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Perry Stone openly endorses William Branham, the great false teacher /prophet

Perry Stone speaks of a very significant and important video he has produced. What is it? It is about William Branham’s 7 vision prophecy that Branham supposedly received in 1933. He tells us to watch all of it, “ Number 7 the 7th thing I will tell you. On this video is probably the most significant, number 6 and 7 actually match and you’re going hear something that I have taught for 20 years .” He then says when Hillary was running for president he was sharing Branham’s 1933 vision “ asking the question could she be the person to fulfill it?”

This means that Perry Stone is a subscriber to Branham’s teachings and that makes him unsafe for a number of reasons. First: Does Stone know Branham not only denied the Trinity but cursed it? He did this with a “thus saith the Lord.” Is not the nature of God to be taught accurately? Second: To endorse this false prophet / teacher shows he lacks discernment.

He goes on to say, “ Now with Harris being Vice president I see a great possibility of this being fulfilled .”

Perry then describes Branham as a man “ well known that had a tremendous gift God had given him.”… I have met numerous pastors who have experiences this man’s ministry and said it was the most amazing thing they ever saw. For those who knew him they loved him and they knew he was an absolute man of God who never missed his words of wisdom, words of knowledge, prophecies or if he said he had a vision. He reiterates “those who knew him say he never missed it EVER!”

“Is that possible? It is possible through fasting and praying and seeking God, yes. This was a gift from God.”

Does Stone not know that this was a gift at Branham’s birth that operated throughout his life before he claimed to be converted?

Stone then shares a story about angel coming to Branham when he was in Cleveland Tennessee and said “it would be the hub of the end time revival.”

He then speaks of the day of Branham’s vision that took place in 1933 in his new car (Branham had yeas of 31, 32, 33?). He wrote it down on a paper and inserting it in his bible with the heading I saw the end time coming. ” Branham was on his way to church at the Masonic temple.

Branham spoke of many ism’s “ Fascism, Nazism, Communism, he said but that the first two would be swallowed up into the third. The voice admonished, "Watch Russia, Watch Russia. (The Laodicean age church age book chapter 9) But then he also said Watch Russia. But that is not the main one to watch.

There is one “ism in the end” Stone interprets this as globalism, clarifying that Branham did not say this. Branham stated “They'll all wind up in communism."

He then speaks of the events that already took place.

He refers to reel to reel tapes and a booklet he possesses and this is where he is giving his information from.

When Branham got into the 5th 6th and 7th vision here is what he saw. One is what cars would look like an egg and will not be run by a steering wheel, “ you can’t hit another car because its remote.” This is 1933 before this stuff was developed (fact is Branham was not the only one, nor the first to speak on this)… I saw a family car with a glass top.”

Stone then shows some pictures of a single person self driving vehicle looking like an egg. Disregarding that Branham described “I seen American family going down the road in a broad way, riding in a car with their backs turned towards where the wheel should be; looked like they were playing checkers or cards.” ( 61-0806The Jubilee, The Seventy Weeks Of Daniel)

(Stone seems to overlook that Branham said this near 20 plus years AFTER he had this so called vision, no one saw this paper it was written on, and it was not spoken of prior to the year 1956 that I have found)

Branham himself stated “ And I seen the other day that it in the "Popular Mechanics" that the machine is already invented. They can take it anywhere you want to by some sort of a--this radar control. Just set your post to it and it goes right on. You don't even need it, and it's glass topped.” (60-1125, Conference, Life Tabernacle, Shreveport, LA)

He spoke of them being on “a great master highway.” In speaking of his vision 30 years before, “And they've got the car.” (64-0726E, Broken Cisterns, Branham Tabernacle, Jeffersonville, IN)

Consider this is in the 1960’s, and he tried to press this vision into it being fulfilled at that time, it wasn’t. (see www.letusreason.org/Latrain88.htm ) Stone is trying to convince people of Branham’s prophecy with self driving cars produced today. However Branham pointed to his day as it being fulfilled, and it was not!

Let’s continue: Perry Stone, “ Now folks listen to me, Were here, so that’s what makes me believe that now what he saw with a woman becoming president could happen in the next few years, with Kamala Harris moving from vice president to President.”… “America will become ruled by a woman, these are the quotes.”

“Here’s a quote from a teaching of Moses on May 13 1956 a women will take the place of a president or something, of great, some high power in America.”

