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p.2 joe Kovacs has deciphered Gods messages through musicians, movies and commercials 

Let’s begin with the most obvious example of what Kovac is doing to make his discovery seem spiritual.

[T]he book opens with an in-depth probe of the most popular songs of all time on the radio, revealing the hidden messages they’re all voicing,” Kovacs said. “I’m talking about the biggest hits in history, songs we all know and love, from top artists and bands including the Beatles, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Adele, U2, Frank Sinatra, Don McLean, Lady Gaga, Pink, the Cars, Simple Minds, the Doors, Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt, Led Zeppelin, the Bee Gees, Madonna, the Who, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, the Cranberries, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Aerosmith, Paul McCartney and countless others.” “Scores of songs have been decoded using the Spirit of God to reveal what millions of people have missed when listening to their favourite tunes on the air. It’s astonishing to understand who the true Author of these hits actually is, and the inspiring messages He’s broadcasting in these chart-toppers .”

Kovac is saying God is the author of all these artists, including some very dark and immoral songs. “using the Spirit of God” it is revealed what is meant. The Holy Spirit is not used by man; we are to submit to him consciously, knowingly to be instruments! “ the true Author of these hits” is NOT God!

Some statements from the writers, " We receive our songs by inspiration, like at a seance" (Keith Richards of the ROLLING STONES, Rolling Stone, May 5, 1977, p. 55).

Take for example one of the most famous alluring songs of the 70's was "Hotel California" by the Eagles. The song refers to the Church of Satan, which happens to be located in a converted hotel on California street in San Francisco!

David Bowie said in the 70’s “Rock has always been the devil’s music,” . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . . " (Rolling Stone, Feb. 12, 1976)

And he is not alone in this opinion. Does this mean every song is inspired by the Devil, no. some can be inspired by our sin nature, still others can be of little consequence. The point is, that Kovacs is saying these musicians are receiving Gods inspiration without knowing God, being used to speak for God which means they are operating at ‘God speed.’

Kovac is speaking of the lyrics, not the melody (which by itself can be a separate topic). Musicians writing songs may claim inspiration but if it does not come from the Scripture, or line up with the Word, then it not inspiration from God. Kovac must know the difference of what the Bible calls inspiration that is God breathed and what regular people mean when they use this phrase of being inspired.

Yet he stays the course stating, “ But most of these writers have little clue they’ve been scripting tunes with divine messages authored by the Word of God .” Incredible hidden Bible messages embedded in countless hit songs.

These are a long way from inspiration from a Holy God, that is unless you have no reverence for his Word. Exactly who is clueless here? When someone says I was inspired when I wrote this song, or rhyme or drew a painting it does not equate to being ‘divinely inspired.’ Which is attributed to the Bibles written word by Gods chosen vessels.

“Many don't realize the most popular sayings we all use are conveying an additional meaning above the physical expression at which most people initially hear them,” says Joe Kovacs, author of “Reaching God Speed: Unlocking the Secret Broadcast Revealing the Mystery of Everything.”

It all sounds fascinating but it is completely untrue. He is christianizing words, and phrases from unbelievers that have a very different meaning in their heart and mind.

'Rise and Shine '

The ad says, “ A brand-new book that has already hit the #1 spot in several Amazon best-seller lists is making the case that the biggest radio hits of all time – from Adele to the Beatles and from Frank Sinatra to Led Zeppelin – are all voicing a much higher meaning than what even the singers themselves intended or recognize, and that meaning is directly from the Bible . ” Underline mine

We’re told that his book is “ nothing short of a biblical breakthrough, cracking the divine code on hundreds of Bible passages… to reveal the higher meaning of the verses, going beyond the obvious physical meaning to shine light on what God is broadcasting on the Spirit level , what [Kovacs] calls the incredibly quick and alive ‘God speed .’”(Billions of people act out God’s message each night and morning in their own bed.” www.wnd.com)

Here is one of the ways he defines the words being used, “ For instance, we've all used the expression 'rise and shine' to our loved ones, telling them to wake up from sleep and have a brilliant day. This may stun some people, but every time we say this common phrase, we are actually voicing the words and Master Plan of God Himself, and we're 'declaring the end from the beginning,' as the Creator says He does in Isaiah 46:10.

“What do I mean? This three-word phrase of 'rise and shine' is actually broadcasting our divine future, as we shallRISE from the grave AND SHINE with new bodies composed of the light of spirit instead of the darkness of flesh in which we currently dwell .”

