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p.3 Signs and wonder in the prophetic movement the words of Cindy Jacob

Maitreya who is identified as the new age Christ has constantly said: “ Those who search for signs will find them.” He is says he is the source of the signs and wonders happening today. Benjamen Crème has said that Maitreya says He” is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it. . .

So when one hears Cindy Jacobs make audacious claims, saying A new signs and wonders movement is comingwhich is significantly greater than what was seen in the days of the post-World War II healing evangelists. Part of the fruit of this movement will be healing centers which will be built around the world, devoted to praying for the sick and casting out demons."

"One of the distinctive of this movement will be raising the dead. … will result that whole cities will turn to Christ and be transformed. This move of God will be so powerful that the church will gather in stadiums to worship…. This will grow out of what some call the 'Saints Movement', in which large numbers of ordinary believers will be mobilized to win the lost, to cast out demons, and to heal the sick" (Cindy Jacobs - 'Generals of Intercession').

Jacobs takes the literal floods and spiritualizes them to come to the conclusion "the areas that have seen flooding will now see the work of the holy spirit come!" Rain Continues to Fall in Texas Forth Worth, TX: It is pouring rain in Texas, Oklahoma, and across portions of the Midwest).

“The Holy Spirit has spoken through His prophets, and He is releasing a new cleansing move of holiness across the face of the earth. Last June, through two prophecies given in Washington DC, the word came that God is "Washing Washington." This is now extending all along the I-35 corridor. The doppler radar has resembled a river of fire as it showed the places of the most intense rain--most of them are located along I-35. In addition, the floodgates across the state of Texas have been opened...and we are preparing for 2008, the year of the open gates.” 06/29/07)

It may be clever to put this as a rhyme but ask yourself, Has Washington been washed or has it become more corrupted? Open gates to what exactly? It seems whatever she says happens in the exact opposite way. There is reality and then there are her words.

The Lord says, “You will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” I’m going to give you the property; I am going to give you the land. I’ve given you the plan. You’re going to build the prayer center; you’re going to have 24/7. I'm going to bring a revival in the youth, they’re going to be some of the most radical on fire, passionate young people. God says to you, “You are going to break the spirit of entertainment, I’m going to put an anointing on you to pull down the spirit of entertainment, says the Lord, and the spirit of fantasy. And that spirit of fantasy is going to come down over the Orlando area. And Lord says, I’ve given you keys, keys, keys; I’ve given you keys to unlock.. Prayer, Prayer, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray. Jesus! Prophetic Intercession, Prophetic Intercession, Prophesy says the Lord, Prophesy, Prophesy to the dry bones and they will live." (Prophecy by Cindy Jacobs to Ken and Cheryll Malone February 28, 2003 Brownsville Assembly of God

God tells us not to repeat words in prayer and yet he repeats words of prayer?keys, Prayer, Prayer, Pray.This women cannot even counterfeit well her prophetic utterances.

June 4, 1998 “So the Lord would say to South Louisiana, that it is your hour, it is God's time for this area. And I am pouring my spirit out in a new and unique way, for I am restoring the covenant. I am renewing the covenant, that I made with my people many, many, many years ago. and the generation refused the call”

Exactly what covenant is God is supposedly speaking of? Is it a different covenant or a different God, or both?

There are those in the generations who I have called, and I am calling a new generation. …!'m going to move by my spirit like a river and there is going to be an outpouring of my glory that is going to come into this area. … My Glory is going to start filling the churches and it's going to happen at unexpected places that no one would dream. I'm going to visit those little cities, those little towns. I'm going to come and I'm going to surround some of the larger cities and the anointing will be in the smaller cities surrounding the larger cities and then I'm going to take them.”

She is saying the same thing in different ways, this is NOT how God speaks. Again God does not speak like a blatherskite!

“I am going to cause the eyes of the United States to be focused on this geographic region. And people will be startled and amazed even say, surely God is there, we must go see. Let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord. And the Lord says I'm going to put the anointing of the lawgiver. And its going to come through Louisiana as a state.

The mountain of the Lord is in Israel, not Louisiana.’ Jacobs has no control over her words, she thinks this is God speaking that contradicts his own word.

“Those places that have not produced, that should be very fertile, will produce says the Lord. And this says the Lord is not only something that is in the spiritual realm, but in the physical realm . For there are even treasures of darkness under the earth, that have been shut up for the end times, that I'm getting ready to open and I'm going to pour out the anointing even for the wealth of the sinner that has been laid up for the righteous and I'm going to send the anointing of missions to go all over the world even to shake the 10-40 window from this area.”

This is just ridiculous how God communicates through Jacobs, pour out ‘the anointing?’ God says he will pour out his spirit, not his anointing. Speaking of a 10/40 window, really? This again is not how God talks, and remember even if 90% takes place if it’s not fully accurate as said then it is not God speaking.

