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An Apostles Empire -  Latter Rain Dominionism p.2

Harfouche cries out in his meeting “its Latter Rain time” and goes on and on about his field receiving rain. The people present cheer in response.

He tells people the Latter Rain is happening when it is not (Biblically, it happens in the Tribulation, to Israel first). Understand, the title of apostle was not popularized until the Latter Rain movement came along in the late 40’s.

“This is the hour when the mighty River of God will overflow the banks, when the streams whereof will reach every habitation.

Chains will be broken and yokes destroyed. The world living in darkness will see a House dwelling in great Light, experiencing the opposite; when the enemy is embarrassed, the Lord is exalted, and our victory procured”

God’s people –his army, his generation, his miracle workers –are not scattered. We are not called to be on the defensive (Elijah List)

Does the enemy get embarrassed? The content is Latter Rain dominion talk. And it is the example of taking it by force, dominionism. Some of what is mentioned will take place, in the Millennium under Christ – not now, not before His return.

If we are not called to be defensive, then we are called to be offensive. Defensive contains within its meaning, protection; offensive means aggression. This make sense because Harfouche is also the grandmaster and founder of the tai jutsu system. As “The grandmaster and founder of the tai jutsu system and the International Christian Karate Association was first introduced to the martial arts in Beirut, Lebanon.”

When his family moved to the United States, he learned the basics of combat by necessity as a youth on the streets of Los Angeles. 

He created the International Christian Karate Association, also in Pensacola, Florida, where he runs his training center. http://www.shoritetaijutsu.com/ (Covers he’s been on https://globalrevival.com/articles/2015/09/08/doctor-harfouche-budo/)

[One needs to read the quote carefully, was first introduced to the martial arts in Beirut, Lebanon. Not the first to introduce martial arts to Beirut.  there are others involved in brining martial arts to Beirut, and, others]

Whether a Christian can take martial arts, (some do) is not my point. He, as a major player in martial arts presents a unique enigma, as he is labeled a modern day apostle and prophet to the nations. Someone with a divine mandate to train and mobilize the army of God.

To be called an apostle of Christ and also a current teacher of combat skills seems to be contrary to each other.

If you are wondering if Harfouches martial arts is combined with his Christianity. He says "God wants to show Himself victorious in every arena of life," Harfouche told Charisma. "The anointing of God combined with the discipline and fitness of the art form is producing great results in the lives of our students." (https://www.charismamag.com/life/108-j15/0911-magazine-articles)

If you do still think there is no blend of martial arts with Christianity, think again. In an interview Black Belt magazine “Harfouche, stresses that while Christianity is an important part of his life, martial technique, not religion, is the focus of his teaching in the dojo.” “Although we’re not using religion with the martial arts, you cannot separate the spiritual aspects,” he says. “Training will help people improve in every area of their lives.” Harfouche says. “If the spiritual aspect is neglected, a person can end up a detriment to the martial arts and to society.”

Among the many techniques in Chin-na, there is also a transferring energy through the open hand.

Dominion words

He claims he will teach you to Flow in miracles, signs & wonders - Move in Great Faith - Overcome opposition - Live in the Anointing, Basically everything to become a Christian powerhouse.

Harfouche speaks dominionism by saying, “Our power is unlimited down here, because Jesus said, "All power is given unto Me in Heaven and in Earth" (Matthew 28:18). That means all power belongs to whom? Jesus. And to whom did He give it? To us.” (the Elijah List). underline mine

Where’s the Scripture for all the power that was given to Jesus (actually returned to Him after the resurrection) is also given to the saints. Nowhere did Jesus say that his power (authority) is transferred to us, that all His power is our power to use. Imagine sinful men given the power of God as Jesus had, to speak things into existence? Harfouche believes “The authority God gave you to operate on planet Earth goes out with those words” (The Hidden Power of your Words p.14).

So we have the power to eliminate enemies. To repair all things broken. Where’s the proof from Harfouche? No one asks for proof from him, they just accept what he says is correct. (Keep this in mind as we discover what else has taken place)

Harfouche says “The Lord has given us authority over all the powers of the enemy.

I want to bless you!

                   I say, God will give you supernatural seed to sow!

