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Is Copeland afraid of demons on planes? You decide

In 2015, Atlanta area megachurch Pastor Creflo Dollar stirred up public outcry when he asked his followers to raise money to buy a $65 million Gulfstream G650 to replace the older Gulfstream he used for his travels around the globe on behalf of his church, World Changers Church International. That they are helping him fulfill his calling.

It is not unusual for Creflo and others try to copy their mentors like Copeland .

Recently Copeland bought his third plane — a Gulfstream V private jet — from actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry for an undisclosed amount. In January 2018.

Copeland has explained how he has garnered his tremendous fortune and even bragged about being a billionaire, which does make it clear that it is mammon he serves

A repoirter shows on video that when a reporter caught up with Copeland, he asked the question on prosperity but he lost his temper when challenged on his purchase of a third private jet to fly around the world to avoid flying with the public.

The Daily Mail Copeland responded that it is “not about the people,” but if he flew commercial he “would have to stop 65% of what (he’s) doing.”

Commercial Flights Are Filled With Demons

Later in the year Copeland and fellow “prosperity gospel” minister, Louisiana-based Jesse Duplantis, talked about why they needed private planes for their work.

The world is in such a shape, we can’t get there without this,” Copeland said. “The mess that the airlines are in today, I would have to stop, I’m being very conservative, at least 75 to 80, more like 90 percent of what we’re doing. ‘Cause you can’t get there from here.”

Copeland mentioned how the late Christian televangelist Oral Roberts had at one time, flown commercial.

But even back then it got to the place where it was agitating his spirit, people coming up to him, he had become famous, and they wantin’ him to pray for them and all that,” Copeland said.

You can’t manage that today, this dope-filled world, and get in a long tube with a bunch of demons. And it’s deadly.”

And it works on your heart, it really does,” Duplantis interjected.

I wanted to make that clear so the devil can’t lie to you and say, ‘See there, them preachers spendin’ all that money, just fat cats ridin’ around. No we’re not ...” Copeland said.

The Texas preacher said he could just as well scratch his “flying itch” in his single-engine, open-cockpit plane.

“But we’re in soul business here,” Copeland said. “We got a dying world around us. We got a dying nation around us. And we can’t even get there on an airline.”

Read more here: https://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/article195841759.html#storylink=cpy

The reporter asked Copeland about how he said on his Believer’s Voice of Victory TV show that flying commercial was similar to getting in “a long tube with a bunch of demons,” he lost his composure when she asked if he really thinks people are demons.

I have to ask Where his faith he often brags about. That he has no fear? Jesus did not avoid people nor demons but helped the people. He has a dying world on a commercial airplane , so why would he not help those right in front of him? Maybe it’s because they will not contribute money to his ministry as the church will that he is flying over to speak on faith. With all his bravado talk this is a large red light that says the opposite of the image he has presented.



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