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p.2 The replacement of the son, salvation and Nationalizing a countries religion

Quiboloy teaches that the first man, Adam, was created with a body and a soul but without a spirit. God’s creation of man was not completed because his not putting of His Spirit within him. But before God could do that for Adam, the devil implanted his spirit within man. This spirit of the devil is what Quiboloy calls the “serpent seed.” This serpent seed drove Adam and all his posterity to disobey God. (It is William Branham, a Oneness preacher who promoted the serpent seed doctrine, and the disdain for all denominations)

He states, Humans were children of the devil, and they could do nothing about it. Only God the Father can solve this spiritual problem—not religion, and not denominations.

Adam’s sinful nature is the consequence of his act of disobedience according to the Bible (Rom.5:12), by him eating of the tree he was forbidden to eat from.

Quiboloy’s words contradict the Scripture while at the same time using the Scripture to point to himself, in fact he says, “ ll that will listen to me will have a New Spirit.”

Quiboloy's message is ‘repentance to obedience.’ When you hear my voice, you go out from your grave of sin and are resurrected into life. Those of you who have done good, who have repented and followed my voice in eradicating the serpent seed of disobedience and have received the new spirit of obedience to His Will.”

This he calls complete and genuine repentance which will eliminate the serpent seed. But true repentance is toward Jesus the Son, not Quiboloy. Paul writes “ Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God” (Gal 2:20). That would be Jesus the Son, not another Son 2,000 years later.

Furthermore we read Rom 16:26 “the gospel was made known for obedience to the faith. Believing the gospel is repentance, this is our obedience.

“But as many as received Him (Jesus), to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name” ( John 1:12). There is not a new way to become a child of God. His followers confess him. But Scripture says “Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.” (1 John 4:15)

His message is repentance to obedience to the Father's will through him (Apollo Quiboloy)as the son. But this does not bring salvation. We are to have faith upon the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, He alone is the sin bearer. Repentance to obedience cannot produce spiritual life, the work of regeneration which is the spiritual birth is in response to faith in Jesus Christ is what makes you a son. It is by believing in the gospel. Redemption and the forgiveness of sins are only through the blood of Jesus, the doctrine of justification by faith must be held biblically or it is meaningless, powerless.

Speaking of OBEDIENCE TO THE FATHER’S WILL through our freedom of choice. “We now follow Him. … And through our freedom of choice, we will overcome, using the Appointed Son as our model, the first finished product of that salvation.”

Now, the Father has produced a body that is truly His own: tried and tested. But He did not produce a body just like that. He produced this body and this Son, that although he is the Son, heir of all things, he learned obedience through the things that he suffered.”

He then applies Hebrews 5:8; Galatians 4:1-7 to himself.Quiboloy is teaching salvation by their works. Which is the opposite of having faith in what God’s ‘only Son’ Jesus Christ did for us (Eph.2:8).

To make this clear, here is a question asked on Kingdom celebrations which based on Jewish Traditions like feasts of the Tabernacles or feasts of the Passover how about Yom Kippur or the day of atonement Pastor Do You observe that as well thank you”

His answer “it is what we call the day of repentance when you repent you are atoned

for the sin that you have inherited and because of that you promised to discard”

it by your own freedom of choice in following his will no matter what that is our Yom Kippur it's a day of repentance and a day of atonement …”( GIVE US THIS DAY by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy Aug 30, 2023)

And he tells his followers“you and I become one, just as I and my Father are one.” He takes the words Jesus said, who is the only one that can say this and applies it to himself.

The transformation of obedience will make you like Quiboloy. He claims, “If you already are like me, it means you have gone through the fire, and there is no disobedience left in you and your mind is always focused on the Father’s Will, not on you.”

Actually your disobedience is magnified from listening to this counterfeit son. He claims to have no disobedience, but when we look at what he says of the Word it shows he is far more disobedient than most people, why? Because he says he is now sinless, He claims he no longer sins, which has him lie against the Word. The apostle John to all, “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us (1 Jn.1). Gal 3:22 “Scripture has confined all under sin, that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe.” Believe in Jesus alone. The only one that can claim this, he alone is the God/man, the savior Jesus Christ (1 Pt.2:22; 1 Jn.3:5).

And this is why he alone has this position; Col. 1:16-18 “ All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist. And He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence.”

