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p2 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know

An overview of Haight Ashbury and Frisbee's many conversion[s]

Frisbee says,“At seventeen I dropped out of high school and enrolled in the art college (that would be 1966) In San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, pursuing studies at the Academy of Art School.”

Having won a art scholarship to the prestigious Academy of Art he moved to San Francisco. I went off to college in late 1966, way up north in San Francisco.”

One of my high school teachers had previously moved up north and helped me get accepted into the college. I lived with this family in San Francisco when I first arrived. I moved to “the community” as soon as I could, …. I gravitated from my teacher’s place, moved to the Haight, and rented a place of my own. I lived right in the midst of it all.”

He says he began as a clean-cut American kid when he first arrived, but says he soon abandoned that appearance. He tells us that he “was not a hippy-hobo-freak when I arrived in the Haight-Ashbury. I was a letterman in high school wrestling. I was a clean-cut kid.”

From Lonnie’s book Sach’s says “almost the entire first year of living on my own, I went wild. I started searching and experimenting like everyone else. I listened to many voices and philosophies and opinions.” Exactly when or how long this took place is difficult to know because of the conflicting stories, but from his own words it was late 1966.

He was “experimenting with different forms of spirituality during this time, searching for love in all the wrong places.Sach’s encapsulates his time before conversion, “He had been interested in the New Age or even Pentecostalism as a boy and had a background of giving his life to the Lord when he was eight years old. Although he wasn’t a walking, talking Christian as a teenager, he was still very curious about the more mystical side of life, always checking everything out for himself. He even tried to learn how to hypnotize people and things like that. He’d go up to Tahquitz Falls and take people with him—they called themselves “nudist, roper-doper hippies”— and they’d take off their clothes, drop LSD, and paint or just hang out.”

Lonnie was also reading Edward Cayce, (before his conversion). Cayce thought of himself as a Christian he would go into Trances where he would channel healing prescriptions by remote viewing, given information on past lives, karma, and reincarnation, while he would have people record what he was given.

Frisbee was also steeped in Occultism. We are told he had enough know how to cause mystical manifestations before he became a believer. During this time he led many in LSD induced states in pursuit of God.

We went to the desert looking for UFOs. I even thought I saw one, but it was probably just trails from a recent LSD trip.”After his supernatural experience in the canyon He continued to speak of UFO's and believed Jesus entered earth in a space ship.

Haight Ashbury overview

“Subsequently, I moved to the Haight-Ashbury during the much-publicized Summer of Love in 1967.”

Everyone was congregating to San Francisco’s Summer of Love in 1967, the center of this was on Streets of Haight Ashbury.

We are told Lonnie was dropping acid for years before he moved specifically to Haight Ashbury, at the time he was going to the TV dance show until that ended for him after May of 67’ ( Jim Morrison and the Doors were on). He was apparently going to Kuhlman’s TV ministry once a month as well during all this, even at the same time living in San Francisco and Haight Ashbury area in 1967.

Sach’s and others apparently did not ask questions on these timings or contradictions of events that were involved in his testimony as he was enamored with Frisbee.

“In the middle of all this excitement, I still missed my friends and family, and as the months rolled by, I’d occasionally hitchhike back down to Southern California.”(what happened to his new car he was given from the dance show? It is never mentioned.)

From San Francisco to Tahquitz falls is a total 488 miles, (986 miles round trip) 7 hour drive each way. But Lonnie was hitchhiking. This area is owned by the Agua Caliente Band of the Cahuilla Indians, it is 1 mile hike to the falls and the area is quite picturesque. Frisbee states, “It was a real hike back on the Tahquitz Canyon Trail.” Lonnie's had a severe clubfoot that they operated on making it more difficult.

Hippies hated phonies, they wanted honesty

There are so many contradictions in his book on his life, these favor his unbiblical spiritual practices. From Roger Sach’s book, Lonnie says “Back when I was taking LSD and following Timothy Leary, I went out and bought a lot of LSD with my own money. It wasn’t even illegal yet .” Actually by 1967 it was. It became illegal, in 1966 before Lonnie became a hippie in Haight Ashbury and a convert to Christianity.

