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Pt.2 Rev up your engines- here’s revival

Since the first day, there have been countless expressions and demonstrations of radical humility, compassion, confession, consecration, and surrender unto the Lord ,” said Asbury University president Kevin J. Brown in a statement posted on the school’s website’

They compare this to a similar event that took place at the university in 1970 but others say the attraction is come to experience the spirit as well as many false teachers are coming to carry it further to elsewhere. Of course this does not discount those in this gathering who may be genuinely affected. In the same way an individual can even get saved by hearing the true gospel from a false teacher that may occasionally state it accurately.

Let me begin with some observations. Kentucky’s Asbury University is a Christian institution founded in the Methodist Wesleyan-Holiness tradition where their revivals and a theology teach for the people to wait and watch for the divine wind to blow. The question is, did they from their own standards?

There has been much information coming out about (celibate) ‘gay christians’ at Asbury in leadership roles and students in the worship. They apparently accept being gay because God loves all. The support of emotion is through the music, as it sets a mood which is not submissive to doctrine.

Are there those genuinely who are affected spiritually, yes. We hear of a genuine responses of humility and prayer. Yet what is their Pray about? Is repentance from their sins involved? Certainly the leaders over those who call themselves ‘gay Christians’ need to speak on this or they lose any validity, considering that Nick Hall told Fox News’ Trace Gallagher (in his interview Feb. 24) that the leaders at Asbury are amazing and godly.

No doubt there are some re-committing their lives to the Lord in humility but is this the revival? And what about those activities that can potentially harm while calling something a revival? For it is repentance that comes with renewal. If these people who declare this as a revival would actually look at the Scripture and the events that brought renewal or salvation they may not be quickly saying what this is. This word is too often used without Biblical understanding. But this is what we have to contend with because of what the Church is being taught.

While this did not begin as other modern so called revivals, with false teaching and supernatural excesses, proclaiming "signs and wonders and healings," it began quietly there are some who have come having testimonies circulating of having the same as other revivals, and there are others who came wanting to be involved that desire to see these things happen. Now that this renewal has moved off campus, a larger place is needed (a necessity) to accommodate people arriving from around the world, what will take place? Will it end up like all the other revivals?

Starting more tame without the hoopla of the previous revivals certainly makes it more acceptable but at a certain point as the revivalists come, will they steer it? I say this for a number reasons.

This so called move of God in reality may be a pre-planned event by some which could become part of a larger false revival. Marketing Jesus, causing a momentum by emotion with arguments of ignorance from scripture prevents a true revival, not produces it.

Take for example Assemblies of God-related publication from January 25th of this year concerning that event actually had the headline “A Great Collegiate Awakening—It’s Coming.” The Collegiate Day of Prayer has been promoted since at least November of 2022.

We're asking you please join us for this day of prayer join us in praying for these young people believe that God can Usher in something new through the power of our prayers join us on February 23rd live from AsburyUniversity Lord Do It Again. Collegiate Day of Prayer 2023 – LIVE from Asbury University — Feb 23rd @ 8-10p ET

Is it biblical to believe that God can usher in something new through the power of OUR prayers. Do our prayers carry power, or are they requests that God answers by his power and his will and His timing and way.

Collegiate Day of Prayer organizations (who are involved with NAR, Lou Engle of The Send, evidently wrote over and over about connecting that collegiate day of prayer event with “revival“ and “spiritual awakening” that they are about to begin their meetings in March.

Francis Chan is part of the Send and so many other events of new revivalism https://youtu.be/WUVGQQn4b00 see: Lou Engle’s The Send. p.4 Chan is fully involved in today’s revivalism and on board ministering with the false teachers of the latter rain speaks of the church being handed off to the next generation

Francis Chan asks: “Join us on February 23, live from Asbury University. Lord, do it again. What he means is " Fifty years ago, something extraordinary happened on one college campus ," he then shows footage from the same facility-Hughes Auditorium in 1970.

"Let's ADOPT and saturate EVERY CAMPUS in America in prayer (go to https://web. archive. org/web/20230215010849/ http://collegiatedayofprayer.org to adopt a campus) and join us LIVE from Asbury University on Feb 23rd at 8-10pm ET with special guests Rick Warren, Francis Chan, Allen Hood and worship leaders from International House of Prayer, Circuit Riders + Black Voices Movement, and Met By Love Worship. Let’s believe God for REVIVAL amongst believers on college campuses and SPIRITUAL AWAKENING amongst the lost. Father, revive the saved and save the lost!

We see those in ‘the send’ involved in the timing.

Chan says in the video “ it's a struggling Church the college students have the capacity through the power of the spirit to take our church to the next level the day of prayer when every denomination and every University adopted the last Thursday of February as an annual invitation to unite in prayer for college campuses.

