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Beware of men (and women) who see angels

Ever since William Branham introduced his angel in the Latter Rain healing revivals of the 40’s and 50’s people have tried to mimic him. After all they adore his abilities and success. Branham’s personal angel gave him the abilities, as he saw individual visions of each person and gave what some say were accurate diagnosis for them to be healed.
Paul Cain, Bob Jones and Kenneth Hagin, Rick Joyner, Benny Hinn, Todd Bentley, Bill Johnson and so many others all speak of regular visits of angels like Branham, some from childhood. In fact visions and visitations of angels in Benny Hinn’s life, far exceed anyone in the Bible, but they still do not compare to Branham. Her said he was visited regularly by an unnamed angel and then by 7 angels all at once (referring to Revelation 1, 6, 10).

Benny Hinn is very explicit in his angelic visits taking place. ‘We are about to see the activity of angels on earth as we’ve never seen before.’’ (‘‘The Coming Angelic Visitation.’’ Dec. 13, 1993, Trinity Broadcasting Network)
He has repeated this for years. Certain people yearn for supernatural experiences so this boosts an anticipation it can happen to them.
 Spirits, angels are more than willing to give them an experience than converse. The question we need to ask is, is it from God. Because both can spiritual but only one contains truth and originates from God
It should be a reminder of what Paul warned of the gospel being presented, he referred to this warning twice. Both mention messengers of men, once mentioning angels specifically.
Gal. 1:8-10 “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed. As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.”
Paul also warned in 2 Cor. 11:4 “For if he who comes preaches another Jesus whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted--you may well put up with it!”
Benny Hinn says “Angels would appear in my bedroom at night and just stand and look at me…I would even see little boys in my bedroom with little white robes.”  (Personal testimony, July 1987 audio # A071987, Orlando Christian Center.)

That should make people uncomfortable but there are always those who like these supernatural stories and rationalize that the Bible speaks of angels so that is enough for them to believe it.

Benny Hinn “The angels of heaven are about to appear in visible form…the angels of the Lord are about to invade planet earth and come to your house.” (Benny Hinn Honolulu Blaisdell, Jan.21 1999).

The only invasion to take place by angels is from fallen ones, and you do not want to be here for that.

William Branham would pray to the Lord “You would send the Angels from heaven that they might take their positions at every aisle and every row. And may they minister Thy Word, Lord, to the hearts of the people." (58-0518, Tested Faith Produces Goods, City Hall, Bangor, ME)

The Latter Rain often speaks with one voice as Rick Joyner joins in saying “Angelic appearances will be common to the saints and a visible glory of the Lord will appear upon some for extended periods of time as power flows through them.” (Rick Joyner, The Harvest, p.128-129).
Cindy Jacobs declares “the Michael force of angels is going in, come down…”  and she screams about angels and fire from heaven (2000 National School of the Prophets)
Barbie Breathitt writes of "The Bride is Entering a New Cycle of Anointing - Releasing His Angels All Over the Globe")

All of this can be seen first in William Branham’s mystical teachings who said there are angels of healing.
These are dangerous spiritual statements that cannot be upheld in the Bible. To be involved in this type of angelic activity is right out of the teachings and practices in New Age seminars.

Creflo Dollar imitates Branham when he says “By confession Jesus and the angels were obligated to bring the confession to pass”
Creflo states “All right, let's call this harvest in. Say it out loud with me. In the name of Jesus, as a child of God, as the redeemed of the Lord, I command the harvest that's crying out for me, come forth now! Angels go! Bring that harvest of wealth! Bring that harvest of anointing! Bring that harvest of restored things! Bring it to me now! In the name of Jesus, I receive my harvest…NOW! (Congregation shouting) (Changing Your World Sept.16, 1998).

“When you pray in tongues, don't only believe that you receive by faith, but go ahead and release your angels and have them to bring to pass” (Sept.16, 1998 Every Word of God has Power pt. 4) and What do these angels do? Angels go! Bring that harvest of wealth!

“I’m telling you angels are bumping into one another because their going to get your money and bring it in, I’m telling its on its way…” “ I release the angels to cause miracle result.” (First service Our Equality with God Through Righteousness 1/21/2001)

Nowhere do we control the angels of God. We find this activity in the occult where angels (actually demons are summoned to obey our wishes). Anyone teaches they control angels beware.