Frisbee didn’t look like a hippie until long after his conversion according to the pictures taken, but you’d think it would be the other way around. Frisbee made himself look like a hippie afterhe is converted to Christ. When he attended the dance show, he looked clean cut then, so why look try to look like a hippie after conversion? There was something else operating, as we unravel his many stories we will see that it’s called becoming the center of attention. The evidence points to Frisbee making himself look like a hippie after he had been converted to Christ in order to fit a genre, and to eventually use the appearance in order to fill a hippie preacher niche that he saw nobody else had yet established.

Lonnie Frisbee trips into Christianity

It is these numerous conversion events that we want to focus on, (the before and after), the famous one is in the Canyon. “We loved to go to Tahquitz Canyon up near Palm Springs, get nude, and seek God. One time about a hundred of us––guys and gals––were arrested for being nude and smoking dope.”

What he said elsewhere is that he thought God was found by LSD, which was the acceptable cultural consensus at the time.

There a few testimonies like this one from Lonnie's high school friend, Judy Meston, who recounts:

" So we drove out to Tahquitz Falls and we hiked up- he wanted to go to the very top falls. And once he got there, he opened his back pack and he spread out- and he had LSD, and he had marijuana, and he had all of his oil paints and he had togas, and he told us to put on togas, so we did. And he proceeded to paint a picture of Jesus on the rocks, a full-sized picture of Jesus on the rock. Then he pulled out his Bible and he got into a kinda yoga position and he says 'We're gonna read the Bible now.' He was reading about John the Baptist and how John the Baptist baptized and he baptized us up at Tahquitz Falls, even though we were all on drugs."

Apparently Frisbee had this concept of baptizing in his head for some time. Remember, he told us how he was disappointed when he was young that they would not baptize him at the Church. This denial offended him and stayed with him.

He was also into mysticism and the occult as he read the Bible ON LSD, certainly what he read and learned from the mystics were present in his understanding of the Bible. He reads of John the Baptist while in a yoga position saying “I kind of relate to John the Baptist down in the wilderness baptizing in the River Jordan (Lonnie Frisbee The Life and Death of a Hippy Preacher).

Living in height Ashbury he says, “I’d occasionally hitchhike back down to Southern California. After hitch-hiking back to the falls he led his naked friends that were stoned at Tahquitz Canyon to seek God. Lonnie was baptizing people at the falls even though they were on drugs and were not believers. They were told to put on togas as he painted a full-size Jesus on a rock. This all takes place before his mystical encounter.

Frisbees vision of baptizing was already birthed in him when he was baptizing people before he supposedly learned God was real. This baptism practice was opposite to that of the Bible. Only those who were sober minded who believed on Christ were to be baptized.

According to Judy when he would read the Bible he wanted to experience that which he read. Reading about John the Baptist while on LSD could certainly plant false ideas that one could accept as real, as one thing led to another.

The difference is that John the Baptist was called when he was in his mother’s womb (Lk.1:13), by an angel. His father was a priest, his message was repentance to prepare the people to recognize their Messiah.

Frisbee saw himself as a John the baptizer even before his so called vision, and that’s a problem. It was this, along with his Pentecostal views that made himself think he was special. These eventually led him into his delusions of grandeur; in reality Frisbee may have been a dancer but he was a much better actor and story teller.

The mystical transformation

The timing of everything, the details are what makes Frisbees accounts untrustworthy and confusing, it’s like separating strands of spaghetti.

Sometime in 1967 at the age of 17 Lonnie frisbee took another trip into tahquitz canyon there he took a hit of LSD removed his clothing and began to pray in a relatively unorthodox but sincere manner.”With Lonnie saying, “ when the Lord called me I when I was going into the desert and I was taking all my clothes off and I'm going to me and one afternoon the whole atmosphere of this Canyon that I was in started to tingle and get light and it started to change and I'm just going, oh, I didn't want to be there he would later recount that it was here that God came to him in a vision and told him of the unique role that he was soon to play.” (Frisbee life and death of a hippie preacher by David Di Sabatino)

The majority of the time spend in the canyon he is with others, but this particular time he is alone.

