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Prophetess Jennifer Leclaire’s pursuit of power and miracles

Jennifer LeClaire was formerly the senior editor of Charisma, director of the Awakening House of Prayer, a senior leader of the New Breed Revival Network and author of numerous books, including Jezebel's Puppets: Exposing the Agenda of False Prophets.

I find this expose’ of false prophets title perplexing, as she is fully involved with, and promotes the false prophets and their agenda of the Latter Rain, so how is one to take this statement seriously?

Leclaire is a little late to this warning of which so many others warned of in the 90’s and watched the movement develop into what it is today-a runaway train.

In fact Charisma Magazine has been promoting the false revivals and false prophets only to have egg on their face after, as she was the face of Charisma. Magazines, radio and TV that promote trendy ear tickling is always double tongued after the fact.

After eight years with Charisma magazine on Oct. 30, 2017 Leclaire resigned from her role as senior editor to follow a “ higher call from God,” which she prophesied. Big stuff is said to be coming “ as I will continue releasing my voice through my book and itinerant travel ministry.

And this is what we need to look at, for she can say some right things, and yet….at the same time she says the opposite, what is wrong often. She rebukes other so called prophets that put their voice and their word above the voice of God and Word of God, and she does the same.

She says “If you have been partnering with false prophets financially, you are actually part of the problem. You are helping them propagate false ideologies and pick people’s pockets with personal prophecies.”

This is something many of us have said for over 20 years. In fact this is found all through our websites. Yet she still takes stage with the prophets. This is her apologetic introduction for what she is doing.

Listen to her as she quotes the Scripture that should be applied to her as well. Jeremiah 23:6 confirms, “ Thus says the Lord of hosts: ‘Do not listen to the words of the prophets who prophesy to you. They make you worthless; They speak a vision of their own heart, not from the mouth of the Lord.

That encapsulates the whole prophetic movement which seems to only get worse as time goes by.

Le Claire has so much hyper spiritual talk coming out that it’s hard to keep up with what she claims she is hearing from God. In fact no prophet of the Bible heard so much as she does. She is so in tune with the Spirit realm (of God, or something else?) that it just is a flood each week.

She even claims she Heard Death Threats in the Spirit Against Kanye West. Maybe she should report this to the police, unless she thinks she can put a hedge around him by her decreeing, and he would be protected. After all, no believer gets killed in God’s kingdom, right?

What should one expect to hear from her?

“Unleash the power of Holy Spirit and partner with Him to change spiritual climates in your life and city.

This is in line with the teaching we hear so often in the false evangelism and spirit warfare movement that is attached to the prophetic movement.

Le Claire runs a school of seers. She begins with God wants you to open your eyes to the spirit realm, with dreams and visions !”

And this is where it should be a stop sign for all. What of Heb.1 and the Word? As with all these spirit elite people of the new era of Christianity (Nicolaitens Rev.2:15) the fresh words they hear supersede what is written, what we ARE to hear according to Jesus ( Jn. 8:31; 14:23; 2 Ti. 3:14)

Even the prophet Jeremiah in 23:28-29 who refuted the fales prophets in his day calls the dreams chaff compared to the word,

“The prophet who has a dream, let him tell a dream;And he who has My word , let him speak My word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat?" says the LORD. "Is not My word like a fire?" says the LORD,"And like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces?”

The fact that they obscure the word with their dreams and visions is problematic in so many ways.

For Isaiah said in 8:20-21 “ To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.”

Prophets who hear from the Lord of the Word agree with the Word. That is what is written, not some fresh word unwritten.

She speaks of the seer’s anointing claiming the Lord overwhelmed me with His presence in her hotel room when she was teaching and gave her “a new anointing, commissioning and mandate to raise up seers and seeing people.”

Nonsense; this is her own spirit, or another spirit, not God’s. Where does the Bible speak of a “new anointing”? One that raises up something not mentioned in the New Testament?

LeCalire supports and endorses 'some of the world's most renowned false teachers such as Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Chuck Pierce and she speaks just like them also. She is also the founder of Ignite prophetic network.

Her Courses: Making of A Prophet Intensive ; Build Your Dream ; School of the Seers

Secrets of Best-Selling Christian Authors ; School of Prayer & Intercession

School of Spiritual Warfare .

She is making merchandise out of people who not know any better  on these subjects

She says “ the Lord showed up to confirm His word to me in a mighty way. We had a move of God at the Awakening House of Prayer. After a teaching, impartation and activation, the Lord opened the eyes of so many people to see in the Spirit. It was incredible. The next day I went to Awakening Blaze Tampa and God did it again!”