The fact that he applies the plain scripture meaning of Jesus the Son of God to himself is blasphemy. He has replaced the church which is under the head Jesus Christ to be a whole new entity under him as the son.

God appoints his only begotten Son (Jesus) who has been perfected forever (Heb. 7:28).

Yet his followers state,“we have known the appointed son as he said in first John 5 10 whoever believes in the Son of God has the testimony in himself”(8.20.23 Live worship). They have the wrong son they have mere sinful man who boasts and trained them to believe his words.

Jesus is the high priest of the Church forever Heb.7:17, 21, 24. Jesus according to the Word of God in Eph. 5:23-24 “Christ is head of the church; and He is the Savior of the body. V.24 … the church is subject to Christ , it is HIS body of believers. ALL believers throughout the Church Age are MEMBERS of HIS body (1 Cor.12:13), and the Church Age is NOT OVER until the HEAD of the Church comes for HIS Church (called the resurrection/Rapture). Quiboloy adamantly denies this teaching of Jesus as the Head of the Church, because he teaches that the church is no more, he has abandoned HIS OWN body, canceled the resurrection leaving his HIS Church with no hope, with the many future promises from him unfulfilled.

Finally On April 13, 2005, the Church Age was declared over. They were not able to produce a Son. The Kingdom Age began.”  God finally gave the go signal that the church age had ended.”

He teaches we are in the millennium under his leadership as the Newly appointed son of God.

Here is his convoluted argument, “You are always measuring everything according to yourself. That is the serpent seed. When you say,“According to me,”you are still the god. You have not surrendered. You have not repented. That is why He gave me as a teacher. Without me, you would not know this.”

Yet what he is saying IS ‘ according to me’ (himself), and he is taking preeminence over the Word which we have been instructed to be all we need to obey for righteous living (1 Tim.3:16).

There is much more that can be said about the many heresies this man speaks. The danger is not only following this man as a false Christ it is what he says next that escalates a danger to his whole country.

Much like other false messiahs before him, Sun Myung Moon claimed to succeed where Jesus failed, Quiboloy does the same.

He like Manalo (INC) blames much on the Roman Catholic Church. Granted that there are false teachings. Let me ask you, what is the difference between a Pope claiming to be Christ on earth and Quiboloy doing the same?

His claim is that Athanasius in the council of Nicea in 325 AD “married Paganism (the belief of many gods) and the belief in One God.”Spoken as a staunch oneness who hates the triune God. This is where he finds good company with other authoritarians like William Branham.

He says Constantine called one of the bishops, Athanasius, and commanded him, “Make this idea of joining the many gods and the One God.” Which is completely untrue, Athanasius did not act under the Emperor Constantine, inventing God as a trinity (or three gods) to fit with pagan Rome. This is what the Jehovah Witnesses teach. Constantine was not even present at the meeting and he let the bishops of the early church decide.

Quiboloy misrepresents facts of history. It was Arius that denied the deity of Christ. Along with other pastors present, Athanasius debated the beliefs of Arius, who taught Jesus was a created being before the Nicene council. The Council of Nicaea in 325 AD attested to the deity of Christ as apostolic, neither they nor any other invented Trinitarian doctrine, what they did is explain his nature.

Jesus is passe

Now we come to the most important teaching that affects his listeners and country.

Jesus came to be the Savior for the Jewish people in their Jewish setting, but he (Quiboloy) is the Son of God for the people of the Gentile (non-Jewish) setting.”

This first part is true, the Bible teaches Jesus is the savior of both Jews and Gentiles by the same gospel.

When the Begotten Son in the Jewish setting, our Lord Jesus Christ, came and paid the price of our redemption through His death on the cross, salvation did not end there. He was waiting for a descendant [Quiboloy] of the First Adam to be born in His Spirit.”

Before Jesus gave up his life he proclaimed it is finished, the new covenant was then established. There is no other covenant, nor can one find a scripture that says to look for another son

Contradicting what he said about Gentiles, “The Gentile nation entered into the Covenant, which before they were not a part of; they were not included in the Covenant because if you are a non-Jew, … But then the Father opened it to the non-Jews or the Gentiles by calling Peter and sending him to the land where he was not supposed to go because they were Gentiles… opening of the door of salvation to the Gentiles, the non-Jews. And so, the Church Age was born.”