Frisbee calls out, “Jesus, if you are really real––reveal yourself to me!!!” Suddenly the whole atmosphere began to change around me.”So God immediately responded to his call? (this immediacy continues throughout his ministry).He tells us at the time he“was definitely confused but very open and honestly seeking.”

Frisbee's story is not only confusing but contradicting, as he describes himself calling on God in Tahquitz Canyon to see if ‘he was real,’ which certainly solidifies the point that he did not know God at that time. Which is crucial because he had stated elsewhere that he was already a Christian as a child prior to this.

Frisbee’s contradiction here is that he is seeking to find if God is real, when he already stated he believed God is real; while also seeking if God was real on other LSD trips prior to this one while he was a (backslidden?) Christian who already believed that God was real.

We know this is very confusing, but we have to mention a number of these things to show that Frisbees accounts are not trustworthy.

He shows further confusion by saying in his book “I have walked with Jesus since I was eight years old childand yet does not mention the 2 other different times throughout his life that he became ‘born again,’ again!

Frisbee was confused from his extensive use of LSD and converged it with what he knew of Christianity which he had very little understanding of before and even after his supernatural (mystical) experience. What he did have was a basic knowledge of the most popular Bible stories, but not a knowledge of the essential core teachings about Christ.

From his book he states: “One day I was up in the canyon again by myself. It was a real hike back on the Tahquitz Canyon Trail. There is a beautiful stream and waterfalls along the way, and it is such a cool place. I finally arrived at one of my favorite spots. I took off all my clothes and literally screamed up to heaven, “Jesus, if you are really real––reveal yourself to me!!!” "Suddenly the whole atmosphere began to change around me. It began to tingle and shimmer and glow. I thought, “Uhh–ohhh! I dont even want to be here!” I was scared and shocked, positive it was not an LSD flashback. I didn’t hear an audible voice, but I knew that I was in the presence of God Almighty. Then I saw a radiant vision, clear as crystal. I saw thousands and thousands of young people at the ocean lined up in huge crowds along the coast, going out into the water to be baptized. I could see it! I knew instantly that Jesus was real and that the was calling me to follow him . As the Lord lifted up my eyes, I saw a harvest field of people. They were like a huge wheat field. I saw in the vision thousands of people in the valley of decision.”

In the book story he eliminates that he took LSD, which is stated on Di Sabatino’s DVD of his his life and death. The contradiction here is that he said this could not be a flashback, but what would it matter if he had just taken LSD? The only outcome of being in an altered state of consciousness through the use of Hallucinogen’s  is to very likely open one up to being deceived, as this combo very easily leads people into un-biblical experiences and away from the true teachings and understanding of the Bible.

Frisbee states that his conversion was the result of 'an inspired acid [LSD] trip' in Tahquitz Canyon; his life story before this point is already confusing enough, this being added to it does not clarify anything.

We have to ask: which of Frisbee’s Jesus’ was real? Even after this experience Frisbee believed that Jesus was traveling in a UFO, until he met a man named Ted Wise in San Francisco sometime later. This is the Jesus Frisbee claims to have met and believed in, at the Canyon.

Again, Frisbee was confused from his LSD taking and converged it with his Christianity, which he had little understanding of.

We are also told, "He saw like the Pacific Ocean emptied out of water but filled [with] people raising their hands and crying out to God to be saved. He says he saw a sea of humanity crying out to the Lord. He said the Lord told him that he would have a unique ministry and that he was not to be afraid." (Neal Liebig, "Pastor")

He also adds in another rendition in his book (which is important) “The power of the Holy Spirit surrounded me from within and without. Then I saw a light from heaven come down and ordain me, and I could hear him say, “Go in my name, for I have touched your lips with a coal of fire that burns ever before the presence of God. Proclaim to the people that I am coming soon .”

