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A Man and His angel- A Biblical examination of William Branham's Practices and Teachings

PDF book on William Branham (over 900 pages)



In the history of modern healing ministries one person stands out more than any other, William Branham. Over fifty years after his death there are few men that continue to influence the Church and today’s modern healing ministries. Branham’s influence is more extensive today than in his day when he was alive.

William Branham is the main influence for the Latter Rain movement in the late 1940’s that infected so many Pentecostals. He left us the legacy of the healing revivals and signs and wonders, he is also one of the primary sources of the “river” that is flowing today that is the resurgence of the Latter Rain movement.

Many are satisfied with his exhibition of words of knowledge and miraculous power without knowing what he really believed. Branham vehemently denied the Trinity and adopted his own unique modalistic view from the Oneness Pentecostals. He revived heresies in the early church (modalism, adoptionism) that were dealt with at the beginning  when they were introduced. He claimed Jesus never said He was the Son of God, nor was Jewish, nor that Jesus was truly human. He believed the prophets were all gods, that Jesus was different, he was a God prophet.

He taught that God in all ages had skin on him - even before the incarnation. That it was the Angel of the Lord whom he assumed was Jesus teaching and leading him to have visions and do miracles. He believed from his experience[s] that he was the forerunner, Elijah the prophet, and latter the prophet - the 7th angel to the last age church.

Branham taught that Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) was a sexual sin with the serpent, who is Satan. That Cain was the offspring of their illicit affair (known as the serpent seed doctrine). He believed in three Bibles; the Scripture, the Zodiac (the first) and the pyramids, which were built by Enoch with atomic power. These were were all revelations of God, Branham was deep into mysticism, and used metaphysical resources, Gnosticism, Kabbalah  to explain the Bible.

This book addresses the preexistence of man, word faith theology, dominionism of the Garden, manifest sons of God teaching, man is god. Errors on the nature of God, The logos was made, and man was made by the logos in heaven before coming to earth.

What you will find in this book is that so many of the errors Branham taught and practiced have been adopted and have become the errors in the church today. You cannot fully understand what is taking place today unless you understand Branham's influence. Many have no idea that the word faith, Latter Rain, 3rd wave teachers are following in the footsteps of William Branham. This book makes it clear where their teachings and practices come from.

Some reviews and comments on the book




PDF book on William Branham (over 900 pages)

A Man and His angel- A Biblical examination of William Branham's Practices and Teachings


 Over 900 pages covering the most important topics Branham taught on in his religious career

 46 chapters - Some of the topics are:

Why it is so important to know about William Branham; The Latter Rain begins to fall all over again

 His childhood, conversion and early ministry. The 1933 baptizing at the Ohio River; the future 7 visions;

The Oneness paradigm shift – meeting Oneness Pentecostals at Mishawaka

The Creation Story according to William Branham

God as nature. When does life begin? Mans Pre-existence - Pre-existence as spirits – spirit men who are gods

How man was first made -The two creations of Adam, and the creation of Adam and Eve

The three Bibles-The Zodiac, the pyramid and the Bible

Knowing God without the word, by new revelation

The nature of God as 7 spirits; The Jesus of Branham;  The Holy Spirit as an angel. The Trinity according to Branham

Is the Angel of the Lord the angel that visited Branham?

Branham’s angel of light (Pillar of fire) that was with him throughout his life

The Many Healing ways taught by William Branham

 The Operation of Occultism - The Gift he was given before birth

The Latter Rain teaching of the Manifest Sons of God and his promotion of it.

The word faith teachings of Branham compared to what we hear today

Elijah the prophet; The Prophet for the last days church;

The 7 church ages

Branham being The 7th angel to the church

 The 7 seals opened by Branham the prophet;

Strange and stranger Teachings

and much more



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