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The mantle[s] of today

The NAR (Latter Rain, 3 rd wave) speaks of “mantle[s],” interpreted as a special anointing that can be given to another person, that they have the power to pass on the Holy Spirit. They liken it to the transfer of authority in leadership between the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha, or between Moses and Joshua. Unfortunately there is no basis for this in the New Testament. The only example the Bible uses is it being passed on to a single person not a group. Elisha, A person who was under the direct authority of being trained by the prophet. Of course this kind of detail does not get in the way of their Latter Rain agenda that changes the scripture.

W. M. BranhamThe time has come for the signs to follow the believers. We're at the end time. We're in the latter rain .” (56-1002A, Father, The Hour Has Come, Lane Tech High School, Chicago, IL)

a great church universal that would sweep from one side of the world to the other side of the world. A great message, great signs and wonders, would be accomplished by this church ."(61-0121, Mary's Belief, American Legion Hall, Beaumont, TX).

this would be by our receiving a mantle. The mantle is exclusive to Elijah and is mentioned a few times in Scripture pertaining to him 1 Kings 9:19; 2 Kings 2:8, 13-14.

Branham interpreted “The mantle, a double portion... Jesus said, "The things that I do shall you also, and greater," more of it, a double portion. "You're My witnesses after you receive the double portion."(53-0405E, Witnesses).

But it does not say double portion anywhere in whole New Testament.

Over 50 times Branham quoted the story of Elijah and the mantle passed to Elisha to make this point of double portions

“And when he went up, then as he was going up, he pulled off his coat, and threw it down , and Elisha picked up his coat, put it over his own shoulders, walked down to the Jordan: a very beautiful type of Christ being taken up, baptized with the Holy Ghost. And when He went up into glory, He sent back the Holy Ghost for us to wear. The Church is baptized with the mantle of Christ .”

Not at all what the Scripture says; it fell from Elijah. the problem with Branham’s analogy like so many others, it came to Elisha only. A single person and only this once in Scripture

Branham was confused on whom represented whom. “Elijah, the old prophet, represented Christ. Elisha, the church--represents the church, the young prophet.”

So, Elijah, … represented Christ. Elisha, the church--represents the church (53-0609E, Make The Valley Full Of Ditches)

Then he reversed it “And Elijah represents the church.” (59-0412E, What Hearest Thou, Elijah?)

Which is it? whatever he wants it to be at the time.

Lets begin those who teach on mantles by the now popular Frisbee that Greg Laurie and the other producers misrepresented to the public and the church in their ‘hit film’ The Jesus Revolution.

Frisbee states, When he was younger, “ I was sure that the Lord was calling me to receive Oral Roberts’s mantle when he died.”

We later told, “It was at Tahquitz Canyon where he later saw a vision from God and received the mantle to be an evangelist.

Being an evangelist is not a mantle but a spiritual gift.

From Roger Sach’s book Not by Might, Nor by Power: And when they threw blankets over and I thought that must be the mantle of the Lord ha, ha, you know like God like in the Old Testament when they threw the mantle over the chariot and he picked it up and he touched the seam so I thought that that was the mantle of the lord I didn't know that they were modesty blankets I didn't see that they were just throwing them on the women to cover up their knees, I thought but I thought it was the anointed mantle of the Lord so I got my own. I didn't like the, the blankets they were using so I got a deerskin to be my mantel and I painted a picture of Jesus on it and I wore it like a cape, (people laughing) so when I would pray for people in the spirit of God would come on them I take off my cape and throw the mantel all over the top of them like this, ( laughter) … there was an anointing oil it and that God gave a recipe for so all right I got a big old wine bottle old one with cork in it and I got some olive oil from the Holy Land and I poured it in this wine bottle and I got a cinnamon stick and put that in there and got a frankincense and myrrh put that in there, you know the Catholic flavor.

Frisbee tells usI got my own anointed mantle, mixed his own oil (which you are forbidden to do Deut.32) that he claims god gave him the recipe, he also tells us before he knew of Jesus I have been reading a little Edgar Cayce and he put witch hazel and everything that he gave so I put witch hazel in it too just for good measure”

The funny thing is that he says it worked! people would go under the power What does that tell you?

