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An Apostles Empire - winds that change    Pt.3

But alas, not all is well in Harfouche’s apostolic, prophetic miracle Institute in Pensacola. Recently Robin Harfouche posted an audio.

She begins by saying dear beloved members of the International Miracle Institute, “As you know February of 2016 Our world center was hit by at least two level 3 or 4 tornadoes.” (not one but two. However, the weather service reported only one).

*Let me pause here: I do not want this to be interpreted as belittling the tornado that brought harm to many people, but there is something not right here about her story.

Let’s define what these winds speeds are. An F3 are 158 - 206 mph which brings severe damage: majority of trees are ripped from the ground; entire trains are derailed and knocked over; walls and roofs are torn from houses. F4 has the Wind Speed: 207 - 260 mph Devastating damage: Houses and other small structures can be razed entirely; automobiles are propelled through the air. http://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/climate-weather/storms/tornado3.htm

There is also an enhanced fujitu scale https://weather.com/storms/tornado/news/enhanced-fujita-scale-20130206

Miracle Faith Apostolic Global Church is located on N. Palafox St. Pensacola FL. this map shows where it began and where it went  https://www.weather.gov/mob/20160223_tornado

So if they were hit, they would not have much of a building left. For this strength  tornado[s] brings Severe damage. Entire stories of well-constructed houses destroyed; severe damage to large buildings such as shopping malls.

But there is no concern because the church was nearly 5 miles southwest from where the Tornado began (check google maps. shows its track) It was reported that it went 8 miles toward the Northeast, starting 5 miles away from their church. As far as I can tell they were not hit by 2 tornados, nor 1. So I have no idea what she is talking about. Others have commented that it did not hit Miracle faith center also.

http://wkrg.com/2016/02/24/pensacola-ef-3-tornado-track-and-ratings/   The tornado first touched down southwest of Creighton Road (Pensacola) and quickly strengthened as it moved northeast. … The tornado crossed over interstate 10 just west of 9th avenue and crossed 9th avenue north of the interstate.

Robin continues “Some may say that this is an act of God, but my people, my members and my students and my partners know that that is a lie from the pit of hell.”

“This act of violence against your church was to stop the momentum that we are in. we are not your normal everyday church. We speak in tongues, we cast out devils. We raise the sick. And our first choice is always prayer.”

Since this incident happened… my family my team and all the leaders at the church have been working double shifts, now going on two years.”

Are they working 6 months before the tornado hit (Feb.23, 2016?) What exactly did happen?

In the video she says that there is a problem and she is disturbed that so many “have deserted me” and Dr. Harfouche, your teacher who took you out of where you were and out you in a place where you can live in victory.”

She says she called for a revival for her church she says “and most of you did not come

She then says something about her voice being raspy because of her preaching; *actually it’s the way she is speaking that strange, sorry but her speaking sounds like she is on some kind of medication, not just tired.)

She talks about people coming from many states to have miracles. We have already seen blind eyes open “but excuse me for being an apostle and telling you what Paul; said! She then Quotes Heb. 10:25. “I feel personally that you have stolen, you have taken advantage of the opportunity to get what you can get and you walked out on us.”

“Now I am going into building the world center but my heart has the question, why build it? And who will support me?

She talks about the members and students are “facing great disappointment because you walked out on us in our time of need.”

“…If you do not want to be a member of MY church miracle faith apostolic global church than email me and let me take your name of my list. Because I will start over. (ed. Note; I’m sure that would work out well. I think being an absentee shows they do not want to attend.)

She then talks about seeking those who have a real need from God.

 “Because You obviously got enough from God that you don’t need him anymore… yes this may sound like a rebuke, but I have been called by God, apostle prophet evangelists pastors, and teachers are called for the edifying of the saints and we are also allowed the rebuke.”

She then asks them to get on their knees “and ask God what you have done, you have sinned and you know it. Ask God what have you done and then repent of your sin and come back home.

 She says she is thinking of taking this revival on. She then sums it up “it is not just the people from out of town that are blind, that are deaf  that are dumb, we have seen two blind people healed this week. It is not just them that need God, ” you need God more than they do. I appointed this revival for my church.” …You have hurt me deeply.”

 “With or without you we will build the world center.”

 She says she is thinking of taking this revival on. She then sums it up “it is not just the people from out of town that are blind, that are deaf  that are dumb, we have seen two blind people healed this week. It is not just them that need God, ” you need God more than they do. I appointed this revival for my church.” …You have hurt me deeply.”

 “With or without you we will build the world center.”

 And she then ends by saying that “grace and peace be unto you.

Sounds more like a scolding, leave their church and you have left God? I have heard that some people have left being concerned for their safety.

