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Evangelicals that promote the mystical power of communion

Lets begin with a general in the NAR of Pierce and Wagner, Ana Mendez Ferrel who teaches

“He told His disciples that the bread was His body broken for their sins, and the wine was His blood, sealing the covenant of forgiveness. Even more important, He said His body was real food and His blood was real drink. If our spirits don't take in their needed food and drink, is it any wonder we are weak?”

So then the covenant was sealed before Jesus went to the cross? Why does anyone listen to this kind of nonsense that is clearly Catholic teaching.

She claims we need to understand the Jewish feast of the Passover- does she? No one was healed by participating in the feast, it was a shadow of Christ the genuine light who redeemed us with his own blood.

She claims to have “learned to live her life in Jesus and to keep strong in the spirit through daily taking of the Lord's Supper.” She emphatically states “We must understand this because it is Communion that lets us partake of all that Jesus did for us. We must learn that when we take Communion in our spirits, the blood of Jesus is literally invading us and filling us with Him." Which is found in her book Eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood.”

This is Christian mysticism as confirmed by her stating, “Communion is a link that unites heaven to earth, opening the door of the supernatural. Communion is the means by which the Lord imparts His nature and His power into our spirits. As we drink in His blood, the light of His life fills our veins. As we allow the blood of the Messiah to fill our spirits with light, we are creating the same connection with the supernatural that occurred when Y'shua (Jesus) was raised from the dead. “

Actually that eternal life was given to us by the Holy Spirit, but if you do not have the Holy Spirit in you then you will look for life elsewhere.

Joseph Prince is another promoter of this memorial being a supernatural transference. At the cross, God also took all our sicknesses and diseases and put them on Jesus’ originally perfect and healthy body, so that we can walk in divine health. That is why the Bible says by His stripes, we are healed (Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:24).

In Luke 22:20, Jesus tells us that the cup is the “new covenant in My blood”, and the apostle Paul tells us that the blood of Jesus brings forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:14, Ephesians 1:7).

Prince says, “Today, when we partake of the bread, we are declaring that Jesus’ health and divine life flows in our mortal bodies.”

Paul in the bible says the opposite 1 Cor 11:26 “For as often as you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord's death till He comes.” It is about Jesus being crucified not about us in the manner he portrays.

To show his ignorance on the Jewish Passover he states, “Because it is not a ritual, there is no prescribed bread or special drink required. In the Last Supper, Jesus used whatever He had at the table—bread commonly eaten at supper, and whatever they were drinking.”

The Bible says it must be unleaven bread or Jesus broke the law, (it is prescribed) it also says it was wine, Prince ignores the scripture, both the words and its context.

Prince tells people to pray “Thank You, Father, for the gift of Your Son. By the stripes that fell on His back, my body is healed from the crown of my head to the very soles of my feet. Every cell, every organ, every function of my body is healed, restored, and renewed. In Jesus’ name, I believe and I receive. [Eat the bread.”

When you take the cup “… Today, I celebrate and partake of the inheritance of the righteous, which is preservation, healing, wholeness and provision. Thank You Lord Jesus, for loving me. Amen. [Drink the wine.]

Then why were the apostles suffering or did they not have the bread and wine to take?

These teachers are making this memorial (like baptism) into something with far greater power than the Scripture attributes to it.

This teaching originates  in roman Catholicism. Promoted on Catholic websites -John H. Hampsch  states, Take and Eat...God's Greatest Gift for Body and Soul.

A hush descends upon the congregation as the priest elevates the host. "This is my body...This is my blood..." An infant wails. An old woman reverently fingers her rosary. A bored teenager shifts uncomfortably, thinking of a canoe trip that afternoon. On cue, hundreds of people pour down the aisles to the front—some kneeling, some bowling some holding out their hands. The body of Christ.

In another ad it says “He recounts miraculous stories and explains the teaching of the Church concerning the real presence of Christ.” )The Healing Power of the Eucharist by John H. Hampsch)

The Meal That Heals: Enjoying Intimate, Daily Communion with God By: Perry Stone

Stone corrects Christians/churches that claim saved means having your sins forgiven when “God’s word, however , makes no theological distinction between the sin sickness of the spirit and the sickness of the body…” taking out of context the statement from Ps. 103:3 that God forgives all our iniquities and heals all our diseases ( which is speaking of Him being the source of all healing ) “God’s will is for believers to be made whole and walk in wholeness and blessing during their lifetimes.” (P.4)

While I can agree with Stone God continues to heal people today, it is not a promise for all to be physically as we are to be healed from our sins in the New Covenant. The simple reason is that if it were, EVEERYONE who is forgiven would be at the same time healed of any sickness, including the sniffles. Any handicap would be gone and none of us would die because that is what sin brings.

