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 Apologetics Directory

This Directory list articles on Apologetics for our Age

What has become of apologetics and why continue to do it?


A Celebration of a Servant

On the earth being over millions

For there is born to you this day

The religious history of mankind

In Memory of Dave Hunt

The futility and fatality of Atheism

Macro and Micro apologetics

what is a Liberal?


p1 The New Priests of Atheism- A revitalized movement, aggressive atheists are coming for your children- beware

pt2 WHY?

pt.3 A condensed history of atheism

Audio of Atheist on Fox news and Dan Barker on the Michael Medved show

There are no Atheists -Is there really a true atheist or are they making this up?

Being good for goodness sake- The outreach of Humanists

Designing your own Christianity

Just when you thought it was safe to believe

Romans 1 Suppressing the truth in Unrighteousness

Gospel Veracity

The Lesson of the Rich Young Ruler -He was rich, young and a ruler, what else can one need?


The bible

The Bible delivered to us today- Can we be confident of the Scriptures accuracy throughout history?

The Bibles beginnings- How we got our Bible, and the enormous historical and manuscript evidence for its accuracy.

Bearing Witness to the Testimony- The Bible witnesses to the fact of the resurrection.

The Jesus Seminar- Peter Jennings "Search for Jesus" and interviews of his hand picked bible scholars.

p1The Gospel of Barnabas

pt 2. Gospel of Barnabas

An overview of how some manuscripts were discovered


In Response to all the religionsAn answer of why we believe and practice what we do.

Choosing My Religion- Why Jesus is different than other religious teachers

What of those who never heard?-What happens to the people who have not heard the Gospel?

There are Too many Hypocrites in church-Ever hear this excuse?

Christmas- A Jewish holiday the world should celebrate in.

A Witness to The Gospel-Discovering what took place at Golgotha 2,000 years ago that can affect you today.

The choice of Absolutes or Relativism- Which is more conducive to our reality we live in?

Things God cannot do- Can God do just anything or is he unable to do some things?

Evil- How can we explain evil when there is a Holy and loving God.



Speculations to the beginning- What are the views of how the universe and life began

The Eternality of God- a glimpse in understanding some of the nature of God

The miracles of Jesus proved who he was

Biblical evidences for science- Does science agree or disagree with the Bible?

Religion or Relationship?- The difference between Christ and the worlds religions.

Christ's Miracles -the miracles and prophecies proved who Jesus was.

Ism's- the world is filled with Ism's that describe our position in philosophy and religion.



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