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The Prophets ‘prophesy’ or ‘prophelie’

The blabber mouth prophets of our day

These so called prophets of the modern day prophetic movement are everywhere, aggressively visiting churches. On you tube and have their websites telling you what the Lord said day after day, week after week. There is an invasion of new false prophets promoting the Latter Rain teachings within the church. A false end times view that is disarming the church for what is soon to take place.

The more menacing the world gets, the more the governments are aggressive on its citizens, the more of a reaction we hear from the false prophets, as their dreams and visions become intensified.

There is no topic that these prophets do not speak of. God is speaking clearly concerning ‘a new season’ through their dreams or their visions. Using their own imagination, and flawed beliefs of the Bible they claim God is telling them what will happen each year, in the year 2023, in the year 2024 ad nuseum. They deliver the prophetic word for the US and for other nations each new year. A now word, or fresh (rhema) word, that describes what God is doing. He is doing this, and he is doing that! Is he doing any of this? When past statements are examined we see their failures mount up more than their accuracies.

And, it is acceptable for a prophet to be wrong, extremely wrong, fully wrong. Except now when you are wrong you are considered right! Light is traded for darkness and darkness is now light.

We don’t need a prophet to tell us any of this ‘stuff’. Scripture says let the prophets judge the prophets, Paul is speaking of those prophets established by the Word, the Jesus the spirit they speak of is not according to the Word Isa.8:20. They giving darkness for light.

Just like the Pharisees who loved the recognition from the people (wanting respect for their religiosity) these men and women love being called a prophet, having that special office that makes them have authority and notoriety even more than pastors.

Whatever they say that turns out to be correct is apparent, one does not need to be prophet to see what is taking place and where it is headed. The fact is, the overall future is written. In a general sense, we can all see these things taking place and do not need to have a prophet to know the coming outcome if a direction is not changed.

The way they say God is speaking is more than questionable. Their decreeing and declaring into the heavenlies, which they believe changes the atmosphere and changes the future is not Christianity but occultic.

Experiences of traveling to heaven, portals, laser lights as they stream from Heaven, new revelations into the spiritual world. They see the spirits, they see what satan is doing in the spirit realm. They have constant communication with angels; angels appearing with messages, divine visitations of Jesus, and out-of-body experiences, none of these are scrutinized by the Word. All of it is accepted by those who are entertained by their spiritual occultic experience.

The stories are endless,as they add their “thus saith the Lord” often to have their revelation, a dream or vision made to be on equal par with scripture. How far off does one have to say something for people to wake up and know it is false?

Let me give this apparent example,  One of the most absurd statements recently heard is by Patricia King (an apostle?) says God has endorsed a book by a so called prophet and he wants you to buy it and learn from it?

She Says Tony Francis has an amazing his book “ A real Prophet, the great rewards of welcoming prophets and the prophetic today. The forward is by the Lord, “the Lord wrote the forwardand I want to read you the forward… I love this Tony your brilliant… Forward from the Lord. ‘This book may not be a common message everyone wants to read. But what is popular to you may not be popular to heaven.’ I love what Tony wrote, “says the Lord and I cannot wait for you to grab this book and let the rich truth in it transform your life, your church and the world.” Give ears to what my Holy Spirit is saying and be in a mode of prayer to bring these words to life. There is nothing that I designed for my church that is not of great use and benefit. Prophets are great vessels of blessing they are often resisted and not welcomed because of pride and the non teachable spirit. But blessed is he who receives who I send from the Lord.” Featuring my 2 books & Patricia King's Endorsement (youtube.com) https://youtu.be/BVPe3KGsqEU?t=41

Jesus who is the Lord never wrote any book but now we have him writing a forward[s]. This certainly does not at all sound like the Jesus from the Bible, how could it? This is another Jesus, popularity matters in heaven. She says Jesus approves what Tony Wrote? I thought the Lord wrote it? And Jesus says these words will transform your life (instead of the words of the Bible, maybe they should add this to their Bibles. Which may soon take place) The Lord is excited about this book, and then Jesus speaking states, Tony is sent from him as his prophet. What an endorsement, which is a complete lie.

These people blaspheme the God of truth and holiness without any qualms.

A competing falsehood is by Brian Simmons who claims that he was taken to heaven and saw John 22 a missing chapter from the Bible in a heavenly library.

And people do not blink an eye at this blasphemy? If you believe this is what God actually wrote, you need to reassess your faith. These people are dangerous and we must avoid them to have spiritual health to be able to grow in the truth and survive the last days deception.

We are told by those in the prophetic movement we are being given kingdom authority, governmental authority to change everything, new mantles, saints are given a anointing unlike any saint in the Bible, double or triple anointing! Statement’s like the Elishas who have been following the Elijah’s are going to receive a double portion of their mantle (anointing). HavingThe prophetic sons and daughters ministries succeed more then their spiritual mentors in the coming days.”

There will be an acceleration of that same anointing that was placed on our mentors,

The kingdom of God will sweep campus,’ … ‘I am assigning angels to you now’

‘Get ready for miracles, restored health, financial provision, family reconciliation and supernatural peace in trials.

God is’releasing a fresh anointing for My Body to take their rightful place as kings and priests.’

‘God is calling his people, My nations, to My Kingdom governance! I am rebirthing the nations under ME!’

The year 2024 is the "gathering and grouping of new wineskins." I saw new wine from Heaven that God will to pour out”

The globalist fraud controlling and oppressing My people shall be brought to justice!