God is the one who sends revival we do not appoint it. Unless we are in control of his Spirit. Which may be what they think as you read what they say and how they operate. Sounds like they want to be in control of the people also. It also sounds like she doesn’t have either grace or peace to the members who left, sounds to me like a root of bitterness has grown.

My concern is for the people attracted to be part of his miracle, signs and wonders movement. It seems Harfouche has come too far to change. Once you no longer continue with his miracle working army you are seen as a deserter. Maybe its the people who have been hurt.

The bible teaches where the Spirit of the Lord id, there is liberty. We can as believers fellowship wherever we want and should not be concerned about condemnation. People may  look elsewhere when they are pursuing spiritual growth.

What I don’t understand is that these are the same people, Harfouche's, that claim to have defeated the devil, that can speak things into existence. What Happened to "Are you ready for the all-inclusive experience, this acceleration of "nothing missing", of "it is well", of "nothing is broken", of "it is whole", of "it is restored", of "what was stolen is brought back sevenfold", of "the enemy that came against me one way has fled before me seven ways." (Glory of this Latter House Posted 3 years ago on xpmedia.com Author: Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche)

This and so many promises are given all the time so why act in this way to the people that YOU LOVE… shame is on you for berating those in the body of Christ.

This is not the same type of speech she gave a few months after she claimed the Tornado hit their church, I’ll be ministering this entire week on Heaven and Earth coming together and the creative miraculous that the Holy Spirit and our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, shared with me in a Heavenly visit.” https://globalrevival.com/events/2016/04/apostolic-women/

 This is one and a half years later and she is saying this? If this did not happened what is she talking about?

They now boast of having a class of more than 410,704 graduates and celebrants in 223 nations and territories. So why put pressure on the people who physically attend. Or maybe it for the others out there to hear and respond. Regardless there is something far more wrong than right in all this.

In researching I have found at least one contractor that has a lien on them recently for non payment of work for a large sum of money. Escambia County Clerk of Court website 7/14/2017 a lien posted of non payment pay $474,071.95 plus interest.

posted http://www.escambiaclerk.com/clerk/coc_online_public_records.aspx

dory.escambiaclerk.com to navigate: go to Escambia County Clerk, online public records, then to Court records and look them up by ministry name - under case dockets. 

Now to sum this up we need to look at something spiritually important. In a Martial Arts article he says “he became skilled in the art of strategic deception, Conceal your intentions and become a master of illusion.” (p.87 Black Belt magazine 2004)

I wondered how this may apply elsewhere. I'm reminded of  Paul's admonishment in Eph.4:14.

Is there a Roman Catholic Connection?

Christian Harfouche was born to a devout Maronite Catholic family from Beirut, Lebanon, which is basically Catholicism. We are told His family came to America, following the leading of Jesus Christ, who appeared to them in a dream urging them to go.

Moran Mor Bechara Boutros al-Rahi was created a Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI in a consistory in 2012. He is the seventy-sixth patriarch of the Maronite Catholic Church.

On Harfouche’s website, 76th Maronite patriarch of Antioch and all the Levant, long time head of a 2,000-year-old faith and an unbroken heir to the original apostles.”

Is that so? They can be traced back to the original apostles. The Maronite church is under umbrella of Roman Catholicism so it would be expected for them to say this. Does Harfouche believe he as an apostle is in this lineage?

We read on the Harfouche’s website: On March 22nd, in the year 2014, twenty four Global Church leaders from twenty four different nations, that collectively represent more than four million believers worldwide, presented to Doctor Harfouche, hailing and honoring him as a modern day apostle, a teacher of teachers, a doctor of doctors, a father of fathers, and a chief in the Church. This document of great honor has even been read, blessed, and signed in agreement, by His Beatitude Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, 76th Maronite patriarch of Antioch and all the Levant, long time head of a 2,000-year-old faith and an unbroken heir to the original apostles.

[The Levant includes areas like Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel]

Think about whom blessed this award to Harfouche. Its from the head of the Maronite church, which under Roman Catholicism. While other Eastern Churches severed ties with Rome and the Pope the Maronite Church is the only one that has always maintained its bonds with Rome and the Pope. They are a church that has always stood in union with the Pope and are recognized by the Vatican.

Calling Harfouche a modern day apostle, a teacher of teachers, a doctor of doctors, a father of fathers, and a chief in the Church.” Think about what they are calling him. Does the Maronite church recognize him as an apostle? Apparently yes!

The head of the Maronite Church is the Patriarch of Antioch and the Whole Levant, who is elected by the Maronite bishops. When a new Patriarch is elected and enthroned, he requests ecclesiastical recognition by the Pope, thus maintaining their communion with the Holy See.

When I read of his unity with the Catholic church and his continued visits it certainly had me question what is really taking place On his website: “We would like to give special honor and thanks to the people of the ancient Church in the East who have greeted and received us in fellowship, friendship, and unity as we work in the nations to raise up and train God’s children.” https://globalrevival.com

This certainly implies Harfouche is working with the Maronite church. He has either reconnected with his Maronite roots, or, never left them.