                    I say, you will hear the Lord’s voice clearer than ever before!

                   I say, the Lord will empower you to perform your call!

                   I say, Jesus will answer all of your prayers!

                   I say, God will reveal to you His divine strategies!

                  I say, the Lord will impart to you His Joy and His Strength!

                  I say, God will use your hands to bless the entire city of Pensacola and

                  I say, that the Lord will use you to change the world!

This is our year of Jubilee, our season of breakthrough, our time of breakout, our hour of performance, our season of blessing, our due time for restoration and transformation!

With these kinds of promise’s who would not want to be associated with the apostle, doctor, prophet in Pensacola. Though some of these promises are redundant some are tailor made only if you to join with the Harfouche’s to receive. They have you believe they have special abilities to impart these blessings. In true Nicolaitan style supernatural encounters are promised to come to you if you stick with the Doctor, Apostle, Prophet Harfouche[s].

To give a biblical perspective, Lk.4:18-19 when Jesus introduced himself, some see it as the year of Jubilee (Lev.25:11), that would 25-30 AD. A Jubilee year is every 50 years. To proclaim it is our Jubilee, our season of breakthrough, our time of breakout, our hour of performance, our season of blessing, our due time for restoration and transformation.” With all these promises that are to produce a life change one cannot say it is used symbolically.

Leading the Army of God

 “In 1990 Robin and Christian Harfouche receive a mandate to raise up 400,000 miracle workers for the end time harvest of souls” (video ad for IMI) AKA Joel’s Army, directly connected to William Branham’s Latter Rain teaching.

This timing is suspect because Larry Lea said in1989 (1 year prior to Harfouche) he was told by God to raise up an army of 300,000 prayer warriors to change the landscape for the harvest. The Lord told Lea to gather a prayer army of 300,000 to pull down strongholds everywhere.

Lea’s endorsement came from none other than the head of the apostles, NAR apostle Peter Wagner. Lea says, “Peter Wagner came to me about 8 months ago he said, Larry God told me about 5 years ago that 300,000 thousand intercessors, 300,000 prayers, that was the proper number to pull down the strongholds (video of Lea from on our spiritual warfare DVD).

I’m quite surprised the NAR has not called upon Harfouche to be a member. Maybe he is already joined somewhere else.

Peter Wagner says the number God is to raise up is 300,000 but he heard nothing about Harfouche’s 400,000 miracle workers. Together, with 700,000 they did not deliver. The fact is, if there were millions it would not be successful. Because God does not call for or need an army like this. Nor does he tell people such nonsense. It’s not God that counts his strength by numbers or ability (1 Chron.21:1).

A Revelation and Vision

We are told, “In the 33rd year of Doctor Harfouche’s ministry, in a global gathering that he had prepared for through more than 40 days of fasting, the voice of the Lord came to him saying, “I am increasing the level of your jurisdiction.” We are told some of those present witnessed a vision of Jesus Christ, standing behind the Doctor apostle prophet Harfouche and placing on his head a crown. He has since seen exponential increase as the Lord leads the Church into new fields and ever more effective methods of delivering the Truth of the Gospel to His people.(Global revival website)

He was crowned by Jesus. Really? And we are to believe this because of some lying visions? What these people saw is not from the Lord but it is accepted as if from Him. Let me break the bad news to you, everyone will have to wait for their rewards in heaven, (including Harfouche.) Jesus does not make special trips to crown anyone (Mt.5:12, 16:27; Lk.6:23; 1 Cor. 3:8, 14.) all rewards are future, if you have your reward now it’s not good thing (Mt. 6:2, 5, 16).

He will have a more effective method to deliver the truth of the gospel to his people? The gospel is to be delivered to those who are NOT his people, the unsaved. The gospel is about forgiveness of sin (1 Cor.15:1-4). All of this talk makes him super special, does it not? It also does not make any sense from Scripture, since we become God’s people from the gospel. The gospel saves, and it is the Spirit teaches us the truth of the word, how to interpret it, live by it as part of our growth to maturity, which is after our belief in the gospel. Do we need a crowned apostle, Doctor, prophet for this?  

Harfouche early on was involved heavily in Demos Shakarian’s Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship at an early age, speaking at chapter meetings. He became friends with Demos himself who endorsed William Branham, a man who among many things cursed the Trinity and said there is no eternal son of God.

