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  Directory on the New Age Movement


This Directory lists articles on the New Age occult influence in the world and Church

New Age Movement- basics and agenda-What are their plans and where can we trace its origin from.

 The New age plan- what has been told and prophesied by the New age spirit?


The Occult-Terms and meanings found in the bible and what they are called today?

The current Occult Revival p.1

The current occult Revival p.2

p.1The sound that transforms the church into the New Age movement- Bethel churches crossover into the New Age

p2 Sounds of The John the Baptist multiplication theory

p.4 The Sound of Confusion

Pt 3 the Awakening of what?


The New Age Christ

The Ripening - Welcome Maitreya- The work of the Christ for the new age of spirituality and the coming holocaust.

Maitreya another Christ  -Who is the Christ of the New Age, is he a betrayer?

Benjamin Creme a Modern John the Baptist?-Who is Benjamen Creme that introduces Maitreya as the Christ.

Who is the Christ of  the New Age -What does the term Christ mean to those in the movement of higher consciousness.

The Jesus of the New Age- What type of Jesus does the new age present, is he the same as the bibles?

The Continuing Revealing of the Hidden One

Are Ye are gods

The pantheistic revelation of the New Age Movement

Jesus said ye are gods


The I AM Movement - the beginning of the modern ascended masters teaching


They Called him a Sleeping Prophet

China's war against all religions


UFOs Messengers (Pt.1)- Examining the popularity of UFO's ,who are they, what are they saying.

UFO abduction explanations (Pt.2)- A UFO 2nd coming , the rapture and the abduction phenomenon.

UFO's Is there life in outer space? (pt.3)-Is the universe teeming with human type life ?

UF0's appear by prayers to Yahweh -prophet Ramon Watkins

He prays to Yahweh for UFO's to appear

Nephillim today

p1 are we going to welcome aliens - Whoever they are

pt2 The Vatican and the UN

Welcome the Aliens


Yoga- Is it just a physical exercise or is it more than meets the eye?

p1 The Healing Codes

2 Healing Codes -Another way to Heart

p3 Explanations of the Heart

p4 Energy medicine - the final frontier

The False light of Inner Healing- Agnes Sanford

The Lying Spirits

Recognized signatories influencing the church on the fraudulent environmental Green movement

p1 The ghosts of planet earths past and future

p2 The religious aspect of the Environmental movement

Are you a new ager

POPULATION CONTROL an Eco- apocalypse

Pantheism, pledges and earth worship

Recognized signatories influencing the church on the fraudulent environmental Green movement

Ching Hai - guru

 The Secret unfolds further- the process of deceit-The Moses Code

Attracted to Shiny Objects- On Adam the Dreamhealer

Chiropractry- Is there more to manipulating the spine for health

The Aura

Labyrinths- Can a walk and a prayer in this ancient Mandala be practicing Christian spirituality?

Can you hear the dead speaking? - A look a Medium John Edwards of Crossing Over.

Meditation- Are Americans practicing Hinduism without knowing it?

Elijah is not John the Baptist-Does the Bible teach Elijah reincarnated to John the Baptist


New age energies

Universal Energies of the New Age- What are the new energies people are using to be healed or balanced with and what is their source.

New age Alternative Healing Techniques- Other unconventional occult techniques commonly used in the NAM.

Reflexology- The occult art of healing ones organs by massaging hands and feet.

Applied Kenesiology-What is it and can it help?

Acupuncture-needle points to health and rejuvenation, is it for real?

Iridologythe occult technique of finding disease and future illnesses through the eyes

Reiki- A New Age technique to heal

Crystals-the power of gems and stones looked at.

Hypnosis- the dangers of going under someone else's control.

Channeling-How the new Age movement receives their guidance.

Reincarnation-Can it be proven, does the bible teach this? What religion is this from?

Visualization- What you see and think is what you get.

The Urantia book- Is it a book from God or channeled by spirit beings that have lied?

The New age Initiation- Have you experienced the light? who or what is it that brings the higher consciousness?

New Age Scams- False advertising in almost everything they do.

Save the earth at all costs-Radical environmentalism influencing our culture.



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