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Pt.5 The mystical Interpretations and Teachings of Brian Simmons  

Simmons'  teaching is a mixture of many interpretation styles. Not only do his statements carry the unacceptable Latter Rain doctrines but also the insidious Manifest sons of God teaching, an extreme view in the Latter Rain that William Branham held.  A large portion of his teaching has a mystical, allegorical, even gnostic slant that one finds in the new age. Some of his interpretations find their way into the Passion Bible. He either sees it this way from the Bible, or is teaching doctrines that are not in the Bible. If he is not using the Bible for these interpretations then he would be hypocritical in his translating it. It becomes clear he is interpreting the Bible the way Latter Rain teachers do.

Personally, I see this as a new phase of increased deception on the church..

 [Bolded portions and underlines are the problematic areas where his new Christianity (the NAR teachings) come through.]

Portions of “Glory of the last days pt.2”  Jubilee church Sydney May 2015

“He’s within us. The Revelation 12 Virgin Bride will give birth to a Man-Child company, a corporate expression, one has become the many, the seed has now fallen into the ground and died but is now bearing many seeds, there’s a many seeded Christ.... And the Christ we long for will be seen. In a corporate way….

There’s a coming glory. If you look at antichrist, the devil, you look at judgment, you know, bowls, trumpets, and uh let’s see, seals, trumpets and bowls, all three of those–I don’t know how far to go with you guys–all three of them refer to people. You’re sealed with the Holy Spirit, I could show you the seven seals from the New Testament. Seven times it says you’re sealed....

We are the Word made flesh again. We are the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ.”

Christ is no longer a man. He’s a people. You and I carry like Mary. We will bring forth the Christ. The Second Coming is the Becoming of the Lord.”

“As Christ comes forth and emerges on the earth in a corporate expression, there will be a people who become the feet. The beautiful feet. … They will be untouched by sin, darkness, even death.”

The sealed book is you. He’s the Word, the volume of the book it is written of Him. We express the Word. WE ARE THE WORD MADE FLESH AGAIN. WE ARE THE REINCARNATION OF JESUS CHRIST. The corporate expression....

I found the antichrist. Deal with it. Get him out. Stop being in love with your tradition, opinion and understanding of the Bible that’s so shallow, and so, like, feeble, and we barely make it in our lives because we don’t have that rich treasure yet. We’ve not unlocked the deepest places of spirit life [indecipherable]. Where we bring healing because of a touch or a word that speaks and life comes forth.

 We’re the seed of Christ, the 42nd generation, we complete the geneology of Jesus. CHRIST IS NO LONGER A MAN, HE’S A PEOPLE. YOU AND I CARRY LIKE MARY. WE WILL BRING FORTH THE CHRIST. THE SECOND COMING IS THE BECOMING OF THE LORD. The Father loves the Son so much, he is going to fill the earth with people just like Him....

He’s the pattern Son, He’s the cornerstone into which everything must fit to become that dwelling place of God. And the New Jerusalem company will emerge on the earth. The New Jerusalem is not a place you are going to, it is a people you will become. And the 12 gateways of the New Jerusalem were worn in symbolic form over the breastplate of the High Priest. And to qualify as the High Priest, to represent men before God was that you had to carry the revelation of your heart over your heart.

we are the dwelling place. We are not going to. You need a new heaven and a new earth. The throne of God has wheels on it. I’m coming here. You want to go so bad up there and God says sweetheart, you don’t understand, I’m coming here.

 The earth will be my footstool. There will be a feet company that will represent me on earth. When a mother gives birth, what’s the last part of the body to come forth. Feet. The feet. There will be a feet company. AS THE CHRIST COMES FORTH AND EMERGES ON THE EARTH IN A CORPORATE EXPRESSION, there will be a people who will become the feet. The beautiful feet. How beautiful are the feet. God will, uh, you know, God will soon crush Satan under YOUR FEET.”

There will be a feet company, a Satan crushing company that will devour, like a threshing sledge, they will devour every work of the enemy. THEY WILL BE UNTOUCHED BY SIN, DARKNESS, EVEN DEATH.” 

...To the measure we carry his image and likeness, to that measure we rule and take dominion. You can’t rule and take dominion without the image and likeness. You guys getting this? We know a little about image.

They will carry like Mary, and it will be as though the second coming has come. The destiny of this planet is not what you think.

Many see judgment. Many see clouds of doom. I see clouds of glory. The horizon filled with darkness is not a storm of judgment, it is the coming glory cloud that has yet to be perceived as it really is.