This is the same type of experience that was given to William Branham (when he was baptizing for the first time in the Ohio river.) A bright light suddenly appeared over his head and he heard a voice speak, “As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ,"

As we will see Lonnie picks up where William Branham left off. Is it coincidental that Branham died in December 1965 and that Frisbee was being spiritually groomed and shortly after, began getting involved in ministry in 1967 – 1968 with the similar if not the same unbiblical experiences and practices as William Branham himself had.

Again, Frisbee says in dire need he called for Gods attention, Jesus immediately responds (this immediate response continues in his life). However, Lonnie’s experience is also very similar to Joseph Smith experience with the light (the founder of the Mormon Church).

Biblically, even with most dire requests to God, it is very rare that a person is given an immediate presence or commission from the Lord as Frisbee is, Frisbee being the exception. (Other false revivalists, and false prophets of the Latter Rain today claim this as well.)

Those truly called in the Bible were always under Gods hand of training before they are sent out. The most important example being Saul, who when first called, was separated for 3 years to be trained by the Lord Himself, not counting the other Apostles who were with Christ directly learning from him for three years. Saul (the apostle Paul) was stopped by a light (Acts 9:3; 22:6) on the road to Damascus (he recognized the glory of God) and he asked who are you?

Does not Jesus reveal who he actually is? Jesus revealed actually who He was to Saul. Saul’s understanding of Scripture was infinitely more than Frisbee, so Saul wisely asked who are you, Lord? And the voice told him it is Jesus, the one you have been fighting against. But there were others there, Lonnie is alone. The glory of God was physically seen along with the voice from heaven that told Saul he is Jesus.

But according to Frisbee, his experience was greater in revelation than even the apostle Paul. Frisbee refers to several Biblical saints in his testimony, John the Baptist who baptized, the coals of Isaiah (chapt.6), the light like Saul of Tarsus, being on the mountain liken to Moses. While presenting his mystical experience at the falls, these Biblical stories are all used of his conversion. They are all rolled up into one experience at the moment he was so-called commissioned, being received from an experience while on LSD. Does God combine the greatest testimonies into one person? In 2,000 plus years he has not, that is until Frisbee!

While these are things that God speaks in the Bible, they need to be examined and explained according to how and why God said them.

The coals of Isaiah. Isaiah who was already called a prophet whose message to the people were to “wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, Isa. 1:16. In Isa 6:1-5 Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on a throne, and was shown his own sin among the people with unclean lips and that he needed to be cleansed first before he could bring this message to the people (which became Scripture).

No other Prophet in the Bible was cleansed by the Lord like Isaiah (Yet Frisbee said he was?) Frisbee drew from these Bible stories and made himself out to be even above the righteousness of Isaiah. All of these examples are drawn from the Bible without context and makes Frisbee into someone super special.

Isaiah’s prepared as a Prophet of God is nothing at all like Frisbees drug induced desire to be a prophet of God. If Frisbee was called and anointed is true, then all that the Bible teaches on how a Prophet of God is called, is wrong. His imagination, his desire to be a faith healer and LSD made a powerful combination to bring a paradigm shift in a few hours.

Frisbee said: a light from heaven come down and ordain me, and I could hear him say, “Go in my name, for I have touched your lips with a coal of fire that burns ever before the presence of God”

This is not only plagiarized from Isaiah, but also puts Frisbee on par with the Prophet Isaiah, and is a much greater encounter than with any other Old or New Testament saint in the Bible.

By claiming their experiences for himself, Frisbee did what every false teacher has done in the 19 th and 20 th century, to give himself more credibility.

In an addition to Frisbee’s other standard story, he says, “I'm gonna send you to the people and I saw a vision of thousands of people and they were wandering around in a maze of gray darkness bumping into one another with no direction or purpose for the lives and then the Lord showed me, there was a light on me, that he was placing on my life and it was Jesus Christ and I was going to go there the word of the Lord so I started to immediately look around for a staff because you know all prophets have staffs…”

There was a light on him? That is just like what William Branham said. The problem here, is that Frisbee thought he was at that point a prophet! Again, Frisbees account about himself is absurdly greater than all before him and he admits he knew next to nothing.

