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p.1 Apollo Quiboloy, The Newest Son of God Imposter

The man Apollo Quiboloy is a self-proclaimed Son of god, replacing Jesus, (The Messiah of the World). That salvation now, can only come through him, and him alone, his followers worship him and have what appears to be, a sworn allegiance to him.

It was alarming when Apollo Quiboloy (Born, and living in the Philippines) announced that he was now called to be ‘Gods appointed Son as the leader of his 6, up to 8 million member Philippine based cult following. Quiboloy has replaced the name of Jesus, identifying himself as a literal extension as the son of God (Jesus of the Bible) on earth.

His Church group is called: ‘Kingdom Light Colonies’ (KLC) and are all over the world. The USA, North and South America, Canada, the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia), 4 to 6 million of his followers are in the Philippines. Quiboloy is a man who has deceived his followers to honor and worship him over the True Biblical Jesus.

He rejects the Bible when it says that Jesus has always existed With the Father and The Holy Spirit, (No beginning and No end), he rejects that Jesus is God, who came to the world through the virgin birth of Mary, he believes that Jesus was just a man.

Quiboloy rejects the teachings of Christianity, but yet still distorts and applies them to himself and to his followers.

The size of his membership has doubled in 10 years, and continues to grow. The 4 to 6 million members are among a Philippine population of 109 million.

This movement has the potential to become the most dangerous Christian cult group in the world, because of the fanatical fervor of his followers, combined with the influence he has over them.

In over 35 years of studying dangerous cult groups, it is our estimation, that if he and his followers continue on this current trajectory, there is a high probability that it will end like the Jim Jones and The Peoples Temple. In 1978 Jim Jones, who believed he was God, who was called Dad by his followers; led them into a collective suicide of 930 of his (Mostly American men, women, and children members) in their remote jungle commune, at Jonestown Guyana.

Jim Jones only had just under a 1,000 followers on his commune, in comparison to Apollo Quiboloy has over 8 million followers who are just as loyal and allegiant to him.

An Imposter and counterfeit

The Bible calls Scripture, (Eternal Truth). And God is not a man that he should lie. Quiboloy changes Gods word by claiming to be the Son of God; proving himself to be a counterfeit Christ, How do we know this? Jesus said this would take place in the last days. It is called in scripture an antichrist, one who replaces Christ.

Quiboloy exalts himself above all other men, even the savior, claiming he is without sin because he is perfectly obedient, that he is the most righteous man living (meaning he is without sin).

Speaking of the Father, he says: “He now can finally come and have a house here where He can dwell and that Son will be the heir of all things.” Meaning himself as the heir.

The Father spoke to him saying, “when they hear your voice, they will listen to you because my sheep know my voice. You will be my audible voice in the world.” God has said in his word “In these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds” (Heb. 1:2).

Quiboloy says this is him, he has fulfilled this passage of the Son who is the heir; but he has created nothing. The genuine eternal son, Jesus, is the heir because he is also God the creator of all things. By stating this, Quiboloy is saying that he is also the Creator of the worlds / the Creator of all things. However, all true Christians who know their Bible, know he is not.

So, He does not honor the true Son, He does not even believe in Jesus, norhis Word as Scripture teaches to have salvation.

His claim,“in this last days Almighty father did not send us a prophet but he sent us his son”, (that he himself)“Fulfillm ent of the old and the New Testament” that what is taking place is being fulfilled in him.

We continually hear him use the terms “Gospel of the Kingdom” and “The Kingdom of Jesus Christ,” but never hear him actually share the good news, that God's grace of Christ's crucifixion, death, and resurrection saves; but rather, people testify to Quiboloy giving them salvation.

So now it is the good news of Apollo Quiboloy instead. Quiboloy also claims to be in possession of divine powers, including commanding to stop the 2019 Cotabato earthquakes , and said that the public should thank him for stopping it. But the fact is He did not prevent it, because over 40 people were killed or are missing and nearly 800 people were injured.

We hear of people that die but no one is resurrected! Why didn’t he raise anybody from the dead at that disaster as he allegedly had before? He tells us His miracles ceased, by saying “I was used to those miracles happening in those five years, and I liked it so much because those were the years of the spiritual training that really catapulted me into the stratosphere of spiritual experience that no man has experienced in this world today, except me.”

He then goes on to give the most illogical, nonsensical excuse why he no longer performs miracles, saying, I asked Him (The Father), “What happened?” God's answer, “My Son, everything now is finished. Your training is now finished. I am not outside of you anymore. That is why you don’t hear My voice anymore. I am now inside of you. You are now my Temple. You are now my Residence. You are now my House. You are now my Church. You are now my Tabernacle.”