This is not an accurate portrayal of what is biblical history.

Quiboloy has a subtle yet confirmed anti-Semitic teaching of Israel.

But instead of receiving Him, the spiritual component of that Covenant, they crucified Him.” Scripture teaches Jesus came to be crucified for everyone’s sins willingly.

“But because they did not receive it, He took away the Kingdom from them and gave it to another – the Gentile nation.

The bible says Israel is cast off temporarily because of unbelief, so that Gentiles will be included, grafted into the covenant and later Israel will be restored again, where all will be saved together (Rom.11). It is not to a Gentile nation singular but to the Gentiles of the nation’s, plural.

He tells us ,“for 1,935 years, the Father waited and waited and waited, until He could wait no more.” He then chose his appointed son to lead the people (just like William Branham said of himself as the 7 th messenger of the church)

He says “Finally On April 13, 2005, the Church Age was declared over. They were not able to produce a Son. The Kingdom Age began.” “The Kingdom Age has finally begun. We are now in the Kingdom Age, under the administration of the Father through the Appointed Son.” “The Kingdom was taken from the Jewish Age, given to the Church Age, but they bore no fruit.So the Church Age was not accepted and the Father, at last, established His own salvation. That’s why I am (Quiboloy) here today.”

God finally gave the go signal that the church age had ended.”

All who receive Christ are sons and daughters of God, but this not what he claims for himself, but he instead makes him superior to all, being the new son.

So he denies Jesus as Gods son is salvation, he replaced him. God already has a son who will inherit all things . Quiboloy says no, he instead says “Because the Jewish Age and the Church Age were not able to produce a Son that will inherit all things. He took away the Kingdom from them he then quotes Isaiah 60:22 says… "A little one shall become a thousand, and a small one a strong nation: I the Lord will hasten it in his time ."

Luke 1:30-33 we read of the angel speaking to Mary who will conceive in her womb a Son, and shall call His name JESUS. That “he will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David . And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end."

Quiboloy makes God a liar, transferring this position and kingdom to himself.  This man is completely deceived by voices he hears that go against Scripture that have led him to his distorted understanding. And you will be also if you listen to him.

A kingdom nation

Quiboloy teaches, “ the old heavens that were taught us are the old heavens of denomination and religion,” they are now passed away”, He further states “It is here! This is the fulfillment right now. You are the New Earth . What is implanted in the New Earth are the real genuine Words of the Father, not adulterated, but words that are unadulterated .”

Meaning he alone has the true meaning of Scripture and is also giving the people new revelation as Scripture.

The speaker (Aug.20, 2023) led the audience saying,“yesterday …was just a dream but today through your appointed son we are finally home Hallelujah [Applause] praise your Holy Name father our Lord Jesus Christ the creator of us all through your appointed son Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy”(affirming Jesus is no longer the son? Apollo Quiboloy is.)

“you have sent us your appointed son who was the chosen one from the Fallen adamic race to blaze the trail of salvation for Humanity even before you formed Him Father you have already chosen him and before he came forth out of the womb of his mother you already Sanctified him and ordained him not just to be a prophet but an appointed son to rule over the Nations and over the kingdoms of the earth to root out to pull down to destroy and to throw down to build and to plant as there is an ongoing separation of the sheep from the goat's father the obedient from the disobedient and the righteous nations from the wicked Nations we thank you.”

What does all this mean? It means that if you are not with Quiboloy you are not in God’s kingdom and are an enemy of God, of him.

In fact, his followers said, “we stand with him ready to defend and even willing to die for him

That they are,“heading towards the Pinnacle of Glory with the appointed son in the seventh heaven.”This kind of talk is always warning sign of something disastrous to happen. This is why this screams danger in the direction it is headed.

