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You wonder why there are so few Biblical churches left?

We have seen these so called revivals over the last 25 plus years. It is more accurate to say it is revivalism – meaning, it is men hyping people up to think something spiritual is actually taking place when it is false doctrine and practices that are being introduced for them to believe and live by.

We have seen the rise of the seeker friendly models, the soft social gospel of Rick Warren added to the mix, the music revivalism of Hillsong. All the mystical / Gnostic movements have continued as little fires spread over the landscape of Christian Churches in America and throughout the World.

 I get too many letters of those who say they cannot find a bible teaching church nearby, they have all become like cults under men who are uneducated in the truth of Scripture.

Now over the last many years it is Bethel under Bill and Beni Johnson spearheading a mystical new age Christianity. He is a man who has less than 0% discernment (in fact they changed the meaning of discernment to be “changing the atmosphere.”) Bethel has become the sweet spot for every trend tried and some new ones to experiment with. It is the new Hybrid model for the churches, combining new age practices (which they say were once Christian and they are now redeeming them), one of them is yoga, to unite with the Hindu god within us all. That is what they now call Christianity.

These ‘revivalists’ are fooling the whole Christian world with their synergism of new age combining Christianity, using occasional Bible words out of context for the Christian reset. It’s time we all stand up for the Word of God who is Jesus, Its time for the Church to be unified in the truth to what it was intended to be and not be transformed by new age change agents of Gnosticism and Mysticism.

This is no longer a subtle infiltration of change but a bold and audacious one, and it has gone on far too long through the various false revivals of the ‘rich and famous’ evanjellocals. Only to find a more permanent home among the naïve ungrounded youth who are now part of Christianity.

When you hear Jenn Johnson say the Holy Spirit to her is like the Blue Genie of Aladdin, he’s fun, sneaky, silly; (on at least 3 occasions) when he is supposed to be holy there is something seriously wrong with the pastor, her father bringing no correction to his own daughter saying this.

What about the crazy talk of body parts in a heavenly room that we can claim them. A storeroom of body parts for replacements… for us on earth! Just reach up and grab one says Bill Johnson.

Anything is accepted by those who have an unbiblical Christianity. Bible verses contextually read for these activities are all missing. We no longer have to be concerned with atheist’s skepticism or disbelief when we have so much talk of unbiblical nonsense coming from within that is so easily accepted by so many.

Roberts Lairdon claims that he toured heaven when he was 8 years old and saw this room. Robin Harfouche claims she went to heaven and saw it, so did Kat Kerr as so many other copycats of heresy Is there anyone who is in their right mind, a Christ centered mind as the Bible teaches that went to heaven?

Where is the truth in the bible in all this? No need for that when they are running on the platform of new revelation!

This has got to stop or this fire they claim is from heaven, (really from the fallen cherub) that is promoted from the likes of Rodney Brown, Lou Engels, Benny Hinn, YWAM and others will burn up much of what’s left in the Church that is accurate.

For all of you on the net that are discerning, keep speaking. Don’t let anyone stop you doing this biblical command. Keeping growing in the truth that will train you to be sensitive to error. Don’t become discouraged from those who are pastors or in ministry for a long time and tell you how to do it their way and that you are wrong.

Eventually this is going to end badly for many of the youth involved, when they realize that they were misled by a mixture of Gnosticism’ Mysticism with the Christianity of the Bible by teachers that they thought were spiritual leaders on the cutting edge of prophecy. They will not want anything to do with them and it will affect their trust of others.

Christianity will either thrive by the truth or not survive by the deception taking place.


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