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 Bible Doctrine Directory  


This Directory list all our articles pertaining to Bible Doctrines

Christmas; believing in God without the virgin birth? Can you be a Christian without this belief?

Are we to keep the law under the new covenant of grace?

Walk in love; to walk in the truth is to walk in the Spirit

p1. Challenges to your “Christianity”- What's your Christianity about when there are disagreements?

p2. Serving the Lord

One stone and a Giant falls

Resisting evil, in self defense and war p.1

p.2 the difference between killing and murder

On the Present sufferings of God’s servants

The Flawed understanding of Universalist's –Does God overlook repentance for His wider mercy?

Thoughts on baptism versus salvation by the gospel

To become as a Child

The missing declaration of the gospel - The crucifixion for sin by the Son of God

Dispensational distinctions – The principle of rightly dividing the word

Lessons from the Ancient Story of Cain and Abel - Its illustration's and application for us today.

He came as man to be a sacrifice for all

Peter - the sword, the denial and the restoration

The forgotten command of Discipleship for personal growth, multiplication and health of the church

Living in an age of lies

Reflections on the Gospel

A study in the second chapter of James- Without works your faith is dead! or Without faith you have no works!

How to do a Topical Bible study

Do we become sinners when we sin or are are we born sinful?

Doing Good in the day of Evil

No Sense of Smell- How long can a house survive with the smell of garbage

Who can Fix what is Broken?- Only God can fix what man can't

Music to His Ears- Some Biblical history on worship music and our worship music today?

The Gospel Without Paul-

Men with No Name or Reputation on Earth

Fasting- What does the bible say on this.

The Holy Spirit and His work in the Believer

Current Interpretations of the Bible that are wrong

Are you a Sinner in the Hand of a Forgiving God?-Realizing that you will one day enter eternity, what have you done about it.

A Departure from what is Written

Have you been Saved by the Gospel

The Origin of Tithing

Why did Jesus Come into the World

A Message From the Heart and the Heart of the Message

What Kind of Resurrection did Jesus Have

Are We Sinless?

Judas Iscariot

The Son of God-our high priest

The Love of God

Contentment in the Time of Adversity-How are you holding up under pressure?

Why follow ONLY the Scripture?- How important is the Word of God to be a Christian.

The nature of man-the nature of the Gospel- Why there is a gospel

Thy Word is exalted above Thy name

Self-Defense- When are we allowed to use force to protect ourselves? How do we resist evil?

What prayer will and will not do

A Cross less Christianity = Christ less Christianity-How Jesus asked us to follow him and the meaning of the cross in a believers life.

 The Mystery of the Gospel- The gospel is from the foundation of the world, why is there a gospel?

Adam and Eve- Our beginning, the fall of mankind and Gods redemption.

Parables for the covetous- The

Who is Jesus? What did Peters confession in Mt.16 mean.

Law and Grace- works and Christ what is the relationship of these?

Teaching, prayer and the will of God- What is essential for us to today.

Walking in the Spirit- How can we have a victorious fruitful life today?

Under construction-The sanctification of the believers life by the Holy Spirit.

Being a fruitful Christian- How can we bear fruit that will last? 

The different Baptisms of the Bible-What are all the different types of baptism's described in scripture.

The Nephilim of Gen.6- The controversy of angelic visitations in Genesis or Sethite's intermarrying.

Angelology-The theology of and differences in the angels.

Hell- Is there such a  terrible place and who goes there and why?

Sermon on the Mount- What does it mean for us today?

Which day did Jesus Die and Resurrect- Was it on a Friday or Wednesday he died and when did he resurrect?

Soul Sleep- Is there an afterlife or only rest for the soul until the resurrection ?

Melchizedek Priesthood- Who was this man, was he Christ?

Martyr's of the early church- The church was witnessed by the blood of martyrs.

The New Covenant-What does it mean to be a participant in the new covenant.

The Book of Life- What does it mean to have your name written in this book and can it be removed?

Eternal Security- Is eternal life a gift or can we forfeit it?

The Thief on the Cross and Paradise- Where did he go and where is Paradise to day?

The Transfiguration-What happened on this day ?

The Feast of Chanukah- Some interesting facts in typology and how it applies today.

Original sin-Does everyone who comes into this world have a sinful nature?

Could Jesus have sinned?-Jesus being also a human limited himself, did he have the potential to sin?

The Cross- What is it, and what is its significance for us today as Christians?

The two Adams and the Two trees- From the garden to Christ, from the first man to the last Adam.

Blasphemy of the Spirit- Can one be guilty of this today? What exactly is it?

The Christmas Story-How it all began in the New Testament.

Pleading the blood of Jesus-Can we apply the blood to anything?

The Resurrection of Jesus- Did he really die and rise from the dead.

Why do believers suffer? Is there any meaning to our present trials and sufferings?

Theological Terms and Definitions-Bible words and descriptions that define theology.

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