1970, he being one of those prophets), as he continued to insinuate to be one of them. Telling them that “People Are consuming each other in the church, a form of cannibalism.”

The only ones who actually eat people are the false teachers; the wolves. The true teachers of the Word expose them and give the truth in place of what is false.

Aside from the overall lack of acceptance of Homosexuality and the guidelines adhered to in Church discipline that Chuck Smith and others placed upon Lonnie Frisbee, his blatant disregard for authority and bitterness was revealed the more Lonnie spoke.

It can also be fair to say that part of that bitterness was because he believed he was not getting the recognition he thought he should have had in his life. Frisbee spoke as though he was spiritually elite, in a class all by himself as compared to all those throughout Church history, including the Apostles, and the Old Testament Prophets of God before them. 

Frisbee would also boast about his mysticism and his gnosticism (Secret Knowledge) and would promote himself with what he considered himself to be receiving as prophetic utterance, which in reality was nothing more than off-the-collar statements that tickled people’s ears.

This has been the trademark for the false teachers in the prophetic supernatural gifts movement throughout the its time.

While listening to Lonnie, he can be heard making blanket statements that people would receive some random thing, using very spiritual-sounding Christian language that in most cases was not prophetic but logical guesswork that could happen to a few people in a large audience.

Most of what Frisbee taught could be found with William Branham, Oral Roberts, Kathryn Kuhlman, and from the Latter Rain teachings that we have addressed in other parts of our articles on Lonnie Frisbee, which have been the spiritual downfall of many who have followed their teachings.

The following are statements that Lonnie made while giving a sermon in what appears to be his last, just a few months prior to his passing, at the end of 1992.

Frisbee speaks about his experience when Kathryn Kuhlman was alive, which gives insight to most of what he felt, practiced, and taught.

This particular sermon is a produced video that has only audio of Frisbee but is illustrated with some of Lonnie’s paintings that feature very catholic type art with halos etc. with distracting music playing in the background.

The audio quality was very poor and was very difficult to understand, we did our best to transcribe some of Frisbee’s words that were otherwise almost impossible to understand.

He speaks to the people saying:

“weprophesied a redemption through the prophetic ministry, we prophesy that there is going to be a great anointing for apostolic authority and that is going to be once the Lord begins to put a light on it,that we're going to see that there are different kinds of authority in the body of Christ other than local church.”

Here he is talking about an outside apostolic/prophetic movement that began with a man named Peter Wagner, that began its way throughout Wimber’s Vineyard churches.

Frisbee says, “you know then the rain falls on the just and the power of the Holy Spirit, halleluyah, you have the gift of the Spirit. Let the rain be reminded,(it was raining outside at the time)that there is an early rain and there is latter rain, we are coming into the time of the latter rain of God and there will be a special anointing for evangelism, special power gifts…”He then speaks of “impartation… the power of the Holy Spirit.”

“I prophesy over your team, I prophesied that level of the anointing of God, that when you go to Spain that you will believe God for miracles … and I prophesied the supernatural and I prophesy the authority of a man on you and you will make wise decisions thatfollow the leading of the Holy Spirit.”

He adds, “And so you know one of the things, one of the things that the lord did is he gave me a fascination with miracles. And I went for seven and a half years to watch Kathryn Kuhlman (this is prior to Calvary Chapel) you know where miracles and I, I watched her, I go in and I watch her, and I say oh God I want to have that.

Here you have a confession of his desire that he held, even before he went to the Canyon to ask God if he is real!

This next quote should settle the question of what Frisbee falsely understood as being Scripture: Speaking of Kuhlman facing a woman twisted up, who couldn’t see or talk that was sent home to die. We were singing ‘how great thou art’, “Kuhlman had to sing it 7 times,he then says,“The woman lifted up out of the wheelchair with a dramatic healing and was made completely whole, and I thought, come onto me to” … if the saints only knew, that we could hardly wait to get back to our hotel room and lay hands on one another so the power of God would fill us. That's what we did, we'd go back to the hotel and pray on one another oh lord fill him and then he go with the Holy Spirit, he couldn't even pray for me. but you know, getting filled with the Holy Spirit getting filled with the power of God it's necessary if you're going to be a witness for christ and she shall receive the most power after that the holy ghost has come upon you and ye shall be witnesses unto me.”

Frisbee continues again by saying: “Well God has my phone number, he does, did he ever call you up on the phone? I was sitting on my own, I was sitting on a couch and I picked up a book it was called Daughters of Bethany and there were seven ranks and twelve churches and as the lights were coming to individuals, the individuals were not coming to the light.”

