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Presenting the Gospel Today

Evangelism is a natural byproduct of a healthy church. The word when received engages us to do his work. When we find out what God has done for use we become eager to serve him we do not need to be coerced or pushed into doing work, like the cults do. We do it joyfully, eagerly because it is from our heart and it is fulfilling his will.

When presenting the gospel it is always a good idea to give the person their current spiritual state so they know why they need the gospel. Only when one knows they are drowning ARE THEY WILLING to call on the lifeguard.  Jesus is the lifeguard; he is the firemen, and a policeman.

He is the lifeguard that save us from drowning, He as fireman rescues us from the fire, and he will preserve and protect us. He is our ďall in all,Ē letís make him that for others.

But to give the gospel one must be prepared for objections and questions. That means they need to be equipped.

The basics of the gospel is that it is Godís way to repair mans severed relationship with Him. Any teacher or preacher that does not include manís separateness from God because of sin is not focused on the gospel. And they will not use it correctly for those in need of it.

In presenting the gospel it needs to be defined in its points. Furthermore the gospel needs to be explained. This is why when we are presenting the gospel it is just as important to explain ďthe whoĒ of the Gospel as the what. What Jesus did only becomes efficacious because of who He is.

What am I saying? The who (Jesus is God), is just as important as the what (that He died for our sins.) 

This is especially important to reach those that are in cults. Why? Because nearly all those in the cults will agree and say that Jesus is the Son of God. But to them he is not God (the Son). So  they need to know the person of the Gospel not just the work that was done which they already know about.

To a Jewish mindset of the first century calling Jesus the Son of God, Godís son was clearly meant to being an equal. This is why they picked up stones to stone him ďfor blasphemy, and because You, being a Man, make Yourself God." (John 10:33) This is something Jesus said several other times.

Today we have a western culture view and his statements are not as obvious, especially when one is trying to conveying to our culturized unbelievers what is being said in the Scripture.

It is also beneficial to stay away from Christian terminology and use everyday plain meanings that they can grasp. Telling someone they will be justified by faith, sanctified by the Spirit, glorified by the resurrection means nothing to those unfamiliar with the Bible. The message must be understood to be believed and received.

The gospel is our lifeline not just the one time we exercise faith for salvation. We are saved by the word of truth, the gospel (Eph.1:13); we begin our walk of faith with Christ in truth (2 Thess.2:13), and are to continue in it (Col.1:6; 1 Thess. 2:13; 1 Pt.1:23); and we stand in the gospel (1 Cor.15:1-2).






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