Consider carefully what this women says before Quiboloy speaks, “Thanksgiving to the father Hallelujah once again we are so blessed to dine with a king because the almighty father has once again prepared a banquet of good things for us because to stand before us is the Fulfillment of the old and the New Testament blessed are we because we have our beloved pastor with us today he's just an ordinary man like us but he was called he was chosen he was  anointed and appointed to become the Son of God in these last days that we should  honor the son even as we honor the father that sent him to feed us with a fresh manna of Revelation and to personally upon each and every one of us Sons and Daughters of the father all over the world make way for the appointed Son of God creation is New Heaven his new Earth his Temple his Audible Voice the one who was the king in a new Heaven the judge of the living the way the truth and the life no one goes to the father except they go to the son our beloved pastor, pastor Apollo”

(Aug.20, 2023 Time 2:39-- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZldG6iltd-8 )

Jesus warned the last days would be filled with those who claim this very thing, they are Chirst, the son of God.

In his teaching of Romans 13 Quiboloy states,“If they are elected to that office we are to honor them and respect them.” He states, “if the president will tell me right now that uh whatever it is that he tells me and it is a policy that comes from him whatever my reservations are they will be set aside I will follow him as the president that we have elected in this country that is the scriptures that is what we follow and it is scriptural.”

But this not what the Scripture says and one needs to have all the scripture presented not just the portions picked out to prove this point. Not if they are criminals or despots. Rom.13 tells us to obey the rule of the land unless they violate God’s instruction which is made clear in this same passage and many other examples elsewhere in Scripture. V.3 “For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil.” V.4 he is God's minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil”

One must judge if a ruler is either punishing evil or doing evil. In Titus 3:1 Christian’s are told to submit to their rulers. Peter writes we are to submit to every authority instituted among men, 1 Pt.2:13 both kings and lesser authorities v.17. However, Scripture tells us we are not to obey them if they want us to disobey God.

Quiboloy states, “When President Duterte was in power I was also not in favor of some of his decisions like selection of cabinet officials from the Communist terrorist groups but still I didn't mind my opinions I supported 100 president Duterte because he was our elected president.”

How dangerous is this, communists hate God and anyone who believes in any God.

Quiboloy was the spiritual adviser to former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte 2016, he has been accused of all kinds of improprieties.

This pastor has endorsed Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos Jr, the son of ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos Sr and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte whose father was the former president.  Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. won presidential elections in the Philippines (May 9, 2022). Many see His father Marcos’s era being synonymous with the loss of democratic freedoms , human rights violations, and massive corruption. Time will tell if he is different, hopefully so.

I watched Apollo's message on Romans 13, fear God and honor the king where Quiboloy tries to convince everyone from the Bible to obey submit to governing authorities, no matter what. That he is the head of the kingdom nation. I can only wonder if the Philippine president endorses this, is he part of this cult?

Quiboloy says,“but if our president will declare war against whoever is perceived to be our enemies I will be the first one to support him if he recruits me I will be in his army and whoever he deemed as our enemy I will be there to support him and the kingdom Nation are one with me to fulfill what does scripture says [Applause] that is how I stand in obedience to the scriptures (Aug.20, 2023 Live worship )

We are not to obey evil commands, what goes against God. Were the Nazis appointed of God to remove all Jews and believers in Christ? This is the main concern of a man calling himself Christ uniting himself with a leader and the government of his country.

Rom 12:9 “Abhor what is evil. Cling to what is good, expose the evil works of darkness.”

When the antichrist comes will you obey him as a leader for he will be in charge of all governments? Apparently this is what Quiboloy is teaching his ardent loyal followers.

Obeying all in authority as a generalization is untrue. God has given civil Governments the power to establish a society to be rule justly, morally. Justified civil disobedience is allowed when the believer is expected to do something contrary to the Word of God by law. The Bible permits Christians to disobey the law only when they are commanded to do evil or to turn from doing good (Acts 5:28-29).We see examples of this disobedience where God blessed them for doing so. For example When midwives refused to kill their children under pharaoh’s command (to save lives Ex.1:15-22). In Joshua 2:1-14 we see the example of Rahab saving the lives of two Hebrew spies by hiding them from soldiers who were searching for them.

Acts 5:29 Peter and John refused to cease preaching the Gospel, saying to the Jewish Sanhedrin it is better to obey God than man.

The kingdom of God in the Philippines

Quiboloy says “smni is there for nation building.” “ We are unstoppable this nation is coming from above this ministry is from you father the nations of this Earth will perish but the kingdom Nation will forever remain.

He Quiboloy is not just “a prophet but an appointed son to rule over the Nations and over the kingdoms of the earth to root out to pull down to destroy and to throw down to build and to plant as there is an ongoing separation of the sheep from the goat's.”

