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We are not alone?

We never have been alone. The UFO story is about to permeate our society, as concerns of alien visitation rise, calls for unidentified flying objects need to be taken more seriously.

Anomaly Resolution Office, testified before Congress in April. He told the Senate Armed Services Committee at the time that the DOD was tracking over 650 potential cases of unidentified aerial phenomena and of those over 650, we’ve prioritized about half of them to be of anomalous interesting value, and now we have to go through those.

Have beings from other planets, or dimensions (multiverse[s] as some believe) been visiting earth for some time in spacecraft with propulsion of which our scientists can't explain?

Recently Marco Rubio, the Vice Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence stated people with “very high clearances” in the government are reporting discoveries of “UFO” spacecraft. The reports come from people “fearful of their jobs… fearful of their career.” Top U.S. Officials Coming Forward With UFO Claims. Some of the details “are beyond the realm of what any of us has ever dealt with.”

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer says two lawmakers are investigating reports that the U.S. military already has a complete UFO.

The Bible speaks of angels that are both godly and not godly who oppose each other and God and us. That are involved in visiting mankind throughout our history. Those who oppose God lie as the Bible tells us their leader is the father of lies. Will these fallen angels convince mankind they are creatures from another planet? What will they tell us about history that will be contrary to what we know? Contact with nonphysical entities that claim to be extraterrestrials origin is accepted today by the culture and some scientists. We already know through channeller's that they speak contrary to the Bible which does raise suspicions with Christians.

Are his demons manufacturing UFOs masquerading as ETIs that will become the stage for the last days "great delusion" (2 Thess. 2:11). Could the leader of the fallen angels, Satan use UFOs and the beliefs that accompany them to establish a false Christ (his anointed one) to save us and the planet from extinction?

And what about the contacted and abductees? Dave Hunt has stated, What we do know about that and other types of drug-induced conditions of mind (even dream states, meditation, and an overworked imagination) is that multitudes of people have reported experiences that seem to validate everything from clinical or near-death events to past-lives journeys to abductions on UFOs. They also reveal information for which they had no basis of knowledge prior to their experiences. It may be that an altered state of consciousness creates a condition in which the mind is like a blank screen, open to outside input. Spirit entities, whose goal it is to undermine the Word of God and deceive the world, might have that ability to program the blank screen and could therefore take advantage of anyone in such a highly susceptible condition” (see Dave Hunt, Occult Invasion, pp. 187-90).

Right now there are reports (more like rumors) of the Mandela effect where people see and hear things that are not real or there but are convinced that what they seen and heard was once there. They propose that something strange happened and changed reality . Some of these discussions border on the ridiculous. The most famous example is the “Berenstein Bears” which isn’t actually their name, instead they’re the “Berenstain Bears,” many claim it was changed. Another example would be Jif peanut butter and there was never a jiffy peanut butter (some explanations).

So are we actually seeing UFO’s or as some would suggest there is a mass illusion taking place? Or is it all individual perspectives, how some minds may work, that will make false memories?

It has been claimed for many years of our finding crashed UFOs that we have used backwards technology to copy them. My question is how bad a driver do you have to be to fly a UFO and then crash? Is it faulty equipment or do they don’t know how maneuver in our atmosphere?

What will we do with all this new information coming at us at the speed of light? Will the information be used to unite the world with or against an unforeseen enemy? Is it real or is it all fake?

More importantly is Christianity ready to have answers for so called beings from other planets, dimensions or whatever the 'new' explanation will be? It may not be long until we have to face these questions.


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