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Christianity - entering the danger zone

Some are oblivious to the current state the Church is in, others ask how did this happen.

Why is there such a proliferation of false teachers in the church?

Putting aside Bible prophecy being fulfilled, we, the church have enabled them, even encouraged them because they receive little or no consequences to their blatant false teaching.

One needs to be careful whom they choose as teachers they learn from. The first line for detection is who they claim Jesus is. Is he God come in the flesh? Some claim he is God but say he came as a man not God, which means the incarnation of God is missing.

There are those who are saying Jesus is the eternal God but came to earth as a man (Bill Johnson)

he emptied Himself of His divinity and became a man. Or he never claimed to be deity (Copelands)

Jesus didn't come as God, he came as a man” (Creflo Dollar and Kenneth Copeland)

Jesus affirmed his deity constantly, by his action and by the Scripture being fulfilled. He said he came from above, by the very term “The Son of God” it means he has the same nature as his Father. (the “only begotten” being unique, the only man who is God)

God can’t stop being God in any way. Mal.3:6 “I the Lord do not change”

William Branham taught, “He lived as a man until He was baptized by John, at Jordan.

He was Jesus when He was born. But when the Holy Ghost came upon Him after His baptism, He was anointed with God. God was in Him.

That’s when he became Immanuel, therefore the incarnation is denied.

This is called the doctrine of “Adoptionism,” it was considered heresy in the early church and we see this being revived today.

If one denies Jesus came as God in the flesh can they be a Christian? It is the basis of our faith, it is part of the salvation message. It is not only that He died for sin but WHO DIED for our sin!

All of Christianity hinges on who Jesus is, whom was sent as the savior. The incarnation is the beginning. All other doctrines are cohesive to this main core doctrine. The teaching of who Jesus is not ambiguous. It is clear and repeated throughout the New Testament.

We find that most of the word faith teachers deny his deity. They have learned many of their strange doctrines from Finis Dake. Whom said speaking of God we have “Three separate distinct persons, individuals in the godhead,…The father is one person who had a son about 1900 years ago of a virgin Mary and one of them became the son of the Father about 1900 years ago by the same virgin.” (video -Original PTL with Jim Baker)

there is no eternal son (nor Father) because when son was born then there was a father. Exactly how are there three in the godhead if one BECOMES the son?

Dake said “As man and as God's Son He was not eternal, He did have a beginning,” So he denied the incarnation.

Watch out for those teaching that Jesus became a Son. The Bible teaches the Father sent the Son from heaven as the savior.

Dake is the favorite Bible to read among word faith teachers, he was completely wrong on many core doctrines.

The Bible does not teach He left his deity (in heaven) to be only a man, for the simple reason of “who” was sent to become man. This is a denial the core teaching of who came from heaven to earth to die for our sin. He was 100% man and 100% God the whole time, even when he was suffering on the cross. Which is also denied by these teachers of word faith.

You cannot influence people with what is false if they know the truth. Unfortunately man think they know the truth from what they have been taught but never have checked it out to see if it is THE TRUTH from the WORD

If you do not have these core doctrines of the faith correct all the other doctrines connected to them will be affected, they are organic. It will yield confusion. And that is what we see in the church today, especially on the nature of God.

If you are not building on the right foundation you will have confusion occur. You can’t build on the foundation when you have missing parts in it. The most important piece is Jesus Christ as God in the flesh.

They have various explanations on the Incarnation. Rodney Browne was taught in Kenneth Hagin’s Rhema SCHOOL OF WORD FAITH he says, "Nothing Jesus did was because He was the Son of God. The Bible says He laid aside His royal robes of Deity and when He walked on earth He did so as a Prophet under the Abrahamic Covenant."

Then who came from heaven? What of the incarnation? It’s not there.

But many of the most sought after speakers deny his incarnation. Even so called healing evangelists like Todd White who says “Jesus, he walked and lived as a man. and he didn’t, he didn’t live as God on the earth. Jesus is born of the virgin Mary, he is born as a man, he’s not born as God. He’s God’s son but he had to do what he did as a man in order to make me right with God.”

The Christian distinctive are the essential doctrines. It is the faith that was once delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3). God was manifested (revealed) in the flesh. In the Bible he is called “Emmanuel - God with us” For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, in reference to His incarnation.

Consider Col. 2:9 “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily;” to dwell is a present tense verb, which means a continuing action. Deity had a permanent home in Christ. Otherwise the Scripture “God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself could not be true (2 Cor.5:19)

The main doctrine that all of Christianity hinges on, that all are connected to is; Jesus is God. That the preexistent Son of God took on human flesh by a virgin conceiving. Isa. 7:14 is a foundational doctrine to the incarnation. This belief that Jesus is God is found throughout the Scripture and it distinguishes a believer from those who are in the cults or are believing what is false. Without it you have only a man, and you’re belief is no different than the world that already denies that God did not come to earth in the person of Jesus Christ.

You are in the same state of sin otherwise you have become as Paul said, believing in vain.

Only God is the savior. If Jesus is not God how can he die for the sins of those in the past before he lived, or for his day and the future? Only God can do that.

Jesus is called by Paul the Apostle “our great God and Savior.” (Titus 2:13)

1 John 4:14-15 And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son as Savior of the world.”

The Scriptures on God alone being the savior is too numerous. However, believing Jesus is the savior in a general sense is not enough.

Agreeing Jesus is the Son of God in a general sense without actually understanding its meaning as his unique claim to deity is not enough.

Jesus is God who became man. The eternal son of God that took a human nature through the virgin conceiving.

This is “THE ISSUE” today. If you do not have the savior right than how can you have the true gospel? If Jesus is just a man than you have another gospel. Then there is no incarnation – God becoming a man to save. Selah.



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