“God please work in this next Generation use us to empower them in any way answer our prayer and start another movement of young people who are devoted to you and excited about your mission and your kingdom on this Earth.”

Another person to take notice of is Nick Hall who is part and partner with the many global gatherings whose mission is ‘Unity.’ Hall has embedded Pulse into nearly all of the major Christian music festivals, which have started to talk more about UNITY.

This is a false unity movement. How do we know this? Hall invited the Pope to address the one million Christians gathered in Washington D. C. for Together 2016-Reset. The Pope along with many influencers spoke. Unfortunately, the many are celebrities who are leaders in false movements like the Word of Faith /Prosperity and the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation).

Hall’s Unity means to ignore our differences: “ We can find common ground. We can work together for the common good. Jesus is an example of leadership. Even Gandhi, together with so many famous dignitaries and leaders throughout history, looked to Jesus’ life as an example.”

This unity has no substance, for it allows all for this so called ‘common good’ – what about for the sake of the gospel?

We are told Nick has received hands-on training from some of the most influential Christian leaders of our day. Which if one sees who they are, many are questionable and some are to be avoided. It is said he has a master’s in Leadership and Christian Thought from Bethel Seminary. “ My time at Bethel provided the theological and intellectual foundation for PULSE to build.” Bethel is a new age hybrid church that no one should attend if they want to be grounded in the faith.

Nick Hall’s Pulse Movement , booked Rupp Arena on the University of Kentucky's campus to facilitate sending students into the harvest and impacting their communities. Hall says he recognized what was happening at Asbury University. “ hope is that students and young adults—or anyone who experienced revival during the last few weeks—will continue to seek Jesus and to continue to seek revival. My hope is that the colleges and communities that receive them back will be ready for that revival as well.”

“Hall believes the Asbury Revival is just the beginning of a larger revival.” He state s “we believe that now is the time to rally the troops and mobilize to see this spread across the nation” (posted on church leaders). Now that this has started many are jumping in to rev it up.

We are told 50,000 people came to attend Asbury but were unable to because of lack of space. When it was moved to Rupp Arena on February 26, there was a small attendance seen in the pictures and video; we are told thousands attended in person for all or part of the nine-hour event (more than 50,000 people watched online)

“This is a time of unprecedented unity and hunger. The Rupp Arena event is about an encounter with Jesus and the testimony of what HE IS DOING spreading around the world.” Hall states “ It’s no secret that this revival grew out of a heart to experience more of Jesus and doesn’t have any other purpose or intent.” it is not an event but a movement of God .”

Again, this is experience oriented, not Word centered as we see in Scripture. Certainly we can experience God at times but we do not gather for all have an experience; that is not revival.

“The way churches have rallied together in such a short time is something I have never seen. Lines of division have fallen away simply because we share a longing to see God move. Big churches, small churches, black, white, Asian, Latino — it is absolutely beautiful.”

The problem is that this unity is an outward show. Do they know what each believe, are they scripturally based? Consider this statement, “This is all about Jesus. I believe he’s drawing the nations to repentance, healing his Church so we can go out with his love before his return. He is coming soon.”

Yes he is coming soon ‘for his church’, and he told us what this time would be like. This work is done by the gospel going out, that is the great commission, and people are to be discipled in the Word, not men’s ideas, nor by new believers. God draws people to repent, as individuals, not nations. Certainly those who are heads over nations may get converted and lead their people to repentance, but there is only one example of this in Jonah, and what we read in his book is not what is taking place. I can’t seem to find a video of Hall speaking the gospel, he speaks of Jesus

They putting all their stock in this being what everyone has been waiting for ‘revival.’ But when I hear those involved speaking of spreading it by the laying on of hands and wanting to see signs and wonders along with the rest of the false Latter Rain teaching of God pouring out his spirit on all flesh now, it does not help support this as genuine.

Some even use how what is taking place at Asbury and the Chiefs winning the superbowl are a fulfillment of a 40 year old (false prophet) Bob Jones prophecy that revival would follow a chiefs super bowl victory.

Those who endorse this before they know what it is

The services have attracted many from outside the university campus and from afar. The people attracted to this came as soon as they heard ‘revival,’ including well-known false teacher[s] such as Todd Bentley. The concern is if this is a genuine move of God among some, If Todd Bentley another latter rain proponents approve of it what are we to think?

Bentley announced on Facebook page he was on his way to the campus—encouraging his followers to “catch” it and meet him there: “This is a sovereign outpouring I’m, i’m going to soak in for a few days! Let’s catch it #Spreadthefire Who is hungry for God too ,” Bentley also speaks of an impartation for them.

