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Help is on the way?

To my shock, as I was looking at news sites, I went to drudgereport and on top appeared an advertisement for the new age Christ (Maitreya; May 10, 2021). The link led to a headline “A new future is possible” stating they have a message of hope for humanities call for help from Share International.

Underneath the ad were stories on Israel being attacked and entering war.

This headline on a popular news website opens up the Pandora box to the world for learning of the false messiah, Maitreya.

Speaking the language of the youth who are in rebellion to law they (Share Int.) cite “social and economic division, environmental destruction, war, planetary peril along with many other obvious problems.

But their solution is through the false one (Maitreya) - claiming his “path leads to increasing social harmony, economic and environmental balance, and a golden era of peace.”

This same message without his name is being spoken and supported by others in government, even in America.

Share International spreads Maitreya's message. Their solution is actually spiritual communism. Stating the world's 225 richest people have a combined wealth of over $1 trillion, equal to the annual income of the poorest 47 per cent of the world's people. They speak of lack of housing, hunger, modern health services, undernourished children, lack of education in school, those without basic sanitation all are problems we should all be aware of.

Their solution, seems like a common sense practical one, is, sharing is the answer; “share the resources and save the world.” This has become an appealing message for the uneducated youth, many who agree are Marxists and communist type agitators who are causing trouble, an upheaval worldwide.

No doubt the conditions are ripening for the false one to be revealed. Benjamin Creme, a British artist was a long-time student of the Ageless Wisdom, he became the primary source for the emergence of Maitreya through channeling. He is now deceased (copying the same as John the Baptist in the Bible), and the false Christ is soon to be revealed. Maybe it will coincide with the information on UFO’s. As we get closer to the Day of Declaration, when Maitreya will openly declare himself as World Teacher for all religions, the Christ of our age (the age of Aquarius). And many will respond as a cloak of spiritual darkness spreads it covering over the people.

The Bible has a lot to say on all this, especially those who notice the nations being in disarray, conflicts rising with war, and the earth itself being affected by earthquakes, tsunamis, along with plagues, and famines. All of which are present (Mt.24) and were foretold by Jesus in very specific terms.

Jesus warned many will come in his name, there will first be false prophets that proclaim, false Christ's whose purpose is to deceive - especially the elect, the believers of whom the world will turn on. Then comes another in his own name, the ultimate false representation of Christ that will deceive the world to follow him by his signs and wonders, with a sheer display of power (2 Thess.2).

Is Help is on the way? Yes, but not from Maitreya, but from the real Jesus Christ who said he would return a certain way (Acts. 1:11). Jesus said he is “the Truth.” We are told in Scripture “ Because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved . … they will believe the lie (2 Thess. 2:10-11)

Turn to the true one, who is the truth and he will set you free from the unrighteous deception that is taking place, as the "mystery of lawlessness (that) is already at work (2 Thess. 2:7) spreads over the earth.


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