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What is Cult Evangelism?

 Evangelism is the activity where we engage people who do not believe by presenting the gospel to them. Many for the first time.

Cult evangelism is explaining the correct gospel to those who have a different gospel that does not save them. For example, groups that deny Jesus is God who came in the flesh or believe something other than Christís blood and death save them.

 Many cults operate from the bible using only piecemeal portions. Those who say that works are necessary to be saved, going door to door, or baptism as a physical work  is a work of obedience to be saved  other than just faith (trust in Christ and his work Eph.2:8-10). Even within the church requirements like attendance and tithing are made necessary components to be saved. Other regulations of holiness need to be obeyed. Or churches that claim that one must enter the right church to be saved.

Subtle changes can be seen by those who also have you say a prayer and claim that is what saves, their profession. But words without faith from the heart are empty, and faith without words are acceptable to God. That is all he requires. This then becomes a work of man as addition to what the Bible says is the gospel.

All this means is that one is never really saved until they do any of these unbiblical requirements, some of these requirements continue until the day of death, then the promise of one will be saved from their sins.

Real Christianity teaches one is first saved to work under Christs Jesusí headship to give to others the same gospel they were saved by.

There is nothing other than faith in Christís work on the cross and Godís stamp of approval by the resurrection (1Cor.15:1-4). Anything less than this or anything more changes the message of the gospel that can save.

 This is what needs to be explained to those that live in a cult. There are subtle and not so subtle differences that they are being taught. For example if they insist Jesus is only a man, then they deny the incarnation where God the Father sent his only Son from heaven to live a perfect sinless life and die for our sins. In this situation someone can actually say Jesus died for my sin but because they deny who he actually is and they are not be saved.

All these differences need to be presented for one to know the true gospel based on the Sons work as the Passover lamb so they can enter the Church, the true universal body of Christ.


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