She says “anointing for revival. I'm putting my hand upon this area even now says the Lord,”that’s over 25 years ago!

Prophecy of Zimbabwe

The river is going to flow through Zimbabwe and I see a powerful torrent of water, a mighty rushing torrent, many fish. I see that there are strongholds in the church of division and the accuser of the brethren is active to discourage souls. An army of women with the Deborah anointing will march across the land. They will be like a net all over Zimbabwe with prayer. With a powerful anointing, the women first and men following. I see ancient thrones coming down, reconciliation between black and white, the spirit of racism which goes back further down to the tribes. I will use Zimbabwe like a jewel; she will help feed the world with beautiful produce. God will break the curse that came through civil war . . . the curse will be broken. I know nothing about Zimbabwe. The land will produce beautiful beef. New factories will be built. Zimbabwe has the ministry of reconciliation that reunites the African people. The anointing of reconciliation will be all over Zimbabwe. Do not be afraid of the change. Although it looks like you are going backwards. I have a plan for you. Satan thinks he is advancing but I will expose wickedness at high levels. Do not be afraid. Satan will try to bring war; this army will be used to stop war and bloodshed. A treaty will be written with other nations. Zimbabwe will be used like Switzerland to bring the healing of nations to break ancient things. Your nation came through trickery, but God will restore it. You will be given a piece of land, a beautiful place to pray. You will build a place to watch and pray. It will be like a compound with a place to sleep. The Annas will give their lives for intercession. Senior citizens will have places to stay and give their time to pray day and night.”(Prophecy given by Cindy Jacobs in Guatemala City, Guatemala on October 30, 1998.)

Her prophecy on Zimbabwe failed. But that’s acceptable because according to the prophets club she is in they do not nor cannot be 100% right. They haven’t been even 50% right.

Her prophecy for Australia. All this was said: “Australia is going to be a first fruits nation, an apostolic nation - a sending out nation.” Global Day For Prayer, 5/23/2001) Hardly believable , as Australia is one of the first nations going into the new world order. What can be assured of whatever she says it will be nearly the opposite.

Cindy’s shake and bake prophecies are astounding in that the cake ends up flat.

Her prophecy that Eddie Villanueva would be the winner of the 2010 presidential election in the Philippines. Which he lost and ended up in 5th place!

To the phillippines “ The Lord would say to the Philippines'' I am shaking everything that can be shaken so no man would glory in what I will do. For I have waited for a generation that I could raise up a purity and holiness in. And I am raising up firebrand. There is a forerunner anointing coming upon the youth of the Philippines that will prepare the way of the Lord even into the middle east,'' says the Lord. ''Look and see what i will do in Mindanao,for I am going to visit in a way that you cannot imagine.I am coming to Mindanao''says the Lord,''as the God and the Lord of hosts and I am going to start appearing''the Lord says''As a sign that I am going to truly change the nation, I am going to show myself to the gueriila leaders and I am going to come''says the Lord,''And I am going to begin in the places in the Philippines that have been the bloodiest, the places where the gueriilas' insurrection has been the strongest and I am going to come with signs and wonders and miracles. And I am ready to pour out a miracle anointing the Philippines such as the earth has never seen. For Indonesia they had a rushing mighty wind, but in the Philippines they will have the fire from heaven that will begin to fall.And this will be a purging fire and I will say I will even visit even as if in a day, says God. Do not think that I am not able to come in a day and begin to unravel the iniquities of the nation'' says the Lord. ''I am going to visit the military.I am getting ready to come among the young military' 'and the Lord says,''There's going to be a revolution of righteousness that comes within the military. I am getting ready to dethrone everything that need to be dethroned. For even the bowls of heaven are full.'' Oh I see the bowls in heaven are just getting ready to be tipped over the Philippines and' 'I am going to spill out my glory' 'and the Lord says,' 'I will remove the shame that satan has tried to put upon this nation''. And the Lord says, ''Look and see for even the blood of the martyrs cries out even from Saudi Arabia. The blood of the martyrs cries out from those islamic nations and my Filipino people-they have laid their lives down. Do not think I haven't seen .Do not think I am looking away. Do not think I do not see you, Philippines ,for I see you. You are the apple of my eye. You are a treasure unto me''. And the Lord says, ''This is the day & this is the hour when I begin to change everything” says the Lord . I'm going to change the judicial system. I'm going to dethrone corrupt judges. I'm going to begin to expose, expose, expose, expose. And the lord says, “Look and see what I will do. For I will open my treasure chest from the Philippines. And I am going to begin to release finance from the Philippines, that will surprise and shake even hong kong. For I'm getting ready to move a distribution of wealth''says God,''And I'm getting to open the oil. I'm getting ready to open that which is in the ocean . I'm getting to bring forth revolution even in the economic systems and the finance system''. ''Look to the University in Manila ''says God.'' For I will bring a revival that the...''oh my Lord...the Lord says,'' Not hundreds, thousands and thousands and thousands are going to get saved''. the Lord says, Can I touch a whole university? Yes. I can touch a whole university. I can come with my glory and I can come with my power in ways that you cannot imagine, for I am coming, says God,''I am coming and I will remain,' 'says the Lord .