I know the Lord has called me to raise up seers and seeing people. Acts 2:17 says, “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams .”

This shows she is part of the false Latter Rain movement, she is one of many (Prophets) that does not understand the Scripture on it, what it means and when it occurs.

She claims “ the Holy Spirit started showing me something about this new era—the age of miracles ….It “would look something like the days when Moses was showing Pharaoh many wonders, or when Elijah and Elisha walked the earth or the apostles moving in the Spirit in Book of Acts .”

We have been hearing this from the false Gnostic prophets for years, nothing new here. And like all the others in the false prophetic movement this is what she is focused on.

Here it comes--The Dead Are Going to Be Raised'

The next great move of God will unleash believers who have faith to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. (Lightstock)Published 5 years ago by Author Jennifer LeClaire

Posted in Supernatural.

After giving kudos to Kathryn Kuhlman whom she admires (she collected all of her radio programs on CD. I listened to them over and over again)

She states, “I believe the next generation is getting ready to rise up. The healing evangelists from Kathryn's day and earlier—I'm talking about Oral Roberts, Jack Coe, A.A. Allen and William Branham—have long gone on to glory. We've seen a few remarkable men of God, like Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonnke, carry the miracle torch, but we've still longed for the glory days when mass miracles were a reality. The good news is I see a new wave of Christians believing for signs, wonders and miracles like the world has never seen .”

There you have the full endorsement of everything that is wrong, i.e. William Branham the worst modern day false prophet in the history of the Church. Thus showing discernment is near 0%.

“I believe we're going to see a great move of God that's greater than the Voice of Healing Movement, the Jesus Movement, the charismatic movement, and the prayer movement all rolled into one. I believe a new healing movement is emerging even now. This movement won't be marked by a handful of evangelists with sparkling personalities and powerful gifts that fill stadiums and buy TV airtime. Rather, this movement will see the saints rise up and do the work of the healing evangelist with prophetic insights and pastoral care.”

This is referring to Bill Hamon, at the same time denying Paul Cain’s and Todd Bentley’s vision.

“The next great move of God will unleash believers who have faith to lay hands on the sick and see them recover, cast out devils and even raise the dead. I believe it's part of the Saints Movement that Bill Hamon prophesied many years ago. In his book The Day of the Saints, he wrote, "A 'Day of the Saints' is coming in which God is calling every believer to participate. This will be the greatest time in history for those who hunger to fulfill God's will for their lives, especially those who are 100 percent committed to glorify Christ, overcome all things, reap the great harvest and see God's kingdom come and His will be done on Earth as it is in heaven."

This is what we need to pay attention to, for Hamon another false prophet of the Latter Rain movement connected to William Branham focused on the sons of God revealed and having dominion on earth before Christ comes.

“Many of these saints are being trained in healing rooms all over America even now. The International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR) oversees more than 3,000 healing rooms in 78 nations staffed with volunteers committed to re-digging John G. Lake's healing well. The healing evangelist pioneered healing rooms in Spokane, Washington, in the early 1900s. I've joined this movement, directing Awakening Healing Rooms in South Florida, and on the first day, we saw stage 4 cancer healed, followed by an official doctor's report .

Although healing rooms are only one part of what I believe will be the greatest healing outpouring we've ever seen—Bill Johnson birthed the Bethel School of the Supernatural that has trained thousands of students to release God's supernatural power, and many other wonderful ministries are equipping the saints to move in healing ministry—I believe John G. Lake's method will be a central focus in the next great move of God.”

In 2014 Dutch Sheets, an internationally known author, teacher and conference speaker, prophesied over the IAHR that the movement had only just begun. He declared God could now build on the foundation that has been laid. Dutch continued prophesying:

"Power is about to be multiplied, and the dead are going to be raised, and limbs are going to grow, and cancers are going to disappear, and disease of every nature—all natures, every kind of disease—is going to go and bow before Jesus. Signs, wonders and miracles are about to multiply. Families are going to be healed and come to the cross. Kings, presidents are going to visit healing rooms. Mourning imams are going to carry babies into healing rooms and say, 'If your God is really God, raise my baby from the dead.'"

I believe it. I believe the day is coming soon when we'll see a revival sweep this nation marked by signs and wonders and miracles like we've never seen before. Will you believe with me?’”

At the time Jennifer LeClaire is senior editor of Charisma, director of the Awakening House of Prayer, a senior leader of the New Breed Revival Network and author of many books, including Jezebel's Puppets: Exposing the Agenda of False Prophets.

