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The Deteriorating effect of an Apostasy

There has been a huge pouring out of respect for Billy Graham from the world and the media. Many who were brought up in some type of religious background honor Mr. Graham. Many attribute his messages to making them aware of or bringing them to Christ.
What Graham said from the pulpit would be straight forward but this would at times change in personal interviews. I will refrain from giving examples at this time.

What I would like us to see is the Christian TV, youtube community has also spoken on his death and so much of this is pointing back to Benny Hinn.

Benny Hinn says, Dr. Billy Graham was the first man who truly affected my life as a Christian.” That is something you would never know considering how Hinn operates, especially his former statement on Katherine Khulmann.

“When Franklin prayed with me years ago, he encouraged me to focus on evangelism. After that prayer, he told me, “If you focus on souls, God will focus on you!”

As a result of Franklin’s words and influence, in every crusade I’ve held, I’ve led an altar call for lost souls to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.”

Hinn says of Billy Graham “he taught us all about soul winning” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oq9W4yoj0eE

That is certainly a point in question. But it is this next portion that I want to zero in on because it has become a theme for so many.
Hinn has recently said “No one remains living who has that kind of impact. Years ago, God distinctly told me that when Oral Roberts, Rex Humbard, and Billy Graham all go to be with the Lord, their passing would usher in one of the greatest days of revival in our lifetime.”

This what Benny Hinn on Praise the Lord July, 2012 spoke in response to Mark Chirrona speaking of Latter Rain (Branhamism) “We are coming into probably the most significant day in church history”, he speaks of a power coming from hidden ones, a many membered body “There won’t just be power on one or twoTheres going to be power on multiplied thousand and thousands.” Hinn has revelation and inserts his one cent of nonsense “And may I add the sign will be Billy Grahams death.”

“The Lord said to me in '89...sorry, yeah, '89. He said when Oral Roberts and Billy Graham go home will be the key—it will be the sign—of the beginning of the greatest revival on earth. Oral is home. Billy is about to go home. And when he does, I am telling the whole church, get ready.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yMztNyZ9c4

Get ready for what? This is what will occur after the death of Billy Graham, get ready, because these men do not speak for God in any capacity. The apostasy will worsen, get deeper and more pervasive. You may ask how can I say this with any certainty? Their track record. Whenever anything they speak of takes place, even remotely, it ends up to be the very opposite of what they say will occur.

Oral is mentioned as well, not exactly sure when Oral preached the gospel of salvation instead of the gospel of seed faith. Even with Billy Graham’s major flaws, bad or wrong associations, and his statements implying a universalism, he did preach the gospel. He did teach Jesus was God in the flesh.

Hinn mentions 1989, hmm. That’s the same year he made all the false prophecies on New Years Eve that did not come to pass.

Do You remember "The Lord also says that, Two of his great giants will die in the mid-90's. They've held the torch of revival for the last forty years, these two. One of them has been to this church, and the other has not. One will die suddenly while asleep. And the other will die of sickness. And as both giants die, which will be in the mid-90's, I will shake this world with a last revival.”

Didn’t happen then did it? What two giants are these? Roberts and Graham. And lets not overlook the Lord said this and it was wrong.

That same night Hinn on a roll said "God will destroy the homosexual community of America."
"The Spirit of God tells me, An earthquake will hit the east coast of America and destroy much in the 90's. Not one place will be safe from earthquakes in the 90's.”"The Spirit tells me, Fidel Castro will die in the 90's.”
None of this happened. This was addressed years ago in http://www.letusreason.org/b.hinn34.htm

Kim Cement said this before Benny Hinn's revelation, and he was just as wrong.
God says, "It shall come to pass, and you know it already, that My great generals who have stood the test of time shall decree before they die, 'It is time for me, it is well with my soul.' Billy Graham, I am calling you to be with Me – that the earth may see the Lord in a greater way, for your death will not bring about tears, but your death will bring about the unveiling of the Lord high and lifted up.
"For your death shall not bring, your death shall not bring, the closing … your death shall bring the raising up of great evangelists of this time," says the Lord of Hosts.
… God says, "As it comes to pass that you come to Me, as it comes to pass that soon Oral Roberts comes to Me, that I will take these and I will anoint the earth with a gracious, gracious double portion and they, the people, shall see the Lord and He will be high and lifted up.” (Prophesied by Kim Clement on December 9, 2006 – Portland, OR)

If one is familiar with how God speaks they know he does not speak of men in this manner. To say  people will see the Lord as Isaiah did is not how God speaks to man, this is a false spirit.