Stone who has a fairly good grasp on Old Testament feasts has often mixed prophecy with his errors of interpretation, one must have their discernment working when listening. On this matter he is completely wrong.

The healing power of communion is deduced because one can be judged for not taking introspectively. They say the opposite is true. If you take it correctly, it heals us. This is a Roman Catholic influence coming into the evangelical church. Nowhere does the Bible say this explicitly or implicitly.

Paula White yoked herself with Perry Stone and they discussed how there is healing and wholeness to be found in it as if it is the blood of Christ itself. Of course they have something to sell. For $39.00 you too can receive a communion set which they claim will physically heal you when you partake of it.

"I want to get you this Communion set...If you call the number on the screen right now I will rush to you this beautiful sterling silver Communion set...Just $39.00 and you will get the Communion set and you will get my book, Restoration along with an audio teaching so you can see God's promises come to pass in your life." (Paula White, "Paula White Show," March 11, 2005)

What of the covenant of grace? Now you must do this work that is not required as they teach to have God’s promises to pass in your life.

Paula White: "I believe that as you take communion that there is protection through that blood. Then the bible declares that the blood not only saves us, not only protects us, but it also provides for us. You said there's a couple that we know very dear that had a financial need."

Perry Stone: "Yes!"

Paula White: "And there father, a great pastor, pastor Scott told them God gave him a revelation."

Perry Stone: "Yes."

Paula White: "To take communion once a day."

Perry Stone: "He said, 'Take it everyday and as you're praying thank God for blessing you financially. Thank Him that that's part of the provision. They needed $50,000 and they got an amazing, remarkable $50,000 miracle, this couple did!"

Paula White:..."Call that toll free number! We want you to get the 'Meal That Heals!'"
(Paula White and Perry Stone,
" (Paula White Show," October 9, 2004)

Paula White: "When you take communion arthritis has to leave. Diabetes has to leave! Lung disease has to leave! Every incurable disease has to leave!" (Paula White and Perry Stone, "Paula White Show," March 15, 2005)

And let’s not forget the favorite fear tactic , generational curses.
Paula White: "...The generational curses, because that's the word iniquity. Is broken when you begin to discern the Lord's body and take Communion that generational curse is going to be broken!"
(Paula White and Perry Stone, "Paula White Show," March 11, 2005)

So many, mostly word faith, believe this and teach it. Like Gregory Dickow taking ‘communion’ through the television set; as he talked about health and wealth through the taking of this ‘communion’. So they teach how to do it to get the most benefits from it. Yikes.

If healing came by eating the bread and taking the juice Christians all over the world would have already received their healing. No, it’s not that simple… you have to believe you can be healed. And so when someone does this and they are not healed. You have to keep believing and taking it.

Where are any of these promises taught by Paul who spoke of it? Where is this teaching to the church?

Was Judas healed? He took of the bread. As a Jew he certainly would have understood the bread and the third cup. But then that may mean Satan who entered him would be healed.

You cannot attribute healing powers to communion. This is basically the same concept as the Roman Catholics did by saying it is the actually body and deity of Christ. But Instead of it being for sin it heals bodily. The cup of communion does not cleanse or heal our bodies, it as a symbol that reminds us, that represents the actual event- we are to go to Jesus our eternal high priest, not the symbols.

The Greek word translated “communion” is koinonia, which is fellowship. We acknowledge what the Lord has done for us and are united with him by the SPIRIT, God himself. Not a symbol.

The self -examination that occurs before partaking of it is in relation to the real person we are having a relationship/fellowship with.

These teachers are making merchandise of you by the communion! They have moved you closer to Roman Catholicisms idolatry when they teach the anointing of the Holy Spirit resides in both elements (juice) and bread.

When we eat and drink of these items we think of and remember what the Lord did for us. Our focus is upon His great sacrifice, on the living savior not the items that represent him.

It is called Holy Communion because it refers to the actual event of Christ who is the Holy One. When one understands the forgiveness and healing in Christ (not communion) there is a peace knowing that God is the master over your life and you live by the new covenant that operates by grace. Let’s no convolute the gospel.


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