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Directory on Current trends in the culture and Church  


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Directory list on Current Trends- About influences in the secular world and in the Church. TV reviews and movies, addressing fads and things that affect our culture and church

The current climate of hating life in the womb

Joel Osteen's church is full of surprises

Your newborn fetus

p.1 Karl Marx’s view of God, Religion, the World and You

p.2 Karl Marx’s answer to Religion and changing society- Marx’s bigotry and prejudice

Pt.3 Today's Marxist/Communists -- their ways and his ways

Are they watching us? UFO's are soon to be revealed, or are they?

World Evangelical Alliance Leader- Concerned over churches diminishing role

p1 Did Jesus die for our sin?

p2 Did Jesus die for our sin?

Where are we are today? - Plans that have been in the works for a new social order of government.

p1Politics of life

p2 Politics of life, or death

The Current Confusion Between what is false and what is true

Russia and the Jehovah Witnesses

 A short history of our modern music culture

A time to pay attention to Prophecy

Your personal Spiritual warfare

p1 Was Jesus was a socialist

Pt2 The rich Young Ruler

What do the fake media news and

Trends of our day- Body Piercing and Tattoos

Does America want a spiritual woman as president?

Omega Code

About the Occult concepts and practices in the Church

The Deteriorating Effect of an A

The end is never ending…

Salt free Christianity

Don’t be sacked by the Shack

What of those who claim they died

Here's Lucifer - The TV program launched by Fox

The Reappearance of the Bethlehem

Heavenly Untruths

Advancement of the Empire

The End according to Hollywood


p.1Music of Heaven

pt2 Music of Heaven, music of hell

Jesus popcorn, a soda and...- The movie of Jesus

Founder of TBN is DEAD

Blood moons are coming

Christians You are not allowed to use the name Allah - Muslims forbid Christians to use their Gods name

Making a Fable into Jesus

Are people going to heaven today

The Serpent seed p.1

Pt2 Is Cain, the Devil's seed.

Pt3 Some Serpent seed refutes

Pt.4The Serpent in the Garden

A Rainbow cross identifies a new Bible Version

The War on Christ by the secular

An Urgent Call From Gershon Salo

Some questions that are being avoided about Islam

Did Jesus Christ have a wife?

The spread of the night

Tattooed man not allowed to visit England

Planned NOT to parent

A short synopsis on the Harbinger


Why all the hatred for Jesus

The Atheists Wishful thinking an

Does God care what He is called

In response to the Rumors of Christ using pagan gods

Do we have the freedom to Gamble

Chrislam - the bottom of the slide

Is this Americas flashpoint

pt.1 Social justice- coming to a church near you!- The new push for social justice in politics and religion.

pt.2 Social Justice and the Bible- What does the Bible and the Constitution of America actually say about social justice.

The Coalescing of The Christian Right With Apostolic Dominionism- The NAR's infiltration into culture.

Mainstreaming the Occult

Maitreya is back in the news

The name Allah for God in the Bible

Whose name is above all names

Muslims say

The Time is our time

Rick Warren enters the mash


Hawaii says Aloha to Islam

A Mediocre Merry Christmas Message- Rick Warren's Christmas gospel.

The Unity of the Apostates

Christianizing a popular books Character to be a counterfeit Son of God

Yet Another False Prophet Promoting the Grand Delusion

Trends of our day- Body Piercing and Tattoos

Jesus Camp

Messiah wars

Modern Maccabees

NEW AGE Pathways in the church

Misquoting God

Dialoguing Da Vinci

p1 A GREAT Compromise

p2 Yoga is for Christians too

p3 Yoga, a long Stretch Toward God

Here is a letter I received from a pastor

Sympathy for the Devil

Spiritual fusion

The Emergent Church- A new wave of evangelical identity


The Issue of other Religious Practices as Worship in the Church

Now Ready for Prime Time Players


The Nations of the Earth

Culturized Christianity

Days or ages in Genesis 1

A NEW Anointing

When Doctrinal Beliefs Become Irrelevant

How to get from A to Z through Dialogue

Why the Heavens Hold Back the Rain

Commercialized Apologetics

The Way to Evangelize

The New and Improved Church

NBC's Noah's ark

Tattoos- What to be aware of in this trend.