“A governmental shift is coming to the earth from the courts of Heaven. the Lord is answering the prayers of His remnant.’

None of these so called prophets ever teach accurate doctrine, nor do distinguish truth against error which the prophets of old did. In fact it is often the exact opposite of their wordsoccurring.

In the article Debugging the prophetic by Steve Shultz who heads up the Elijah list, the meeting of these prophets who have intentionally divorced themselves from the word of God in their interpretation and operation of spiritual gifts.

question- How and where do you find accountability for the accuracy and fulfillment of prophetic words delivered by the prophets today? Who can I rely on?

When we post any word at all on The Elijah List website-- ANY word some think it's from God and some think it's NOT from God. So, that's the way it's supposed to work. Over time, you will decide literally for yourself which words you feel are trustworthy for YOUand/or which prophets you feel have the least or best credibility.

He goes on to say after making a case for prophetic accuracy with Katrina “ So, the bottom line is this: just work to decide for yourself which prophet/prophetess you most trust and which you don't and leave it at that. I believe this is the wisest course.”

Is that what they people did with Jeremiah or Isaiah?

Heb. 1:1-2 “God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son.” God’s words for our growth, everything we need is written (1 Tim.3:16)

In other words he used prophets prior the new covenant and as the church was being developed. They are no longer needed to speak of the future, as the future was spoken and written for us in these last times. If tyou do not think the word of God is sufficient then you will follow these modern false prophets.

False prophets

God does not speak like these men, go read the prophecies and see how they spoke. He does not pronounce what each year will bring to the world or the church. This spirit that speaks conforms to their political position, and their socially formed spiritual beliefs. Its all positive, you are getting blessed, unusually blessed, BY the false prophets. There are rarely repercussions spoken on us and certainly never corrections dealing with what is actually taking place.

The prophetic movement has become like a runaway train, a fire that is burning up the landscape with no rain in sight.

I remember the prophecy meeting of Peter Wagner where Mary Crum had three people on stage and one would begin to prophecy, then another was tapped to continue and then another tapped, proving their point that there is a flow in prophecy, and God speaking can come to many, not just one. Which is complete nonsense.

Recently popular prophet Jeremiah Johnson of Jeremiah Johnson Ministries, Who says he “walked in a strong prophetic anointing since he was a little boy.”

After graduating Southeastern University with a bachelor's degree in Church Ministries Johnson planted Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, Florida. Hmm, that is where Todd Bentley ruined his own outreach, speaking of ‘the new breed.’ He then moved with his family and staff to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2020, creating "Jeremiah Johnson Ministries.”

He was among several popular Christian leaders who inaccurately predicted a second term for former President Donald Trump. He admitted to falsely prophesying that Trump would win a second term and had temporarily suspended all online ministry activity after a visitation from the Lord that he describes came in a very significant way while seeking Him about the future of the prophetic ministry. "Ihave decided to suspend all our online ministry activities for the next two weeks as I meet with our nine staff members and begin to unpack the radical shift that God is asking for in this next season."

Johnson then received more than his share of ugliness and hatred from those who reacted to his retraction (which is very disappointing if it came from believers). But he certainly was not alone in this false prophecy.

But this did not stop his forward motion, “I was recently visited by the Lord in a very significant way while seeking Him about the future of the prophetic ministry he has given me,” he began in a letter to his followers published on Facebook . “I am not discouraged nor am I drawing back from my calling. Quite the opposite. I feel God is launching me, my family, and our ministry team further into His purpose for us. In response to God’s gracious correction, refinement, and empowerment, I’m choosing to refocus my gaze upon Jesus and the eternal realities of His Kingdom like never before.”

In other words he is being rewarded. Now called ‘The Altar Global,’ which bears a footnote that it is “formally Jeremiah Johnson Ministries,” he now will keep away from commentary on politics.

He avoids the reason he falsely prophesied in the first place, it is because of his doctrine. Now he shares March 18, 2020, he had an open vision while he was preaching, “ I had never had this type of an encounter while in the middle of ministering on a completely different subject.

"I am releasing judgment upon the American church because of her pulpit idolatries and the hirelings who have filled My house ."

Basically he is saying from his vision everything that apologists and true teachers of the Word have been saying for 25 years. At the end he states, "May God comfort those who are grieving and traumatized by all the church leaders falling and ministry brands being exposed.” (I can agree with this last statement)

He ends with, “May God also release fresh hope, vision, and anoint a new breed of leaders in the earth today. The need has never been greater.” (https://www. thealtarglobal. com/celebrity-christianity-exposed/ )

I have to ask, why would God interfere with a message he gave him to speak interfering by a vision (is there video of this?) What is bewildering, even ironic is that he received this so called vision before he changed his ministry name. Has this not been the concern of many long before this? It certainly has.

So now he is going to focus on end times, which gives us more concern of what will take place by his visions. The language he uses does show what kind of Christianity he has accepted (new breed). I think there still are problems. While he said all his social media accounts will be deleted, his old videos are still up on the web, those on angelic encounters and an apostolic shift etc.

In response to letters from people asking him about false teachers on his facebook page Johnson says, in order for a Christian leader to be a “false teacher/apostle/prophet” they must be intentionally leading people away from Jesus Christ.

This is NOT true according to the scripture. One can be deceived or be a very bad bible expositor who misleads themselves and others, intentional or not. Evidently, His own doctrine has misled him to be unaccountable as his answer indicates. If you cannot understand or are willing to distinguish what is false how do you distinguish what is true.  If his repentance is to be real then much more needs to be addressed.


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