In the 2003 Word of the Lord Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders “In our meeting in 2002 two angels came and left two pots of gold. God is saying that he wants transference of wealth. One of the reasons he wants to transfer it is for the feeding of the poor. ” (Chuck Pierce Prayer News Alert).

And this happened without a rainbow! I would like to see where these angelic Leprechauns left these pots of Gold and how they traded it in for money and who it went to. The stories of the unbiblical supernatural seems endless and it is coming from the participants in the same movement, the third wave, the Latter Rain.
Elijah list Steve Shultz speaks of two powerful words from Doug Addison and Catherine Brown about angels coming to bring revival to California and the U.S., Africa, and across the nations. Addison says “God is moving in surprisingly powerful new ways right now and we need to have spiritual eyesight to recognize that He may come differently than we expect.”

September 22, Addison says he was awakened at 2:30 AM, and the Holy Spirit said, "Get up, because an important counsel meeting has taken place." I saw, in the spirit, members of the Counsel of Heaven; I heard the late prophet, Bob Jones, speaking to them. During his life, Bob was on earth to release a great revival that would be over one-billion people, people who would be a radical group for God. This never took place before his death in 2014.
But God has not forgotten Bob's life and ministry, and it is now time for this revival to start.

In the counsel meeting, the Lord was making plans for this new movement. I saw transitional teams of angels being dispersed. Assignments were being given to people who will be part of this new move. There will not be only one person who will lead it. I saw the hidden ones starting to awaken. These are the ones who, like Joseph in Genesis 41, had been hidden in prison, then came on the scene and changed the course of history through the prophetic and dream interpretation.
 This is what the Bible calls necromancy. And we have a consistent theme being presented, “awakening.”

Bob Jones early on had a visitation from an angel named Breakthrough Revival. This angel had 11 other resurrection angels with him and he told Bob he had been sent to the States to prepare America for the greatest revival she had ever seen.
That tells me that it’s going get darker. These men (and women) who see angels and have these experiences are like anti prophets, what they prophesy is the opposite of what takes place.
Beni Johnson co-pastors Bethel church with her husband Bill in Redding, California. And she is open to the supernatural bizarre than nearly everyone else. "Beni Johnson A big amen to this!!!! I've felt this for the last 2 years. That angels are being set up and stationed. the past 2 days I've encountered angels that have told me they are angels of awakening. Yesterday I was told that myriads of these angels have been dispatched to the earth for the  season we  are in ... Then today  I had another encounter with  an awakening Channel,  I posted  it  to  my Facebook and I'll  just paste it.

"This morning I had another encounter with an angel of awakening. This one said its name was "Channel", and it told me that awakening angels have been stationed all over the earth right now. It had a bell in its hands that it kept ringing out into the atmosphere. It said, "We ring our bells and souls will be saved. There is a grace to bring loved ones into the kingdom right now. Many who were hardened are positioned to be awakened right now. Tell God's people to step out and go for it!" The angel mentioned the importance of seizing this season while this dispatch of angelic hosts is present. It said that our voices will confirm the ringing in the ears that the angels have been releasing that is awakening hardened hearts, and our voice will be the catalyst that awakens them fully..." I feel we are on the verge of worldwide revival...
Read this story to see what these people are experiencing-- http://www.benij.org/blog.php?id=1
 Channel may be an accurate description of what they are doing, as the new age movement is directed by angels that are channeled. This fits like a glove.
Lakeland’s revivalist Todd Bentley spoke of angels constantly. He said he was visited in Dec. 2000 by an angel who said “I am a healing angel . . . You are going to take miracles, signs and wonders around the world.”  “I was with William Branham.”

Bentley who was the head of the spear of what many thought would be a newer latter rain revival profusely used the angel message.
Todd Bentley “When you honor and talk about the supernatural or you honor and talk about angels, guess what starts showing up? Angels.” (Fresh Fire Ministries - Evangelist Todd Bentley -Teachings http://www.freshfire.ca/teaching.asp) And he said he saw them everywhere.

He prayed “Holy Spirit, come. Father let there be a release of angelic activity. I ask for the angels-the angels of intercession and healing, the different angels we see in your word Father. I ask for angels to be released to every one reading this.”