Light of Spirit? Is there such a thing. Kovac’s says this phrase is breathed by God referring to “ARISE, SHINE, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD shines over you” ( Isaiah 60:1 CSB) and to Ephesians 5:14: “ Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light .” “ When we’re awakened from our sleep of death when we rise from the grave, ” he explains, “ we shall literally be shining: ‘Then the righteous will SHINE like the sun’ (Matthew 13:43 CSB). Thus, at the moment we’re brought back to life by God, we will ‘rise and shine !’ Amazing, isn’t it?”

Yes, this is Amazing in a different way. That he could turn the Scripture inside out and upside down at the same time. This is nothing more than the imagination of Kovac Gnostic/mystical spiritual belief in overdrive to find meaning in everyday life for everyone. Scripture has this not as an applied promise to all but the few.

The Isa.60 passage does not have the same meaning of dying and being raised. Kovac is finding words and sliding them together to make a new interpretation. He is revisioning the meaning. Paul also describes sleep as not meaning death “ it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. ” (Rom. 13:11) Which does put a damper on his revelatory breakthrough that he calls ‘God speed.’

Kovacs points out that sleeping, and waking from sleep, illustrate biblical truth. Death is called a “sleep” in the Bible, and resurrection is called an “awakening”. While there is shred of truth in this, it is only applied to believers, they awake to eternal life. And Jesus spoke of those dead to awake, it is not an ‘awakening’ which is a new age term. So his general use of this spoken by unbelievers, Christ haters in the world is moot.

Has he convince you to believe his way of interpreting life? There are not deeper, hidden meanings in the phrase, “Rise and shine.” When we say it we are not speaking out our divine future.

This is applied Gnosticism, mysticism to make an application out of this, and yes it tickles the ears; ooh, I never heard that before…

And the Pink Floyd song shine on you crazy diamond must have a God meaning too; after all we will shine like the stars in heaven. Or "Shine a Light" by The Rolling Stones or "Shining Star" by Earth, Wind and Fire, there are literally hundreds of songs with these phrases

All I can say to his presumptive spiritualistic deciphering is that when biblical truths such as these (illustrating death and waking illustrates resurrection) become a message by worldly musicians calling it a “biblical breakthrough” by a spiritualistic method, or called cracking “divine code,” then we can no longer need the Bible to learn of God, it becomes a secondary reference tool to those who are living instruments God is using.

This is what people do when they have no true biblical understanding of the HOLY Scriptures, they reach for anything to make sense in life.

His claim that he has “decoded” the messages in these songs “using the Spirit of God” is a sorcerers way, and in the category of blasphemy. You can now listen to the songs to discover their “hidden messages” because it’s from God no matter who wrote or sings it! One can be an atheist, or anti-Christian, a hater of God Satanist, they can be drug induced or drunk and they are in tune to receive divine messages and deliver them to you!

Is this is what we have come to, that the worldly immoral lyrics can now mean something Biblical?

Kovac is operating in pride as he boasts of having done something never before done in history; something apparently so clever that “ Millions of people don’t realize that no matter what song they’re listening to, the voice of God is present and He’s voicing messages that come directly from Scripture.” Incredible hidden Bible messages embedded in countless hit songs.” www.wnd.com

God is speaking these everyday all day through the radio and videos. What this avoids is telling people to read the Bible to hear the Lord actually speak to them the truth. The makes darkness into light.

Does God place hidden messages in songs by the unsaved who do not know what they are saying? God tells us to read His Word to learn what is the truth, not go to the world to learn his truth by their music, movies or commercials.

Any embedded message like this in is not from God.

Kovacs actually believes his false teaching. “ The reason we’re so oblivious,” “is because we’ve all been operating at human speed, relying on our own physical power and our five senses. But there is something extremely important we’ve all been missing. It holds the key to everything good – the key to life, success, happiness, peace of mind and understanding beyond our wildest imagination .”

Are we to believe Kovac, he has revealed what was unknown to all the faithful teachers of God throughout the ages, even in our day.

More examples of his metaphysical interpretations.

Kovac writes on WND, “When God says to GET OUT OF THIS PLACE, He is telling us to repent of our sins so we can literally get out of this place, out of this flesh and become an immortal child of God, no longer bound by the flesh . It's the same metaphoric message voiced by the 1960's rock group The Animals in their smash song, 'We Gotta Get Out of This Place,' because getting out of our physical bodies of flesh will indeed be the last thing we ever do in our current form.”

The Animals’ song had absolutely nothing to do with getting out of our body or away of our flesh! The writer did not intend such a meaning when it was written. This is more than Kovac reinterpreting it for his own predilection. Apparently Kovac thinks people can be puppets used of God to speak his message. For Kovac’s to say (as he does for all these songs) that the meaning was intentional made through unregenerate men by God is applying mystical interpretive methodology that has nothing to do with the Bible.

