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p.4 The strange stories of the supernatural

Sons of God manifested like Branham

The whole Church, the Pentecostal, Full Gospel, charismatic move included, is in a babyhood stage. We're trying to have faith. We're trying to believe.”

“… many in the great body of Full Gospel people do not know that the new birth is a real incarnation....Jesus was first divine, and then He was human. So He was in the flesh a divine-human being. I was first human, and so were you, but I was born of God, and so I became a human-divine being! " (K. Hagin, Zoe: The God-Kind of Life, Tulsa, OK. Faith Library, 1981, p.40.)

Divine being? Do you agree with this? There is only one divine being, God the creator.

Hagin had a view of the church triumphant over all in the last days.

“But, thank God, some are coming to see the light of God's Word. And I am more convinced today than I was yesterday, that in these last days, there is going to arise a company of believers who will see and know their authority, their rights and privileges in Christ. They will know that the Name of Jesus belongs to them. (In My Name Cast Out Demons Hagin)

issue of Word of Faith (December 2001), Hagin went back to the time immediately following his “new birth” experience. He was still bedfast when “the glory of God” filled his room with a “ bright light — brighter than the sun shining on snow.” Hagin then had another out-of-body experience, hearing Jesus speaking, “ Go back! Go back! Go back to the earth! Your work’s not done!” As the bright cloud of God filled Hagin’s room his 70 year-old grandmother repeatedly tried to enter the room through the open door, but was repelled by the cloud, “bouncing off of it like it was a rubber ball.” Only when the cloud had lifted could she enter.

The January 2002 magazine article “Come Up to the Throne of God,” Hagin recounted his face-to-face meeting with Jesus:

“I was conscious of the fact that I still lay flat on my face on the floor, and for a few minutes I remained there, feeling the glory of this miraculous visitation. Again I heard a voice say, ‘Come up hither.’ And this time the voice said, ‘Come up hither; come up to the throne of God.’ I saw Jesus standing again about where the top of the tent should be, and I went to Him through the air. When I reached Him, together we continued on to Heaven. ( so Jesus came down to bring him there) We came to the throne of God, and I beheld it in all its splendor. The first thing that attracted my attention was the rainbow about the throne. It was very beautiful. The second thing I noticed was the winged creatures on either side of the throne. They were peculiar looking creatures, and as I walked up with Jesus, these creatures stood with wings out­stretched. They were saying something, but they ceased and folded their wings. They had eyes of fire set all the way around their heads, and they looked in all directions at once. I stood with Jesus in the midst, about eighteen to twenty-four feet from the throne. (so Jesus was not on his throne) I started to look at the One who sat upon the throne. Jesus told me not to look upon His face. I could see only a form of a Being seated upon the throne. Then for the first time I actually looked into the eyes of Jesus. Many times when relating this experience I am asked, ‘What did His eyes look like?’ All I can say is that they looked like wells of living love. It seemed as if one could see a half-mile deep into them, and the tender look of love is indescribable. As I looked into His face and into His eyes, I fell at His feet. I noticed then that His feet were bare, and I laid the palms of my hands on the top of His feet and laid my forehead on the backs of my hands. Weeping, I said, ‘Oh Lord, no one as unworthy as I should look upon Your face.’ Jesus said that I should stand upright on my feet. I stood up. He called me worthy to look upon His face, for He had called me and cleansed me from all sin.”

So Hagin was now pronounced sinless by Jesus in heaven, which means he could not die; but he did die! Which proves this is a lying story from his mouth.

And what of the Bible saying about someone looking into the face of God? Why is John, who knew Jesus on earth look at him in heaven and sees a very different Jesus (Rv.1:12) “ when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead.” (Rv. 1:17) and sees him on the throne (5:6-14). The answer--Because none of this happened! But people believe these fantasy stories of heaven, today others have gone much further in their lies,

Hagin carried the same false Latter Rain message of William Branham “All of the Gifts of the Spirit will be in operation in the last days and the Church will do greater things than even the early Church did, and have greater power, signs and wonders than were written in the Acts of the Apostles . He said we had seen and experienced many healings, but would now behold amazing miracles such as had not been seen before. More and more miracles will be performed in the last days which are just ahead, for He said, “It is time for the Gift of Working of Miracles to be more in prominence. We now have entered into the era of the miraculous. Many of my own people will not accept the moving of my Spirit and will turn back and will not be ready to meet Me at my coming .” (A Vision of the End – Kenneth E. Hagin sept. 2 1950)

Hagin makes the acceptance of the miraculous as the acceptance of Jesus for all believer's, don't believe it and your in trouble with the savior.