“…In the death of Billy Graham and Oral Roberts, a veil shall be torn that shall bring evangelism to the earth as never before. …’ that shall release an acceleration upon this nation and the Church, who shall see the Lord in a way, and salvation shall be the order of the day in streets, in factories, on buses, on trains and in planes.  (Kim Clement on December 30, 2006 – San Jose, CA)

This is the basis of what we are hearing from so many that are using his death as the fulcrum for our day. Both Hinn and Kim Clement were both false prophets extraordinaire, and yet they are the springboard for so many to build more false prophetic statements. Which makes this event even more important than most realize.

One person said Billy Graham’s death signifies the days of Church as we have known it are over. The days of the greatest revival in history are upon us, the days of Elijah.

The rush to claim friendship and mentorship by Graham is expected. They did the same for William Branham. We should take notice of who these people are.

And what about the sign of William Branham the last messenger to the church of whom they, the Latter Rain community all respect and admire and envy. What messenger was Graham to them?

Prophetic alert!!!

So many have dreams and visions saying Graham's death appears to be a sign of the Rapture or the Tribulation, some claim a shift in the spirit realm,  they are all trying to find meaning of his dying of old age! All are following the same spirits that spoke to Hinn and Clement.

The Gematria prophets have all come out using Billy Graham's death as a specific sign as said here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=he0scGGyD3M

What this has done is allowed the false prophets to have a dream have a vision


While many him credit they also attach this to what prophets are saying


I won’t put up any more links because this is all over the web and youtube and it is embarrassing to the church to see so many people make his death a landmark for prophecy. It is one thing to honor someone’s life if they see fit, it is another thing to make it to be something it is not. Which is what we are seeing as they try to make this part of end times prophecy.Gnostics, mystics, esoterics find deeper meanings where there are none!

The now head of Word of Faith movement, a Christianized new thought movement. Kenneth Copeland put his one cent in on Billy Graham. He too mentioned the so called "great awakening" that will happen following his death, as declared on here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wBdEnoItAU

He has predicted a Toronto Super Blessing for 2018 tying it into Graham’s departure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVlNV8nkWBU .

Copeland on his video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wBdEnoItAU) speaks of the dedication of Oral Roberts university in 1967 that Graham attended. Where he saw Graham and Roberts together in the elevator he says the anointing was so prevalent. He explains the close relationship Graham had with Roberts, which is not a plus.

But in true Copeland style he goes on to speak about revival and tells people to accept the Lord, here is how he gives the gospel. That Jesus stepped out of that body into the jaws of hell and he suffered the penalty there. He did everything it takes, up to not including your prayer he can’t pray you prayer. he then says he will lead them in prayer. oh God in heaven I believe with all my heart that you raised Jesus Christ from the dead, Jesus come into my heart, I receive you now as my lord and my savior.

There you have it, no mention of why he died and suffered on the cross (not in hell as Copeland and others teach). The missing element, the very purpose Christ became man was to die for SIN. (At least Graham directly spoke on this).

Copeland’s neglect may give us insight into what he actually believes. You see to say your sinful, in need of a savior to save you from that condition is rarely if at all mentioned by those in word faith. But this is non - negotiable according to the Bible (1 Cor.15:1-4).

Pastor Steve Cioccolanti uses Graham’s death as a change point and actually says

One of the great signals of a change in season is the passing away of a good man. Our Methuselah the Rev. Billy Graham, having preached that people should secure their eternity by trusting in Christ Jesus, has entered his heavenly mansion in eternity today. He lived from 1918-2018, and died short of his 100th birthday. The world will never be the same. There will never be another one like him.”
Well “good men” pass away every day. To say the world will never be the same is simply embellishing on his death. To say there will never be another like him is presumption. This is more than giving kudos to him.

