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Todd White and his Latter Rain, word faith / Gnostic Christianity

What are we to think of this popular miracle evangelist who lengthen’s legs, who has Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn as his mentors and spiritual fathers.  https://youtu.be/lYfkrKC0qw0

Both these men would be called heretics by the apostle Paul, but in today’s upside down church (which is really right side up with the world) they are a blessing. Both of these men have called themselves the “I AM,” Copeland says smirking “when God says I am, I say I am too.” Romans 12:3 tells us not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think. This is far worse, it is called blasphemy. But this does not matter to Todd White or other followers of these Bible distorters because it has too many benefits with those who align with them; money and prestige.

Considering that Todd is another denier of God who came in the flesh through Jesus Christ (1 Jn.4) we should expect nothing Biblically sound after this. His “lifestyle Christianity” is about following an anointed man named Jesus that he (we) may do all the same things, and he has endless stories of doing just that.

 Todd even says “when Jesus prayed for the sick he did not heal the sick as God but healed the sick as a man in right relationship with God”https://youtu.be/JFr6xStn-Rw?t=44

Which carries the implication (even when it is not elucidated), that we too can do the same.

Speaking of Mark 2 and the paralytic Todd actually says what the Bible says but then sums it up in quite a different application. “Jesus knew what people are thinking that means me as a Christian can know what people are thinking, that’s pretty crazy”  (https://youtu.be/TTC8jXO5XBQ?t=149   time-2:20).

I agree, Yes it is.

Todd tells a story of getting flipped in the air multiple times. That he was shocked with extreme electricity at a Benny Hinn meeting in Israel (this was supposed to be a good thing) . At this Benny Hinn meeting he sees a man in the choir flip upside down and landed on all fours. He says, “to a famished man any bitter thing tastes sweet. I’m hungry I want more of God… and Benny was anointed ridiculously.”  He says Benny called for pastors and leaders to all come forward, Todd tried but was still in the back and he is seeing people fly through the air. Benny turns and says bring that man and points to me, He knows he meant him because he felt electricity through him and his lips. “I never felt anything like it,” its like I’m plugged into a light socket. They come through the crowd like the red sea and they grab me and bring me to the stage. On the stage he says he is weak-kneed. Benny prays for people and then to Todd he says, “Jesus, and it felt like a bolt of electricity hit me in the chest, not just me but the ushers. Boom out, 3 foot up and 10 foot back. Clearance, ground clearance, that was nuts. Benny says pick him pick him up, I’m in the fetal position, its over, done. But the ushers pick him up, two other ushers, bam again, four times, out! He says he is on the ground incapacitated, it’s over, it’s like way worse than what happened with Randy. But I was hungry for more…. I don’t care I want more. I need to see blind eyes open I need to see deaf people hear, I need to see amputated legs grow out.. I need God on me.”

He then talks about the apostles already walking in the fire of God. He repeats “there’s more” He’s famished, but instead of reading the word to understand and instruct him in his famine, he seeks an experience. “The More” he speaks of is an unbiblical experience.” I need to see blind eyes open I need to see deaf people hear, it all sounds like this is for him; he needs it, which is certainly a wrong focus for God to work by. It is self - focused as are many of his statements.

He was also shocked with very painful electricity by Randy Clark that made him feel like he was going to die (this also is supposed to be a good thing). Unfortunately he is not shocked by their false teaching.

all of a sudden this thing hit me, … it felt like my chest was being stepped on… it felt like I was going to die. It felt like electricity, not just in my hands but all over my body. It started to go through my feet and through my fingers and all of sudden it hit and I oohaagh (Todd goes to his knees ) and screams help, no ahhg, screaming. And I’m sitting there going help, more screams  speaks of holding a lady’s coat in front of him and snot and mess is going everywhere, and I’m screaming and Randy goes you’ll be okay. Here’s what I said, I’m gonna die, I’m dying. And Randy goes, you won’t die, more Lord. And it got so bad that I’m screamin’ (more pain) help!... this thing makes me look like a mental patient. Show himself twisted up. He’s like this for 40 minutes after and Bill Johnson who was at the same conference walks by and gives him a thumbs up?