Kovac’s gives some examples, such as the song ‘Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith is outright declaring the same message stated by God: ‘ This is the way. Walk in it.’ (Isaiah 30:21 CSB).

Go look at the lyrics of this song and see if can ever mean what Kovac claims.

And what of ‘walk like an Egyptian?’ Or any other song with the concept of walking, do you see how absurd this is?

He goes far and wide with his gathering of God messages, another obtuse example is the song ‘ Stayin’ Alive’ by the Bee Gees, or ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor, ‘Forever Young’ by Rod Stewart, and ‘Edge of Glory’ by Lady Gaga are all broadcasting the consistent message of the Bible that we’re currently on the verge, or edge, of being glorified as we look forward to inheriting eternal life, to be forever young as we’re stayin’ alive without end!” Incredible hidden Bible messages embedded in countless hit songs.” (WND.com)

What is incredible is to make this claim. Go see what lady Gaga is singing about, more like on the edge, certainly not gods glory.

They are getting these messages from God and he is speaking through them to everyone in the world. Wow, this a fable that we are warned not to accept. And you apparently have not been hearing or understanding the messages from God until the life coach guru Joe Kovac came along to point all this out. Furthermore, you do not have the same influence that these godless artists do. Get it. They are greater in spreading his kingdom than you who believe, read and pray.

By now you must be asking, is he for real? Oh yeah, and there is soo much more to learn from this Gnostic discoverer.

Another song is “‘ Stairway to Heaven’ by Led Zeppelin has that title because it’s literally and figuratively the pathway to ascend to God’s dwelling place ,” Kovacs asserts, “ instructing us on how we can join Him if we ‘listen very hard,’ as in listening to our Father in heaven .”

Is this what the song “Stairway to Heaven” is about? Not even close and it should insult your spiritual understanding by him to saying this nonsense as if it’s the truth.

The band Led Zeppelin were deep into the occult. Jimmy Page, lives in the castle once owned by the most outspoken infamous satanist of our modern age, Alistair Crowley. Page was obsessed with Crowley. And we learn where they say the influence came from to write the lyrics,

". . . Robert described the 'automatic' nature of the lyric: 'I was just sitting there with Page in front of a fire at Headley Grange. Page had written the chords and played them for me. I was holding a paper and pencil, and for some reason, I was in a very bad mood. Then all of a sudden my hand was writing out words. 'There's a lady who's sure, all that glitters is gold, and she's buying a stairway to heaven.' I just sat there and looked at the words and then I almost leaped out of my seat .'" (Stephen Davis, Hammer of the Gods, p. 164)

What this means is that they (and others) were under the influence doing automatic handwriting for God, channeling as he wrote.

Kovac does not seem to be aware that the lyrics say “And she's buying a stairway to heaven…the piper will lead us to reason,… The piper's calling you to join him, ending with the tune will come to you at last, When all are one and one is all, To be a rock and not to roll, And she's buying the stairway to heaven.”

Spiritually who is the pied piper? Who buys their way into heaven anyway? It was the 5 unprepared virgins that went to buy oil. Maybe this is about Teztel’s indulgences?

To use this song, “Stairway to Heaven” as a message from God, when enough people have pointed out that when played backwards you can hear: I sing because I live with Satan. The Lord turns me off. Here’s to my sweet Satan. Whose power is Satan. I live for Satan.

Regardless of the backward masking, Kovac is actually encouraging people to listen to this song known to be produced of those deep into the occult that has a message of the occult in it.

Kovac states, “There’s an untold yet quite significant reason Rock music is even called by that name. Just ask yourself: ‘Who is THE Rock, according to Scripture? When we have eyes to see and ears to hear, the astounding answer becomes more than obvious .”

Spoken like a master twister of the Word and its meaning. Yes, the Lord Jesus Christ is the Rock of those who believe on him according to Matt. 16:18 and several other places; His interpretation that Rock music was intentionally named “Rock” to confirm and promote Jesus Christ is outrageous, and blasphemous, given the real origin of the term. Those in the music industry have other meanings for a rock; Jesus is not the rock that rolls.

In 1951, Cleveland, Ohio, disc jockey Alan Freed began playing this music style, and referring to it as "rock and roll", which popularized the phrase. [21] Several sources suggest that Freed found the term, used as a synonym for sexual intercourse so Kovacs postulation of this term is very wrong.

If there was a song about a rainbow is Mr. Kovac going to say it was about Noah and Gods covenant?