Bentley is always hungry and never satisfied, always looking for or to cause what he thinks is revival.’ Todd Bentley was disgraced and disqualified as the leading minister at his own Lakeland revival in 2008 and has proven himself to be a counterfeiter that continues with gusto.

Greg Locke who heads up a deliverance ministry Global Vision Bible Church has a movie, ‘ Come Out in the Name of Jesus’ , sub titled ‘the most important awakening in Church history’ has begun. Where he says the church needs deliverance, separating deliverance from salvation using Mk.16 these signs shall follow them (there is much wrong with this view).

He says God is going to burn out the lukewarm and apathetic spirit of religion across the nation. (Maybe he has not read of the church of Laodicea being lukewarm). Those associated with this and others are all speaking of God pouring out his spirit on all flesh. These grandiose statements need to seen for what they really are, making it into a massive move.

Peter Greig who started the 24-7 prayer movement comments on this are stated in Relevant magazine states “ I understand the cautious questions being asked in some quarters. These are natural and sensible. But after a quarter century thinking and praying about such things, and with much on my heart, for now I simply want to say just two things: Firstly, as has often been said, when it comes to reports of revival I would far rather be gullible than cynical.” (why not want to be biblical)

That’s nearly identical to what Rodney Browne said, " I'd rather be in a church where the devil and the flesh are manifesting than in a church where nothing is happening because people are too afraid to manifest anything... Rejoice because at least something is happening.”

As for the devil doing something than having nothing Browne (and others still today) quote what Gamaliel said to the Sanhedrin which was wrong (Acts 5:38-39). If true there would be no false religions with us today; Mormonism, JW’s, Islam Etc. so does he really understand what truth is compared to what is false?

Adding to the mix

Let’s take a few steps back to see how this is being presented. Mystics often use dates and numbers as proof of something. (We see this in the NAR with Chuck Pierce dates, take a number like 2.2.2, or 07 07 07 “for the Call”) This nationwide movement launched at Asbury happens to coincide with a new Hollywood movie released on a revival that took place 55 years ago: the Jesus Revolution. Some see this as a’ timing by God,’ the late Kim Clement’s prophecy of a new Jesus Revolution is being used.

They are using this false prophet’s proclamation to confirm this movie, as well as kabbalistic concepts. (We will cover the Jesus revolution separately, as it deserves its own examination). I want to make this point of their correlation to what they are proposing is from God.

As Clement was praying in his garden was on February 24, 2013 he was given a false prophecy of a new Jesus revolution (his video shown on the web Mar. 3, 2013). One needs to pay attention to what this false prophet stated, The Spirit of God says, "Prepare yourself, Planet Earth, for that which I did in the '60s and the '70s, I have revealed that this is that time again; but it shall not be like then, where it is restricted to just a few continents. This movement ," says the Lord, " will begin again in California, and there shall be an economic boost in California . And they shall say, 'But why California? Is it not the Hell-hole of America?'" And God said, I don't care what it is; I will take the economy of California and show America that I will take the foolish things of this world to confound the wise…, but it shall be as a result of the movement that is beginning to take place, likened unto the Jesus Movement.”

It's beginning already, come on. It's beginning already throughout the earth! … in the streets of L.A., the streets of San Francisco, I'm moving! My light is moving throughout the earth! Another Jesus revolution!” ( Kim Clement Prophesied the Jesus Revolution -- youtube.com)

He said it starts in California (10 years ago), also with the Hispanics. Along with saying, “let that fire into your body and be healed” an unbiblical a teaching originating from the Latter Rain, not the Bible . Clement mentions an Angel of Light (2 Cor.11) and tells us this prophecy is from the Angel of the Lord. This messenger (angel of the Lord) no longer exists because He, who was this messenger and covenant maker in the Old Testament became man, in Jesus Christ. He does not change back to a temporary Christophany. So his teaching and prophecy is voided on this.

The movie the Jesus Revolution

The movie ‘theJesusRevolutionMovie’ is about the Jesus People Movement of the 70’s. Jonathan Roumie, who plays “Jesus” in The Chosen, now plays Lonnie Frisbee in this movie produced by Kingdom Story Company (brothers Jon and Andrew Erwin and Lionsgate). Since Roumie stars as Jesus in ‘the Chosen’ they apparently wanted a known star on religion for their film.

This whole matter of revival coinciding with the movie has become a runaway train that is going off the tracks.

Roumie is respected as a Christian because of his main character of Jesus in the chosen series. He views his role of Jesus Christ in the series “The Chosen” as his calling and his ministry. He says of Asbury, the timing of releasing the Jesus revolution film he believes is divine, it is not happenstance.

