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The Baptism command of Matthew 28:19

      In Mt. 28:19 Jesus gives a command, which proves that all three persons are the one God. Throughout the Scripture they are prescribed in different positions are put alongside each other in the biblical sequential order. As the Father sent the Son and the Son sends the Spirit.

     Baptizing “in the name” was an expression of their unity of essence (nature) in which they all share in as the one God. The name (ha shem in Hebrew) was used throughout the Old Testament as one called upon God. The one name that they share in is Yahweh (YHWH) who is Elohim, this is consistently found in the Old Testament. The New Testament explains who these persons are. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are always presented as persons, different identities connected to that name.

      Names and titles are indistinguishable in the Greek language. In the Greek, the word for name is onoma, which means authority or character.  Thayer’s Greek Lexicon defines name as, to bind anyone to recognize and publicly acknowledge the dignity, or authority of one, to do a thing in one's command or authority, acting on one's behalf. Webster’s Dictionary- in the name of, means authority of in reference to, as a representative of Webster’s dictionary states: name is a title of anything or a person designated. When Jesus commanded the church to be “Baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit,” in the Greek there is a definite article before each title. The phrase “of the” is used to make distinctions between each of them. In Greek, (tou) “the” is used for each title, and each title is separated by (kai) “and.” This clarifies that these are three distinct persons, yet they are all related to one name who is God.  The emphasis of this passage is on the three because of the definite article before each one mentioned. The name is expressing their unity of essence (nature) in which they all share in as God. Names and titles are indistinguishable in the Greek language; but these titles (Father and Son) are descriptive of persons.

     Mt. 28:19, the phrase into the name means as in behalf of, or on account of, is in reference to His authority. If we read this passage with this in mind it reads with the meaning, “baptizing them with reference to all three who are the one God.” All three are of equal status - this could not be so if only the Father or the Spirit were God. Baptizing them with reference to, or on behalf of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. When the phrase ‘into the name” is used it means in reference to or towards some thing.  Mt.28 recognizes the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all active in a person’s salvation and is giving them equality attached to the name. Since the Father and the Son are classified as persons, we should consider the same for the Spirit as well.

    After the resurrection (Mt. 28:18) Jesus pointed to his Father, saying, “All authority (power) has been given to me in heaven and in earth.” Notice it says ALL authority is given to Him in heaven and earth, which means He rules in both places. Jesus now having the authority (being exalted to His former position by the father), then commissions the Apostles to preach and baptize in his name



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