The hidden messages of god in Movies

For those who have itching ears listening to this ‘stuff’, they must be bleeding by now. We are told: “ The book also probes God’s hidden messages in popular movies, the stories we tell our children, famous commercial campaigns, historic news events, everyday sayings we utter, nature itself, and typical life activities such as inhaling every breath you take, sleeping, waking up and many more .” “Exciting new book unlocking Bible mysteries rockets to #1)

If it is #1 on Christian book charts I must be frank, we have a biiig problem. People who are Christian supporting this are spiritually crippled.

Hollywood which has no restraints in morality produces movies that carry hidden messages from God? This becomes an utterly pathetic chase on his part for finding God in everyday life

Kovac goes as far as to say the words we speak, and the common phrases we use, carry hidden messages from God without people being aware of what they are saying! “ Many don’t realize the most popular sayings we all use are conveying an additional meaning above the physical expression at which most people initially hear them .” www.wnd.com.)

Are the words everyone speaks carrying a hidden message from God Himself?” If you don’t realize this, that is because you shouldn’t; because it’s not true. using this method just about anything said can be interpreted as inspired. 

Jesus said we need ‘ears to hear His word, not get up to ‘God speed’ to hear messages from everyone “which is the spirit level of understanding.” This was notthe meaning of Jesus saying, “ He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.” Look up all the times in Scripture when the Lord used these words. Never once did they have the meaning assigned to them by Kovac! Not once did He refer to anything remotely like the concept of “God speed” used by Kovac.

“the spirit level of understanding” Kovac makes use of the words something a spiritualist would. Here is an example from Kovacs of what he is talking about.

Advertisements have God’s Messages!

For example: a famous American TV commercial in the 1980s depicted an elderly woman lying on the floor of her bathroom, after having fallen. Unable to stand up, she seeks assistance by shouting into her pendant: “ I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!”

“Now why does this line from the commercial still resonate with people today ? According to Kovacs, it is because God has a hidden message in it! “ Millions of people may not realize it, but the phrase, ‘I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!’ actually captures the spirit of the Bible in just seven words, ” “ It’s actually broadcasting the important message that we as human beings have all fallen away from God by our sinful behavior, and we need God’s help to get up and spiritually stand with Him: ‘For all have sinned and FALL short of the glory of God’ (Romans 3:23 CSB). The ad’s catchphrase even sounds like a direct lyric from one of King David’s songs: ‘they CANNOT GET UP; they FALL…’ (Psalm 18:38 CSB)

So he uses a physical event for a spiritual application in the Scripture. In fact this is not at all the meaning of Ps. 18:37-38 ” I have pursued my enemies and overtaken them; Neither did I turn back again till they were destroyed. I have wounded them, So that they could not rise; They have fallen under my feet.” (“‘I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!’ Is God hidden in commercials?” www.wnd.com.

The Bible says all have fallen short of the glory of God not fallen down and can’t get up.

Kovacs says, the next time you hear the famous phrase: ‘ I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up,’ you now can understand its true significance on the spirit level.

Yes on the Gnostic level of the Spirit it fits quite well. He is spiritualizing things. So this is no longer a commercial for the product but for God having control over everything, even products that companies sell.

To claim this saying has any spiritual significance is using the imagination to read into what is not there. He is chasing the ‘illusive butterfly” using a mystical effort to interpret life, why not teach what everyone really needs, Gods actual Word, the Bible!

Why does Mr. Kovac not read the Bible in context instead of playing word smith games with the world? Why look for supposed hidden messages in TV commercials? Kovacs exercise of futility is completely unnecessary, and has proven to be a Gnostic slant along with mysticism.

Kovacs even claims that the names of the products associated with the slogan – LifeCall and Life Alert – give a hidden divine message as well: “ Because when we fall away from our Creator, we’re spiritually dead and need to call on Life, who is God, to rescue us from death. Remember, Jesus calls Himself ‘Life’ in John 14:6 .”

How novel to find words in the world and associate them with Bible doctrine But he forgot that God is truth and no lie is of the truth, which means what you have said is not from God. God says his truth is His Word that is written the same for all to read.

Why not point to the Scriptures to learn this, to learn of Him instead of TV commercials with supposed hidden messages that have the intent for the masses to buy their merchandise.


To say his book has heresy would be kind. There is so much to choke on. His over imagination to sell a book is what the Bible calls making merchandise of you. This man is smiling all the way to the bank, claiming it to be some great and unique “revelation”, whereas all sound Christian ministers have always taught the basic truths of Scripture and it was sufficient for nearly 2,000 years.

The insinuation of listening to songs, movies and commercials to hear Gods message then diminishes reading the Bible to hear from God; you can listen to the world. You might as well read tea leaves or alphabet soup for messages.

I do not need to point out every example in his book. What has been covered should be adequate to prove my point of what he is doing. The man is a false teacher and his concepts are spiritually worthless and should be avoided for real spiritual growth.


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