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A Primer on the influence of Lonnie Frisbee on the church

Most of us who research into modern church history were under the impression the Latter Rain, signs and wonders came directly from Branham to Wimber and the influence of Peter Wagner. But this is only partially true. It is not until more recently we learn that it was by Frisbee the signs and wonders movement can be traced to. Lonnie Frisbee had a lot to do with it all.

Wimbers model of ministry came from Lonnie Frisbee convincing him of subjective power encounters of the spirit by experience rather than the objective Word. This experience was counter intuitive to discernment, and created a vacuum where the new openness let many counterfeits rush in, which attracted those inclined to mysticism but which made their church dysfunctional.

Frisbee’s 'full' story of this calling that he claims happened in the canyon which he claimed took place on LSD was either all an auditory hallucination infused with what he desired, or he made it all up. At the time he was going to Kuhlman’ meetings for over 7 years (before he met Chuck Smith in spring of 1968). There are other fringe Pentecostal influences in his life during this time, Oral Roberts (whom he thought would receive his ministry when he died). Lonnie claims to be have been born again 3 different times, from 8 years old to 18 years old.

The list of contradictions in his life is abundant, especially in the important spiritual events that took place. I found that he is a storyteller and had a way to convince people of his supernatural experiences and sharing experience with them, able to make it happen as he did on Mother's Day 1980.

His stories are filled with contradictions and do not match others. His timeline for events do not fit his Tahquitz canyon experience and moving to San Francisco. For example his arrest story with other nude hippies at the canyon is not in the newspaper articles record as he told (something happened in 1969 on a smaller scale, not in 67 or before he went to church.)

Frisbee was Benny Hinn before Hinn even went to Kathryn Kuhlman’s meetings for many years before he went to church. In fact he had received an impartation directly from Kuhlman. He later directly influenced Wimber to alter his course of ministry. Frisbee claimed he was a mystic (liken to the Roman Catholic mystics), a seer,  a prophet with all this came an apostolic calling.

What he taught after the Vineyard and before the end of his life show what he believed all along. There are still some stories with contradictions that need to be addressed, but what we found is more than enough to show the church that he was no hero as the movie “Jesus revolution” presents, but instead a major player in introducing mysticism and dividing the church.

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