Doctor Harfouche has close friendships with many of the modern day generals of the Christian faith, including the other doctors, Dr. Morris Cerullo, Dr. R. W. Shambach, Dr. Norvel Hayes, and Dr. John Avanzini. He is endorsed by Bishop Bill & Evelyn Hamon, Patricia King, XPMedia. Lance Wallnau, Tommy Tenney, Apostle Creflo and Taffi Dollar, John Eckhardt; Steve Shultz, Elijah list, need I say more? The list reads as the who is who of word faith and Latter Rain promoters. All of these men are off in a big way, ranging from thinking they are little gods to implementing taking over the world strategies.

The prophetic

This is what Christian Harfouche calls prophecy::

“There is going to be a mighty move of God. Hear me: God is going to hit in Cameroon. God is going to hit in Uganda. God is going to hit in Nigeria. God is going to hit in Kenya. God is going to hit in Mozambique. God is going to hit in Zimbabwe. God is going to hit in South Africa and in Libya. God is going to hit in the entire continent.

God is going to move miraculously in Bagdad. God is going to supernaturally do something in Iraq that is going to be a spiritual boom of the Spirit of God, and God is going to touch many people.

I want to release this word into the atmosphere for everyone. Listen to me: because in America, everything that I am saying has already been declared over you and I want you to catch this. Favor is going to manifest and evidence of the fact that those that are with you are greater than those that are against you.

Now we are in 2014. So do not waste the next three years for some "eminent", negative end-time thing to happen. You are going to find that God went ahead and put it in check, backing up His great faith that He poured into the Earth in order to release His anointing to 7 billion people and populate Heaven. Glory be to God! (December 31, 2013 at Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church in Pensacola FL)

Harfouche speaking like a prophet has his latter rain teaching permeate his declaring into the atmosphere. And it sounds like dozens of others in the false prophet category. God poured out his great faith and released his anointing to everyone on earth so they can be in heaven? Does anyone know what universalism is? Prophesying on the last day of the year does not have a good reputation, look at Benny Hinn‘s prophecies on Dec.31, 1999 yielded.

The Latter Rain upon YOU

“God will move powerfully beneath the glory of His corporate presence in a way that will outshine anything that we can refer to in history. This is the promise He has declared in His Word that in the last days, "I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh." God is raising to Himself a people that He has declared beforehand! "(The Future of The Church: Called to Be the Impossible)

I must have heard and read this mnemonic promise dozens of times over 20 years. The real Latter Rain of the Bible begins in Israel, in the Tribulation, where Jewish people are converted first in Jerusalem.

From his website: The Best Is yet to Come

So Jesus ascended and He blessed this new generation of people. He blessed them and said, “You’re going to continue; you’re going to multiply; you’re going to increase; you’re going to succeed; you’re going to grow; you’re going to reign! When I come back, I will find faith on the earth!

This is not historic only. The best is yet to come! The Church started with power but God didn’t run out of fuel. He has reserved the best until now!   (Christianity According to God By Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche - website)

the best until now -- I don’t think one can find a better echo of Bob Jones and the Latter Rain promises than this saved the best for last.” It’s invalid.

Harfouche did not say what Jesus said, he counters what Jesus actually said. This is only one of many examples of changing the word because he is speaking as a MODERN DAY APOSTLE..

Here is what the word of God actually says. The Scripture he cites is Luke 18:8 when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?"  KJV says,  “shall he find faith on the earth

This is rhetorical statement, part of a parable of a widow who has perseverance in prayer asking an unjust judge for justice against her adversary. Jesus uses the widow as an example for the future at his return. Some see this directly referring to the Tribulation period (Rev. 6:10). “And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?

The Spirit does not speak contrary to the meaning. Would the saints in the time of the Tribulation be found persevering in prayer as this woman is? In the Greek it is made clear: “Will He find (THIS) faith on the earth;” an enduring faithfulness, during a time of great testing. His answer implies that this kind of faith will be scarce. In other words when the Son returns will he find a persistent faith like that of the widow, the answer is in the negative, it will be rare.

   An Apostles Empire - A fight for dominion   Pt.3



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