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Send What? What kind of Revival is this? p.2

While the Send has the imagery of the youth being sent for evangelism, it’s hard to find anything related to the gospel in it.

They say “the message that has changed us, the gospel.” To say this means they do not understand the gospel.

What is their mission? They say they are going to saturate the nation, because of the need. Saturate with what?

They plan on gatherings in 3 cities in 2023 and one in 2024. Tickets are $25-$35. first send is at  Reading, Pa on Aug.  second send is at Grand Rapids, Mi on Sept. Third send is at Boston, Ma on Sept. Fourth Send is in Nashville TN on Feb. 24 2024.

Their ad, which is a minute long showing people jumping, twirling and hands raised with flashes of speaker posting the stats on how many are willing to reach their Universities, schools, their High schools and communities. The numbers they present of those committed are a small percentage of those that have attended or watched the send.

The underlying message and action of the Send

Lou Engle is considered an apostle of prayer, he is endorsed by many false teachers on his praying, (God never seems to correct his or others false teaching they expound).

In 2011 the Lord spoke to the leaders of The Call through a group of YWAM (Youth With A Mission) missionaries that a shift was coming that would give birth to a new sending movement”

Understand that the founder of YWAM, Loren Cunningham had a vision (in 1975) of the 7 mountains initiative for the Church to employ to have us rule over the world. This is a Kingdom Now, a dominionist concept that goes against Bible prophecy. We should know that Kingdom now Dominionism is held by the majority of speakers who are also involved in word faith/ latter rain teaching. Many believe they are the last generation to bring about a great end-times revival. It teaches Christians and the church will rule the earth before the return of Jesus.

If anyone watches Engle they see someone who is very intense almost all the time, very outspoken and at times out of control, and unbiblical. This is the man who heads up ‘the Send.’

On September 29th, 2019 an event was held in Anaheim honoring Lonnie Frisbee’s life. Here are some statements from Mr. Engle at this event that everyone should be aware of.

That, “ Toronto and Brownsville marvelous outpourings we have never seen a general awakening like we saw in the Jesus Movement” (referring to Calvary Chapel  which was  teaching through the word of God- expository preaching. Toronto and Brownsville was a shame on the church as people were out of control in their body actions, making animal noises, twitching uncontrollably, convulsions, and fell to the ground, drunk in the spirit, passing the anointing to others which includes fire, not to mention false prophecies. Both revivals were (false) experience driven).

Engle whose life is driven by signs and wonders, dreams, and spirit experiences,  show that he should not be allowed near the youth to teach. He has said he wants to usher in Billy Graham’s “mantle”, and he desires to have the power like the Hulk in Marvel comics. His outrageous comments on  his experiences continually flow.

At this event he speaks of someone who has “been a prophet to me for 35 years we made a covenant to seek God with all of our hearts he's dreamed for me in every major strategic moment of my life and he had this dream.” (who can this be? Bob Jones, or some other dreamer, he does not say) see this video to understand his ways.

Engle refers to Scripture to pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest field, and comments of Jesus “I think he was possessed he saw the limitations of his own Carnation, of his own incarnation realizing he needed millions like himself, just like Lonnie needs a million frisbees flying, I'm not kidding you I believe that dream that he wants that  anointing to roll across California again.”  I for one do not believe that dream!

What is this that he wants fulfilled?

“… He saw Lonnie Frisbee walking down the beach and heard a voice say Lonnie is a friend of the Holy Spirit this is his dream he dreams this and then suddenly hundreds of literal frisbees of different shapes and sizes started flying from Lonnie all over California beaches up to Canada and down to Mexico I believe this was a prophetic glimpse of what God is getting ready to do and that we are in a new hour of a manifestation of Jesus the Evangelist.”

Engle speaks of his dream, walking through the city lifting his eyes seeing a Calvary Chapel in the distance and all “ the love of God came off of that Calvary Chapel in the dream slammed into my heart I began wailing in the dream under the love of God beginning to confess my sins and I woke up and I knew the Lord is saying I'm going to give another love song to California I am I'm going to give another Jesus Movement .”

Who is Lonnie Frisbee? He was a hippie who became a pastor in the early days of calvary chapel and apparently went off doctrine and practice and was asked to leave. He then joined the vineyard. He is the one that shocked John Wimber on mothers day (1980) with everyone slain in the spirit, Wimber (who then  came out of calvary chapel) at first questioned this, but later accepted it as being of God. From this event Wimber became open to other spirit manifestations(not of God) which eventually led to accepting Pail Cain and then the Toronto Blessing. (you can do a search on Frisbee for all the information on his life and death)

My take from this is, Calvary Chapels, those who teach ‘through Word’ as their founder Chuck Smith did are targeted by this new revival coming.

