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How to witness on social media

When engaging on platforms like facebook to present those who disbelieve or oppose the gospel you need to use the strongest and most important point as the lead, don’t hold this for your last argument. The first point[s] are what a person in dialog will often remember, and it sets the direction of your conversation but also puts the specific topic on the table. This helps you to avoid getting into a religious conversation that goes in circles. This is something I have done with many over the years with those groups who knock on the door. (You can spend hours with someone and not move forward. I have found spending a short time, such as 5 minutes makes more of difference as they leave with the one topic that was thoroughly explained in a discussion.)

For Example: if someone says that Jesus is one of many teachers God has sent to give us spiritual truth, your answer can be from John14, but we need to explain the scripture to them not just say it. Remember, we were all blinded and deaf to what it meant before our conversion. Things need to be explained with patience reducing any reaction to a person's repulsion.

So our response may be Jesus did not say He, along with others are ‘the way’, to choose what is right for you. He said He alone is the way , no one comes to the father (God) except through him. In other words no other religious /spiritual teacher can give you access. Their teachings may sound spiritual, they may even affect you but one cannot use their emotions to judge what is truth.

And the most important point is that Jesus proved it! How? He resurrected from the dead proving he had power over life and death, whom only God does. All these other ‘teachers’ died like mere mortals, they are still dead and will stay that way until Jesus raises them from the dead to answer for their teachings and life at judgment day.

Objections to his resurrection may come but there is proof from eye witness accounts and those who did not believe but wrote on history living at this time.

When one understands that Jesus stands alone among the many teachers named in history they may have more of an open ear to hear what He said and what it meant then and what it means to them now. From there you can begin to feed someone the truth piece by piece as they digest it.


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