Cardinal Al Rahi celebrating his first Mass as Cardinal at Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican

The Maronites are an Eastern rite of the Catholic Church. They take their name from St. Maron, a 4th century monk who lived as a hermit in Syria. John Maron, the founder of the Maronite Church, pledged allegiance to the Pope, and it continues today. After his death around the year 410, his monastic disciples built a large monastery to honor him.

The majority live in Lebanon and for many centuries have spoken only Arabic. Their liturgy is in Aramaic. They celebrate the same sacraments as the Roman Catholic church. Among their beliefs they have the rosary, they have icons, prayers to saints and Eucharistic prayers. Mary is the Queen of Heaven and that she ascended. http://www.maronite-heritage.com/Feast%20Assumption.php

Our Lady of Lebanon is the Patron Saint of Lebanon. The Basilica of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church is located in Hari.

Some differences, the Maronites no longer require their priests to remain unmarried.  (they have self-governance under the Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches). They do not give communion in the hand. The Maronite Catholic Church gives communion by intinction, which is dipping the host into the precious blood and then giving the communicant communion on the tongue.”

For more see http://www.maronite-heritage.com/LNE.php?page=Sacraments


They have three saints in particular who are special. Saint Rafka, St. Sharbel who At 23 years old he entered the monastery of Our Lady of Mayfouk. He then became a hermit for the rest of his life. It is said Sharbel s companions in the hermitage were the Sons of God, as encountered in the Scriptures and in the Eucharist, and the Blessed Mother. And St. Nimatullah Al-Hardini a Lebanese priest who spent most of his life in monastic solitude. His feast day is celebrated by Maronites on Dec. 14.

Saint Maron embraced a life of quiet, prayerful solitude in the mountains of Syria. His desire was to discover God’s presence in all things. He was also known for his evangelization efforts and his extensive healing ministry.

(source: http://catholicstewardship.com/saint-of-the-month/60-saint-maroun-father-of-the-maronite-catholic-community-60

St. Maron is known as the Healer of Bodies and Souls http://www.itmonline.org/bodytheology/stmaron.htm

A portion of a Prayer to St. Maron

“O Holy Saint of the open sky, the light of Christ's teachings gave you strength and perseverance to resist the adverse elements and your example now gives me inner strength to manage my weakness. Most supreme of the hermits, who like trees adorned with leaves afford comforting shade, you give me shelter and refresh me…”

A thorough article on Maron and the Maronite church

Pictures – Maronite mass at Vatican

Christian Harfouche with Patriarch Rahi elevated to Cardinal Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rahi, elevated to Cardinal status by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. 

His Beatitude Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir with Apostle Doctor Christian Harfouche at Bkerke

Christian Harfouche attending Maronite Christian mass in St. Peter's Basilika

I suggest you look up how a Maronite Mass is conducted. In it is prayer to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our Mother.

Harfouche says, "Patriarch Sfeir received us graciously at the Maronite College in Rome in February of 2011, when we were invited to attend the dedication of the statue of St. Maron, father of the Maronite Church, at the Vatican. https://globalrevival.com/about/antiochian-family/

Statue of Saint Maron Enshrined at Vatican Blessed by Pope Benedict

Video: https://wn.com/pope_blesses_new_statue_of_saint_maron_placed_in_vatican

Video - Maronite Mass in the Vatican - St. Maron Statue Dedication

This is certainly a warm handshake of a word faith/Latter Rain teacher to Roman Catholicism. Would any of the real apostles participate and endorse this?

My points about the Maronite church are for us to understand how Mr. Harfouche is connected to them. How does someone who calls himself an apostle and a prophet unite and receive blessings from them?

Harfouche dresses up as a Catholic priest in robes with a signet ring, a large cross and staff. Why?

The pictures help you better understand his Maronite background. He is looking a lot like a Maronite Catholic priest?  

Many pictures are posted on google and on his own website https://globalrevival.com/about/antiochian-family/

Is this a chair or a throne? From what I have been told, he has four of these chairs, one for each in the family?

Look at the picture of the chair at the Maronite college, very similar.

Hands across the ocean

Why would someone associate themselves with Roman Catholicism’s teachings like this? Did he abandon his Maronite teaching church or add Latter Rain teaching to it? Or, is he an ordained Maronite priest?

Holding hands with the Maronites that are under Rome’s jurisdiction should be seen as problematic. If you are with Harfouche and he is holding hands with Rome than what does that have you holding hands with?

 Would any true apostle acknowledge a Pope over the whole church or accept the other unbiblical doctrines that Roman Catholicism believes and practices?


 see this persepective










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