 Mock of Ages- The pardoning of Judas

The Diminishing Message of the Cross

The Nations of the Earth- A history of Idolatry

pt. 1Daniel Kikawa - Perpetuated in Righteousness or Perpetuating a Modern Myth

 pt .2The Hawaiian Supreme God

pt.3 Io- A synthesis of beliefs

The Da Vinci Code and other Deceptions

 Da Vinci's masterpiece ruined

  Why the Heavens Hold Back the Rain- Why revival tarries

 A New Way of Thinking


 Hegel's dialectic

 Seminary President Apologizes for Evangelizing Mormon- Fuller president apologizes for former evangelistic efforts to Mormons.

  Paul's Mars Hill Approach- What did Paul actually do to proclaim the gospel on Mars Hill?

  Dialogue or a Widening of the Road -pt 2 on the friendships and common goals of unity

   A Bridge Over Other Waters- Unity with a Purpose.  Templeton and Warren 

  The Power of Personality- Enneagram, testing you personality by the philosophies of man.

  Are there Messianic Muslims? Taking a look at a new Christian article on the new ways for evangelization.

 A Bridge Over Other Waters- Unity with a Purpose.  Templeton and Warren 

  Internet Christian Bookstores: Haven for Non-Christian Materials


 Carlton Pearson and Universalism

  A NEW Anointing

  Lava Pits to Avoid in Hawaii- The ministries and churches in Hawaii that one should be aware of  

       TV special on da Vinci Code asks

        Hey seeker sensitive's

         Scams from Nigeria

         The influence of Universalism on society and the church

         The church losing her salt

  Why not Christmas- What's so offensive in the name of Christmas? 

  The Da Vinci code- The newest theory to discredit Jesus and the Bible

  Let’s Be Sensitive to the Real Seeker!- Do you consider yourself seeker sensitive?

  A New Evangelism for the 21st century- A look at a new missionary work with Muslims by YWAM and other mission organizations.

 Scams from Nigeria- E-mails claiming to have millions for you.  

  TBN in the Hot seat

  Jesus coming soon- The second comings project intention to clone Jesus.

 Dialogue or a Widening of the Road -pt 2 on the friendships and common goals of unity

YWAM and Benny Hinn agree to work together- New developments in evangelism and discipleship

The Church losing her salt- Looking at the newest report of the church and what is happening to Christianity.

What is Gnosticsim? The current trend of mysticism

What's wrong with Harry Potter?- The book series on Harry the Wizard becomes a movie star .

Harry Potter- The book that is about witchcraft that has stolen our children's hearts.

 Which God will Bless America?- The new ecumenism

 America where are thou?- Reaction to the terrorist attack on America

A New Way of Thinking

Hegel's dialectic

Carlton Pearson and Universalism

Terrorism or peace at any cost


YWAM joins forces with Benny Hinn

 Suicide- Is there a biblical answer to to this dilemma?

Cleansing Stream-a new deliverance ministry coming to your Church.

The Bible Code- Is the future secretly encoded in the OT discovered by computers?

The Gospel in the Stars - Do the stars reveal the gospel or the Bibles story? Reviewing the book Perpetuated in Righteousness and the Hawaiians gospel.

Religions Started by Angels-What modern day and ancient religions began from angelic visitations?

Day or Age CREATION- Is Genesis communicating a 7 day creation or long periods of time? Addressing the progressive creation view of Hugh Ross and others.

Touched by an angel- Reviewing the TV program in light of the scriptures view

The Prince of Egypt?- Movie review.

NBC's Noah's Ark-  Another video fiction that mocks the Bibles record.

Amway- Is it God's way? What about this multi-level marketing company that many claim is Christian based.

Traditional Marriage-The homosexual issue addressed.

   Planned NOT to parent

p1 The Truth about Abortion-Why abortion is legalized murder.

p2 Abortion facts- The facts about who and why's.

Parables for the covetous- The Bibles view of true riches and success.

The Sermon on the Mount- Is it today's golden rule of conduct? Are we to keep the law.

Drugs -Pharmakia in the last days.

The Omega Code- TBN's fantasy movie about the antichrist and the end of time.

Poke'mon- The game that opens children to a supernatural pagan world view

Cloning- Science is taking us where no man has gone before.

 pt. 2 Cloning The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly

        The Gospel of Unity




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