(the Bible says all who believe in Jesus are the temple 1 Cor. 3:16, 6:19; 2 Cor. 6:16)

How would he hear from the Father less if the Father is now inside, residing in him? Quiboloy didn’t think this argument through.

Here we have the typical grandiose boasting and claims of all false messiahs. The Bible teaches that in the last days that there will be false Christs. The True Jesus said, that “If anybody says I have come, don’t believe them,” for when he comes to be on earth, it will be like lightning flashing from the east to the west. That the whole world will see Him at the same time, and that when He comes, that He will destroy ALL His enemies gathered in Israel (called Armageddon), this will end the Great Tribulation period, of which is still a future event to come.

Quiboloy describes hearing God continually (for his testing that lasted five years) through visions, revelations, dreams, and an audible voice, but as soon as I heard Him say “Now, You are my Son,”I did not hear Him anymore.” Quiboloy believes that the Father now resides in his body and that he is the embodiment and culmination of all the revelations of God. Which is what the Bible only applies to Jesus as the Word.

He tells people the voice he heard was the same voice Moses heard (at the Burning Bush) and the same voice Paul heard (on the Damascus Road Acts 9). This is only the third time in history God spoke to a man in a similar fashion. Quiboloy is again presenting himself to also be as great as Moses and the Apostle Paul.

He steals the words of Jesus that spoke of himself in Jn.14, that He is "the way the truth and the life" and that "no one comes to the Father except through me [Quiboloy]." He takes the very words that Jesus spoke of himself and applies it to himself!!

Jesus meant he IS the way by his crucifixion. The new covenant is the only way to the Father, by shedding His own blood, by giving up His own life, to death, and raising His own body from the death to prove that He is who the Bible claims Him to be. Jesus said He is the Way the truth the life and to follow HIM, to hear HIS Word only. Jesus Christ alone isthe ‘only Son of God’ whom we are instructed to believe and follow. As I stated before, what matters is not what Apollo Quiboloy says of himself, but what the Bible says and the two cannot be reconciled. According to the bible, Quiboloy is an Imposter, and an Anti-Christ by the very words of his own mouth who is against God's Word trying to supersede it and receive worship that is to go to God alone. He has done exactly what the bible says that Satan did, and who the bible also calls the Father of lies.

He explains “How I was made an Appointed Son?” That’s it, Revelation 21:7 . I was able to overcome Satan Lucifer the devil and not only overcome, but defeat him, and I inherited all things—the Sonship. I inherited heaven. Heaven is mine. The earth is mine. All the souls of humanity are mine. Whatever the Father has created is mine. Everlasting life and life eternal is mine.” ‘And while I am here becoming King in the Kingdom of His dominion, who are under His dominion? The New Creation, the New Creatures, the New Earth.

Everything is under his jurisdiction. This kind of talk is alarming and dangerous. This is exactly what Jesus and the apostles warned us about, this man is fully deceived and deceiving others. The danger is following this man as being Christ, for he is a false Christ. For the only Son of God spoken of is the Messiah who is the head of God's kingdom forever (Isa.9:6). This is sin and blasphemy, there is a need for more voices to speak out on this man who has made his kingdom on earth calling it Gods kingdom and calling himself christ on earth. By claiming eternal life for himself he believes he will never die. But, the most important thing is, what will happen to his millions of followers when he does die?

2 Peter 3:13 “Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.” Quiboloy says, “You need not look anymore.” According to Quiboloy the new heavens and earth are here now and are under his control (what an arrogant narcissist, this is just like the pride of the Devil). Only a person with the spirit of antichrist could speak these blasphemous words.

He continues his delusion by saying:Who are the New Earth? You are the New Earth. Everyone who has repented, eliminated the serpent seed, and passed through water and fire and was able to overcome is the Father’s New Earth” That “I am the model of the New Earth”

Through his profane teaching’s, Apollo Quiboloy goes against God's Holy Word in numerous ways, one of them being, that the “ Second Coming of Jesus Christ is a physical interpretation that Misleads humanity.”

He is advertised as one who“has shattered age-old beliefs and torn down traditions held sacred by religion and denomination. He is bringing to the world the message of truth in these last days.”

Gods warnings in the Bible

In the last days, we are warned by the only begotten Son of God and his chosen apostles of those coming in his name with a counterfeit authority, to deceive many. Which exactly what we see him doing, this fits Quiboloy to a T.

Matt 24:5 “ For many will come in My name, saying, 'I am the Christ, (anointed one)' and will deceive many. (Mk.13:6) V:11 “ many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.”