 Todd thinks this this thing is God, but it is fully unbiblical (kundalini is more liken to the descriptions) experience is from God. That is what another spirits power will do to you. I have seen his over and over where people come under a delusion from these experiences. For those who may say he is sincere, one can be sincerely deceived. However, It is also what he is doing to others, having them follow his ways. If you want to learn the Bible and Christianity from someone like this, someone who has not a lick of discernment or bible knowledge that’s your prerogative, but I would strongly caution you to stay away.

Todd White teaches that he can actually claim somebody for the kingdom that doesn’t believe and there is no way for them to get out of it, because God says he is not willing for any to perish. So we can ask what we want since it is his will. “That I can actually claim somebody that doesn’t believe and there is no way for them to get out of it” … (he explains they are in unbelief because they are blind)  “if I’m a believe that can see and God says anything that I ask according to his will he will give it to me. He said anything I ask in prayer believing that I’ve received it – I’ll receive it. God desire is that none perish but that all be saved and come to the knowledge of him. https://youtu.be/JKXlZUA--UY?t=84

There is such a thing called man’s willingness to obey that is part of the salvation equation, we cannot go around and claim anyone, or everyone to be in the kingdom. They must accept the gospel by seeing their bankrupt spiritual state first (which never seems to be mentioned). This does not seem to come up in his gospel on the street ministry.

God is not willing for any to perish” carries the meaning that He has provided all that man needs, the gospel is  what is to be offered to all so they will not perish. What it does not mean is that we can go around and claim a person’s soul to be in the kingdom. Not all will be saved, in fact few will according to Jesus. This belief system is a modified universalist view with the combination of word faith.

This gives us insight to Todd’s consumption and distribution of word faith teaching.  Since he believes they are healed before they are healed. (I ask in prayer believing that I’ve received it – I’ll receive it.) No wonder he goes around saying that all he prays for are healed. As this story explains, it is about his belief!

I challenge Todd to be given names of certain ungodly men and women for him to claim and let’s see if they repent and give their life to Jesus and be under the Lord’s control.

White teaches a prosperity message similar to his mentors, it may not as often or apparent, but give it some time and he will be just like them.

Todd White apparently has a leg-lengthening anointing, (a pseudo trick) which is filmed on the streets to show everyone that he is doing what Jesus did. He often speaks about his spiritual adventures and certainly enjoys getting attention for himself, while he claims he is directing people to Jesus.

The modern leg lengthener W.V. Grant Jr. would be proud of him. God is unable to make new limbs but he can make a leg a few inches longer (or shorter if one wants to be less tall).

The Knee is NOT healed

He claims that God “totally healed my knee” after he originally claimed “God didn’t heal my knee.”

 In another story he says He did get healed by God and went through surgery? That’s right, this is his story.

Next is a typical example of Whites story telling. “I had torn my knee and DID’NT Get Healed. And I had people pray for me and my knee did not get healed… went through surgery and came out of surgery and was hurting really bad in my knee.”  (he saw 36 people healed when his knee was in rehabilitation -10:30 on vid) video.

In another story on the same injury he says “I tore my knee one timeSo God says to me kneel on the floor, as he kneels down he hears “this still small voice just go ahead, and I kneeled bent the whole way and my knee was completely healed.”

“So I tear my knee and end up going to a doctor (Jewish doctor) So I tell him Jesus is going to heal me man” Listen I’m Jewish, I don’t believe like you believe, but you can see right here, they did an MRI there’s a tear right here, and you need to understand we have to operate on you because your knee is not going back to normal. Man, I’m telling you Jesus is going to heal me. Alright he goes, you’re very zealous for what you believe in, that’s great.

So we pray and prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed, and nothing, and I did not see it get healed.it was a bummer.”

