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Does Kenneth Copeland actually believe what he says or teaches?

As if we have no had enough false teaching from Mr. Copeland, he now puts his foot with his shoe on in his mouth and gives us more fear and hypocrisy, adding to his false prophecy.

At his ‘VICTORYthon fundraiser’ (Sept.26,2021), Copeland said he needs a private jet in order to travel freely without following vaccine mandates, which he calls "the mark of the beast."

First of all, Mr. Copeland has several private jets, so does he really need another?

If one has enough memory it was in early 2020 that Mr. Copeland spoke for God and pronounced the covid virus dead , then later on he demanded a vaccination to come…

On Mar.29. "In the name of Jesus standing the office of the prophet of God I execute judgment on you covid 19, I execute judgment Satan you destroyer, you killer, you get out we break your power, you get off this nation, I demand judgment I demand, I demand, I demand a vaccination to come immediately. … I call you gone, gone, gone, gone , gone . …. IT IS FINISHED - IT IS OVER, and the United States of America is healed and well again.”

A man to left of him says " Covid19 has ceased to existThen Copeland responds "at exactly 12 noon on the 29th day of March. " They break out into praise, thank you Jesus “ its over”! (Mar.29.2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzNdxIlg8nE

Now he has insinuated the Covid virus is the mark of beast and shows us what he really thinks. He is fearful and shows that he does not care one iota for the people listening to his lack of wisdom as he stated,

" You get into this situation, `We're not gonna let you fly unless you're vaccinated. 'Well, to me, that's the mark of the beast."

He later walked it back a step "Not the vaccination," "I'm not taking the vaccination, but you can do what you wanna do."

If It is the mark of the beast, what of him saying but you can take, that’s fine with him. This is far worse than just manipulating people for a plane. He is fine seeing people condemned ‘by the mark’ for eternity by not warning them. Do what you want! I'll do what i want! And he is called an evangelist! A Billionaire (he has bragged on this fact) who is asking for money for a NEW Jet! A Tele-evangelist – really, he can’t even understand Scripture on this matter, much less anything else; as he calls himself a little god!

And standing by him when he made this statement is Lance Wallnau with Jesse Duplantis. Wallnau has a program on politics that is actually  more accurate than his Christian teaching (the 7 mountains, dominionism and his baad Bible interpretations). Are we going to hear Mr. Copeland’s new teaching on Wallnau’s TV program anytime soon?

And Mr. Duplantis, who is bragging how he is a multi millionaire on the show but he won’t buy Mr. Copeland his mentor a jet, so he does not believe in his tithing teaching either.

These false teachers have shown who they are and what they are about and yet unthinking church goers that call themselves Christians continue to support them. They probably will jump at the chance to buy Copeland his jet. Which displays to us how baad teaching corrupts, misleads, and deceives so many today.


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