Felix Manalo and his Iglesia Ni Christo certainly are left in the dust heap of history, as Quiboloy takes the nation kingdom concept further than Manolo could have ever imagine. He explains the rapture by spiritualizing the words, “ you go out from your grave of sin and are resurrected into life… the first phase of the rapture is when you listen to my voice, and you accept it;…The rapture is taking place right now. That is why there is a New Jerusalem (which he says is Davao City) Your spirit is now raptured with me.”

He convolutes the word saying, “Now you are my Son,” I am the only Son that was produced. Remember, it always begins with one. If He raptured me at that time, I will be the only one to be raptured. What about you? You will still be in the grave of disobedience. That’s why He sent me.”

Again, his blindness and total misunderstanding of God’s Word continues by him blatantly twisting of it. Quiboloy says his being chosen began On April 25, 1950 at his birth, That his mother o heard a voice while delivering this child and the voice of God saying, “That is my son.” It took 6 years and he was “given the enlightenment that “You are the chosen one,” chosen by the Father Almighty. “When I grew up in Him, and I heard His voice that said,“Now, You are my Son,” it means that He can now come. It was the beginning of the Second Coming.” Speaking of himself.

Quiboloy, coming from the fallen Adamic race, used his freedom of choice to follow the Father’s Will no matter what.” Applying Rom. 5 to himself “By the disobedience of one man, all will die, but by the obedience of one, all will live.”

This is not just ignoring Gods Word, this again is Quiboloy blatantly stealing for himself, all that is about Jesus. For it is Jesus alone, who reconciled all humanity to himself by what he did on the Cross, by his physical death and by his physical resurrection from the dead, which is the gospel available for anybody, (Including Quiboloy himself) if he would humble himself and choose to come to the True Jesus the way Jesus said to be saved.

If one looks at the Word describing the second coming, Jesus returns to earth from heaven with his saints and destroys the armies that oppose him gathered in Megiddo, not so says Quiboloy.

He rejects the Word of truht, because of his confusion, arrogance, constant twisting of scripture shows his utter lack of understanding the Word. Determined to exalt himself as being the replacement for the true eternal Son of God, Quiboloy has completely divorced himself from biblical accuracy by endlessly taking the scriptures out of their intended context, of the focus on Jesus, and to rather have the focus directed to himself instead.

Heaven is

He teaches that“Heaven is another planet untouched by man hanging up there in the universe.” “ Where Jesus Christ is there will I be also. Now, He chose me for you.”

He believes God (Jesus?) lives on another planet? This another false teaching borrowed from Mormonism. New Jerusalem is being built by him in the Philippines (INC Felix Manalo taught something similar), attempting to make the Philippines a theocratic kingdom nation. The Jews and Israel have now been discarded and replaced by him as the New improved son, in his new land.

He explains “Do you know that heaven is a planet like other planets hanging out there? It is a planet given to the Appointed Son. It is the most beautiful planet in the universe. But before you can go there, you have to go to my planet here on Earth first. It is not planet Hollywood. It is planet Quiboloyan. That is my planet. That is my Earth. And that is my heaven where my Father dwells. Do you want to go there? I am the way, the truth, the life.”

Biblically, Heaven is not a planet nor does Quiboloy have his own planet though he is in his own orbit, narcissistically circling himself.

His accomplishments



Those who attest to his kingdom have been thoroughly deceived, Regina Arevalo is a high-ranking senior member of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This story first came out on Sept. 14, 2020.

There are certain people the “appointed son of God” calls his “miracle workers,” a select few who have earned his trust but of course have not been chosen or exalted as he has.

Read more: https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1550487/all-the-pastors-women-the-big-eight-in-quiboloys-clique#ixzz8BSWky2sB

Still there are others speak out on Qiboloy’s new religion and present evidence against him.

According to The Philippine Star on August 19, 2023 his Facebook and Instagram pages were taken down, (others social media appear to have been deleted earlier) though his Twitter account is still up. His YouTube account was terminated in June and was then reinstated, where he is now broadcasting through.

In 2015, the FBI was already investigating Quiboloy for human trafficking in Hawaii . Prosecutors on behalf of the United States Department of Justice indicted Quiboloy and other church members on charges of sex trafficking on November 11, 2021. The United States sanctioned up to forty individuals and entities from nine different countries for corruption and human rights violations.

February 5, 2022, The FBI released a wanted poster for Apollo Quiboloy. He is still on the most wanted list of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) over Conspiracy to Engage in Sex Trafficking by Force, Fraud and Coercion, and Bulk Cash Smuggling. I had called the FBI on his status and was told they could not comment on an ongoing case. Apparently, they have no sway to extradite him from the Philippines where he is located. As long as he remains in his country the FBI cannot extradite him though the State department can put pressure on the Philippine government, but none has been taken, and it has been reported this could take years .