This background helps us understand why Lou Engle, who heads up ‘the Send’ more solicited Rodney Browne and Benny Hinn, two false teachers who present a different Jesus and Christianity (along with the others involved.) The other speakers involved were Francis Chan, Todd White, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle…

Benny Hinn and Rodney Browne called on fire onto the 50,000 youth attendees. Browne said “ fire is already falling on your mouth and your hands,” just like the Latter Rain of William Branham. All I have heard and seen is the participants speak of fire on you like Rodney Browne, Benny Hinn, Mike Bickle (fire from heaven- is unbiblical). Where is the gospel in its simple but profound message of what Jesus did for all? (see part1)

Mike Bickle teaches Fire, blood, and smoke are coming to their meetings. He asks for the spirit of burning from Isaiah 4:4. Claiming The spirit of burning broke in on the early church in Acts 2 (screaming starts) ...Loose then spirit of burning! Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire! Lord!” (National School of the Prophets: Mike Bickle May 12, 2000) This calling on fire has been going on for years.

The Send gathering was about, the transferable "fire" anointing where Rodney Browne and Benny Hinn were both involved. Hinn has spoken for many years of fire transferred to his recipients, yelling “fire on you.” We are in the days of Elijah! Fire is falling down from heaven!" (Hinn May 24, 2000 - This Is Your Day)

Jesus says his Holy Spirit is like water. John 7:38-39 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water." But this He spoke concerning the Spirit, whom those believing in Him would receive ” (Jn.4:14)

The Send speaks of the spirit coming as fire from above. Fire is always destructive and the opposite of water, fire burns the chaff which is useless, unfruitful (Lk.3:16).

When Jesus and his disciples traveled to the Samaritans and were rejected James and John said, " Lord, do You want us to command fire to come down from heaven and consume them” (Luke 9:54) Jesus rebuked them. Where does Jesus teach of fire for the believer from above?

Scripture teaches that fire out of heaven is reserved for Gods enemies (Rv. 20:9-10) The Beast in the Tribulation does signs “ he even makes fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men. And he deceives those who dwell on the earth by those signs” ( Rv. 13:13-14)

I cannot find anywhere in Scripture of this fire these men speak of?

This is their approach and attraction to have others join their absurd interpretation of revival which is really revivalism without focusing on the gospel that can only bring for salvation.

Their view of Jesus is false. Rodney Browne holds to a Jesus who was not deity " Nothing Jesus did was because He was the Son of God. The Bible says He laid aside His royal robes of Deity and when He walked on earth He did so as a Prophet under the Abrahamic Covenant ." (p.15, The Anointing). Bill Johnson expresses this nearly identical teaching.

All one has to do is look at Rodney Browne, Bill Johnson’s, and Todd White’s statements that Jesus was not deity on earth, but a man, which completely denies the incarnation. Todd White: “He didn’t live as God on the earth he is born as a man he is not born as God” “he had to lay divinity aside to do what God sent him here to do.” (Todd White youtube video)

Browne says he did not come as God, Benny Hinn says he came to make us gods. " I [Jesus] loved you enough to become one of ya! And I love you enough to make you one of me!" (Benny Hinn, TBN, Dec 1 '90). Hinn says, " God came from heaven, became a man, made man into little gods, went back to heaven as a man. He faces the Father as a man. I face devils as the son of God …” Then there is no longer one God, Jesus is no longer God but we are.

To them Jesus was not God who came from heaven, incarnated ‘in the flesh.’ Which means they do not understand “the mystery of godliness.” This is essential to the gospel; who Jesus is!

Enthusiasm is not enough. We are to be grounded in the gospel. Look at those involved in this endeavor, this is not the gospel being proclaimed, and it is not consistently presented or rarely spoken correctly. So what are these being sent going to speak?

Hinn has been a consistent blasphemer who has influenced a generation, stating by revelation that there is not 3, but 9 in the godhead.

Hinn states, “Is he God? Are you His offspring? Are you His children? You can’t be human ." (Benny Hinn, Our Position in Christ #2—The Word Made Flesh (Orlando: Orlando Christian Center, 1991), videotape #255.)

“we are now divine " (Benny Hinn, TBN, 12/1/90) " re you ready for some real revelation knowledge....you are god" ("Our Position In Christ", tape # AO31190-1)

Going as far as to say “I am one with Him; united to Him; one spirit with Him. … I AM NOT PART OF HIM, I AM HIM! THE WORD HAS BECOME FLESH IN ME!. …When my hand touches someone, it's the hand of Jesus touching somebody " (audio-Our Position in Christ)

More recently Hinn now says he rejects that doctrine. "I did teach the little gods doctrine," he said. "Today I don't believe it one iota....When I taught the little gods doctrine, I was using Scriptures that didn't fit.”

Herein lies the problem, Hinn taught that this was God speaking revelation to him. Which means that God was wrong, not just him. People like Hinn should not have a place to teach in the church.

The send states, “Dear generation the war on inaction has begun.” Again enthusiasm is not sufficient, the youth must be prepared for answers on the gospel and Jesus.

Listen to how Engle describes it. He announced that he and God were initiating action to hasten Christ's return to Earth. Years ago he said, "I feel today that I'm launching--and God is launching something that will bring the return of Christ.” Did this happen, no! It can’t happen, because it’s not biblical.

