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Russia and the Jehovah Witnesses

I do not agree with Jehovah Witnesses doctrines and religious activities but this headline caught my eye. This is not the first time we have seen this take place on them or others. This is an ongoing matter that is expanding, not just in Russia.

Jehovah's Witness In Crimea Convicted Of Extremism Under Russian Law

Russian authorities reportedly jailed a Jehovah's Witness in Crimea after finding him guilty of extremism, by conducting religious meetings. He is accused of is reading the Bible together with his friends in his own home

Under Russian law, Jehovah's Witnesses are a banned extremist organization, Reuters reported.

"The court sentenced Sergey to prison because the prosecution claimed that he 'undermines the foundations of constitutional order and the security of the state.'

In Russia, 10 Jehovah's Witnesses have been convicted and sent to prison after their faith was criminalized in 2017. As of March 5, 26 face pre-trial detention, 31 have been convicted, and 316 are still under investigation, according to Lopes.

This may be due to the fact of how the Jehovah Witnesses view authority in government. But this is warning to all, (not just in Russia) of what could be the future of everyone who reads the Bible, Christian or not as the spiritual war ties to hide the truth in the Bible to the nations.

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) condemned an attack on Russian Jehovah’s Witnesses, 



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