These charges have been disputed by His legal team previously denied the allegations against Quiboloy. These consist of KOJC general counsel Michael Green, personal legal counsel, Manny Medrano, and lawyer Ferdinand Topacio said there was a lack of due process in the US sanctions on their client.

They comment,“It’s just a sad day. It’s a pathetic day when the press release could be issued by the United States government to Department of Treasury based on mere allegations. No one has been convicted,” Medrano said.

What’s new today?

The Philippines has a history of being a very religious country predominantly Roman Catholic, yet Quiboloy he has challenged them openly by the declaration and claims of who he is.

On Aug.20, 2023 Apollo Quiboloy head of ‘Restorationist church’ that he calls ‘the Kingdom of Jesus Christ’ did a live broadcast from his headquarters. His audience recipients are seen all dressed in white, and both men and women are separated on each side of the room.

After their worship time there was prayer and there were testimonials. His audience speaks in unison of his kingdom “has NOW come, his will being done in your new heaven, your new Jerusalem “done on earth by his son (Apollo) your garden of Eden restored.”

Where exactly is this, The Philippines. Millions from all “ over the world and the newly baptized Kingdom citizens from all over the world come together those who have entered the New Covenant here in the New Jerusalem at the Covenant mountain and Paradise Garden of Eden now restored in the city of Mayon Davao City.

There are several variant postings of the same service. One is 5 hours long, another,4 hours long, another is nearly 3 hours, and still another post is about an hour long strictly of what he alone spoke.

Numerous times the pastor is called by other speakers as the anointed or appointed Son of God, he is praised honored and even worshiped in the music and the words of the people’s testimony. Quiboloy’s followers may not know that they are committing idolatry. They do not know he is not teaching them what the bible means. He is clearly one of the “many antichrists” as mentioned in 1 Jn.2:18 who is leading the people to receive the antichrist spirit, as they accept him as the Son of God.

The followers receive manna (revelation by the new son), who forgives them of their sins, He tells them “satan, Lucifer, the Devil is totally vanquished since April 13 2005(the date Apollo announce himself as the newly appointed son), carnality was totally defeated on Nov. 1, 2021

So Satan is vanquished, carnality was destroyed but sin is still among people? Who do you believe, Quiboloy or Gods Word? We a choose The words Lord Jesus Christ, The God of Israel.

He and his followers insist that “the s on has completed the work of salvation he is now enthroned as king of the new creation.” That they are now sons and daughters “completely free from the serpent seed, and they now reign in power, authority dominion and victory. The scepter of righteousness rules through the land, darkness and death are forever gone… they are convinced,“Gods perfect will is being done through your appointed son, that all men should honor the son even as they honor the father who sent him. All glory praise and thanksgiving through your appointed son pastor Apollo Quiboloy be unto you our father almighty our Lord Jesus Christ…”(Aug.20 2023 messageTime on video 2:36-2:38 )

Their confession of faith is Qiboloy himself. His distorted interpretations have misled his followers to worship him. Quiboloy has confused his ardent followers that Jesus is the Father and that he is now the Son (Which he originally picked up with the Oneness Pentecostal movement which also confused him and was used to lead to his own appointed sonship).

His followers sing,“the Praises glory honor only to the name of our Almighty father our Lord Jesus Christ the creator of us all through your appointed son the Lord.”(who is Quiboloy)

Quiboloy is still ‘oneness’ and still confused. He claims that the serpent seed is why God chose Quiboloy, making him the Christ for the Gentiles.’ The new son also spiritualizes passages just like William Branham another false teacher and prophet. William Branham, another Oneness Pentecostal, who denied the Triune nature of God that has Jesus as the eternal Son of God, who has always existed with the Father and the Holy Spirit. The same biblical teaching that Quiboloy also rejects.

He used the terminology ‘serpent seed’ and exalted himself to be the messenger to the Laodicean church, I find Quiboloy’s claims as an even greater deception and a greater threat to the true Church and to the public itself, than Branham was.

Jesus completed the work of salvation nearly 2,000 years ago, we do not have a ‘newer new covenant’ that Quiboloy claims to be in charge of. There is only one new covenant, it is focused on Jesus who died for sin, he alone is the true messiah.

Anyone who reads the Bible without his slanted interpretation misleading them will know he is not a minister of God but has transformed himself into an angel of light (2 Cor.11:14-15). Millions of Filipinos are gathered in his unity of religious nationalism around him as a self proclaimed false Christ figure, and the words and concepts spoken are absolutely alarming.

p.2 The replacement of the son, salvation and Nationalizing a countries religion


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