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Pt. 2 Politics of life, or death?

Media matters

It becomes obvious there is more than reporting coming from the many media sources. What we see is an intention to demoralize our country to have people have no confidence in decisions made, some for our safety. The deconstruction of freedom in America is distributed daily by media disinformation to make the country look bad. It’s not just what the news reports on, but what they don’t report on. Withholding information can be just as manipulative.

They either ignore or hide the real news so that the majority of people do not know what is really taking place, whether good or bad. The majority of the news media are political activist platforms for the left and its revolution, and they are open about it. Certain Media outlets have no intention of reporting the news but are loyalists to their political party and continue to give their opinionets instead of the news, keeping the population divided and angry at a certain group of people. Their intention is to agitate instead of educate.

The media watches over this mayhem and nurtures its growth like a potted plant giving it sunlight to grow as they banter about meaningless points fostering their incongruous plans to contrive a revolution. They say what they want and expect their audience to accept it and not check its veracity.

Group think is certainly promoted by the news media that repeats the same phases over and over to the masses to think a certain way, to bring people into a collective mindset. These are not just talking points, it is same brainwashing that we see in cults and communist governments.

They do not think you can understand things well. They disenfranchise people who actually think for themselves so their voices will not be heard.

They weaponized information to make people react emotionally, diminishing the facts and using their personal opinions. Some have called this the Hegalian (Hegel’s) dialectic in action (a friend of communism) and they have a point. Why do they not question anything they hear? By smooth words they have trained people to accept their lie[s], while at the same time claim the other side always lies. This is the dialectic in action. After hearing so many distorted versions, people are more eager to believe lies and reject the truth.

Nearly everything that gets reported is politicized. A good portion of the media is in competition with trying to run the country. And in many ways they are more influential and successful than the president and his administration.

Control the information and you control much of what people think. Big tech opposes those of any contrary view. Free speech is diminished on these platforms. Monitors decide what is appropriate on social media to control what speech can be heard.

God and politics

Many years ago when I took a police course on cults we were taught of cults of various kind[s]. There are not just religious cults but political cults. What do we do when politics becomes like a religion? When leaders are adored for their personality and expect to be followed without any questions?

Some people identify with politics more than with God. In fact some see their own political party as a replacement of God; that is called Statism. This is a government that micromanages every ones life, from education, energy to healthcare. From the youngest to the oldest they want to have control. Their ideology take precedent over people.

These people have their hypocrisy on display. In NY they at first refused to have the 911 lights turned on in the memorial because of fears of Covid for a several people, yet they have next to nothing to say about mass gatherings of protest and the anarchist’s exercising their destructive behavior week after week. This is not because of a lack of knowledge but a lack of fortitude to do what is right for all equally.

These are Utopian optimists. Utopian: one that believes in the perfectibility of human society (Merriam-Webster). These are deluded people who believe their revolutionary actions can create this utopia, first by removing the police. Less police or none, what do you think will happen next?

Much like its counterpart utopian socialism: a socialism based on a belief that social ownership of the means of production can be achieved by voluntary and peaceful surrender of their holdings by propertied groups (Merriam-Webster dictionary).

They are living in a “make believe” world. This dichotomy is reality versus the fantasy - the hope to form a utopian society. There are improvements that can be made in our country, instead they undermine our country with their amoral ideas using whatever means possible to achieve their sordid goals.

When there is No law and order, or consequences for criminal behavior, there is no more America.

Thugocracy replaces Democracy

Whatever gains were made in the original protests were erased by the violence of the many that have become louder than the original cause. It seems we are living in a different country than we were a year ago, and not just from covid.

Covid has certainly brought ruin, but how it was handled that also attributed to its damage. Seven of the top ten states with the most COVID deaths are run by Democrats. Most of the cities overrun with violence are run by Democrats.

Are we watching the last days of America? What would happen if America, known as the land of freedom folds? It would be like the first of many dominoes through the nations.

Obvious questions do not seem to be asked. Why are the peaceful protestors among those who are burning and looting at night? Who are they protesting to at that time of night? It is the Marxist rebels leading the insurrection.

What if the antagonist’s, the anarchists, the Marxists, Leninists, Communists and Socialists get their way? We have already seen a snippit in their utopian experiment of 6 blocks in Seattle Washington. It quickly ended like many who had common sense expected.

Violent crime is escalating during the time of a pandemic that has paralyzed many of our cities. Is this a change we all have to live with?

This is not an impromptu uprising, it (they) has been waiting for “the moment” to act. Some may call it the perfect storm as several opportunities have presented them-selves at the same time. People that have been in place in their various vocations for years prior have been waiting for the moment to rise up in unison to bring the change by tearing it all down.

An elected official pledges to uphold and protect the constitution. Many Governors, mayors, prosecutors who were in place and have sided with the insurrectionists who rebel against the very laws they promised to uphold, preventing the police from protecting people and damaging to businesses and buildings. These unprincipled community leaders are infused with the radicals that commit criminal behavior.

Isa. 59:7-8 “ Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood; their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths. The way of peace they have not known, and there is no justice in their ways; they have made themselves crooked paths; whoever takes that way shall not know peace.”

If you are witnessing a bank robbery and called the police and when they arrive they did nothing but only watched - what would you assume? … apply this to the riots taking place.

It is a Marxist’s movement that has called for the defunding of police, a redistribution of wealth, and the disruption of our traditions. In a Gallup poll only 19 percent in the Black communities want fewer police officers.

The policemen who were there for their communities see their loss of support from local government. They are not waiting to be defunded, they are leaving and in their void will be the what they tried to prevent.