Benny Hinn came after Frisbee, he took up the mantle of Kuhlman, He conducts his meetings nearly identical he patterns his methodology, mannerisms after Kuhlman but his doctrine was more borrowed from Branham. He mixed Kuhlman’s expressions and Branham’s practices of visions much like Lonnie did before him.

While Hinn says he had Kuhlman’s mantle fall on him in 1973, Lonnie Frisbee tells us “Before she died in 1976, she laid hands on me in a prayer of impartation .” “In fact, I believe that the anointing that is resting on my life can be traced directly to another woman of God—Aimee Semple McPherson .”(Book not by might nor by power)

If Frisbee was not ostracized from the church in the early 70’s we may have never heard of Hinn. Frisbee was doing this before Hinn even went to one of her meetings. Two firebrands were prepared, the first one failed the other was still used by the enemy on the church.

As Lonnie said when he was yong, he knew he would be ‘a faith healer , “I was sure that the Lord was calling me to receive Oral Roberts’s mantle when he died.”Frisbee speaks of being sure of many things. -in a three-hour video, Miracles: Yesterday, Today & Forever, produced in 1994 by Hinn's organization, emphasizes the influence of Roberts' life and healing ministry on Hinn and suggests that Roberts has passed his mantle to Hinn .”

The 1999 spring Praise-a-Thon, Trinity Broadcasting Network's biannual worldwide fund-raiser. Hinn presented his credentials as a prophet of God. He solicited Mark Chirrona TBN's guests to help in interpreting his disturbing dream. " I do not fully understand it," "but I really believe it deals with what God is about to do in the world." .. "In this dream, I did not see his face," "Everything in me knew it was the prophet Elijah . . . I walked up to him and he was turning water into blood. "As I came to him, he said to me, 'Take this!' I took the rod from him."

When he finished, right on cue Mark Chirrona offers the interpretation. "The formless essence of Elijah is the spirit of Elijah that God promised to pour out on the last days' company of seasoned ministry that will literally fulfill everything that God promised under the old covenant that would come into the new covenant of a prophetic order that would change the course of history." Hinn interjects. "I feel the anointing here while he is talking!" "Chirrona continued, "And when Elijah handed you the rod, God was putting in your hand a new level of apostolic authority for the nations. . . You are entering into a new age of the miraculous. There will be a sharpening, for the spirit of Elijah rests on you."

This is exactly what Branham taught for himself that will take place later, more Elijah’s. This is now a standard teaching that accompanies mantle[s].

Benny Hinn continually talks about seeing the Lord when he prays, and he has personally appeared in his room. Hinn says:I really believe it was the moment that God began moving in my life....he seesJesus walk into his bedroom . He was wearing a robe that was whiter than white and a deep red mantle was draped over the robe.”

“When I talk to the Lord, He comes, … most times, I see Him wearing a blue, beautiful, almost like a - like a silkish looking garment. And under it would be a white garment. Sometimes I'd see Him wear white and a scarlet garment… ”(1997 Blaisdell center)

Those who follow mystics like Hinn can certainly have the same spiritual delusion operating in their lives too, as the spirit of Gnosticism is moving.

Rick Joyner who is clearly into mysticism speaks of being given a “mantle of humility” (book-Final Quest p. 51) that will keep him from being blindsided by the enemy. On the same page where he is given the mantle he is told that other soldiers wearing the mantle will recognize his authority, and that he will help lead the great battle to come , which is pride not humility.

I was left standing in the midst of the great company of angels who were ministering to the wounded on the level of “Salvation.” As I began to walk past these angels, they bowed to one knee and showed me great respect.” He is told they do this “Because of the mantle,” “That is the highest rank in the kingdom.”

You are clothed in the grace of God. There is no greater power than that!” Joyner than states “if l had not been wearing the mantle, and if my glorious armor had been exposed, that the angel's statement, and their behavior toward me, would have fed my pride. It was simply impossible to feel prideful or arrogant while wearing such a drab, plain cloak. However, my confidence in the mantle was growing fast.” (ibid. p.56)

When he wants an explanation, he is told: You are the dreaded champions, the sons and daughters of the King. He wore the same mantle when He walked on this earth. As long as you are clothed in that, there is no power in heaven or earth that can stand before you. Everyone in heaven and hell recognizes that mantle .