However, he left out what Branham thought of women “ When, I say this with respect, ladies. When a woman gets out of the kitchen, she is out of her place. That's right. That's where she belongs. Outside of that, she has no place.” ( 56-0513 - Teaching On Moses)

Branham stated Eve's sin in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3) was sexual in nature and because of this “ every sin that ever was on the Earth was caused by a woman....the very lowest creature on the Earth ” (The Spoken Word, Vol. 3 No's. 12, 13, 14; Branham; Spoken Word Publications, Jeffersonville, IN. 1976; pp. 81-82. Quoted in The Man and His Message, p. 41) “The woman was made …for deception,” that “Satan designed her.” (65-0221M, Marriage And Divorce). Branham had numerous other negative adjectives to describe women; one important statement relative to this is that that Women should not be allowed to vote, his view of women was directly connected with his vision.

Perry Stone: “ Here’s a third quote I predict before the coming of the Lord a woman shall arise to be the leader, I saw women that will either be president or become some great power of some sort in the United States. Before, this is very interesting the annihilation of the world…”

Stone admits he “does not have a clear word it is Harris,” and I might add neither did Branham have a clear word.

Would she, If she became president “be the person that this man, who was a, if I can use this, there are people that have a prophetic gift who did have a real prophetic gift who knew how to operate it correctly.” He then refers to 25 people who knew him to assure us this is true … “ that people followed him, that He was so much like Christ in his ministry that people began to build him and he began to build him up and he told his best friend that God is going to take me because people are exalting me way to high, a man should never ever be exalted like people are looking at me like I’m Elijah, something like that.”

Actually Branham built himself up and people believed him. For example Branham claimed he was the 7th angel to the Church; the last prophet, but all the other angels were not prophets (that is except for the first angel to the church whom he named as Paul).

Stone then presumes numerous possibilities that can fulfill Branham’s so called prophetic vision.

Stone says “only time will tell, we do know if she does fulfill this here’s the part that really stirred me…”Immediately after that, after this person comes to power who was the woman president…I saw the United States as one smoldering burnt over place blown to bits, it will be near its end at that time.”

“I will give you one more quote I seen what looked like just stumps burning rocks blown out and the whole United States looked bare”…

Stone then surmises, “I’m only suggesting that volcanic eruptions can do this can do this massive earthquakes would do this, as far as the burning part gas pipes blowing things up that’s how many areas it would happen, it also can be internal fighting which I hope to God we never get to that… or it can be the invasion from another country which is very very possible.”

Branham was very specific on how this will occur and none of Stones suggestions can be fitted into his prophecy. “ The United States was a smoldering something had burned it up. (ibid) I saw this nation become as a smolter, just blowed to bits .” (60-1205 Ephesian Church Age)

“a total annihilation, the entire nation will be wiped out ( 58-0720m By Faith Moses, Jeffersonville, Indiana) “she become as stubbles.”

“I seen, looked like just stumps a-burning, rocks blowed out, and the whole United States just looked bare” ( 60-1208 Thyatirean Church Age) He called it “ the great total annihilation.”


It can’t be earthquakes, nor volcanoes and certainly not gas pipes that would cause this type of devastation from one end of America to another. Why? Because Branham said what it was. so there can’t be any assumptions, or guesswork inserted in this.

What Branham actually said “Then I seen the United States as one smoldering, burnt-over place. It will be near the end. Then I've got in parenthesis: "I predict that this will take place."... That's what the Lord showed, but " I predict this will take place before 1977. " (60-1113, Condemnation By Representation)

“I predicted that there would be some great tragedy happen to this United States before or by the year of 1977.” (61-0806, The Seventieth Week Of Daniel)

The fact is Branham did not think of any of these “visions” taking place after 1977 over 40 years ago. Also, Branham constantly focused on atomic bombs. “The Russian empire will drop an atomic bomb of some sort on the Vatican City and destroy it in one hour. THUS SAITH THE LORD” ( 54-0513). He said this several times.

Understand, whether any part of this comes true is not proof of his vision or prophecy being authentic.

Stone then spoke of those skeptical of a dream or vision or seeing an angel. This skepticism was to convince people of Branham’s accuracy, since these are relevant to Branham.

Stone says, someone said “looking at all of this how do we know this is going to happen? Well look at the reputation of the person saying it” Stone than speaks of Branham being a controversial person “He believed he came in the Spirit of Elijah, not Elijah but the Spirit of Elijah with that anointing.”

Should we ignore that the Bible speaks nothing of a man coming in the Spirit of Elijah except John, but we are to believe him because he said this of himself? (see www.letustreason.org/Latrain26.htm )

Stone then goes on to say that people said he was a prophet which he actually was to be honest with you with these gifts.”

A “false” prophet yes, not a true prophet, since no true prophet gets so many things wrong. His gift he claimed he was born with, which is clearly an unbiblical teaching.

Stone does mention “ he got into doctrine that some of the other Pentecostals totally disagreed with they cut him down for that… the fact is the proof is in the pudding.”