Police have asked for a federal assistance in curtailing the riots, looting and burning in certain overwhelmed cities. The (mostly) Democratic politicians in office refuse to admit this is taking place saying there is no violence to speak of. Being in the midst of it they give stand down orders denying what is taking place to the very people they are elected to represent.

People are being terrorized but it does not matter. Many of the cities are being turned in KILL ZONES like Chicago, this is going to be a bloodbath if not stopped. All this is going to do is bring out the worst in human behavior. Hundreds of violent assaults, numerous people have been beaten and died. Children are attacked and killed.

Clothed in black at night, many who participate in the marches carry hardened shields, helmets, armor, gas masks, the Portland Police Department said. they walk through the streets waking people up and dragging a guillotine .

In fact the Pick-Up Truck driver who was brutally attacked to an inch of his life in Portland said: 'They're Exhibiting The Same Behavior They're Trying To Stop.'

These anarchist have good to say of the failed communist’s regimes but not of America. Trained by their higher education to hate the country they have seized the moment to bring change to cities overnight. This is done by the Cloward and Piven plan being implemented as they apply Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.” In the purpose chapter in the beginning of his book, Alinsky quotes Job 7:1 “the life of man upon earth is a warfare.” This is not a good translation; it actually means hardship, but this word would not be as effective in his promotion to fight to have socialism. Right from the beginning Alinsky cites history incorrectly, he revises history and twists the truth throughout the book. When one makes a hero out of Lucifer, the first rebel in the universe this it should say all one needs to know. Lucifer who is called Satan fosters war and division, he comes to deceive people into following his continued rebellion against God.

These sociological rebels are supported by globalists funding, specifically a certain billionaire who has been active bankrolling a rebellion in the world.

The pandemic becomes a perfect means to implement change. Recently Billionaire activist George Soros told an Italian newspaper that he sees the coronavirus epidemic as a “revolutionary” opportunity (source Canada free press). Soros is a nefarious one man enemy of Americas freedom . He has bankrolled the campaigns of district attorneys who now preside over big cities. They make the law inapplicable to those arrested for their criminal behavior, which renders it meaningless. He is just as dangerous as any nation state that opposes us.

Are we watching a new America being formed? One that will join with the other nations to make globalization a reality? Will our country soon have a new constitution. They do not want the constitution null and void but gone and replaced.

This is not a revolution to make people free from tyranny but Marxists and other communist sympathizers want to take away freedom from those who have it. These rioters are brutal, vicious people with an agenda. They freely choose where they will strike next with little or no resistance or consequence because of those in charge of the cities are anarchy enablers, like minded local Democratic officials who run these cities.

The violence that has taken to America’s streets are by self-described communist revolutionaries. They even carry the communist flag and burn bibles. Why would they specifically burn Bibles? Because that is what communists do!

Can you see where this is all headed towards? Civil unrest unchecked can lead to civil war. You can’t come to any other conclusion by their consistent contemptable actions.

We have seen a moral decline for years and now it is at its zenith. Alexis de Tocqueville in the 1800’s visited America to see what made her different. He said “ America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. ” Our good came from the Bible being an influence as this nation was formed. John Adams before he was president said “ Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people.” The temperature of our love for God is seen by our morality and outreach in the Church. As we have less accountability, integrity, honesty from the leadership, the assembly of Saints reflects it, and we lose our salt to society.

It’s a fact that when a culture, or civilization has no respect for life, their quality of life diminishes, they are reaching the end of their own progress. The Bible makes it plain that, “ All those who love death hate me.” America is becoming secularized at a rapid rate because the church has not stayed “on message” but strayed from the message. Few are stepping up to give answers people face in life. Jesus said “I am the God of the living not the dead.” Then who would be the God of death? The one who promotes death is someone that most that do not believe exists.

God can give us over to our ways to teach us a hard lesson by giving us more of what we want. Like Israel on their way to the Promised Land many complained about what they used to eat in Egypt. God sent them what they wanted (Num.11:18, 31-33) and the choked on it.

Some see the writing on the wall, others see only the wall. It appears even the walls the writing is on are crumbling….

Example of similarities are everywhere. We are like Israel when God said "S o you shall say to them, 'This is a nation that does not obey the voice of the LORD their God nor receive correction. Truth has perished and has been cut off from their mouth.” (Jer. 7:28)

In conclusion

We have been looking at the politics of life, not politics for life. Our hope is in God first, not government.

We must look to the Word of truth. It is there that we find solace, assurance that God is in control of the events.

The Word of the Lord becomes more precious as the light of truth fades away in our nation and the world.

Our hope can only be in the one who does not change, who is good and hates evil.

Don’t make the mistake that these political/social changes taking place will not affect you, the Church is next. If they hate conservatives they certainly hate Christians more. In the true spirit of the age they burn the Bibles along with the flag, anything that symbolizes freedom must go, that is why they remove statues and revision history, even in our modern history.

Why are they are silent on 16-foot-tall bronzed Vladimir Lenin that stands untouched in Seattle, or that Smithsonian museum exhibits Karl Marx in porcelain or that the Guggenheim features a painting of Marx.

The fact is, the church is in the crosshairs because it represents all that socialists and leftists hate, which is pro - life and submission to God. If they have no conscience about babies, the unborn being aborted for their convenience. That should tell you all you need to know about their character. Their systematic hatred for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is clearly displayed by their actions, not just there words. Hatred, anger and lies is reaching its zenith, a complete loss of common sense has reached its zenith as well.

Saints - we need to pray for the evil to be removed and for righteousness to prevail.

We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and watch the corruption that is taking place without speaking out and being there for others. It’s a time for action. Now is the time to speak before we are no longer able to speak. Let us speak with boldness, let our voices be heard.



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