The word spiritual hype comes to mind as I read all the buzz words, accelerate, awakening, impact and the names involved. The fact you cannot find anything of the new Christianity (Latter Rain’3rd wave) that she is not involved with or promoting, she stands with everything

She is involved in all the wrong things that will not bring revival. What is missing is the gospel which was the command Jesus gave to have revival. But I expect after she hears this she will then insist how we need it.

She also promotes “Supernatural Life Coaching” will help you reach your maximum potential in the natural and in your spiritual life.

“School of the Spirit” get practical training for victory from a time-tested spiritual warrior.

Le Claire concentrates on some fringe teachings much like General Mendez in the Peter Wagner Apostolic prophetic network.

Statements to Recognize the symptoms of the spirit of PythonDetect the twisted lies of a Leviathan spirit in your life. Overcome the spirit of Rahab that attempts to prevent you from crossing over into your new season .”

Rahab was someone who did the right things and was rewarded to be in the lineage of Jesus (Josh. 2:1; Heb.11:31) of course the obscure scripture can be used (Isa.51:9), as if this is what prevents people today, which is not all mentioned in the New Testament.

This next portion of the article will prove without a shadow of doubt what she is into and doing.

She says she was called into the prophetic ministry. “On April 21st the Lord woke me up at midnight and I sensed Him offering this prophetic word: There is a great awakening coming to this nation. For I have heard your cries and I long to heal your land. I am a covenant God and I will not forget the covenant I made with your Founding Forefathers”

I suspect this has much to do with Copeland’s prophecy of America, everything is regurgitated.

Much of what she writes sounds like Ana Mendez ‘s teachings, a general in Wagner’s apostolic movement that Pierce has taken over. Mendez claimed she hiked Mt. Everest to destroy the Queen of heaven, and it was accomplished. She went to the bottom of the ocean at the Bermuda triangle beneath the water in order to destroy the works  of Neptune and Abaddon, the spirits affecting the coasts of Florida, including posiedon (see www.letusreason.org/popteach61.htm )

Chuck Pierce, now the head offthe apostolic prophetic movement Peter Wagner started says, “I heard the Lord say, “I am shifting things around you.” Early yesterday morning, He woke me up and showed me a picture of two overturned baskets . He then took me to Jeremiah 24, and began to speak this word:

“There’s a new cadence. There’s a new sound. There’s a new movement. There’s an orchestra in the heavens that’s beginning to come down into the earth realm. This will set a new movement in the earth. Just when you thought you didn’t have the strength to express who I am in you, I can come through with one breath and cause everything in you to come alive again. I am breathing on you. Receive My breath, and strength will come alive!

“What’s been sealed up, what’s been held back—your movement in the earth realm with Me—is beginning to create heat. That which has been sealed up above you is now beginning to melt. Get ready, for I am ready to come through and come down and move in you in a new way. I say to the United States, I am beginning to turn you upright. Get ready, for My people are rising up with a sound that will cause things that are overturned to turn back right again. ( Chuck Pierce Prophesies on leClaires website)

This is the new age synthetic words you get from these prophets who happen to agree and the source of these are from the new age movement.

LeClaire speaks of angels of transition which is right out of the new age handbook of angels. That we can release angels which so many teach falsely today.

Not surprising since she is affiliated with Network Ekklesia International, an apostolic network founded by Dutch sheets, forerunner Ministries founded by Ken Malone and USCAL, the United States Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.

Dutch Sheets is Cindy Jacobs pastor, here is what he said at the new prophet and apostolic meeting of Peter Wagner in 2000

“the phrase that he gave me was the synergy of the ages,… this is the revelation God has been bringing to me it is a synergistic joining century defined as the combined action of 2 or more which have a greater total effect than some of their individual efforts.. the coming together of the ages which produces a synergistic multiplicated effect in the kingdom of God… it is a summing up of all things in Christ it is a bringing to its fullness the Christ anointing in the church which is having an exponential effect.. that is bringing this fullness of Christ into play…there is a synergistic joining of cities I don't pretend to understand this but I know that I know___________ nation there is an anointing that comes in that city to do something and then God will begin to say and this city is connected to this city over here and God is going to connect this one and that one and this one and that one until there is a synergistic anointing being released from the land coming here here, here, here and it is a marriage taking place in the spirit>”

Sheets prays to bring “ a synergy of the order of the apostle and the consuming fire and a decreeing of authority. The prophets the restorative moves of the past the miracles the evangelism would be brought into alignment with the apostolic move of the day and would you cause a synergy to take place in the body of Christ” This the end result of what he is trying to convince people of, which has everything to do with coming on board the new apostolic movement.”

You can take this and apply it to almost all you hear from LeClaire and others like her in this prophetic movement as they carry the same spiritual speech wherever they go.

pt.2 Promotion of the Latter rain revivalism


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