This particular account contradicts his other story that says that “I was going into the desert and I was taking off all my clothes and said God if you are really real reveal yourself to me. and one afternoon the whole atmosphere of this canyon that I was in started to tingle and get light and it started to change and I’m, oh oh I didn't want to be there but the Lord identified himself, he said I'm Jesus, he said I build nations and I throw them down it's better for a nation never to have known me but to have known me and turned their back from me that's one of the first things that God told me.”

So in one story the light being placed on his life was Jesus Christ, in this story the Lord identified himselfhe said I'm Jesus.” This is no subtle difference.

What is said next to him is “I build nations and I throw them down, it's better for a nation never to have known me but to have known me and turned their back from me that's one of the first things that God told me.”

The nations is an important additive but again it does not fit what he was first claiming. Here he had been told something that had nothing to do with what he had asked. Remember he is asking if God is real? Furthermore, the Lord is not building nations, God is over the nations, but the Lord only built one nation, the Nation of Israel (Ps.33:12). So, the question has to be asked, “who was giving Frisbee all the revelation?”

Being realistic, biblically, Jesus would reveal who He is and then he would have separated Frisbee who knew nothing at the time to be trained as a disciple, to be prepared to serve like God always does in the Bible. With Frisbee however this was missing. You can’t just take Bible stories and apply it willy-nilly to your life as Frisbee did on LSD. Is this is how God shows he’s real by commissioning a person who knows nothing, where does this fit in the way God acts? God has not and never would commission somebody who knew nothing about the Scriptures and while under the influence of mind altering drugs. (And we will see deliverance from these were not immediate part 3)

Frisbees conversion is subject to scripture and its principles like anyone else.

There is no way God spoke all these different things to someone that was so ignorant, who was asking to show to him that that he is real. In fact these stories prove that he either imagined everything, literally made everything up, or that another spirit was speaking to him.

Being saved without understanding or accepting the gospel simply goes against what the Bible teaches, especially on LSD which changes a person seeing reality as fragmented, perceptions of non-reality. This can open them to either demonic deception or into the drug-induced mental and psychological state of confusion all on its own, or both.

Let me explain what LSD does: it breaks down ones ego, you become almost a clean slate. It can produce false realities that is formed from your imagination (hallucinations), you can adapt to whatever you see or be swept away by whatever is catching your attention.

You can see or imagine visions that might appear to be supernatural and relate them to yourself, you can visualize and hear things that aren’t there, you can be completely convinced that these things are real (when they are not real), and believe them to be real (even for the rest of your life). You can even imagine yourself in other worlds and dimensions, and if you are involved in the Occult as Frisbee was, the deception of all this can be greatly enhanced. Frisbee himself said that he did a lot of LSD and that he imagined himself into the Scripture.

If Frisbee was reading the gospel of John on LSD, he could have very easily put himself into the story and had a vision generated from his own mind or by a demonic source, and ultimately could have formed his calling from it.

Some people have been delivered by God out of their drug induced state and become a Christian after they are sober in mind to hear and understand and receive salvation. Was this the case with Frisbee?  He tells us,” God was invading my life, and it was so powerful and absolutely wonderful. I didn’t need drugs anymore!” That does not seem to be accurate from other stories.

Roger Sachs “About 18, Frisbee admits that his doctrine was confused, affirming that it was a mixture of Christianity and Rainbow’ (‘Not by might nor by power: the Jesus Revolution’, 2012), p.52.)

Connie his former wife said, “I think that Lonnie must have fixed this one particular room up. There were candles lit and everything. The room filled up with people and we had taken some LSD and he was reading the Gospel of John out loud, and we’re goin’ through the whole gospel. And we get to the end of it, it’s the crucifixion stuff, everybody’s crying, you know, and not one person left the room. And then it was over. He was a planner of experiences. (Connie Bremer-Murray, “Lonnie’s Ex-wife” Special Features section on DVD)

Isn’t this the same thing he did in the canyon before his mystical experience? This event can only be explained in relation to where he and Connie were staying later, in Novato.

What is perplexing is that Connie says, He read something in the Bible and Lonnie could not read. He could not read or write until the day he died. ... He learned to read by reading the Bible. He was not literate." ('Connie Frisbee Unvarnished', excerpt is from a 7-25-05 interview between Connie (Bremer-Murray) and Mark Ellis)

But he says he read out loud the gospel of John at the falls and whole gospel of John afterwards.