  Something about clouds. God really likes clouds. He rides, His name is cloud rider. I put that in Psalms, the translation of the Psalms. Thous shalt get the Book of Psalms on your way out. But His name is Yah, cloud rider, ha ha ha. Okay, you’re the cloud. Eight times in the Bible…. Men are clouds. Cloud of witnesses. Jude speaks of false teachers that are clouds with no rain.

…The glory, the glory, the glory, the glory, the glory is the key to the coming days. It’s not Antichrist. It’s not the beast coming out of the waters. The sea is the picture of the sea of humanity, it’s the sin nature, it’s the sin of man coming from the nations that opposes the breaking forth of Christ’s life within us.

And the judgments in the Book of Revelation are not quite what you thought. The seven thunders will reveal Him. The seven thunders will be heard on the earth. Through a people who become the mighty ones of God. Psalm 29, the voice of the Lord. Thunders. And as we carry the voice of the Lord we will thunder with a trumpet sound to the nations. And there will be a radiant Bride. Shulamite lover. The woman at the well is coming. And that Revelation 12 virgin is going to come and bring forth the salvation of the planet.

Brian Simmons // Glory Of The Last Days // Session 2 Part 2 (Transcribed by John Lanagan)

All of this is using a mystical, allegorical interpretation of the Bible. That fits more with the New age movement/ the occult, than Christianity.  So with this as his teaching background can we trust his interpretation on the Bible?  In fact, I will ask a stronger question, would Jesus choose someone this wrong to rewrite his Word? Would he not correct him? These interpretations are not coming from the Holy Spirit.

This is not just strange, but a whole different way to see Scripture which he is comfortable with.

Pattern son was what Latter Rain promoter and participant George Warnock and others used. In fact, almost all the terms and meanings are straight out of the extreme Latter Rain view.

Let me go over just a few points he made.

there’s a many seeded Christ.  … We are carrying his life and his nature and his DNA wherever we go.  Christ is called seed, singular, and DNA has to do with our physical body.

Christ is no longer a man. He’s a people. We are the corporate Christ (Bob Jones’ teaching)

 We impregnated like Mary. We bring forth the Christ. The Second Coming is the Becoming of the Lord.”

“Many see judgment. Many see clouds of doom. I see clouds of glory.” The Bible speaks of Tribulation period, a time of extreme deception taking place before his glorious coming to earth.

Are we the 7 seals? The bowls? Is this the revelation of Jesus Christ, or us? The bowls are poured out as judgment from God by 7 angels in heaven.

There will be a feet company that will represent me on earth. When a mother gives birth, what’s the last part of the body to come forth.”

Exactly who would be our mother?  The concept of God giving birth (the new man) has Occultic undertones as well as it being taught by the Toronto blessing.

The feet bring the gospel, I do not hear a biblical gospel but a promotion of mysticism and strange doctrinal teaching.

Are we the Word? The Word was with God, is God and made everything, his saying we are the word is just like Branham a false teacher and prophet.

it’s the sin of man coming from the nations that opposes the breaking forth of Christ’s life within us.” He teaches there no man of sin as the Bible teaches, but the sin in us that prevents the transformation of us to become Christ collectively.

Simmon’s is a mystic and he shows he cannot interpret the word of God according to the Word.

What is this man talking about??? He’s playing connect the dots with Scripture but he placing dots wherever he wants. This is dangerous how it inserts whole new meanings, now you know what is behind the ‘Bible translation” he made up.

This pure Latter Rain interpretation and teaching, and it is HERESY. This is what you hear from Bickle, Paul Cain – the manifests sons of god doctrine of William Branham that came into the Vineyard. This is serious because he is revealing something not by the text, that we are the 7 seals on the scroll (broken in heaven)

In another sermon: 

“We have the sperma of God in us, … we are going to carry like Mary. The overshadowing … it brings an eternal realm upon us… our human spirits impart the endowment of God into our souls enlightening our minds will and emotions and in turn motivates the body to carry out the works of God from heaven into the world. This is how God rules on earth, God wants to rule through you. We are the planetary priests… and we are   going to be the rulers, the champions, the leaders of the coming days. Folks the nature of a king the shout of a king, the glory of a king, the wisdom of a king, the might of a king is in us. We have been the tail long enough…God wants to give himself away, he wants to give himself to us.” (Brian Simmons - Touching Eternity -Session 1 (Part 2)

This has kingdom now dominionism, another facet of Latter Rain as he teaches we will transform into little Christ’. Does God relinquish his control to sinful me?