The Gnostics extra biblical revelation were derived by a hierarchies of angels. The Gnostics also had access to the angelic world and they invoked angels. There was the Angel of Sun, (give us the Fire of Life), Angel of Water, Angel of Air, Angel of Power, Angel of Wisdom, Angel of healing etc. They had angels for nearly everything.
Angel worship was couched in Bible type verses and terms by the Essenes who were Gnostic in their practice (if in fact it was them) “We worship the Angels Who first listened unto the thought and teaching Of the Heavenly Father.”” The Angel of Light, Who is truth-speaking,” “Angel of Wisdom, Who guides us by means of thy Heavenly Order,” “Blissful wisdom of the Holy Angels of Eternity. Edmond Szekely Essene Gospel of Peace)

The worship of angels occurs when they are given more attention, when they are concentrated on as a source of revelation and power, which is exactly what was being done in his ministry and Branham’s.

Copying William Branham (which Hinn often does) he explains:
 “I feel the presence of angels in this room, I never felt the presence of angels as strong today in a crusade as I do now.” (April 15, 2001 HBO broadcast) Thjese are not just one time passing statements bu continue throughout their ministry.
Where does the Bible teach that we are to feel the presence of angels? It doesn’t, but this comes from William Branham’s Latter Rain meetings.  And numerous men have copied it, some in principle, other’s word for word. Todd Bentley even said he had William Branham’s angel on stage with him.
 Some believe the angels are coming to help the church take the world for Christ which is pure dominionist view.
The March for Jesus was held in London back in May of 1987. Prior to the March, a woman named Barbara Pymm reported being given a vision of two angels, swords raised and crossed over the city, “waiting for us to give the word to release them and their armies to fight against the principalities and powers over London.”
Paul Cain had visitations from angels since the age of 9. Branham did too, since he was in the womb (according to him), and later after birth at 1 ˝ to 3 years old onward.
Branham described what happened when his personal angel was present, “after hundreds and hundreds of times of visitations, it paralyzes me when He comes near. It sometimes it even makes me ... I almost completely pass out, just so weak when I leave the platform many times. If I stay too long, I’ll go completely out. I’ve had them ride me around for hours, not even know where I was at. And I can’t explain it.” (William Branham, How the Angel Came to Me, and His Commission (voice of God recordings) Jan.17, 1955, pp. 73-75).
Anyone that has experienced or studied the Occult will immediately recognize what is really taking place to him. And it will eventually take place to those involved in it today.
Joseph Smith when confronted with a visit from an angel of light that likewise stated, “I was seized upon by some power which entirely overcame me…” he was ready to sink into despair and abandon himself to destruction-…to the power of some actual being from the unseen world, who had such marvelous power as I had never before felt in any being.. I saw a pillar of light exactly over my head ' (Joseph Smiths History.1:16)

Many teach that we can see angels as Elisha saw the chariots of fire all around him in 2 Kings 6:15-17. "And Elijah prayed, and said, Lord, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he might see. And the Lord opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha. (II Kings 6:17). It is true Elisha saw numerous angels but it was a one time event that was never repeated again in his life, nor any other prophet throughout the whole Old Testament. Elisha did not pray every time to see angels? And neither Elijah nor Elisha prayed this again. He is the only one who participated in this one of a kind revelation. This was an unusual one time answer to Elijah’s prayer. Some people want to lift the scripture out and apply it to themselves, making a single event an everyday occurrence.

What about entertaining angels? Hebrews 13:1-2: “Let brotherly love continue Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.” The passage does not necessarily mean angels are constantly among us. If you look to the Scripture you will find it is rare that they are seen and when they appear it usually had a purpose to Israel or the church. It says some have entertained angels by their hospitality unknowingly.
This can also be translated to a wider meaning of messengers, as in humans, those who bring the gospel from place to place we should welcome them (the context is about caring for brethren we may not know). But if it does include angelic beings, it implies that they do not make themselves known to us on purpose.
These rare visitations describe to us what we are unaware of, but Branham had the angel on the platform every time he spoke or he could not deliver the supernatural.
Branham stated “Angels are ministering Spirits, usually come in the form of lights.” That the Holy Spirit was “His healing Angel at the platform... Do you believe God has Angels of healing commissioned.” (51-0505, My Commission, Calvary Temple, Los Angeles, CA)

Scripture verse for the New Testament believer, __? Where is this taught to the church? The introduction of healing by angels came through Branham’s Latter Rain healing revival.

It is the same for those who mimic him. Today they attribute far more than healing to angels. Yes there is a supernatural power at work in many of these men, some convince people by their charisma but others have an actual power with their charisma. And that is where it gets extremely dangerous. So the next time you hear people speak of angels, best to consult the word before you accept what is taking place as if it is from God.



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