But yet Joyner assures us that itwas impossible to feel prideful or arrogant while wearing such a drab, plain cloak.” (Ibid.) His book is filled with his xtra- biblical revelations that puff himself up. Mantles in heaven? Paul was given a thorn in the flesh for going to heaven and he withheld the details because of the illegality to share what he saw and heard. But Joyner goes to heaven and has all the details and conversations even when it is beyond scripture. He purposely ignores Paul's warning in 1 Cor.4:6.

Lou Engle is often intense, loud and vociferous as he relays his personal supernatural stories.

Engle avoids teaching expositionally from the Bible, but uses the Scripture for his adventures in the spirit. What you get is an image of a ministry whose mission is calling a generation to a Nazirite consecration, fasting and prayer , and the pursuit of Gods dreams for their lives. That Billy Graham’s mantle is falling on a new generation of evangelists, and streets and stadiums will be filled with a new song of God’s salvation.”

On Feb. 12, 2018, Engle says he was reading 2 Kings 2 when Elisha refused to let Elijah leave, until the younger prophet received a double portion of anointing. Engle was prompted to pray the same thing about Billy Graham's evangelism anointing. This is apparently after his meeting with Byrd (of YWAM) and the others.

“On February 12th, while fasting 30 days on the island of Hawaii, I was suddenly apprehended by the scripture where Elijah passed his mantle at the Jordan River to his spiritual son and double-portion inheritor Elisha.”

“I realized I was in an Elijah-Elisha moment myself and that for the next stage of breakthrough in America I needed to focus my whole being into double portion sons and daughters. I felt that I could not move forward, unless like Elijah to Elisha and John to Jesus, I myself passed my spiritual mantle on to those who could carry it further than I ever could.” https://www.thecallannouncement.com/

Engle takes a grand canyon jump and crashes in his application assigned to himself, as a breakthrough for America.

Pass the anointing, Double portion, spiritual mantles are words phrases used by those who want something they do not nor will have. This is what Engle focuses on. Do you find descriptions like these in the New Testament? No. ‘This is Latter Rain speech.’ And Engle abuses these terms taking them out of their Bible context. This divides the body of Christ; those who will receive this so called “double portion” Engle speaks of, and those who will not.

As he read the words 2 Kings 2, (Feb.12) he says the Holy Spirit gripped him and he wrote in big letters in his Bible, " BILLY GRAHAM, I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU UNTIL I GET A DOUBLE PORTION OF YOUR SPIRIT ON THE NEXT GENERATION !"

Engle felt God brought him into a prophetic moment, as Billy Graham was about ready to pass (Billy Graham died February 21, 2018). He sensed that the body of Christ was heading to a Jordan crossing, and it would release a double-portion Elisha movement of signs and wonders as sons and daughters would rise up and carry the mantle of Billy Graham (even though Graham did not have these signs and wonders in his ministry).

This is just talk of a false teacher hyping people, a desire for power and importance, To say the body of Christ is all going in this one direction i.e. crossing to the Jordan is ludicrous. \

Engle says: "… spending time with a well-known prophet, Bob Jones, several years before he passed. … he told me, "When Billy Graham dies, the mantle that was on his life will cover a generation of evangelists and will bring forth a worldwide revival.” That should settle it, as being false as the words are spoken from a premiere false prophets.

The YWAM prophet (Andy Byrd) came with a message for Engle. "He said, 'Tell him I had a visitation last night and it had to do with God speaking to me saying that there's coming a shift to TheCall, and it will be stadiums and fasting and prayer, and Billy Graham's mantle is coming upon TheCa ll .' (see www.letusreason.orgLatrain109.htm

A visitation by whom? Not God “How can Billy Graham's mantle come upon TheCall if that is no longer to exist? What Byrd said is fully erroneous.

Regardless, Engle say’s in the group he was praying with the Lord told them, "There's coming a … the proclamation of the gospel, signs and wonders and stadiums will refilled, and Billy Graham's mantle is coming on the nation ". It’s coming to the nation and to his ministry, and exactly where is the gospel?