This is so ridiculous, so many words of nonsense that I can’t begin to comment on her bouncing off the walls. God is coming? Miracle anoint on the Philippines like the world has never seen? Using what, miracle whip? Fire from heaven?. They are the apple of gods eye and not Israel is blasphemy.

Cindy  Jacobs led the group gathered at National School of the Prophets “ We speak of fire, God, right now. Right now, right now, fire of God. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Yeah, yeah, the fire of God. The fire of God. We release it and we declare it.” “Come on, Come down.” “We say, "Angelic forces, assign yourself to the sons and daughters of New Jersey “Hallelujah. It's a holy mess. It's a glorious disarray. When God is comes he shakes everything up. Let the fire come. Oh, yeah, yeah. More fire. Let the fire burn. Let the fire fall. Come on. Hallelujah. Let the fire fall. Ohh, let the fire fall. Ohh, hallelujah, Lord. Hallelujah.” (Cindy Jacobs, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, ,2002)

The word fire was repeated hundreds of times ad nauseum

fire was part of the latter rain teachings william Branham taught,

what is to come

Cindy Jacobsthe fire breathing prophetess, ”There's gonna be a fiery issue out of our mouths.  The fire of God.; The glory of fire, the Holy Fire, whatever you what to tell it.; The fire of the living God that came in us at Pentecost, you see, we just didn't receive tongues, we received fire at Pentecost.; And the fire of the Holy Spirit is coming. And it's going to issue out from us into the nations of the earth…. Send them home with fire. Fire.  Fire, fire.  Burn, Lord, burn, Lord, burn, Lord.  Let the fire burn, yeah, Pentecost fire.  …

Cindy speaking “Father, in Jesus' name we decree and declare that you're going to carry this back, for the, for the anointing of revival. We speak of fire, God, right now. Right now, right now, fire of God. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Yeah, yeah, the fire of God. The fire of God. We release it and we declare it.”… Lift up your hands. “Receive the fresh fire for the nations,” says the Lord. Fresh fire. Just coming, fresh fire. A new fire for the nations. “I'm sending you fire,” says the Lord. “A fresh new fire is coming down.” She then looses the fire all over the world Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa… “Now let the fire come. Let the fire come. California, wave your hands at me. Where are you? The fire of God is falling on you right now. Ohh. Hallelujah. It's a holy mess. It's a glorious disarray. When God is comes he shakes everything up. Let the fire come. Oh, yeah, yeah. More fire. Let the fire burn. Let the fire fall. Come on. Hallelujah. Let the fire fall. Ohh, let the fire fall. Ohh, hallelujah, Lord. Hallelujah. Mike Bickel, come here. Now I want you to loose that intimacy, that bridegroom thing, with the fire upon him.”

The Lord showed me the fire. You see, that's what happening. You don't understand. We, we don't understand about the Holy Spirit.  We're talking about the river of God, but this river of fire, we don't understand be baptized in fire.  We don't understand this part of Pentecost.  We don't understand what happened, and out of that fire, what happened.  But we've gotta get a revelation of fire and intercession.  We've got to get a revelation of fire and the prophetic, so we can under, establish judgment, and so we can under, establish justice…. Nor do we understand how the fire of God can come from our mouth, that Pentecost fire when we receive with the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives.” (“Mobilizing the Prophetic Office.” Thursday, May 11th, 2000.)

Isn’t this a mouthful of blatherskite teaching. The fire of Pentecost will now come from us, as judgment? How biblical is that? She says we don’t understand… no she does not, she is an ignorant illiterate bible teacher. How dangerous is this spiritual exercise of fire? As a literal fire came.

Since then Cindy loves speaking about fires

Jacobs prophecy for California

“And the most liberal state is gonna become the most conservative state,” says the Lord your God. Now let the fire come. Let the fire come. California, wave your hands at me. Where are you? The fire of God is falling on you right now. Ohh. . Hallelujah. It's a holy mess. It's a glorious disarray. When God is comes he shakes everything up. Let the fire come. Oh, yeah, yeah. More fire. Let the fire burn. Let the fire fall. Come on. Hallelujah. Let the fire fall. Ohh, let the fire fall. Ohh, hallelujah, Lord. Hallelujah.” (Cindy Jacobs, National School Of The Prophets-Mobilizing The Prophetic Office, May 11, 7 pm, 2002)

California had the worst fires they had in looong time after her prophecy, so this time she was accurate. They will be mostly conservative? Its 22 years later and they have become the opposite!