 His surgery is scheduled 3 weeks later, shares with a friend that he told this Jewish doctor one of God’s sons ( he doesn’t know it but Todd does) that God is going to heal my knee. He says he wants God to heal him for the doctor’s sake. He says he has prayed for others knees before the operation and they are getting their knees healed.

He hears this voice that tells him to kneel and then it he does and it is completely healed. He then goes to the doctor This is a workman comp related injury, so I have to go and get him to sign off and says to him “guess what? He says, what’s going. Todd starts jumping around, squatting. The doctor examine him and does not accept it. He goes, “Todd I appreciate the fact that, that you think Jesus healed you. He goes “but honestly this is workman’s comp so I’ll tell you what we’ll doIf you can pay 1,1000 dollars for a MRI, then I will go ahead and do another MRI, because workman’s comp isn’t going to pay for it, he goes that’s the only way I can release you.”

Todd says I don’t have 1,100 dollars what am I going to do?

He leaves the doctor’s office and God speaks to him in the car saying “he’s my son (which is not true according to God’s word Jn.1:12), “I want you to go through the surgery. Todd is thinking of not doing that, why do that. He’s wrestling with what voice he is hearing. Again, God speaks to Todd “he’s my son but he doesn’t know it. Have you laid down your life?” I’m thinkin’, The devil wouldn’t say that to me”

So Todd goes through surgery. Coming out from his anesthesia he has a word of knowledge for the nurse about her migraine headaches, asks to hold her hand and rebukes it saying “migraine headache you go away in Jesus name.” She then says your delirious. He responds is your headache gone – she says yea, it is, he then says that’s my Jesus and passes out.

  God is telling him after he healed him to get surgery? His God is confused, and not the God of truth.

Wow is Todd tight with the Lord!

 Todd then says he had to wait a week and half to visit the doctor and his knee really hurt because of the surgery. He went to doctor, who tells him what he did in the surgery, shows him pictures, that he scraped his knee cap. He says it will heal up just fine and that he will need physical therapy,  and do that that until they can release him back to full duty(whatever that is) and says he will see him in 2 weeks.

 Todd is now questioning, now he has to go to physical therapy. Asks God what’s going on-- silence. He goes to physical therapy and he’s praying for those with neck and back and other problems.

He says they want him gone “because everyone is hurting in the whole place.” He says they were rehabbing my knee, but its so weird because I was healed I know I was, but that’s not the issue” (actually it is the main issue of the whole fabricated story).

 “Everytime I talk about Jesus they’re so weird about me” So relays how before he used his time of rehab before he went back to work “to seek and to search out Jesus and the reality of who he says I am.

Telling us he went to therapy he is speaking of Jesus and all kinds of people are getting healed (he claims 36 peoples knees were healed). Goes back to the doctor and confronts him saying I know what I heard in my heart, God told me you were his son and that I lay down my life.

“I want to know this – when you showed me the picture there was no tear… like it was, when you went in there what did you see. And when you went in there what happened to your heart?”

The doctor said “Let’s just say I have a had a big change of heart on this this and I just want to thank you.” He says his doctor hugged him. There is no mention of a belief change from the doctor, He thought the doctor was agreeing but it sounds to me like he was pacifying him, that he thought he was a bit deluded.

Todd just moves on in his story. But we go back to him saying “I had torn my knee and didn’t get healed,” and he went through surgery.

How can his story, which has more holes than Swiss Cheese be true? There are obvious contradictions which I consider a serious infraction on the truth. video.

The story is missing so many details (on purpose) the doctor’s name, the Rehabilitation place. When this happened. Why would the doctor want him to get another MRI? To prove to him he was wrong.  So he had workman comp pay for an operation even though he was healed by God? That is just absurd any which way you look at it. It’s a story that he may believe, and if this took place he should be willing to give the name of the rehab, and the doctor to verify such a move of God.


His unhealthy ecumenism p.2



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