How does Engle reconcile this story with learning of Billy Graham’s mantle in 2018 in Hawaii?

"We believe that [Graham's] mantle is hovering, waiting for thousands to lay hold of it," Engle tells Shawn Bolz for an upcoming issue of Charisma .”

The mantle is hovering? And surely Shaun Bolz is more than willing to accept and repeat all this nonsense.

Engle writes “... 7 months ago @billGraham passed away. I believe his mantle, the mantle of Jesus the evangelist, is hovering for the Elisha’s, the double portion sons to pull it down and strike the grounds. On february 23, we go to the Citrus bowl for #TheSend get the mantle! (twitter)

The double portion sons are to pull it down? Wow.

There is no such thing as a mantle in the New Testament to use Elijah, when Elisha asked Elijah for his mantle he told his protégé it is not mine to give. He was told to wait and see if the Lord would place it on him. It was only for him, no one else. What Engle is speaking of it coming upon millions. I don't care how loud or excited Mr. Engle gets, it's all unbiblical and hyped up jumbled up with Bible words that confuse people.

In Bethel church they hope for the mantle of William Branham, because they believe he had great signs and wonders. Never mind he cursed the Trinity. Pastor Johnson and associate pastor Kris Vallotton both want Branham’s Mantle.Pastor Kris Vollaton asked “God would you give me the mantle of William Branham?” And, He said, “Well, how could I do that? If I did that it would destroy you.” Then, I was layin’ there and it was like, the Lord asked ‘how could I do that’ so then I said – I waited about a few minutes – I was thinking about and I said, “Well, you could put the same mantle on a whole generation then we wouldn’t stand out from one another .” He said, “Alright, I’ll do that.”

Isn’t that awesome? That’s what the Lord wants to do. He wants to put the, He wants – not just the mantle of William Branham, but how about the mantle of Jesus Christ? That’s even a bigger one there, and, uh, He wants to put it on every single person .” (Aug. 15, 2010 sermon of Bill Johnson titled, “The Real Jesus”)

Again, no mantles are mention in the whole New Testament. And God did not speak this to him. Our God does not teach false doctrine but the truth.

This is certainly what Bill Johnson is promoting and wanting to see happen. And he is not alone

Jim Rutz in his book “Megashift” says: we will “do types of miracles that aren't even mentioned in the Bible .”

Rick Joyner =who is personally involved has said these “Miracles which exceed even some of the most spectacular biblical marvelswill cause whole nations to acknowledge Jesus.” (The Harvest, p. 33)

I would say see feathers, gold gems and diamonds falling in their sanctuary qualifies for this. However, these same manifestations are found in the paranormal. Which doe fit their new age hybrid church.

Cindy Jacobs In July in 1995, at a meeting in Colorado springs, at a voice of God conference “Cindy said “The lord would say today my son Peter I put the anointing of apostle of prayer upon you, I put the mantle of an Abraham, a patriarch, and I’m calling you forth into the land of promise. And I call you Doris, Sarah, says the Lord, and calling you forth to give you many, many spiritual children” (C.P. Wagner May 11, 2000 National School of the Prophets)

The popularity of mantles is found everywhere today. You can go to town on this when visiting the Elijah list website, after all he is originator of mantles

Tommy Tenney a United Pentecostal Oneness has written books about God's dream ( he does not believe in the Trinity.) The inspiration for this "prophecy" coming from the Family Research Council.

“In January 2008, I had a vision after a period of fasting and praying. In this vision I saw mantles lying on the ground of nations and continents. The mantles were everywhere. While very old, they were not worn out. When I asked, "What are these mantles?" I heard the voice of the Lord say, "This is the mantle of Elijah. It is the authority to call down fire from Heaven. It is also the authority to speak to the wind and the waves and have them obey. This mantle is available for those who will pick them up and put them on--but be careful! Holiness is required to wear the mantle. Otherwise, it will turn around and bite you on the heel." ( Arleen M. Westerhof: A Prophetic Directive for the Netherlands and to the whole Church: "Speak to the Wind and the Waves and the Weather!",The ElijahList, 3/30/08)

Is one being holy when they teach what is false? These words of prophecy become a trend and everyone jumps on the bandwagon.