Indeed it is. I suggest everyone look carefully at what he taught and prophesied. There are numerous contradictions.

Yet Stone again refers to people “I talked with said they never sat under a ministry more powerful then that one and let me give you one story I can tell you…”

He speaks of Larry Stephenson as a young man who went to a meeting with Branham they brought man who was in a car accident and was paralyzed from his waist down, this minister who had this vision in 1933 was in Chattanooga preaching and stopped preaching and he said just a minute there’s a man up in the balcony you can’t walk from you waist down and you were in a white automobile you’re a bald player (ball?) you were in the wreck it’s left you paralyzed you they said you’ll never walk, if men will bring you down here and carry you to the platform god’s going to heal you.”

He was brought to the platform “ and when that man reached out and said be healed in the name of Jesus believe it or not it happened.” He then speaks of the man being a pastor into his 70’s.

Does Stone know that after being pronounced healed by Branham, many other people died. Does he know that it was Branham’s angel who supposedly healed people and he attributed it to Jesus. How are we to judge from stories like these that are over 60 years ago? Look at what Branham said on who heals and how. And what does the Bible say about miracles?

Matt 7:22 mentions of representatives that said they had “done many wonders in Your name?”

Not all miracles are from God, some are and some are not. So how do we know whom God is using in this manner? By their doctrine. But those who accept Branham on what he said of himself ignore his doctrine. That is when all this becomes a danger from those who speak well of his prophecy and teaching that was terribly wrong. His gift was given before he believed.

Yet Stone wants people to share this, “I think it’s very important to share it time will tell who this person will be (which means he believes in Branham’s vision, all of it)… we now have the biggest possibility of having a woman president between now and 2024 .”

(Perry Stone concerning William Branham’s sixth vision Jan 31, 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zJbjZgu7xQ )

Not sure how to break this to Stone but he has been listening someone who lied on his visions, (he claimed his first vision was in his mother’s womb). He was wrong about so many different things on Scripture. It is just sad to hear such endearment. Branham gave out a picture Houston Coliseum taken of himself with a light above him claiming it was the only picture of the glory of the Lord, and said it was pronounced authentic by Mr. George J. Lacy, a government examiner head of the fingerprint and documents division, which he was not.

It’s ironic that Stone brings up Elijah whom Branham assigned to himself as spoken by his personal angel (who he knew not the name of), in fact Branham claimed to be the angel of Revelation 3:14 and 10:7, he was the 7 th angel to the Church; the last prophet. So trying to find humility in him is like standing straight in a Category three hurricane.

A voice spoke to Branham As John the Baptist was sent to forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ, so are you sent... ” (63-0127An Absolute Phoenix, AZ)

John was sent to the Jews in Israel to introduce Jesus, Branham wants us to believe he, like John the baptizer was now sent to America. Both Elijah and John the Baptist are forerunners. John the Baptizer came in the first coming. Elijah is promised to come before the second coming, in the tribulation. That’s it, just two.

Branham’s explains that his 2nd wife confirmed to him who he was: And she went out to pray, and opened up the Bible. And guess... She said, “Lord, I've never did this before, but give me a Scripture that'll help me. … And she went out in a little shed and prayed. And when she opened the Bible up, “Malachi 4. Behold, I send unto you Elijah the prophet before the...” That was--that was twenty something years ago, knowing nothing about the ministry of this day.” (63-1229E, Look Away To Jesus, Branham Tabernacle)

And this is why one should not use Branham for anything; especially prophesy.

Perry Stone has fallen for the Branham legend that has as many lies as it does any truth.

This is like Roberts Lairdon who made a video of Branham and the Latter Rain movement (which are inseparable). Or the Charisma magazine article by Bret Farias (6/3/2016) about Branham’s visions being prophetic.

This shows how low the discernment is with the Charismatic's today. All one has to do is some short investigating on the quotes to see what was actually said and how contradictory the same stories he told are, as well as them contradicting the Bible.

Stone is in search for accurate prophecy, but he will not find it with Branham. To say he NEVER MISSED is just absurd and shows he knows less about Branham than he is portraying himself to know. Branham prophesied that the end of the world would occur in 1977. Of which he said “ I base this prediction on seven major continuous visions that came to me one Sunday morning in June, 1933.” The visions Stone is using to show he had a genuine prophetic gift.

Does he know the full prophecy of 1933? Does he know how Branham changed his story and dates? Probably not, as many do not look carefully nor care to hear about details like this.

For example He had different months for the vision “ one April morning before leaving home” (54-1219E Acts Of The Holy Spirit), then he also says it was June.

Branham was mistaken on days, months and years as well as the content he spoke on. go to the sites that have done their homework and you will see how serious this all is.

pt.2 Self driving cars, a Woman President and total annihilation


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