“And then an angel said to me you're one of the seven lights. And then he knocked me off the couch took me out of my body took me before the throne, (whispers) it was exciting I couldn't fill my mind…”

He then speaks of another time I got taken before a 90-foot Jesus and he was sitting on his throne gigantic(Just like the Jesus Oral Roberts described). “He was so big, how big was he? I couldn't see his face the clouds were covering it. I could only see this far and the lord said to me you are, you're going to bear an anointing of the holy ghost that's going to affect the whole church of Jesus Christ. I didn't believe, I, I, thought that I was dead, you know I was really terrified believe me. when you go there you're going to be terrified too (he then mockingly jumps up and down, speaking, oh Jesus blessed me, he's like…), It’s going to be a terrible day!”

(is that what Scripture tells us when we are with the Lord, No. It’s going to be a day of rejoicing? the best day ever!)

Frisbee continues “And I, I came before the throne and I was” (he then starts screaming uncontrollably to make a point of how terrified he was).

He says, “That’s what I did the whole time. So the Lord he says you're gonna be involved in a ministry that's gonna affect the ministry of the Holy Ghost all around the world in all the denominations of the church you're going to bring the power of God through the denominational churches”(the people seem to believe every word he is saying). ( Lonnie Frisbee 1992 Christmas Eve at Shekinah Fellowship) underline mine.

So Lonnie who is screaming in fear in heaven and he is going to affect the Holy Ghost ministry? Is that so? Personally, I don’t think God said the words ‘Holy Ghost’, which is of a Pentecostal genre. One would expect this type of story to come from Benny Hinn (it actually did where he said he went to the throne room too).

Frisbee’s doctrine of being in heaven is twisted and the whole experience is about himself, about his own personal power, and about his own authority.

The Holy Spirit is not affected by what we do, we are dependent upon the Holy Spirit; not the other way around as Frisbee suggests in his conversation from God about himself.

Those who claim such great power never go to minister humbly nor unannounced. Why not go to the Hospitals with this great power? Instead, Lonnie and his friends went back to their hotel room and laid hands on one another while having nothing wrong with them (who are these friends he is with?)

Frisbee was told by God you're one of the seven lights is very similar to William Branham being told that he was the so-called seventh messenger to the Laodicean Church.

It is true, that through Frisbee, many, (not all) denominations were affected. It was spread by Frisbee’s false teachings on how the Holy Spirit acts.

Remember“ he is told you're gonna be involved in a ministry … you're going to bring the power of God,” which proves it wasn’t the Holy Spirit of God that told him how he would be used in the future because he died just a few months later. It was a false spirit, the same who spoke and prophesied in this sermon and others.

Rutkay, Lonnie’s former roommate says this is Lonnie’s deathbed confession , shared 2 years before. Rutkay is reading from book three of the series, “Not by might nor by power - set free” (time: approx. 44 minutes in the video ) Lonnie says, “unless a total Miracle happens I'm probably going to die from the very cruel disease, it definitely put me in touch with my mortality even though I have walked with Jesus since I was eight years old child and have been full-time Ministry for over 20 years …. ”

It needs to be pointed out, those close to Lonnie, his supporters continually maintain a revisioning of his life, reinterpreting events for the better. Lonnie did not walk with Jesus since 8 years old (it says this in his book, after his molestation, “ I would feel like I lost my relationship with God,” He describes walking away from God several times after. In his writing Frisbee shared 3 separate born-again conversions. Again he was questioning if God was ‘really real’ at age 18! Without faith, it is impossible to please God. At this time of his sharing his story, it was now about Frisbee’s legacy.

Unfortunately, there was A lack of discernment in the church when Lonnie Frisbee first came on the scene in the late 1960s, as there still is today after his death in 1993; especially since the release of the Jesus Revolution Film. And we will pay the price for not seeking what is biblical and what is not influenced by a untrue film portrayal.

Today posthumously he is made into a Pentecostal hero by those who were disciples of him who continue to inaccurately recount many of Frisbee's adventures.

From all that we have uncovered about his life, Frisbee being promoted as a hero in the faith is impossible to digest once you know the actual details of his Christian testimony and life.

Lonnie Frisbee certainly had a place in the revival of the 1960s and his early influence on Calvary Chapel cannot be denied, but unfortunately, we have to go beyond what is told on the surface.

Because of his unaccountability, his minimal growth in the Word, his human flaws escalated in his life. Yes, he had hard life early on, and many struggles continued. But too many want to believe only the best about him and ignore the obvious problems that were overwelming. They generalize by saying ‘he was sinner’, like all of us. True, and so were the apostles appointed by Jesus that spoke and lived the truth. They attempt to sound like very forgiving and non-judgmental Christians, but this actually does more harm to the Church. In one fell swoop they excuse all the false teaching he introduced, the unbiblical practices, and the lunacy that came into the Church’s because of him that continue to bring shame to Christianity to this very day.