“THE SEND is a catalytic stadium experience with the purpose of activating believers to live a missional lifestyle by adopting and reaching real mission fields at home and abroad.”

They use this word out of context; catalytic – is a substance that brings about catalysis (such as an enzyme) that initiates a reaction. What their real goal is to convert you to their interpretation of the Bible and Jesus which I and so many others can testify is wrong.

How is any of this different than the new paradigm’s introduce in our colleges and universities to the youth with Marxist theology which posits itself against America. This is what they are doing to the Bibles words. This is the same approach to make them religious activists.

The Send 2022: On may14th we are calling a generation to gather at geha field at arrowhead stadium in kansas city for a historic day of activation, worship and prayer believing it could be a catalyst for a jesus generation.”

YWAM’s Andy Byrd of the Send who was one of the main influencers “Our goal isn’t just for an event or gathering but for an activation to occur.”

Activation is a specific word popularized by apostle/ prophet Bill Hamon on the gifts being transferred. This is incorporated in the NAR-- New apostolic reform movement (a false church started by Peter Wagner and now led by Chuck Pierce) and it is with ‘the Send.’

The Send’s web ad “we have a list of artists and speakers who have responded to lift up a sound together and believe for a new Jesus Movement .”

This shows the diminished understanding they hold of Scripture. Lift up a sound? How about lifting up Jesus with his message that comes from the Word! Lifting up a sound is what we read in the mystical book ‘The Physics of Heaven’ (from Bethel; Bill Johnson) which describes God is to bring a new sound vibration (a new age view introduced to the church). See it for what it really is!

In the Send launch letter “We believe together; we can make a sound that would unite a generation for Jesus and the great commission. Would you pray for this Wednesday that the Holy Spirit would blow on these gatherings and that they would take a life of their own?

Look at their word descriptions like ‘activation’ (which is a word popularized from the NAR by Bill Hamon) or make a sound that will change things. The Holy Spirit blowing (which happened only one time at Pentecost). All of these descriptions are unbiblical because the Christianity they are teaching of is different than what is in the Scripture.

‘The Send’ is about gathering and mobilizing a generation into their missional calling. They want them activated to be sent. Herein is the problem, do they know and understand the gospel? Many have no idea how to explain the gospel. This is no small matter to be overlooked

Let me explain further:

First, you the reader need to know these gatherings are a fulfillment of Paul Cain’s vision who was a promoter of the Latter Rain, he was an associate of the great false prophet William Branham. Engle fully endorses this type of non biblical Christianity.

The gospel that is being preached by many of the speakers is false, the Jesus is “another Jesus” (2 Corinthians 11:4). A Jesus who wants to give you fire from above and false doctrine from beneath.

The true gospel is not someone ‘talking about Jesus’, nor is it ‘Jesus loves you.’ It is specific about who he is, (God in the flesh) who died for your sins and rose on the third day (1 Cor.15:1-4), which all denominations that claim to be Christian should agree on.

What can be wrong with Francis Chan, Andrew Byrd, Todd White, or Lou Engle, Mike Bickle, or Heidi Baker or the others who will be part of this 2023 event?

When The Send exhorts up to 50,000 young attendees to join their mission to the ends of the earth which gospel is it that they are taking? Many are word faith and deny Jesus purchased our redemption and completed it on the cross. There were still 3 days of torture for a satanic human in hell. (See Which gospel is the gospel?)

Jesus speaks of the fruit of tree can only be good if the tree is good. While the intentions to motivate young people may be good it is who and what they are motivated by.

Todd White is the new type of narcissistic evangelist who videos his ability to lengthen legs everywhere. He too denies Jesus was God in the flesh, but is only flesh. White learned well from his mentors Hinn and Copeland and Johnson. The truth, is distorted by others in different ways.

Bickle promotes Mysticism- Gnosticism (contemplative prayer) and is Latter Rain adherent who under Paul Cain.

Most of these men’s gospel is that Jesus went to hell, like Copeland and Hagin, Jesus became a satanic being on the cross and went to hell to complete the gospel.

The Send ad states – “We are believing for God to Rekindle the Flames of Revival and see a mighty move of His Holy Spirit sweep across the earth, stirring the hearts of this generation!

We are expecting attendees from all around the world to have an encounter with God like never before… The waves of revival that swept around the world in the 1990s have left a lasting impact on millions of people around the globe. ( they are referring to Toronto blessing where people grunted, made animal noises, twitched, and fell “You may have even witnessed the power of God fall and remember what this revival was like. Have you been praying and fasting for a fresh revival that will spark the next great awakening?”

Did it spark anything Godly the last time? No! Then why should it now?

These are just some of the components, doctrines at work behind the teachers involved.

Rom. 13:11 “And do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed. The night is far spent, the day is at hand.”

Pray for the Church worldwide that will face these false teachers who claim to bring revival, of a new and greater Pentecost is taking place. This will not bring unity but cause more division because of what these are false teachers present as Jesus with a false gospel and their application.

 For more information on this The Unbiblical Openness of YWAM p.4 Lou Engle and the Send

The new revivalism- Here we go again. "the send"


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