If Lonnie truly met God, where was the call to repent of his drug use or his immoral lifestyle? If God actually came to him in his LSD trip, one would think that he would be told to repent for his sins, as a call for repentance always happens when the gospel that saves is shared and explained to anyone, but there is no mention of this occurring.

I can see how Frisbee being confused would believe it was God, having an active and vivid imagination on a hallucinogen. But saved without understanding or accepting the gospel, that is not possible.

It was by a vision through a LSD experience (directly or indirectly) that persuaded him into Christianity. It was not the Word of God that convinced Frisbee to repent and believe ‘the gospel that saves,’ because there is no gospel mentioned by Frisbee in his testimony at the canyon, nor in his teachings that are on YouTube. There is no mention of who Jesus is, there is no mention of the resurrection, He says nothing about sin or the forgiveness of sin. These elements make up what the Good News is; (the Gospel that Saves), without these, ones faith is in vain.

If Frisbee’s experience is how a person is called to Christ, or anointed, then what we know about the Bible is wrong. True leaders are formed, and forged in the crucible of God testing and training us, building us up through our obedience to His ways, as we conform to the Bibles teachings and ways.

Does God gift people immediately without them being doctrinally taught? Yet we are led to believe that God called Frisbee to such a great ministry. Is that how God works? Scripture give us the precedent of how one is called and commissioned into service. Does anyone get called into ministry knowing nothing? No! But that is what Frisbee states happened to him.

Another point of contention, how do you preach the gospel when you don’t even know what the gospel is, or who it is about? Frisbee believed Jesus was riding around in a UFO, Jesus entered earth’s atmosphere in a spaceship, and he led many to this Jesus, (for sometime at least).

Frisbee tells us, “I came off that mountain a different person. I still didn’t have all the answers, but I knew for sure that Jesus was real. He had responded to my desperate cry. I had an instant revelation of my calling” (book). Is that what happens to anyone who is called, do they not first get a revelation of Jesus instead of themselves?

Coming off the mountain is a subtle reference reminiscent to Moses.

We are told by his brother,“It was at Tahquitz Canyon where he later saw a vision from God and received the mantle to be an evangelist.”

David Sloane writes: " All of a sudden the Spirit of God hit him hard and he went almost into a trance and he saw himself standing up there with a Bible and he was preaching the gospel powerfully to young people and God told him He was going to use him to bring young people to Christ."

Lonnie said that after this day in the canyon “ He just changed my life. I entered into something that the Bible calls the 'born again experience'. I was transformed on the inside. I became a new creature in Christ Jesus and the old things passed away.”

While it is true that being born again is the greatest miracle anyone can experience; but how many times does this occur in one’s life? The answer is once. I count three different times and the experiences of this contradict each other. He claimed this same thing at age 8 years old and then now again at 17 in the canyon, and then later after the canyon in Haight Ashbury.

Is there a correct salvation date?

There are both conflicts and contradictions in the storyline of Lonnie Frisbee that cannot be reconciled with his testimony, no matter how much anybody tries to clean it up.

Frisbee had said, “had definitely felt the presence of God when I asked Christ into my life as a

As a child. I also felt his presence at the summer camps,”’ Lonnie at a young age (10-11?) “ I knew that God was real from my experiences at camp and from my grandmother’s church,” that he“was a very strong Christian convert at Central Bible Church.

So God was real to him. In the different conversion accounts, the second one he yelled out to God, saying: “God, if you’re real, show me.” Why would he have to ask that question if what he said of his childhood was true? He says he already knew this? So why ask? Unless he wanted an actual tangible experience. And as we have seen, LSD was the way Frisbee was led into this experience.

People see sincerity in his statements; however, a person can be sincere and still be deceived. Aside from that fact, there is still the question of which was the Jesus that was revealed to Frisbee? The Apostle Paul wrote: “If I or an Angel of light come and preach any other Gospel other than what has already been preached, let him be accursed, and, Matthew wrote: That In the last days people will be preaching a different Jesus, and a different Spirit. We could not Frisbee teaching about the deity of Christ, the Nature of God, or how a person is saved and from what.

