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All or Part?

Our evangelistic proclamations have become like tradition, and often obscure the means of salvation. Raise your hand, wink, yell out, walk down the aisle all have nothing to do with salvation! What does the person believe in their heart? Do they possess faith in the full Gospel message, (did they hear a full message). That Jesus died for their sin, (their current condition from birth admitted) and was then raised in the body on the third day, now glorified sitting at the right hand of the God the Father. Then the person is a true believer, he has turned from not believing to believing. And, he is already saved before he repeats the sinner's prayer, or any other form that is given.

What is even a greater concern is what takes place after. Do they attend a church that actually practices what the Bible instructs? Teach through the bible in context not pretext. Because if they go to a church that teaches word faith or latter Rain (with prophets and apostles) or healing movement or a church that teaches new revelation they will not be able to grow spiritually and will not fulfill their calling and eventually become useless.

For one own spiritual safety they should look into the church they attend, the people they promote or associate with and what they themselves teach.


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