Cindy Trimm...I hear the Lord say, … and you are entering a season of rest and celebration. A season where I will display and manifest My governmental anointing through you. ... I will release new mantles , gifts, anointing and opportunities." ... (This Is The Year Of Open Heavens! ... etc., etc. (Dr. N. Cindy Trimm:BREAKTHROUGH! "Things are about to change!" The ElijahList, 4/4/08)

Matt Sorger“Right now, there are mantles hovering over the Body of Christ, waiting to be released, and God is looking for those He can place them on. ... my dream, I was in a house full of people. I heard a knock at the door and went to open it. When I opened the door, a very elderly woman was standing there. She looked like she was just about to pass over into eternity. She could barely stand. I instantly recognized her. She was a very old Kathryn Kuhlman. ... The second mantle I want to share with you is the Mantle of Mass Deliverance. Not only will we see mass miracles, but there is also a wave of mass deliverance coming. ...(Matt Sorger: "IT'S A NEW SEASON OF MIRACLES AND GREATER GLORY"--and God is Calling Everyone to Access and Step Into It! The ElijahList, 4/27/08)

Marilyn Hickey promotes William Branham saying "his influence continues today because of his teaching on prosperity and the power of the spoken Word. Upon his death, a fellow revivalist said, "Walk closely to the Lord as Elisha did Elijah so that Dr. Branham's mantle may fall on you . . . in the great revival just ahead"

Todd Bentley wants to pray for a lady from S. Africa. "Then were going to do something tonight, if you want to see a healing explosion, were gonna have one tonightWhen they come forward he’s asking who is who. He tells him they are going to declare healing and when God heals him he will get a mantle like Daniel the prophet, it’s a tremendous anointing for understanding dreams and visions, wisdom and excellence …God’s going to use you to speak to governments… you will bring the word of the lord to presidents and kings by visions, he tells him he has anointing “for technology, is going to take you is going to take you into high places, as far the cooperate world—God’s going anoint you in a Bill Gates kind of way. Real entrepreneur, real businessman but you’ll be prophet in it you’ll a prophet in the midst of it like Joseph, like Daniel.”

The whole time he is pushing on the man’s solar plexus with his fingers. Flattering this person, He then yells for the spirit of infirmity to come out of his body and says he heard a crack in his body and the man goes down.

Barbie Breathitt:"The Bride is Entering a New Cycle of Anointing - Releasing His Angels All Over the Globe" The time to receive mantles like Katherine Kuhlman , Aimee Semple McPherson, John G. Lake, Jack Coe, William Branham and others has come! Ask the Lord to take you to higher heights to receive these heavenly mantles. (Barbie Breathitt: "New Winds, Keys and Doors: What He Opens No One Can Shut, and What He Shuts No One Can Open")

Who wants the mantle, an anointing from a false teacher or prophet, who has the intention for you to receive it from dead people. Where are we taught to receive mantles in the New Testament? Nowhere! Because it is mentioned once with Elisha, it now becomes the norm? This is how the Latter Rain teachers operate, they take phrases or concepts and lift them out of their context, spiritualize them and make themselves sound spiritually insightful and powerful.

Bill Johnson in the book, The Physics of Heaven says this on anointing and mantles. “ There are anointings, mantles, revelations and mysteries that have lain unclaimed , literally where they were left, because the generation that walked in them never passed them on. I believe it’s possible for us to recover realms of anointing, realms of insight, realms of God that have been untended for decades simply by choosing to reclaim them and perpetuate them for future generations.”

Johnson states “God gave every believer the power to heal as Jesus did” is from John Wimber who also said, 'My perception is that every born-again Christian can manifest any gift that he wants to , because with the coming of the Holy Spirit you have the Source of all gifts .' “(bestofjwspiritual-gifts 4 of 5 Posted on wikipedia under Wimber)

The mantle that is used like some magical object with spiritual power. All the Latter rain teachers misinterpret this. Did not Elisha have Elijah's mantle and he died sick. God will not share His glory with objects or idols.

Nowhere does the Bible speak of mantles on anyone, not even the apostles in the New Testament. Not that this would stop any of these men to speak of them, as they live by new revelation. Hopefully now you better understand what they are doing.


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