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p.2 The Latter Rain revivalism

Prayer Leader Says America's 'Revival Is Here', Dutch Sheets believes it 'will turn the entire nation back to God'

As millions prepared to join in the National Day of Prayer (NDP), they received encouragement from a leading figure in the country's prayer and intercession movement who said that America is poised on the threshold of revival.

Speaking at a citywide prayer meeting in Washington, D.C., last night, speaker and author Dutch Sheets said: " We have shifted into a new season, a season to break through over this nation ." (May 02, 2002, Vol. 4 No. 45 LEAD STORY: by Sandra Chambers)

How did that work out? That's was nearly 20 years ago... apparently Lou Engle’s revival is what took place via Rodney Browne, Benny Hinn and Bill Johnson with others that think experience over truth is what we need, they have no idea what revival is.

In Michael Brown's interview with LeClaire she says she is concerned of where the prophetic movement is headed, it is healthy in a lot of ways but in some ways there’s a lot of goofy stuff.”

I disagree, I think it is unhealthy and dangerous as it continually goes into areas that are beyond Scripture - led by new revelations. Yes it is Goofy stuff? Like her article for Charisma titled When the Sneaky Squid Spirit Starts Stalking You. (February 23, 2017)

A Sneaky Squid Spirit is not mentioned in Scripture, a true prophet does not speak where the Bible is silent. Chalk all this up to new revelation. In fact all we hear is on the subject of being attack from the spirits. I would say, on the contrary we are being attacked by false doctrine.

as a prophetess that corrects the other prophets (without naming them) but associating with them she has much to say.

She has a book for you to read to have a fresh encounter with the Holy Spirit, called Good Morning Holy Spirit, oops, sorry, that’s Benny Hinn’s. Hers is mornings (and evenings) with the Holy Spirit. Apparently her whole ministry is copying the other successful false teachers distribe.

Her books include on how to become a next level prophet (apparently like she is). Prophets were called and did not like the calling. She is to guide readers along the journey of a prophet-- from the initial call all the way through to maturity . Her ad says, she is a leading prophetic voice, Jennifer LeClaire shares a profound prophetic word about the power of a decree that changed the course of her life, She writes on Decrees That Make the Devil Flee. The book shares the prophecy and teaches you how to step into this revelation with accuracy , The book also offers 101 spiritual warfare decrees to make the devil flee and activate God's blessing in your life.

The Bible says resist him and he will flee, that’s all. We have the armor on and we stand in Christ and have peace. The only one who spoke to the Devil in the New Testament was Jesus, who quoted the Word back to him correctly in context when the devil spoke the word incorrectly in application.

Jezebel it is

What took place in the 80’s with naming identifying the spirits is now a big time teaching in the prophetic movement. Her favorite subject she speaks often of (as Rick Joyner’s) “the demon of Jezebel” the Jezebel spirit is a topic she has much to say on.

She asks in one article Prophetic Dream: The Unleashing Of Jezebel’s Daughter

Could it be possible that Athaliah is about to usurp Jezebel in the earth, exacting revenge on the prophets

Another: “ dream about Jezebel in November, during the election drama. Of course, it would not have been well-received then and probably won’t be well-received now but those who have ears to hear will find revelation or confirmation in the encounter.”

So you need ears to hear her word just like Jesus, and if you don’t receive that means what?

In the dream, Jezebel organized a plot to destroy my prophetic voice. I didn’t recognize it at first. This spirit was operating through a person and was so extremely subtle that the spirit was at first unrecognizable.’

So Jezebel is personally after her prophetic ministry, really?

This person, who was a symbol of Jezebel, was trying to woo me into a marriage covenant. Jezebel gave me all sorts of what sounded to the natural mind “strategic reasons” to engage in this covenant.

“At first, I rejected all the proposals, discerning some perversion under the surface. I couldn’t put my finger on it. Jezebel in disguise persisted with all the reasoning and wisdom, even presenting contracts and rings. After giving ear to Jezebel for some time, I started to fall under this principality’s spell. I was bewitched.”

And so here we have insight into her story telling and it’s a doozy, or dizzy depending on your view.

She says “Jezebel kept nagging me and I found myself willing to give an ear to the proposals. I found myself beginning to agree with what Jezebel was saying,… pleased that I was starting to see things its way.

Jezebel in disguise then wanted to sleep in my bed. That’s when I snapped out of the bewitchment and offered a firm, “No!” ( The devil always overplays his hand .) But Jezebel did not take no for answer. I said, “Jezebel, my bed is not big enough for the both of us!” In other words, I would not get in bed with Jezebel.