Further proof that both Hagin (and Branham took Kenyon’s writings) in Chapter 18 In My Name Cast Out Demons p.93 Hagin writes,

“Right in the heart of Mr. Kenyon's book is a chapter entitled "Man and Miracles." It is so important I would like to cover it word for word, but I shall choose only a few quotes from it here. Again, I encourage you to get a copy of his book and to study this chapter until you grasp it.

"Jesus! The very Name has within it miracle working power, even to this day ... Jesus' life was a miracle."

"A stream of miracles flowed from the hands of the apostles that upset Judaism and shook the Roman government to its foundation. They made a discovery-the Name of the Man Whom they had loved, Whom they had seen nailed to that cross in nakedness, now has power equal to the power that He, Himself exercised when He was among them."

"Christianity began in miracles; it is propagated by miracles. Every new birth is a miracle; every answer to prayer is a miracle; every victory over temptation is a miracle."

"When reason takes the place of the miraculous, Christianity loses its virility, fascination, and fruitfulness.

Man craves a miracle working God today ... Man wants a living God. Man craves a miracle."

What did Jesus say, a wicked generation seeks miracles.

His name is not some incantation formula to recite for what we want to occur. We do not have the same (equal) powers that Jesus had just by using his name, we depend on him - submit to him by faith. (all one has to do is see the apostles and what they were unable to do.)

To the contrary of everything taking place Hagin says,

" Yes, sin, sickness and disease, spiritual death, poverty, and everything else that's of the devil once ruled us. But now, bless God, we rule them -- for this is the Day of Dominion !" (Kenneth Hagin, "Rejoice! This Is the Day Which the Lord Hath Made!" The Word of Faith, Sept. 1996)

There’s no more sin, sickness or disease? Why did he drop dead?

Kenneth Hagin believes “ We [the church] are Christ.” glorious and triumphant. They will go Conquer the land and then rule the nations with a rod of iron .

Strange supernatural stories

His stories mimic William Branham an associate of his. Kenneth Hagin he claims that in 1958 "the Lord Jesus suddenly appeared" before him, with an angel standing three feet behind Him. In I Believe in Visions he reveals, "He [Jesus] said, 'This is your angel.' 'My angel?" I asked. 'Yes, your angel, and if you will respond to him, he will appear to you as I will at times; and he will give you guidance and direction concerning the things of life... '" (Kenneth Hagin, I Believe in Visions (Tulsa, OK: Kenneth Hagin Ministries, 1984), p. 93.)

In an article titled “Born Again” (t10/01 magazine), Hagin recounted his three visits to hell as a 15 year-old boy in the year 1933.

" As I began to descend into the darkness for the third time, my spirit cried out, 'God, I belong to the church! I've been baptized in the water!' … I came again to the bottom of that pit. Again I could feel the heat as it beat me in the face. Again I approached the entrance, the gates into hell itself. The creature that met me the first two times again took me by the arm. … I just heard the voice. I don't know what he said, but whatever he said, that place shook; it just trembled. And that creature took his hand off my arm. It was just as if there was a suction to my back parts. It pulled me back, away from the entrance to hell, until I stood in the shadows. Then it pulled me up headfirst ."

Hagin's out-of-body experience ends with him back home:

"I came up beside my bed in my grandparents' house. The difference between the three experiences was that I came up on the porch the first time; at the foot of the bed the second time; and right beside the bed the third time. When I got inside my body, my physical voice picked up and continued my prayer right in the middle of the sentence. I was already praying out of my spirit."

And what a prayer: "… they tell me that between me and Momma praying so loud, traffic was lined up for two blocks on either side of our house! They heard me praying from inside the house, and they heard my mother as she walked the porch praying at the top of her voice. … That was the very hour I was born again …"

They heard him praying from inside the house, really? His stories sound familiar like from William Branham, the greatest story teller.

Another time: Then He took me down to Hell and as I beheld it, I said, “Lord, it looks just like it did when I saw it on April 21, 1933 at 7:30 PM when I died and my soul went to this place and You spoke and my soul came back into my body. I then prayed through and You saved me.