What happened at Calvary with Frisbee was far less consequential than what happened under Wimber in the Vineyard, and those that have modeled their church after the Vineyard, such as Bethel (Bill Johnson).

Think of how many thousands or millions were misled by what Frisbee did before you make these kinds of excuses, for not just a mystic, but THE MYSTIC of this time period that misled an untold amount of people into mysticism and a counterfeit Christ. He paved the way for countless other false teachers to carry their practices, and false teachings far beyond that of Frisbee himself. As false teachings and practices never stop, there is always somebody that will carry the torch of them to new heights, with new expressions of a counterfeit spirituality. This comes from those who approve Lonnie’s experiences

Lonnie Frisbee was NOT like an Old Testament, nor a New Testament prophet, or apostle. Like it or not he was a false teacher who practiced his Christianity as a mystic. Who (Knowingly or unknowingly) produced and introduced what we see that is false in today’s church.

Lonnie Frisbee was one of the main purveyors of today's mysticism and Gnosticism in the church. He misled John Wimber, which then formed a movement that has influenced so many others in the 90s and much of the Christian Church of our day. This should anger you with righteous anger against his influence, not have you admire him for it.

At the end of Frisbee’s life as he lay days away from death, two old friends, Mike MacIntosh and Greg Laurie spent some time with him. Frisbee had a very different outlook on himself than what Laurie first had of him at his bedside. Laurie said “Lonnie messed up,” Lonnie believed that God was going to heal him . “Lonnie fell away, but he also thought he was going to walk out of there and preach again.”

Greg Laurie later states, “ ... Lonnie says God has shown me that I'm going to preach to thousands of people, kind of thinking that's not going to happen…” In the end, a friend said to Laurieabout Lonnie preaching, “Did it ever occur to you that through this movie and through his story being told Lonnie has preached to thousands of people not thousands of millions and so I thought, wow was God giving to him a little vision of his future that his story was going to be redeemed and told to a whole new audience.

But the problem with this so-called little vision of Frisbee, it was very specific, saying, that he himself (in the flesh) was going to get up from his sick bed and literally preach again to thousands, NOT by a movie. Laurie compartmentalized what Lonnie actually said to assign God was still working with him. This is a completely different story than what was said to Rutkay.

The Conclusion

There is a lesson we should all take away from this, whether we want to accept it or not. Church leadership is not to put someone in ministry quickly, and not to put someone who is immature in the things of God, not strong in the knowledge of the Bible by their overly zealousness. Not to mention a bad bible expositor that is also struggling with sin.

They are not to put someone who is untrained in wisdom, and with very little discernment in life and of God’s Word. It takes strong biblical discernment to be a leader, and able to lead others in the truth, and through the difficult times in life and in the Church.

All of us must examine ourselves to make sure we are not being deceived and practicing these things as a lifestyle. (Rom. 1:27) “ Who, knowing the righteous judgment of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, not only do the same but also approve of those who practice them.” (Rom. 1:32). We need to deeply consider the list of those who will not inherit the kingdom of God.” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Frisbee may have been sincere, but he was sincerely confused, and deceived. What is most sad is that Frisbee was not corrected by his friends, and as a result, he flirted too much with his weaknesses, even though he tried to live what he thought was a belief and practice, in Christ. Frisbee ate the bad fruit of a mystic, and the rotten fruit of a gnostic. Gnostics did not teach the bible, but rather, it is an experience that they sought after.

The facts of our research speak for themselves, they reveal the truth behind Frisbee's many stories. In some of his stories the facts may never be known, but what we do know, is more than enough for any true child of God to separate themselves from the bad fruit of Lonnie Frisbee.

The Bible teaches us to Test All Things and to hold to the truth. We cannot afford to just accept anybody’s supernatural stories, but rather, they need to be questioned, to see if they line up with the Bible.

The details of Lonnie Frisbees stories do not indicate this, they do not line up with scripture and do not sufficiently line up with the real-life events he spoke of. There are too many inconsistencies’, contradictions, and errors in all areas of his life story, that bring into question the truthfulness of his Christian experiences and testimony.

We hope this series of articles shed light on the timelines and what things have been left out by those who promote Lonnie Frisbee and by Frisbee himself. Hopefully, we have given you more to consider about what is behind his story. We should always take note of the credibility of anything, especially the things that directly affect our relationship with our God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Grace and Peace, from Let Us Reason Ministries


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