… Again, I refused to get into bed with Jezebel.”

Jezebel Bewitching the Prophetic Movement

What is going on? This dream was about me alone. In this dream, I represented the prophetic movement. Remember, Jezebel is a spirit of seduction and operates in false prophecy (see Revelation 2:20). (Check out Will the Real Jezebel Please Stand Up?)

I believe Jezebel in disguise has bewitched too many in the prophetic movement . … The fact that I gave ear to Jezebel at all in this dream shows you just how subtle and persistent the spirit can be.”

Her story turns by her breaking free and then pointing to others who are not fee from this influence in the prophetic movement which sets herself up to be an elite Nicolaiten to her Latter rain comraderies. How convenient.

prophets are agreeing with Jezebel and persecuting prophets who do not agree with their error. Other prophets are eating at Jezebel’s table and she is sleeping in Jezebel’s bed. Still other prophets are staying pure, like Elijah and the 7,000 others who will now bow a knee to idolatry .”

I do not see an example of her disagreeing with the errors of those she has yoked with.

“Idolatry has certainly seeped into the prophetic movement, with some prophets idolizing politicians and some believers idolizing both prophets and politicians. …

I wrote about these types of issues extensively in my book, Discerning Prophetic Witchcraft . In the book, I wrote about a 20-year old prophetic word the Lord gave me about a prophetic showdown. I believe that showdown, or at least the first phase of it, is upon us. With so much division in the prophetic movement, it’s easier for spirits like Jezebel to come in unaware.

Jezebel is working to discredit the prophetic movement and has used idolatry to do it. Some prophets have set themselves up as infallible gods . Some prophets have set up politicians as saviors. Some believers have done the same, defending prophetic voices to the death who are clearly not hearing the Lord. This is a dangerous moment in the church.”

She continues bringing guilt to the movement, she herself is involved with the very people but she has made herself to be separate and safe from this Jezebel deception. The whole prophetic movement (which officially began in Peter Wagner) is dangerous, Jesus warned of it in Mt.24:11, its functioning right before everyone’s eyes as Peter stated in 2:1

For more of LeClaires teachings on Jezebel:

The Spiritual Warrior’s Guide to Defeating Jezebel

Jezebel’s Puppets

Satan’s Deadly Trio

Jezebel’s Revenge: Annihilating the Spirit of Athaliah

Identifying Jezebel’s Revival Assassins

Rev. 2:18 written To the church of Thyatira we have the only mention of Jezebel used in the New Testament, apparently the apostles neglected writing about her abundant activity in the end. Not to be concerned , we now have prophetess LeClaire to be the prophetic voice to lead people free.

v.20 “ Nevertheless I have a few things against you, because you allow that woman Jezebel , who calls herself a prophetess, to teach and seduce My servants to commit sexual immorality and eat things sacrificed to idols .” (1 kings 9:22). Jezebel is not a spirit but a type of person used in relation to the Jezebel in the Old Testament.

Urgent prophecy

November of 2016 she claimed God gave her an urgent prophecy about Angels of the Abundant Harvest. She stated the prophecy was urgent, profound, and the body of Christ needed to hear it. But to hear the full prophecy, you had to purchase her book.

And that is the way it often goes with those who make merchandise by their new revelation.

She speaks about seer deception happening,

“In truth, we've had a lot more training on how to hear the voice of God and judge a prophecy than we've had on visual revelation like seeing in the spirit or dreaming dreams. (That's why I've launched The School of the Seers and The Company of Seers , as well as The Global Prophetic Center .)

My recommendation, try reading the Scripture to familiarize yourself with the voice of God to know when he is speaking or not

Dream: Warns About a False Seer

“Recently, I had a dream in which I unexpectedly found myself on the same conference banner as someone who I knew (in the dream) was a false seer. This "prophet" was a last-minute addition to the event or I would not have agreed to attend.

(I am as careful who I share a platform with as I can be. I won't knowingly minister with false prophets—even in dreams.)

Since I was already on my way there and did not want to cancel on the host, I kept moving forward, trusting the Lord to work it out.”

So much wrong with this, no she is not careful, she does not know what to be careful about. She advertises the next generation of prophets gathering…

Filled with religiosity, she is being told by the Holy Spirit everything one needs to know, in fact she is like a prophet that watches the “other” prophets.” And she wants to be your prophetess. I understand there is much competition to be the shining star of the prophets, yet all this shows us is that the wandering stars have not found their place in the heavens.



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