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 Directory on How to recognize a cult

What is a Cult?

common characteristics of cults

Recognizing if you are in a cult

Help my child has just joined a cult

What is Cult Evangelism?- A specific equipping to reach those trapped inside a cult group

Robert Lifton's 8 Criteria - On mind control

What would a member of a cult write to the Christian church today

Who Joins Cults?

How people become part of Cult movements

Legalism, Cultism, and the Abuse

The mind of a cult leader

What happens when you leave?

Beware of false prophets

The Jesus of the Cults and Religions -Another Jesus

How to find a good Church home

What works must I do to receive salvation?

The one true Church

What about James 2:17

p1 When a church loses its way and turns into a cult

p2 The sociological perspective of a cult

Making a long conversation short

The Gospel


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