The Prophetess general, Cindy Jacobs preached at King’s Cathedral Church in Maui Oct.2022, where she prophesied that the pastor and congregants would receive ‘supernatural favor’ in the form of ‘supernatural houses’ and that the testimonials from folks in this church receiving new houses as a result of this favor and blessing ‘would ring out across the world.’

“It is actually part of the word of the Lord that God has given me for Kings and for you. You’regonna be very excited what theHoly Spirit is saying. By the way I prophesied over Pastor Jireh (Urmeneta) thathe’s going to get a new house alreadyand that God is going to give himsupernatural financing. So you mark it down, it’s gonna happen.”

In fact, why don’t we pray for anyone that needs it. Raise your hand or stand up quick. Father in the name of Jesus I thank you Lord for supernatural houses. Lord we thank you fortestimonies from this one service that are gonna ring around the world.

Father we thank you for the level of faith needed for these houses, for the favor in the name of Jesus and Lord to obtain them, and Lord let it be said that when you go to King’s Cathedral Church you enter into supernatural favor, and we got this house cause God gave it to us, amen?
…Oh by the way somebody thought ‘well I like my house but I need to remodel.’ Who’s that? Okay Father we thank you for ‘remodel faith,’ a remodel faith so you can sell it so you can buy up.. .”

Cindy Jacobs has already prophesied that Hawaii would become the first /Christian state now she has stuck both feet in the mouth, even further.’ "I prophesied is a clue to the origin'

However in less than year wildfires raged across Maui, burning down their church plant and dozens of congregants’ homes and businesses, demonstrating again what a fraud, charlatan, and false prophet Jacobs is.

They are going to need more than remodeling.

And imposters will become worse we are told. The NAR is like a Christian Hollywood, filled with actors that know nothing of Scripture accurately but think they know it all and are uniquely anointed.

The Global Prophetic Summit is the opportunity to hear from many prophets from across the world. The theme this year is Authority over Chaos. There is something powerfully supernatural about setting a time aside to prepare yourself for the year 2023. There is no doubt that Satan is trying to disrupt your life, destroy your destiny, and shake up nations. We believe the Global Prophetic Summit will equip you to boldly stop what the enemy has planned and release God’s purpose for you. (this is their appeal to convince people to listen to what they have to say)

“Our team has put together a strategy to see this happen! The worship will refresh you and get you in touch with God on a deeper level. You can also sign up to receive a personal prophetic word or have a dream interpreted. The prophets who are sharing are world-class, and hands-down some of the most accurate that we know. Friday night will be a powerful time of miracles and supernatural manifestations. We have designed GPS as an immersive time in the presence of God.

Covenantal friends will sit around the table and dream God's dreams, and then go out and manifest them together throughout the earth.” Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders - Charisma Magazine Online (mycharisma. com)

Shameful that charisma magazine promotes these counterfeit prophecies


The year 2023

She shares a compilation of the word of the Lord that came through our episodic Council of prophetic Elders many recognized uh prophets and this year I have also included the global prophetic consultation where we've invited prophets from many nations of the world”

She claims there are different prophetic gifts. Psalmists and prophetic evangelists, staying it all true, this year (2023) God is going to give us great authority over chaos but Bountiful blessings and turmoil Bountiful blessings and turmoils

God is going to give us directions to Goshen… the Lord said that I'm going to give you directions to your Goshen, She states we've been meeting 23 years now 23 years I mean so they've been around for 23 years they started in 2000. After 2,000 years this prophetic council is restored thanks to mr. Wagner.

I believe we are at a key place right now where we, we are seeing the new and we can't stumble over it"

Her meanings and biblical words are as usual jumbled and confused how can they not stumble?

“you're going to be in Goshen the very best part of what we now have to offer you I think  that is a real word for us what you're hearing about Goshen I believe we're going to be brought in and given some territory that isn't particularly promised territory but is it is the territory where we will develop that will lead us into the fullness of the promise that God has right now what promise will we be led into the fullness thereof he's not saying anything that's what I think about Goshen it was where oh that's what you think about Goshen okay all right God's covenant people might…”

Did any of this happen? Exactly how do you get to Goshen?  Goshen was established in the middle of Egypt at that time Israel was in captivity in enemy territory, to protect them as the plagues came upon Egypt, but it is now somewhere else spiritualized imagined

Her words and concepts are more like a spiritist’s séance. Cindy Jacobs is Bible illiterate and those with a basic knowledge of the Bible can see this, unfortunately they are in the minority, even the magazine Charisma.

p.4 Yes there’s more, the best (or worst is yet to come)


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