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How to witness when you get the knock on your door

How do you make progress when you are witnessing to other that believe differently on the Bible BUT DO NOT KNOW THEY ARE IN ERROR? Especially when you only have a few minutes at your door.

Keep to your strongest arguments, thoroughly discuss the same point from all angles. Avoid getting into a religious conversation and never getting a point answered. Do not move on until this is accomplished having them admit they could be wrong is a major step.

 You should know that spending an hour[s] is not always best, sometimes it is more effective to spend only 5- 10 minutes and make an impact with just a few points.

If you are not familiar with their beliefs best to make a future appointment than to engage on what you do not know.

Always have them read the Scripture out loud (always), as they hear it in their own voice. You can then ask them the questions or explain it but have them read the Scripture so they hear what God has to say directly.

Be aware, Jehovah Witnesses and others can say they are saved when they are not. They canít be because they reject the gospel on all its points. So they are either lying or are in ignorance on what their own organizational teaching is on this. I have seen both.

To them there is no hell. One does not get punished or rewarded after death. Only non existence is their future. They canít be saved from death and hell. They believe that at death we go out of existence like Atheists (except for the 144,000, which there are less than 6,000 left for over 50 years)

Keep your point's simple and always have them answer them from the Bible not by their own books, literature or prophets.  If you do this you will find a better response that will yield fruit in due time.

 we have a video on witnessing with short questions


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