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Nick Hall and ‘the Pulse’ p.2

Nick Hall is part and partner with the many global gatherings whose mission is to forge Unity. That is the goal that Hall has embedded Pulse into nearly all of the major Christian music festivals, which have signed on to start talking more about UNITY. But this is not Biblical unity!

He started Pulse in 2006 and he is claiming since then 2 million salvations and millions more exposed to Jesus. What I can’t seem to find is a video of Hall speaking the gospel which should be abundant; maybe you can help.

He talks about the gospel, saying the word, but he does not give the gospel in the messages I have watched.

Hall states, “I believe that God is looking to activate all of us, everyday believers, to share the gospel now."

What is the gospel that saves? Jesus demonstrated his love for us by he being God, came to earth and was born a man, being both God and man, paid for our sin as he willingly laid his life down (at Passover as the lamb of God), to keep us from the judgment of our sin, so that we could be in fellowship with God today and be with him for eternity. And most importantly that He (Jesus) physically resurrected in the same body on the third day (1 Cor.15:1-4) and is alive and glorified sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven (the resurrection is an essential to the message.)

Is this what we are hearing as the gospel? Talking about Jesus is not the gospel! It’s good to share about Jesus but one must be able to give the gospel, for one to receive salvation.

Hall states he got converted young “ my mom, actually, we knelt by her bedside when I was probably 4 years old, and I surrendered my life to Jesus and just wanted to know God, wanted to be a part of the things God was doing. Immediately, I just felt this urgency for the gospel.”

But where is the gospel being preached. Again the gospel is not talking about Jesus, or how he loves us, though this is what it has become for some who claim to be evangelizing.

We are told Nick has spoken at hundreds of events while receiving hands-on training from some of the most influential Christian leaders of our day. Which if one sees who they are they are questionable and some are to be avoided. It is said has a master’s in Leadership and Christian Thought from Bethel Seminary. He states, “ My time at Bethel provided the theological and intellectual foundation for PULSE to build.” Bethel is a new age hybrid church that no one should attend if they want to be grounded in the faith.

Bill Johnson (Pastor of Bethel) influenced by Wimber’s Vineyard church does not teach orthodox Christianity, nor by Bible exposition. They teach of William Branham, a false prophet along with Bob Jones and a host of aberrant teachings that mix mysticism with Christian words.

Hall is taught by what most would not accept as valid teachers. That is a problem; and there are others. He’s traveled with people like Billy Graham and Luis Palau, and is associated with people like Greg Laurie, Billy Graham, Todd White and now Francis Chan. There’s known false teachers.

This is considered a false unity movement, how do we know this? Hall invited the Pope to address the one million Christians gathered in Washington D. C. for Together 2016-Reset (through video). The Pope is one of many “thought leaders” Hall has invited to influence attendees, along with Ravi Zachariahs, and Francis Chan. Unfortunately, there are many other celebrity type leaders tied to false movements like the Word of Faith, Prosperity and the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) movement.


“We are humbled and honored by his [Pope Francis] involvement and are eager to share his message with the crowd that gathers at Together 2016 .”

One wonders if there are any Protestants left? This merging with the Catholics began in the Charismatic renewal and has not stopped. It needs to be halted.  There is no unity as the Scripture states without the gospel being  agreed upon.







'Together 2022' Hall had variety of good and bad speakers. NAR leader Samuel Rodriguez, Dallas Jenkins (who accepts Mormons as brethren of the church). While there are some solid believers involved, it becomes a mixture. Do they really know what this is about or are they naïve?

To make my point we read: They gathered at a NASCAR track, Texas Motor Speedway, having a vision of seeing one of the largest equipping events America has seen in decades, trying to equip a generation to move closer to Jesus.

“trying to rally a generation of revivalists and pastors and evangelists or even going into the workplace. It was full of preachers: everybody from Sammy Rodriguez and Todd White, Ravi Zacharias, Francis Chan, Priscilla Shirer, Brian Houston to artists like Jesus Culture, Bethel, Hillsong, Lecrae, Christine D'Clario and many, many more.”

Hall’s Unity means to ignore our differences: “ We can find common ground. We can work together for the common good. Jesus is an example of leadership. Even Gandhi, together with so many famous dignitaries and leaders throughout history, looked to Jesus’ life as an example.”

His unity has no substance, for it allows all to be as one for this so called ‘common good’ – that is more like humanism – what about for the sake of the gospel? We do Gods work empowered by God himself (Eph.1:10) or it does not have any lasting fruit (Jn.15:5). It may look good from outwardly, but will it have Gods approval. They may mean well, but does the Lord bring cold and hot water together?

I have not been able to locate the statement of faith of the Pulse movement. We hear the Pulse exist to make Jesus known, (make Jesus famous), that can good if what is spoken of him is true and the gospel is included.

Hall stated in an interview : I think people today aren’t doing evangelism. There was a time when sharing your faith and talking about Jesus was very normal. It’s become normal for Christians to be loud about everything but Jesus. So one of the reasons we think this event is so important is to call the church back to the good news. Because people have been bold about their views on everything else.”

While I can agree this problem is present in the Church, if people are not standing in the gospel then they believed in vain according to the bible. Being loud for Jesus without knowledge can be detrimental. I see the lack of knowledge as the real problem.

To have people drop their doctrinal differences that are to be based on the Bible, to unite for the cause, (the gospel?) is ludicrous. The Pope and the Roman Catholic Church do not have the Bibles gospel, just pieces strung together, so who drops their differences; do they?

 We read ‘Pulse facilitates catalytic partnerships and events, joining with others to pursue a movement of unity and authenticity ’ (interesting how the same catalytic concept is used by Lou Engle and the send, Hall also uses the NAR word of activation from Bill Hamon)

Unity alliances are taking place on a global scale, The Pulse wants to spread unity with those who do not believe in the bibles gospel, which is the Roman Catholic church.

We read “ We believe there’s power in coming together. Jesus promised whenever two or more come together in His name, He is present .” Yes he is present, even when there is one person. But this scripture in Mt.18 is about reconciliation and it is being used in a very unconventional manner to convince people of uniting, without working out their differences. Yes there is power in coming together, the first unity movement we see was in Babylon. We want our unity in the truth.

What I see missing is grounding people in their faith, which is the second tier of evangelism, discipleship. That is to be done in the local church. When this is done then they can have confidence to share Jesus and accurately the Scripture says of him.


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