He says a “season of new things is coming… new leadership coming in the body of Christ, and he gives examples of the passing of the old and states that the world sees this, does the church discern it?

Here is what I find disturbing. Cioccolanti speaking of a new season “if you operate in an old anointing when seasons have changed you will be in the Occult.”

He then asks what is the occult, saying we don’t discern that we could be involved in the occult, “But when you operate in an old anointing after seasons have changed, after god has moved on you are in fact part of the occult.” He then turns this to a new leadership that Jesus appointed for the church and we rebel against like they did with Moses. That becomes a concerning summation of his point.

Personally I do not think this person understands what occult means nor how it is practiced. He has applied to the wrong examples to it.

Let’s make this a Biblical matter. There is no such thing as a fresh anointing. This person is saying (like so many others) God’s Spirit gets stale, void. The Spirt is God, you do not need a fresh God, you either have him resident in you and allow His control over your life or you don’t. So many (hyper) Pentecostals/ Charismatics use this term from the Latter Rain that William Branham used, “that we might have a fresh anointing. As Brother Shakarian asked” (65-0426, Proving His Word, Embassy Hotel, Los Angeles, CA). There is no such thing taught in the New Testament.

BILLY GRAHAM Sign of NEXT Move of GOD, Changing of the Guards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_s3tPcvPIGE

Another so called Word faith preacher, Joel Osteen, who is deep into new thought and the occult (by visualization and using I AM affirmations) has joined in the fray, he actually says Graham was his mentor. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feuBo5L9mXc
Graham in his preaching mentioned sin and the cross, Osteen avoids it.

Time magazine says "After Billy Graham, Rick Warren may be the most famous, living evangelical in the world" http://time.com/5169730/billy-graham-rick-warren/

Rick Warren says “Growing up in a Baptist home, Billy Graham was our pope”. What a sad thing to say, no Christian should have a pope. What makes this interesting, when Graham was alive Rick Warren called all Christians to submit to the pope and called Pope Francis "our pope.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igNCUw1adIw)

Dominionist Lance Wallnau gives out a Billy Graham Prophecy where he says God will raise up two Billy Grahams, a man and a woman that will evangelize in the news media, the arts and the business arena. He says God calls Graham a king. The day he died “the prophetic shall gain a new insight and sight.” And of course “A Billy Graham anointing is coming upon a new generation of believer”, “That he saw a Elijah transaction, something coming down” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBVNSHS53B0

Those who preach another gospel are so quick to react on a man who did preach the gospel. I’m sure over the coming weeks this will become more pervasive.

It estimated that Graham in over 60 years preached to approximately 215 million people in 185 countries. He also advised about a dozen U.S. presidents. His influence was extensive.

I think this is worth mentioning without being taken away from the subject we are focusing on. Celebritynetworth.com reports Graham was worth approximately $25 million. That's quite a large figure, to be sure, but it's only enough for Graham to place sixth on a list of America's richest pastors compiled by beliefnet.com. “I guess that is a comfortable conservative number for over 60 years of ministry compared to those who speak things into existence as numbers 1-5. Ahead of Graham are: Creflo Dollar ($27 million), Joel Osteen ($40 million), Benny Hinn ($42 million), Pat Robertson ($100 million), and Kenneth Copeland ($760 million).

What befuddles me is that these same people attribute Graham to be their inspiration and mentor. Some of these men will use anything to make themselves look like they are doing the work of the gospel and defending Christ to a hostile world.

Why would people say that the death of Billy Graham, or anyone else for that matter will begin a worldwide revival, or the Rapture, or change the spiritual atmosphere of the world? Because they are not grounded in the truth. If his death shows anything, it is bringing out the unstable, immature people, the false prophets, known and unknown to comment on how important his death is.

So get ready because their reaction shows the direction the church is going in.



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