What do you need to know about Roumie before you put up posters of him up in your room. Roumie speaks at Catholic events, he is a Knights Templar how (loves being this) in fact he brought Dallas Jenkins to see the Pope and asked the Pope to bless his rosaries ( the Catholic news carried this ) his visit was “a childhood dream realized.”

Roumie who speaks highly of Frisbee whom he plays in the film, which certainly has some irony to it. He talked about Lonnie as being a fan of St. Francis, “Before I stated work I went over to christ cathedral and I sat by his grave and prayed a Rosary with him. Interviewer says she didn’t know he was buried there, Roumie, “ yeah its powerful, I sat down and I prayed with him.”

The space just to his right is empty so I got to sit down, at one point I even lied down because I thought it would be kind of interesting to try and connect in some way.”.. I finished praying with him, and I said Lonnie, I wanna honor you with this film, and I really want to bring justice, and you know, the testament to the gifts of Gods grace and the powers that you know, displayed while you were on earth, and so if this is a good idea that I do this film have somebody gimme me a sign, Give me a sign, have God give me a sign . And the minute the words left my mouth, behind was door opened to the cathedral and this giant chord rang out for about five seconds and then…. So I heard that and said ok thanks for that”

So he wears a mantle and a leather cape in the movie. on it is this picture of Jesus’ face (ed. no one knows what he looks like) and underneath is a dove, I painted the dove, as he is contemplating what to illustrate, he says “ I get a text from pastor Greg Laurie’s son, Jonathan Laurie hes also a pastor … sends Roumie a text “ Hey, I have this painting that somebody gave us a couple of years ago. I thought you might like it, so I’m going to ship to you or bring it with me when I come visit the set. And he sent me a picture and it’s a velvet painting with a Dove with an olive branch in its mouth. And I thought okay, thank you God.” So he decided to do the illustration with an olive branch. He sends Roumie a follow up text,oh by the way Lonnie Frisbee painted this painting. Roumie says, “ What!” And Lonnie was a very gifted painter. He then says he saw this “ as another opportunity that Lonnie was sort of from beyond the grave giving his blessing on what we were doing.” ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GC_YkOz37Ng 13.20)

He further treats Lonnie into some type of apostle as he speaks of him so favorably, even like a Catholic saint. What he is describing is no blessing.

Roumie asks Lonnie or God for a sign, and immediately received it by an organ chord played, this was enough to prove this is of God for his role in the movie. All of this is not just completely outside the Bible but against the Bible. Roumie illustrates that as a Roman Catholic he has no idea what transgressing the parameters that God has spoken in His Word means.

To contact with the dead is called ‘Necromancy’ and it is expressly forbidden. Scripture says in Deut. 18:10 “ There shall not be found among you” and one of these practices is vv.11-12 a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. For all who do these things are an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the LORD your God drives them out from before you.”

In the Old Testament these spiritists were identified and removed from the congregation of Israel, today we welcome them as if they have a greater anointing, gifting and revelation. Isaiah the prophet (8:19-20) asks “ Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

Necromancy (communication with the dead) is the modus operandi of psychics and spiritualists who do not hear from God. God forbids this practice for our protection. And he has stated those who do this have no light in them! Yet we are told of miracles happening on their set.

Greg Laurie who is known to be an evangelist (of whom is portrayed in the movie) seems to support Roumie in his interviews, instead of correcting him.

'Roumie posted a photo of himself standing next to the tomb of Padre Pio, a Roman Catholic priest and mystic who died in 1968. Roumie stated: " Visiting Saint Padre Pio, one of the most powerful saints and witnesses to the suffering and the miracles of Christ in the 20th century, as well as one with whom I've had personal interactions

What he means is spirit contact, Necromancy. Jonathan Roumie is practicing necromancy. He tells the public “ God is real, and He is completely in love with each and every one of you .” he knows this by “ I’ve spent a lot of time dwelling in the realm of the Spirit through prayer, meditation and the sacraments of my faith ” (that would include the rosary).

This is whom they got to play Lonnie. Why accept Roumie, because he plays Jesus in another compromised series on the Bible? This should bother anyone who names the name of Christ. Furthermore, why is Greg Laurie approve of him; he is seen speaking to him interviewing him and not correcting this practice.

Do you want to take testimony from someone like this? Or others who are forming a false unity. So when I hear those propose the timing of the Jesus revolution film released saying its ‘Gods timing, as if something supernatural has occurred ’ It is not. What Roumie is promoting in his testimony on doing the film is disturbing, for it is in the category of the occult.

Can God be trying to do something in our day, yes of course, but he does not use a mixture, our priority is to align with Gods Word and ways, and not accept those who oppose it by introducing what is not and think they are promoting the lord.



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