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The tradition of the elders - the tradition of men today

The Pharisees had good intentions and were sincere in their endeavor to please God, at least in the beginning. What the Sanhedrin decided to do is build a wall around the law the 613 commandments, this began in 250 bc. This wall consisted of 100 to 1,500 additional laws added to the former commandments, the most laws that were added were for the Sabbath. Their logic was like this, by putting a wall, a protective barrier around Gods Holy Laws one would first have to break these laws before they would break Gods law and become guilty and be punished.

The problem was that as time went on the Jewish people become more familiar with and obedient to the laws of the Pharisee’s than to Gods law. After all there was so much more to study before one could break through and become actually guilty before God (thousands of laws).

In the New Testament Period Jesus whole ministry was in contention with the Pharisee’s traditions. They wanted him to validate and approve what they called the tradition of the elders (the fathers) Mk.7:1-9. These were their own religious laws not from Moses.

Mt.15:1-4 we find the contention grew between Jesus and the religious leaders as they wanted his approval of their traditions to be considered equal with Scripture, with Moses’ law. Jesus was clear he was not going to approve of their traditions saying you lay aside the commandment of God and hold higher the tradition of men.”

The Pharisees by setting up a barrier between God and man made the commandments of no effect because they stopped people from seeing and understanding the Word of God. Jesus always brought their traditions to the ultimate authority, the Word of God to see if they were of God

Mk.7: “ These people honor me with their lips, but their heart is far from me and in vain they worship me teaching as doctrine the commandments of men. By adding their traditions alongside the Word they watered down the truth and prevented people from learning it.

The Pharisees laws were burdens that God never intended for the people, it brought them in bondage because it went beyond Scripture. This is why Jesus quoted Mt.11:28 to the people, that his way was not a burden but lifted burdens.

Jesus not once spoke good about these traditions. Neither did Paul or the other apostles. Paul said in Col.2:8 “ Beware of philosophy and tradition of men, according to the basic principles of the world, and not according to Christ.”

The traditions of men, the teachings that go against God are not to be accepted no matter what century they occur in.


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