“all being here in the Kingdom Nation with appointed Son of God is a great Victory” “Enlightenment salvation and spiritual guidance all because of your appointed son with all of this victories father these blessings and Thanksgiving to you we give back all the Praises glory honor only to the name of our Almighty father our Lord Jesus Christ the creator of us all through your appointed son the Lord of All Flesh our beloved pastor, Pastor Apollo.”

“we are so blessed to dine with that King because the almighty father has once again prepared a banquet …to stand before us is the Fulfillment of the old and the New Testament blessed are we

because we have our beloved pastor with us today it's just an ordinary man like us but … he was chosen he was anointed and appointed to become the Son of God in these last days as we should honor the son even as we honor the father that sent him to feed us with a freshman of Revelations and to personally bestow his blessing upon each and every one of us Sons and Daughters of the father all make way for the appointed Son of God that killed creation is New Heaven his willed creation is New Heaven his new Earth his Temple.” (You tube -- LIVE: SOUNDS OF WORSHIP by Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, Aug. 20 2023)

Quiboloy states “you have chosen where your New Jerusalem will be you have produced a son in this country you have made it a huge Jerusalem where the words of your salvation from A to Z of Salvation have come forth as you have commanded me to go into all nations of the world you have children I don't know them they don't know you but when they hear your voice they will follow it because my sheep know my voice.”

“of All Flesh our beloved pastor. He is a appointed son in the seventh heaven your appointed son as the true Temple .”Clearly stating, “the New Jerusalem” is Davao City.

apart from a 7th heaven which is found in mysticism, He teaches we are in the Millennium under his leadership which disregards all the scriptures on the Messiah ruling on David’s throne from Jerusalem.  So why does The bible says Jesus returns at the mount of Olives in Jerusalem (Zech 14:4) after he destroys the nations that came against Jerusalem (Zech.12:9) Zech. 14:16-17 Those “left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall go up from year to year to worship the King" if they do not rain will be withheld. Quibolo says the Bible is incorrect when there is not way to change the location or events of Scripture to be what he claims.

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy explains that the King Dome is like the Ark of Noah. “We, Kingdom Citizens, are the people on board the Ark. We constitute the Ark of Salvation — being the soul and spirit of this megastructure. The flowing water surrounding the plaza is symbolic of the New Jerusalem — being the water center of the world in these last days.”

This is the twinkling of an eye. April 13, 2005 to April 13, 2018, how many years? Thirteen years is only a moment in eternity . In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. This is the last trumpet message.

So a twinkling of an eye which is according to the bible a fraction of a second is now according to his math is 13 years long. He teaches the trumpet is still sounding, so the idea of a bodily transformation is disregarded for a spiritual substitute meaning, how clever. He coerces people by his distortion of Scripture that they will be transformed to be like him to live on another planet.

“When the Son is glorified, all of you who have become like me will be glorified also and then you will know what glorification is all about. And then I will show you that planet. I will show you that heaven where everybody wants to go, that only you and I can go. You are able to go there because you now have a glorified body like me. Without a glorified body, how can you go there? You cannot even go to the moon. Look at those astronauts who go to the moon. They went there through technology but that is all that they can do. But glorified bodies, they appear and disappear at will. They can go anywhere in the universe at will. I can go anywhere in seconds at will – no visa, no customs, no immigration, no nothing.”

Quiboloy has another gospel, another Jesus and another spirit operating in him and is spread to his followers. These poor people are being deceived in the millions.

1 Peter 1:25 but the word of the LORD endures forever ."Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you. “

Apollo states, “We are so fortunate that I was chosen and have succeeded where they had failed.”Fortunate would not be the correct word used by anyone who knows the true savior and his Word. He is one of many counterfeits in the last days deceiving the people of his own country.’ He does not care for them nor the truth.

Heb. 5:8-9 speaking of Jesus ‘though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered. And having been perfected, He became the author of eternal salvation to all who obey Him Obey who? Jesus not another son.

We read as a warning in 2 Thess. 1:8 “in flaming fire taking vengeance on those who do not know God, and on those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I can promise you on the Word of God that is truth and eternal, this man will die like all other men and will be judged as all other men by the real Son of God, Jesus Christ.


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