“Only now I’m not afraid nor horrified as I was then. I saw what seemed to be human bodies wrapped in flames. Jesus said to me, “Warn men and women about this place,” and I cried out with tears that I would. Then He brought me back to earth and as He stood by my side, He talked to me about my ministry and told me some things in general that He later explained in detail in another vision. Jesus disappeared and I realized I was still kneeling on the platform. I heard people crying and praying around me. (A Vision of the End – Kenneth E. Hagin sept. 2 1950

Strange supernatural events

“God is my witness, my wife is my witness, each person in that building is my witness, she began to dance right the end of the altar. She stood in mid-air dancing! Her feet were not touching the floor. Everyone saw it. I could have reached out and touched her. Then she turned and danced back onto the altar, down the to the other end, stopped, opened her eyes, and stepped off.” (Hagin, "Why Do People Fall?, 10-11)

Instead of falling she levitated! That sounds more like a science fiction story than Christianity. Levitation, altered states, feet nailed to the floor-those who laugh until they drop are all not Bible teachings.

Kenneth Hagin, claims that one night while he was preaching, a cloud of glory enveloped him and he lost track of where he was and what he was saying. "I didn't know one word I had said for 15 minutes. I had been in the glory cloud. When I found myself walking around the altar, I got so embarrassed my face got red, and I ran back on the platform, got behind the pulpit, said, 'Amen. Let's pray, and gave the invitation." (Kenneth E. Hagin, Understanding the Anointing (Tulsa: Faith Library, 1983), 48.

He tells a story of being outside of his "partially paralyzed" body lying on his sickbed with his heart stopped (Visions, 12; Exceedingly, 35): "I knew I was outside of my body. I could see my family in the room. . ." (Hell, 5 [emphasis added]). " I knew I was out of my' body .... I came up head first to the porch outside that south bedroom. Just for a second I knew that 1 was standing up on the porch. Then I went right through the wall. I seemed to leap inside my body. Back inside my body, I could contact the physical again" (Exceedingly, 35-37]). " I came back into that room just as real as at any other time . . ." (Visions, 12 [emphasis added]).

In another deathbed experience soon after, Hagin writes: ". . . I had the same sensation I'd had before .... As I leaped out of my body and left it, I began to ascend . . . . When 1 got up to about where the roof of the house should have been approximately l6 feet above the bed, my ascent stopped and I seemed to stand there. I was fully conscious and knew everything that was going on. Looking back into the room, l saw my body lying on the bed and my mother stooped over it holding my hand in hers (Exceedingly, 37).

This is not a Christian experience produced by the Holy Spirit but astral travel described by occultists. In fact having this happen several times makes it all questionable.

Hagin writes, Sometimes when I'm preaching," "the Spirit of God comes on me, arrests my attention, and I can't say a word in English."( Understanding the Anointing, 82.) He goes on to tell of an incident when he was ministering with Fred Price, and he was struck with the anointing" during the church service. Hagin says he was unable to communicate in English for hours. (ibid. 82-83. Faith Library, 1983)

The Revival that began under Rodney Browne, a Hagin disciple was given momentum at Hagins church.

“Waves of God's glory swept through the sanctuary, and people broke out in Holy  Ghost laughter or dancing in the Spirit. Then Brother Hagin began laying hands on various  people in the audience, telling them to 'Be blessed!' He was operating under such a strong  anointing that ENTIRE ROWS OF PEOPLE WOULD FALL UNDER THE POWER OF  GOD when Brother Hagin touched the first person in the row—or at times just walked by the row! Afterwards, Brother Hagin began to close the service—but the Holy Ghost arrested him, striking him dumb or mute by the power of God! For the next hour, Brother Hagin, unable to speak himself, walked throughout the audience, handing various ministers the microphone so the minister could speak as the Lord led him. But the moment Brother Hagin gave the microphone to someone, THAT MINISTER WAS EITHER STRUCK DUMB, FELL UNDER THE POWER OF GOD, OR WAS OVERCOME BY HOLY GHOST LAUGHTER" (Description of a meeting in May conducted by Kenneth Hagin at the Winter Bible Seminar '96 on the RHEMA campus,).

It should be understood that Pastor Randy Clark of the Vineyard got the “anointing” which he brought to Toronto from a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting at Hagin’s church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is where the whole false revival got its momentum from.

The conclusion of his teachings and practices, they are outside the Christian teaching of the apostles who laid the foundation for the Church. To say these being accepted are dangerous would be an understatement. Those who promote experiences like these, teachings that are not in Scripture are to be avoided or be deceived into another Jesus who does what the real Jesus would not.



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