He Speaks of the fire falling talks about a fire baptism – and John said these words concerning Jesus... I can only baptize you in this river but he will baptize you in the spirit of holiness and into his raging fire, everyone say raging fire ... he then says there is a baptism of fire coming to Alabama I want to give you the 7 expressions of that baptism .  1) It is a fire of cleansing... fire in Greek actually can be translated cleanse... So the fire of God that he wants to bring to bring into the room tonight is going knock the daylights into you, its going to cleanse you... the lord is going to seal us with flame tonight and bring a cleansing of holy Spirit fire that will eradicate our love for sin. (The Sacred Flame with Dr. Brian Simmons 8.5.17)  

Where does the Bible says this? The Latter Rain says it, the new age says it, and Lou Engle’s of the Send says this along with Rodney Browne and Benny Hinn.

Fire #4442. Pur a primary word; "fire" (literally or figuratively, specially, lightning):--fiery, fire.

Used in Mt.3:10-11, in rare places in the Hebrew Old Testament fire is explained by cleansing, but it is not by Jesus, it is judgment unless one want to believe the lake of fire cleanses people.

Simmons calls fire from heaven (as his counterparts did at theSend i.e. Benny Hinn and Rodney Browne) encourage them to do the ‘Greater Works/ great signs and wonders.

Calling fire “fuego (and in other languages) lift your hands, let’s have rapture tonight. C’mon look in his face and you’ll see that twinkling of his eye… lord come and hover over us, flutter over us. Bring glory into our hearts into our cars as we drive home. Let our pillow become a pillar of glory. As we lay our head down give us visitations let the burning man appear to us. The flame of God manifest, melt the walls of our bedroom… let our night be the encounter we longed for. Let the whispers of the night be spoken into our heart, take us into the celestial chamber, the cloud filled chambers where lovers meet, bring us in.

he then goes off in tongues, and then says holy visitation, holy visitation, unvieling of Christ in you, the unveiling, the lifting of the veil, a bride with no veil. Oh lord more, more, more, more, more, double it…. Double it, intensify, more, more, more until we melt like wax,… more, more, more, more , more, fill, fill, fill this house.

Thus is going to increase the anointing. Encouraging people to lay hands on each other in the process. They are told to turn to a person and pray blessing fire, glory ask God to increase the anointing on their life, more lord, increase it, double it.” “take them to heaven, take them to heaven”let them see what angels see. Sea of glass the rainbow throne.

 He says: “Unveil in us the living Christ! Unveil in us, the Glory of the Last Days! More Lord! More, More! More Lord! Put the Mark of the Christ on us! Oh let the Mark of the Christ be upon our head and our hands. More! More! More! A seal of fire over our heart! More! More! We welcome the seal of God on our forehead!” (Brian Simmons, Brian Simmons, Glory of the Last Days, Session 1 Part 2, YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8yMLyHzxqsg Published by jubileechurchsydney on June 05, 2015.)

Apparently you can’t have a anointing service without repeating words like more.  Do you think God is going to give whatever more he is asking for? In the new age movement they repeat similar phrases to cleanse or empower themselves and they receeve. Simmons sounds like a spoiled child asking for more Ice cream. This is not how God operates by his Holy Spirit. Do we see any of this practice by the apostles, repeating words saying such phrases to get God to act. No!

There is no mark of Christ but there a mark of the Beast. The 144,000 Jews are sealed, not marked. All this takes place in the Tribulation period.

His interpretations are divorced from sound hermeneutical principles. This man is totally misled and misleading other by his mystical interpretations . These type of interpretations are not sporadic, but all through his teaching.

More examples of allegorical/mystical interpretations:

holiness is not what you do its what you absorb”  Jesus was crucified at golgotha the place of the skull. Until the cross pierces your (skull) revelation will not enter. The cross must pierce the skull, its at the place of the skull breaking open

he then says “many of you don't realize the name golgotha ( Aramaic)and Goliath (is Hebrew) and the same Hebrew word its the same epytomolgical root).  When david hit goliath where did the stone penetrate...… isn't that where the mark of the beast goes. What if the beast is sitting in your chair right now, and it’s the nature of sin. “ its a spirit that’s been in the world for 2,000 years. So don’t look for the antichrist.    

