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The biggest cult in the world

Cults are not just limited to religion, or philosophy…

There is a new cult that is now active in America, it is the largest and most dangerous cult in the world. Being that I work with people that are caught in cults of all types, I think I’m qualified to write about this to help you identify this new active cult. There is a political cult that has an ideology that is more destructive to the average citizen than any other. It contains most if not all of the nasty components of any other cult group. At the helm of its leadership is its esteemed prophet Karl Marx, along with teachings from Mao, Lenin, and Stalin.

It has been birthed from a system ideology and has religious type loyalty, and it hates any religion that speaks of God, but mostly Judaism and Christianity, because the country is founded on its principles, and are written in its documents.

All these descriptions need to be understood as components of this cult's mission to persuade, a goal that is far more important than what you are already doing in life. Loyalty without question is what they are after and will put you down and make you feel guilty if you are not as enthusiastic or committed as they are.

Cults limit your freedom to the bare minimum. This is why they have you constantly active, working for the group and its goals, nothing else matters more. Cults cause division among your family and friends, even race and ethnicity. Not for the right reasons, (such as if a person is on drugs or they are criminal, to stay away). They persuade you by their convoluted reasoning to do what they want. they will even lie if necessary to those who are on their side to keep momentum going.

They control relationships, if your friends, your spouse or family members disagree with your political belief you are encouraged to sever ties with them forbidding you (often by recommendation, or fear, and guilt) to listen to them and to spend time with people who have your view.

This action is for a more noble higher cause. You are continually reassured of how important this is, it is for the country or mankind’s survival (such as with global warming). Immediate decisions are often suggested which prevents you from thinking through or researching a decision that may be contrary to what they want you to believe. Such as being prolife. Or taking a certain medicine or not taking it.

They demonize whom they are opposing making them out to be not just an enemy but the worst enemy of the country that anyone has ever seen. But they do not nor cannot be fully and logically explained how they came to this decision, nor do they offer proof of the accusation. It is by ad hominem attacks leaving the facts by the wayside.

If we look at the main activities that cults have, they control what you think, what you hear. They do not let you hear or see certain media or TV news that offers a contrary opinion. Guilt and fear are often used as the motivator for this.

If you ask questions, you don’t get answers but instead, they give you their standard talking points that are mostly generalities, buzzwords are used, or clichés, ‘everyone knows’ using statements that are unproven, ignoring the facts that have already been proven.

The manipulation is to have you believe you are part of a bigger, greater purpose, to advance or save the country or mankind as spoken often. What they believe is more important than any other person's belief, they alone have the moral high ground but it is not ever up for discussion. They try to Silence people's speech to their members (official or not) and encourage you to not talk to others.

They dismiss any criticism as an attack without allowing you to look at the merits of the argument, or validity. In other words, there is no need to think for yourself your thinking has already been done for you, just accept it.

Now that these descriptions are read, think about what has and is taking place today in politics, especially by those who are saying they are for the people, but their actions contradict their words to the public. This has become a forced paradigm shift upon the population. It is what is known more known as Hegel’s dialectic, that has been used by authoritarians of all types, despots, and dictators to control the masses to think and act a certain way. A collective social engineering en Mass which never ends well.


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