Regardless of this fact, there is still the element of the Gospel, exactly who is this Jesus that was revealed to him? One must have faith in the real and genuine Christ and his gospel to be born again. An example of this would be a Jehovah Witness believing Jesus is Michael the arch angel and then later saying they were born again at the time, I don’t think so!

That is not how a person is saved according to the Bible. Can that person come to the true knowledge of Christ later, of course, but it would be at that point that they would truly know the true Jesus and have salvation.

It is likely that Frisbee being in Hollywood, exposed to acting, had the need to be noticed. After reading about his life and hearing about it from other people, Frisbee was able to concoct stories of what he would later use to elevate himself in the eyes of others and to make a name for himself, and it makes sense that this desire to be noticed began to form in Hollywood while also attending numerous Kathryn Kuhlman meetings in LA for years that set the stage to want to be somebody, to have a purpose and to be noticed. As Lonnie said, he knew he would be ‘a faith healer when he was younger, “I was sure that the Lord was calling me to receive Oral Roberts’s mantle when he died.”Frisbee speaks of being sure of many things.

The observation of other people’s success can be a powerful motivator, especially when mixed with drugs, the occult and human carnality.

What was missing was a backside of the desert training. We are to wait to be tested in the small things first, and to be trained up in Christ and the scriptures; even Saul / Paul had to go through this process after his supernatural conversion to Christ. He had to spend years with the Lord being prepared to serve Him in the way God wanted, and in the timing that the Lord saw was best.

Frisbee was damaged emotionally in many ways and needed to be healed, which can only happen with time spent in learning the Word. God’s Word says not to let a novice be put into leadership, even though it may seem ok, being zealous does not surpass, nor make up for a lack of knowledge. We must be mature to equip others, which means we must first be grounded and learn to teach what is found in the essentials of Scripture, not experiences.

Since the completion of the New Testament, nobody is called by God to tout some new revelation, to claim some special ability to pass on any anointing or mantle to anybody else.

To be special over anybody else, to be like an Old Testament Prophet, to be apostolic or a mystic as Frisbee did.

Another question that certainly needs answering, why did he believed Timothy Leary and LSD was the answer after years of supposedly knowing God, at the time he wanted to be a faith healer inspired by the healers of his day (like Kuhlman)! Lonnie was shaped by his early exposure to fringe Pentecostal Christianity which cultivated his view over years. If the Lord was not real to him why continue to go to Kuhlman’s meetings (and others) regularly. And what about William Branham who was the premiere healer during this time (who came to LA in 1965).

In retrospect, in my estimation Frisbees canyon experience was mostly fabricated because of the contradictions and the combining of several Biblical Saints experiences into his testimony. Something definitely happened with Frisbee, but the question is, from what source?

Many were partially blinded by the immediate popularity of Lonnie Frisbee that only went un-checked and un-discovered for a short time, but Chuck Smith discerned error and the danger, and Frisbee was asked to leave.

Returning back after several years Frisbee continued to quietly hold to this error. And eventually found the opportunity to bring it into another Calvary Chapel under John Wimber. His Calvary Chapel Church broke from Calvary and became the flagship church for the Vineyard Movement. After a short while there, Frisbee was also asked to leave, but for different reasons.

Tragically, because of Lonnie Frisbee’s unbiblical influence that some still believe was a gift, the Vineyard Church went on to introduce some of the greatest false teachings and practices that the Christian Church has ever witnessed throughout its 2,000 year history. Other equally destructive movements grew out of the Vineyard Movement, such as Bethel a new age mystical church under Bill Johnson.

The legacy of bad fruit, false teachings and unbiblical practices of Lonnie Frisbee cannot be underestimated or even calculated as they continue to unfold to this very day.

p.3 The Lonnie Frisbee most do not know - The Aftermath of Frisbee’s Mystical Encounter. His time in Haight Ashbury San Francisco. What happened and when?


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