I can show you that the unveiling the last book of the Bible is the unveiling of Jesus Christ that takes place in you. Not the Middle East the middle you.”

He then is explaining how people supposedly know it all so how can get his revelation of this to them to see. He later says the enemy to the church is the know it all western spirit... he says you start from the heart not the head, you embrace truth you absorb revelation.

No, he is the one who has it backwards. The way to the heart is through the mind. True saving faith can only come with an intellectual understanding which is using the mind, with a spiritual encounter with the heart. Both are integral to conversion. Any genuine spiritual experience leads to the mind’s engagement and should never evade it.

The Holy Spirit’s illumination of the Word occurs when the mind is fully engaged, not passive. Our mind is not our enemy in spiritual matters. The oldest enemy of the Church was Gnosticism. The Gnostics believed that God communicated revelation directly to the spirit, bypassing the mind and not using doctrine (the Word) as the guide for truth. This is what the New Age Movement and the occult have been teaching for years, that experience is a greater teacher than God’s Word.

We can’t understand spiritual things without the mind.   Knowledge is received through the mind; it is not absorbed by spiritual osmosis. no one can be saved without the knowledge of sin We are to be filled with knowledge Rom.15:14 1 Cor.1 :5 1 Cor 15:34

The mind is to be engaged when God speaks to our heart. If we open our heart to any voice without the mind being involved, how can we discern if it is the voice of the Lord and not our self, or another spirit? Not by feelings. We are to Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God” (2 cor.10:5)

Advising to “experience it first, and analyze it later” goes against the Scripture, and is therefore prohibited as a way to learn truth.  To do this will strip you of protection.  Today’s spirituality without the mind engaged is totally subjective and can be whatever you want it to be. We are watching experience spirituality

God “fed israel in the wilderness 40 years with what is it (manna) he then says “there's a golden jar of “what is it” in you, well get there... Christ in you the hope of glory, the mysterious unveiling of Christ in the last days is coming forth” (Unveiling kingdom mysteries, June 6, 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRiYvXgmeD4

Over and over we hear the Christ coming forth, an essential in the Latter rain teaching.

He prophecies “Isaiah 9 over people, there will be a great light shining among you and God will bless the city of perth… God will give you the responsibility of exporting revival instead of minerals to the nations of the earth … we want the glory the great southland of the Holy Spirit. You are to be a container of the Christ, a container of the glory of God.

He then tells them there 7 levels to the glory of God as I have experienced things. I feel the lord has taught me these things. He then brings up Moses  “three times entered into the cloud of Glory. He walked inside of this realm, the transcendent realm of God’s presence came and hovered over that mountain. It came to the tabernacle in the wilderness and the temple… the priests couldn’t stand at times to minister because of the weight” saying they should have the choir not stand.

He then says we need the glory of God. 1 Cor. 2:18 he says we go from one level of glory into another higher lever of glory, correct. That implies that you have to start in glory… so I want the glory to come into the room right now

“I want us to start with the understanding that we ARE ABSORBING the glory of God"

He then says Christ is in you not just seated in heaven “We carry like Mary, we are giving birth to the divine. Dust and deity have kissed, they have mingled together. Like tea bag in hot water. Christ is in you, the glory of God is in us… You have the glory in you right now. The glory of the godhead is in Christ and the glory of christ is in us, the triune God has made their home in us. How does it feel to be next in kin to the trinity. If God were to bless you any more than he blessed you it would threaten the Trinity. Then referring to the early church fathers who spoke of the term “perichorises, peri around and chorisus, where we get the term chorus, choir or choreography. The implication is that we are included in the divine dance. That the trinity dances around us, and we in the Trinity are involved in this beautiful choreography of, of heavenly worship and heavenly glory… the trinity made room for you, that you are included in the trinity, you are not a problem, you are a partner to God. You are not a project he is working on, you are a personal look alike of Jesus… Jesus is not coming back for a kingdom, he has one already, he’s not coming back for a throne, he has one already. He’s coming back for a bride.” (Brian Simmons The Glory of God  May 17, 2017)

We are included in the Trinity? This is exclusive to three persons who share the nature of God existing before creation who made all things existing. They are all powerful and all knowing and he says we are included in them! Does the bride have a kingdom and a throne? do we absorb holiness or the glory of God? dThis is what the Bible addresses as heresy, division from the doctrine that was delivered. And make no mistake that is what this is.

The concept of the divine dance is not Christianity but another religion.  (See the lord of the Dance)

p6. continuing mystical interpretations



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