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False Apostles, False Prophets, and false teachers ...  (by whitestone)

Filling the airwaves and our Churches with their vain boastings, Delusions of Grandeur, proclaiming their counterfeit gospel (2 Cor.11:3-4)

Puffing and pounding their chests, pride and hype fueling their empty words. They are GLORY THIEVES, falsely proclaiming "That They will subdue the Earth",

Chanting for the Church to follow THEM (Acts 20:30) and robbing Jesus of HIS Glory,

The truth is, when Jesus returns, HE HIMSELF will destroy His Enemies AFTER HE subdues them,

HIS GLORY Will Be Seen By All. (Mt.24:30) Make no mistake about it, the days WILL get worse and worse, So bad, that if Christ did not return ... (Mt.24:22) ALL FLESH WOULD BE DESTROYED.

Jesus will not return until the Jewish surviving remnant of the Nation of Israel at that time, call on His Name to save them from complete destruction, (Lk.23:25) He will not come back to Earth until then.

To save the Jewish people that call out to Him is why and when He comes again.

They will look upon Him whom they have pierced ( Zech.12:10) and the Kingdom will then and only then be established, because The KING will be here. (Mt.25:31)

The literal Kingdom cannot be literally established until the Literal King is here to literally rule and reign. (Mt.25:41) Where he separates the sheep from the goats to enter the kingdom on earth.

We need to know the Christianity written in the Bible not another mans Christianity that is reinterpreted.


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